Nunu Build Guide

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Nunu an AP/Tank Hybrid Guide

written by jhokalups

Nunu Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Nunu, the Yeti rider, and from what I can tell one of the most over looked champions. This is a simple build guide to helping to wreck the other team during team fights and to live to tell the tale.

    This is my first guide so please bear with me through the typos and horrible inaccuracies.
    As always please comment with suggestions for improvements in both the guides writing style and the content.

  • Abilities

    Useful passive, grants you a free spell every seven hits, lets try to capitalize on that.

    Ability that restores health, restores less after the last patch but it also has a reduced cool down. This ability helps Nunu stay in the lane longer. And late game it helps Nunu survive team fights. So stay aware of enemy minions, they can keep you alive.

    Blood Boil
    Gives you an attack speed boost and a movement speed boost, good for pushing and running away. Eventually the buff lasts longer than the cool down. This ability can be cast on yourself, an allied champion or an allied minion, remember that, it could save your life.

    Ice Blast
    Primary harassment ability, does a good amount of damage and has a nice slow. Use combined with Blood Boil to chase, or to run away.

    Absolute Zero
    Nunu's ultimate, and the difference between a good Nunu player and a bad Nunu player. This ultimate is hard to land but hits for a metric-shit-ton when it does. You can stop channeling early for some damage, but its not a lot. This ultimate is a crowd control magnet, so use that to your advantage in team fights.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Use the same masteries that you would for an AP caster character. Personally I like Mark of Insight, Glyph of Insight and Seal of Focus. I leave the quints up to you, from what I hear you can't go wrong with Health or Movement speed.

  • Skilling Order

    The skilling order is a little varied depending on what you are doing, or personal preference.

    Generally my order is:
    E Q E W E R E Q E Q R Q W Q W R W W

    Alternatively you could start with Q:
    Q E Q W E R E E Q E R Q W Q W R W W

    There are also skilling orders that are without W until later. But I find that one point in Blood Boil is useful for lanning, particularly since it will allow you to hold off on boots if you want.

    There is a jungling build that you can do with Nunu, but that is the subject for another guide.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Without a doubt my two favorite summoner abilities for Nunu are Clarity and Teleport. Clarity allows you to stay in your lane longer, and teleport will get you back in the lane faster when you port home. Later in the game Teleport will allow you to have greater map control by being 4 seconds away from any minion.

    Other good spells are Flash, Exhaust, and Ignite.

  • Items

    The core of my AP/Hybrid Tank build for Nunu is: and , This build gives you some ability power, some armor, some magic resist, maximum cool down reduction and a handy little passive that makes the other team burn two CC's on you to stop your ultimate.

    Generally you will start with an Amplifying Tome and a couple of Health Potion, you could alternatively use Mana Potion or not buy potions. I have found that the Health Potions help to cover up for those little mistakes, and since we are doing a more melee approach they can help cover you while Consume is on cooldown.

    At this point stay in your lane and don't die. Focus on farming minions and harassing the enemy champions, don't do stupid things like running past the minions to get the enemy champion or chasing them into a tower. Doing that gets you killed, and a dead Nunu is not a happy Nunu.

    When you port back, either from low health or excessive money, build as much as you can towards your Nashor's Tooth. This should be your first item complete. Unless things are going wrong, but generally I will complete this first. Then you go back to farming. Your passive should trigger more often now thanks to the increased attack speed from the tooth, as well as your Snowball dealing more damage and consume healing you more. All of these things are good.

    At this point in the game other people can start to catch you or outrun you when you just have Blood Boil. So you will want to get Boots of Speed or Mercury's Treads, depending on how long you are able to farm. Remember that porting back to build and staying alive is often better than staying and dying if you are below half health.

    Next item to build up is Banshee's Veil, you can at any point you want but I have found that the [item=Catalyst of the Protector] to be a useful build up purchase. The Veil gives you health, mana, magic resist, and the useful passive of allowing your ultimate to go off if they only have one cc to use. A very good buy.

    Last item to build towards in my core build is the Frozen Heart. This item is perfect for the hybrid Nunu, provides armor, slows the attacks of nearby melee champions and allows for your Ultimate to have less than a minute cool down, in addition to the constant up time on Blood Boil and rapid fire snow balls.

    At this point my team is usually in the final push or so. So the two items are based on preference. Usually though you will want to pick something to counter the enemies team.

    If they have:
    High magic resist? Abyssal Scepter or Void Staff
    High ability power? [item=Force of Nature] or Guardian Angel
    High attack power? Guardian Angel or Thornmail

    If you are feeling silly you can build a [item=Zhonya's Ring] or Sunfire Cape or two.

    Feel free to experiment and try to build in a slightly different order. Find what works for you, remember that this is a guide and will not work in every situation.

  • Working in the team

    In the early game you will most likely be on one of the side lanes. Try to last hit creeps for money, and attack creeps to charge your passive. But you don't want to push to far into the enemies territory. Try as hard as you can to stay between your tower and the river on Summoner's rift. Good lane partners for you are ranged carries, you get the front row, they get the back, and you can cast Blood Boil on them to help them level and get money faster.

    As a hybrid tank you wont be able to initiate team fights very well, and you don't have any taunts, but you can still try to initiate; the threat of your ult will draw crowd control, that could be used on your carry.

    So in the mid game initiate team fights for your team, if you win you can go push a different tower than your team does, but be careful, going off on your own can be dangerous. And its probably best to push the same lane so that you get it down. Remember to Blood Boil allies to increase their attack and run speed as well.

    Late game chill with the team, if you are the only tank you will have to initiate team fights, otherwise let the full tank initiate. Wait for a bit before using your ultimate, to be sure that most of the cc has been used. If the other team breaks and runs, use Ice Blast to slow and pick off the weak ones. If your team is losing cut and run, using blood boil to help a teammate run and ice blast to slow the fastest opponent. I generally get away 80% of the time with Blood Boil and Ice Blast.

    If you are losing the game, defend and don't push too far out, as awesome as Nunu is 4 on 1 is not a fight you are likely to win. If you are winning, push but not recklessly, use Blood Boil to help burn down Towers faster.

    Remember, always play smart and try to stay alive, being overly aggressive is what gets you killed and loses games. Aggressive behavior is fine, but being reckless is not.

  • Summary

    By the end of the game you should be able to burn down a lot of opponents quickly, particularly if you can hit them with your ultimate.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. If you have any questions, corrections or comments feel free to post them and I will attempt to address them in a timely manner.


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