Twisted Fate Build Guide

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KazuoKiriyama's Competitive Guide to Season 1 Twisted Fate

written by KazuoKiriyama

Twisted Fate Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Loaded Dice
    Heavily nerfed passive which doesn't affect our gameplay, about 500-1000 gold for your team over a decent length game.

    Wild Cards
    A powerful nuke with the added twist of being tri-directional, more on this in the main section.

    Pick A Card
    What makes Twisted Fate the champion he is. A full section is devoted to this skill later in the guide.

    Stacked Deck
    Nice passive and with a decent amount of AP it adds to our burst, not the main focus though.

    I lied about pick a card, THIS is what makes Twisted Fate the champion he is, beautiful ganking ability which gives you constant map control.

  • Edits/Feedback Discussion/Q&A

    This section will be regularly updated showing any changes made to the guide and also anything related to feedback and answering questions that I think are worthy of a good response.

    EDIT AFTER .99 PATCH: No changes to TF or his items, business as usual.

    EDIT AFTER RECENT PATCH: Heimer even weaker vs us in mid, great. Hextech massively buffed but far too much of the gold put into the item gives you stats which dont help us with our ap build so it isnt cost effective for the ap/spell vamp.

    EDIT TO ITEM BUILD: After some discussion and testing I have moved the sheen to later in the build, getting an earlier Sorc Boots or Mejai's depending on how the game is going seems to be more beneficial provided you are more careful with your mana as your pool will be quite small to begin with.

    FEEDBACK RESPONSE: On teamliquid forum some people who read this guide mentioned about Guinsoo's Rageblade - it has come up several times and so I wanted to address it:

    Guinsoos is an excellent item balancing attack damage and ap which increases the longer the fight goes on. With this said, the AD part of it does not benefit from our Zhonya's Ring or Lichbane's passive and the fights with this style of often only long enough to cast our abilities and run away - so the proc is next to useless. The attack speed is totally irrelevant to this style of play and so with all this in mind I choose to prioritise other items over GRB.

  • Introduction

    Welcome to my guide to Twisted Fate, here I explain each aspect of my play with him in-depth to show how to be effective in higher level play.

    In the interest of full disclosure I will state now that I build TF as a full AP spec, if you are looking for an AS/AD or hybrid guide then I strongly advise that you rethink that immediately and read this instead.

    My justification for AP which I will attempt to keep brief is that TF's skills lend themselves so heavily to an AP build. Wild Cards goes from a useless ability to a scary aoe nuke. Pick A Card turns from a low cd stun into a spammable nuke/cc with infinite mana (The more ap you have the more mana blue card returns and red card scales very well with ap). Destiny is no longer just a tool for positioning yourself in a fight so you can spam autoattack - it is now an almost guaranteed kill on anyone below full hp because of your burst and your ability to immediately turn a fight around. Stacked Deck is the only ability that an ap build does not take full advantage of, as you lack any AS, however it does scale with AP and so adds to your burst. The CD reduction of stacked deck also boosts your dps in team/long fights via your abilities.

    AS/AD Fate tries to farm hard to achieve the state in which he can spam 1 million attacks per second with stacked deck + madreds proc but it rarely happens and he is too squishy to have any effect on the game, go ap and profit - enough said. If you are worried about your autoattack being useless, wait till you have built Lich Bane and rain down the pain with that too.

    This guide is solely focussed on 5v5 Summoner's Rift, if you want to play TF in 3v3 then think again and pick a different champion. If you still really want to though then you could always ... think again and pick a different champion. If you still choose to ignore this advise and pick him in 3v3 then pray someone dodges until you come to your senses.

  • So, why should you pick Twisted Fate at all?

    My best explanation for this would be that he has a similar (though lesser) impact to a game as a Shaco however he never gets banned, whereas Shaco always is. TF provides the constant threat of a gank for the entire duration of the game in EVERY fight past lvl 6 - no one keeps track of your Destiny CD and they will forever fear it. Your burst is insane, you have spammable CC and you provide excellent map control. Differences to shaco would be that you have aoe damage whereas he doesn't, and you can get involved in fights before everyone is on 50% hp by spamming Wild Cards in the manner of the good old Volley spam. TF is slightly harder to play imo and his CC is harder to pull off quickly and we dont have any escape ability aside from a rare Destiny escape - which is what makes shaco so much better. Our lack of escape is the bane of our life and the reason you must play from the edges and abuse our CC/Range/Teammates. However so long as you play right you can have the same game deciding impact as a good shaco whilst not feeling like a try-hard and fearing the ban selection every game. Your spammable stun will be the most annoying thing ever in teamfights - it is vastly underestimated.

  • Playstyle Summary

    With all that out of the way I will now give a brief summary the playstyle we are looking at here with a hugely cut down version of the Items/Runes/Masteries/Skills section. This is the bit for those of you who are already in the queue/champ select and have clearly left it far too late :D Or for those who want to know what im selling before they read the whole brochure.

    Playstyle - Positioning, Hit'n'run, Ganking and Burst are your main focus. To do this effectively you MUST go mid in order to hit level 6 as fast as physically possible. Go back and grab your items, Ulti to the lane with a kill opportunity and gank repeatedly from this point on whenever your ulti is up. Be sure to farm with wild cards/red card in between ganks to keep your items ahead of your enemies at all times. Use pick-a-card as often as possible for free shots with blue card to make last hitting easier or Red/Gold if you see an opportunity for harassment. Use wild cards very sparingly pre lvl-5 as its mana cost is huge for the damage it does.

    Once you have Sheen/ Lich Bane be sure to abuse the hell out of
    Pick A Card -> Destiny -> Autoattack -> Wild Cards -> Autoattack (moving towards their escape route after every attack) and then wait for Pick A Card to come back and repeat. A more in-depth play-style section can be found later on in the guide.

  • Item/Rune/Masteries/SSpells Summary

    Doran's Ring + Health Potion
    Mejai's Soulstealer
    Sorcerer's Shoes
    Lich Bane
    [Item=Rylai's Scepter]
    [item=Zhonya's Ring]
    Void Staff

    Masteries: 9/0/21

    Red - Greater Mark of Insight
    Yellow - Greater Seal of Vitality
    Blue - Greater Glyph of Force
    Quints - Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    Summoner Spells : Flash / Ignite

  • Masteries + Runes

    Well, with runes there is always what is best and what you actually have available to you. I'll start with what I actually run with;
    Red - Greater Mark of Insight
    Yellow - Greater Seal of Vitality
    Blue - Greater Glyph of Force
    Quints - Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    Magic Pen runes on red are non-negotiable and if you don't have them then go and buy them and stop wasting IP on anything else.

    HP per level are optimal, but dodge runes or ap per level runes would do at a pinch.

    AP per level in the blue slots are pretty damn good and I would be sad to not have them, but cooldown reduction runes are a reasonable 2nd best, Mana regen per lvl 3rd best.

    Flat HP Quints: See Magic Pen Runes.

    Masteries are an easy one, 9/0/21

    Three points in regen and time spent dead in the first line, and then the usual caster utility masteries. The reason we don't take extra mana per total mana is that TF doesn't get a big mana pool so the bonus is pitiful, less time dead could save you a game or get you back in time to ulti in for a double kill on the remaining low hp heroes.

  • Items

    Starting with Doran's Ring is compulsory. TF is weak early and so the HP is a necessity. The mana regen helps you to stay active between fountain trips and the AP remains useful throughout the game.

    Mejai's Soulstealer next is the first debatable point of the item build. It isn't a rule set in stone but burst is more important than movement speed to TF early as our goal is to hit 6, destiny, and burst the hell out of someone - not have a long drawn out chase. Stacks are never bad and synergise very well with our gank-heavy style. Getting them early keeps you well ahead of the game in terms of AP allowing you to farm very well with wild cards able to one-shot ranged creeps or if not throw in a red card too.

    Sorcerer's Shoes come next as the pen adds to your burst early on (A recurring theme in this guide) and there will soon be situations where you will need the speed to get that first all-important gold card that nets you a kill. If things are going very well feel free to grab a Blasting Wand in between your Boots of Speed and Sorcerer's Shoes to keep your burst high which will later complete Lich Bane. The only viable alternative to Sorc boots is Mercury Treads and really this should only be considered vs All magical/Mass CC teams - you need the magic pen hard, we don't get any more in this build until much later.

    Sheen next because it stacks so beautifully with your Pick A Card/ Wild Cards combo and gives you your first taste of early burst. The AP and mana help you early on to maintain lane presence.

    Lich Bane is next, easily the most important item in the build. It essentially gives you 2 more powerful nukes in your Pick A Card/ Wild Cards combo in between each. It is what keeps your autoattack powerful without gimping yourself with an AS/AD build. The move speed is very handy and MR is never bad. Build the Blasting Wand first.

    The previous items were pretty much core and with the occasional exception of Mejai's Soulstealer are to be taken every game without fail. After the 'core' it gets a bit more optional. Whatever you buy at this point it MUST provide some survivability, there is no point teleporting next to someone if they can just turn around and knock your squishy little head off.

    Usually the item of choice is [item=Rylai's scepter] in whichever order seems most appropriate to the game you are in. It keeps the AP rolling and gives much needed HP and gives a slow on Wild Cards/Blue card. If things are going very well and you aren't being targeted you can rush [item=Zhonya's ring] for hardcore burst and its active defence. For the most defensive option for games where CC or magic dmg are a problem we fall back on Banshee's Veil.
    Assuming you built [item=Rylai's scepter] then [item=Zhonya's ring] is your next item, to maintain the highest possible AP. If you are taking mass physical damage and have to take a more backseat support role then you can take Frozen Heart here instead. Armour to survive, mana and CD Reduction % to spam stuns/slows.
    Your final item will generally be Void Staff to take you nicely into the late game where peoples MR is most likely to be a problem and makes sure that when you nuke someone they are going to feel it good and hard. Other options here are Nashor's Tooth for spamming abilities or Abyssal Scepter for when you need more MR and obviously the AP/Magic Pen are excellent.

    Note: During the early game you should always carry Health Potion with you as you are likely to be harassed and have very little regen. Later in the game you will be going back to the fountain a lot anyway so it wont be a problem. Once you have bought your Lich Bane(essential) you are a prime candidate to buy Sight Ward for your team, they will stop jungle heroes jumping on your head like a ripe watermelon and provide excellent gank opportunities. Elixir of Brilliances provide an excellent boost to essential stats for TF in the mid to late game and should be regularly used during active periods of the game. Both wards and elixirs should really wait until AFTER your lichbane but in certain situations can be purchased before. Don't think that only support heroes buy wards, Twisted Fate IS map control - buy them.

  • Skilling Order

    This is fairly simple except for a minor twist at the start of the game. Skill Destiny -> Wild Cards -> Pick A Card -> Stacked Deck. However at levels 1 and 3 you should take Pick A Card and then at 4, 5 and 7 take Wild Cards and then prioritise as above. This is because the mana cost of Wild Cards is too much to be cost effective before level 5 and Pick A Card is our early harass/farm tool. I choose not to take an early level in Stacked Deck as I find the proc to be negligible without AS items and without massive ap which you don't have at that level, the burst on Wild Cards or the length of stun on Pick A Card are much more important.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Summoner skills are Flash/ Ignite with the only viable alternative being

    Flash/ Exhaust. Flash is essential as without it you will die literally twice as much per game on average, you dont have the hp for Ghost to be an effective escape and generally you are using it to dodge an incoming stun that would spell certain doom - TF is all about burst, both dishing it out and defending against it, Flash provides both. Ignite adds to the burst and often helps to finish someone off if they make it into tower range and you are waiting on cooldowns. The anti-heal can no longer be cleansed making healers a tasty snack also. Exhaust is less good because generally if you are getting wailed on by a melee then you fucked up already and exhaust isnt going to get you out of it, unless you also have Flash. Offensively it keeps people in place long enough to get a second round of cooldowns off, but generally most people have Ghost which pretty much cancels it out, whereas Ignite carries on regardless. It's up to you, I always run with Ignite, and it has netted a large amount of kills.

  • Pick A Card

    I will make this fairly comprehensive as I do not think that any guide should rely on you having read something else on the champion first. So, Pick A Card is your CC and follows this pattern: Blue - Red - Gold - Blue - Red - Gold etc. It is ESSENTIAL to be able to pick out any card you want as quickly as physically possible, if it takes you 4 seconds to pick out your card then you are practically doubling your cd on your CC as it does not begin until the card is thrown.

    You should definitely be able to pick any card that is not the first one to appear, you know you have mastered the art of Pick A Card when you can pick the card that appears first (assuming it was the one you wanted - no cheating by just spamming :D). You press W to activate, and W again to select the card you want - once selected just autoattack to release the card. Blue card returns mana, Red Card releases an aoe damage attack with an aoe slow that scales well with ap, Gold card is a low damage stun.

    There are a million tricks with Pick A Card, including running into the brush very briefly to select a card then come out and use it. This can also be a juke in order to last hit, use Pick A Card then run into brush and they will assume you are coming for them safely select blue card and take your last hit with no worries before retreating. Another good one is to use Pick A Card (in mid lane) and run towards them, they will normally back off - again blue card and safely last hit. You can mix this up by doing exactly as described above a couple of times until they are wise to it, then selecting gold card on them instead and following up with some light damage then backing off.

    When preparing to use Destiny for a gank, always select your card BEFORE casting it so that as you drop in its ready to go, however be aware that it doesnt last forever so if you cast destiny and then can't decide where to port in, then you might arrive just as your gold card runs out - and you will either be rather embarrassed, or dead. Flash -> Gold Card will nearly always land you a kill if you catch someone off guard / on low hp. Once your cooldowns have been used and you have used your lichbane proc DO NOT waste time autoattacking, get moving immediately to prepare for your next Pick A Card or to retreat. Whilst moving decide on your next target and whether you want red or gold. Keep a constant eye on the fight and always be moving between attacks, TF is all about positioning and waiting for the next Pick A Card so you can set up your burst.

    Last remaining techniques then with Pick A Card, picking a red card and hitting the range creep near your target during the lane phase, the aoe is reasonable and it's a good and above all safe way to harass. When jungling (usually for Golem Buff or Drake Kill) spam blue card and then wild cards to maximise damage, the extra mana allows for a lot more wild cards which boosts dps more than a red card would have. When hitting towers always use blue card, it procs your lichbane and adds it natural bonus damage leading to very quick tower kills, especially when your ap rises - this makes you an excellent backdoorer when combined with your ulti.

  • Playstyle

    So, as I mentioned in the playstyle summary and at several points during this guide our focus is on burst and ganking, however we can now look in a bit more detail at how we achieve this.

    Levels 1-4: Pick up your items and head straight to mid staying at the first tower, there is no actual advantage to sitting at the second tower and you are able to be seen by Clairvoyance and harassed by long range skill shot such as Mystic Shot or grabbed by blitz. Play it safe and wait for the creeps to arrive before moving up. Take Pick A Card and stay well back - this style is very passive until level 6. For these levels you should not auto attack ONCE unless your Pick A Card is on cooldown and you will score a last hit with it. You WANT them to push you back towards your tower - you are very weak to jungle/flash ganks and the closer to the tower the better. Blue card whenever it is off cooldown and use it to easily last hit. After every last hit move back well out of attack/cast range of the enemy hero. This will frustrate them if they are aggressive, or lead them into passive mode if they were already hoping/planning to do so. With a few exceptions our plan isn't actually to kill their mid hero, we just want to farm safely and get destiny then kill their side lane heroes who will be on low-ish hp by that point.

    Levels 5-9: This is the stage where your wild cards do enough damage to warrant their mana cost and where we get our coveted Destiny. At 5, 7 and 9 be sure to land a few good Gold Card -> Wild Card combos as the wild card damage spikes up with each level and can catch people off guard, especially if they are lower level than you. Remember that you can use wild cards to catch some last hits that would otherwise put you in danger, you will just have to use a couple of blue cards to make the mana back - so don't overdo it. Always be on the lookout for low hp heroes whenever your ulti is ready and often it's a good idea to call it out in team chat when its available. These are also the levels where if you have a jungle hero on your team the ganks should be coming in thick and fast - be sure to capitalise.

    Levels 10-18: Otherwise known as the mid to late game this is where your role can change. In the normal way of things you will be farming heavily on both creeps and squishy heroes and getting fairly nasty in terms of AP especially as you will normally have a Elixir of Brilliance proc'd. Your focus here is to get as many stuns as possible in team fights on their damage dealers and to burst them as often as your cooldowns allow. Stay on the edges of fights, never be in range of their entire team or they will jump on you like the previously mentioned ripe watermelon. It's a good idea to not move into range of anyone at all until your gold card is selected and ready to go, then hit someone with it, follow with gold card and autoattack and then run back out of range, ready to repeat. Never stand attacking, pick out targets and at the first sign of trouble run away, gold card if it's just one, or Flash if its multiple. With Wild Cards be aware that it isnt just a linear nuke, you can (if you are good) aim to hit someone with a 'side card' allowing for the mid card and other side card to spread their dps amongst the fight. If the person you want to hit is at the edge of the fight, this becomes very relevant but sometimes tricky to pull off. Whilst ganking is our main focus don't forget to farm constantly between ganks, the lifesteal jungle creeps are a good one, red card the big one and then Wild Cards him to finish the lot, free gold. Or lane creeps are best when still moving as they are in a straight line for Wild Cards to hit all of them easily.

    At the beginning of this section I said 'in the normal way of things'- Well if things haven't gone quite to plan; you didnt get the kills you wanted or, as sometimes happen, you have a stronger carry on your team who is getting all the killing blows you tend to go more into 'assist mode'. Your focus in items should shift to cooldowns and health, and your focus in fights should be stunning their team as much as physically possible, this time being careful to protect your main carry - rather than targeting theirs. This can sometimes involve stunning their tank, which doesnt feel normal, but will actually help your carry (usually your friendly, imbalanced Ezreal) to kill everything (in a 5 screen radius with a single mystic shot). Often when playing this assist style you will want to go Banshee's Veil and try to eat a CC or two, so your team doesn't have to, being careful not to die of course - we need to keep those stuns coming!

  • Specific Lane Matchups

    Vs Ezreal: This is the usual one, and the first and most important thing to do is to shed a tear for all those who have fallen to his imbalance before, and those that will continue to do so until he receives a much needed nerf .
    Specific tips are to stay behind your range creeps to avoid mystic shot and if he comes forward to autoattack you, gold card him and watch the creeps hit him in return for him hitting you, then back off. Ezreal can only totally destroy you if he gets a decent hp difference between you. Play as passively as possible, get last hits where you can but don't lose a ton of hp to do so. There is no good or fun way to play this, just try to live and get to lvl 6 then blue pill and go for kills elsewhere. Oh and if he has lizard buff you literally have no choice but to sit out of xp range and try to run in and get the xp where possible, use wild cards to last hit until it runs out - yes, it is that imbalanced.

    Vs Katarina: This is another regular contender for mid and is also fairly tricky. Zoning is very important vs Kata and making sure that you stay far enough from the creeps so that you wont be caught by the last bounce of a bouncing blades. If she uses shunpo on you (which she will) you will nearly always see her coming so try to get a gold/red ready for her and wail on her for a bit along with your creeps she will do more damage but she will take quite a bit in the process. You MUST be willing to go back before 6 vs Kata. She will tower dive you and get away with it, depend on it and never hang around on low hp, it's not worth it. Last thing is that you only have one hp pot to maintain your lane presence, before and after you use it make VERY sure not to be hit by her healing debuff or your only regen just got halved for nothing.

    Vs Ashe: This is actually a very close one, with the volley nerf her harass is in fact poor and staying behind creeps and avoiding her initial crit will take her damage right down. This matchup is in effect a race to level 6, trying to do as much damage as possible, Red/Gold her whenever possible and throw in a wild cards at lvl 4/5 if you feel you have the mana. You can then be looking for the flash/gold/ignite/autoattack combo to finish her if you get her low. Often though by the time you are both on that low hp you will be very close to level 6. This is both good and bad as it will make her want to stay in the lane to try to finish you will an ulti (allowing you to kill her with flash/gold/ignite) but its bad because you now need your flash (or a bad ashe) to avoid the ulti arrow that will kill you for certain. This is a very close lane and you will need to play well to get the kill, though I do recommend trying to get it and keeping the pressure on her so she cannot farm.

    Vs Zilean: Another bugger I'm afraid, this matchup very much depends on how aggressive the zilean is. If he is content to farm then great, do the same. If, as is more likely, he is trying to bomb you into oblivion you have a couple of tricks to help you. At level one he has bombed he has very little to follow it, dont automatically run away from him, gold/red card him and hit him back, then retreat. No need to let him get free hits of course, it's best to stay out of bomb range but if he does get you then hurt him back. Once he is level two you want to avoid the double bomb. The best way to do this once you have received the first bomb is use PaC and then run away. He will think you are trying to stun him and think he will be able to get a second bomb off so will pop rewind. By which time you should already be out of range and he has wasted both the cd and mana. You can then select the card you want and use it freely. Recap: dont let him get free bombs, if he doesn't have clarity then try to run his mana down. Get to level 6/7 and gank the other lanes as usual.

    Vs Heimerdinger: Since his nerf this is actually an easy and favourable lane. Blue card his turrets as often as possible and use the mana to occasionally wild card them, but generally wait until you can hit two at once with it. Avoid being stunned by his grenade when you go to blue/red card his turrets by faking every now and then (select card run forward then run back). Use your red card more often vs a heimer, try to catch him near his turrets/creeps and make sure he doesn't have you pushed right up to your tower. Use wild cards more than usual to keep his creeps down - making sure that every time you use it you hit heimer or his turrets also. He is very very weak to harass so hit him with cards whenever possible. This is one of the few lanes where our objective is to kill him, and not the side lanes once we have hit level 6 or even before. If you see the opportunity for a flash/ignite kill then use it. Harass and kill then repeat. Once you have hit 6 feel free to blue pill and he will probably try to push up to your tower, ulti in for the kill and it's all good. All game you should focus on their heimer if they have one, with your ulti he is free stacks for your mejais and you should feed on him like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Don't neglect other low hp kills of course but you get the idea.

    Vs Annie: She is a similar hero to you, but with more burst. Stay back and farm, try not to trade hits with her. Generally she will be happy with this also and you can simply both hit 6 and then she will be looking to kill you but you will have already gone and double killed one of her side lanes. Warn people she is 6 and annoyed, and then avoid her burst. Take special note if she has Flash/Ignite and be very wary of it.

    Vs Morgana: Actually rather an annoying lane. Take a similar approach to this lane as with Annie, farm safely to 6 and kill someone else. She will have great difficulty killing you if you stay back, and you will have great difficulty killing her if you move forward so there is no need to. Her magic shield will stop your PaC's CC and your wild cards will do very little. The only thing to say here is that she is one of the only heroes where you cast wild cards first (to break the shield) and THEN gold card for the stun.

    Vs Nidalee: Harass doesn't work here, she will just heal it up. So the best you can do here for a kill is wait until level 5 and hit her with a gold/wild combo and then immediately again once it comes off cooldown then flash ignite and use it a third time for a kill. Burst is key to get a kill but if she plays well it isn't going to happen, to be content to farm. Once she is 6 she will try to jump at you, swipe and then back off. Be ready with a gold card when she lands and punish her every time. She will heal up but it will slow down the amount of times she will be willing/able to do it.

    Vs Karthus: Unusual lane recently, but definitely a mid-hero so he gets a mention. Harass works well here, just avoid his Q spam as usual and use PaC/Wild Cards to whittle him down. Don't be caught low if you both hit level 6, as he will kill you. Try to have a gold card ready for whenever he uses his slow-wall then back off, or flash if needed. Farm as usual.

    Vs Xin: Very unusual but fought it once or twice and it's not as easy as it sounds. DO NOT use blue cards in this lane, the second you use one he will charge you and three talon strikes. You MUST have your gold card ready for every time he does this. Play it passively and farm, wild cards where you can but without blue cards your mana will be very limited. Get the hell away from him as soon as you can past level 6 and kill others, he is VERY dangerous for us TF players.

    Vs Gragas: Another honourable mention as a very unusual but incredibly difficult mid matchup. His barrels will be the bane of your life and you can't physically kill him so dont try. Farm as much as you can, blue pill almost certainly before level 6, go back to lane and try again to get to level 6. Be very careful of his ultimate as it will almost certainly kill you if he hits it right and he is very likely to get it before you hit 6 unfortunately.

    Vs Twitch: Another one that is very unusual, but in this case quite an easy lane. Similar to xin do not use your blue cards whenever you cant see him, because if he appears you will need that gold card to nuke him down. Nuke him wherever possible as he is very weak. Try to get a flash/ignite kill where you can. Be aware that your ulti reveals him for its duration when invisible so if you both hit 6 and he is low, blue pill and see if he sticks around - if he does then ulti in for the free gold. People who roll the dice vs Twisted Fate often regret it.

    Vs Vladimir: Very passive is the key here, blue card last hitting only pretty much and stay well back. When he hits level 6 be extremely careful as his damage is huge, go back if needed. Get 6 and gank elsewhere.

  • Best Teammates and Worst Enemies

    Any of you who have made it this far are probably seriously hoping this guide will end soon, my apologies - there is one more section: Best Teammates and Worst Enemies.

    Best Teammates

    Junglers - These guys are amazing because they run into a lane out of nowhere and then you use your ulti to jump in also, all of a sudden one enemy just became three - people rarely survive.

    Shen gets a special mention, his Stand United synergises perfectly with yours and can save your ass many times and get an unexpected kill, always try to have a shen on your team.

    Pantheon is also a beauty with his Grand Skyfall but less so than shen, still good to have around - but requires a bit more communication/preparation. In the lane game this Pantheon/TF combo is a LETHAL backdooring duo.

    Ashe and Ezreal get a small mention for Enchanted Crystal Arrow/ Trueshot Barrage to secure kills, as does Karthus for Requiem.

    Kayle also gets a shout out for saving your ass when the inevitable burst of the enemy team finally catches up with you with Intervention

    Worst Enemies

    Ezreal - he is everyone's worst enemy.

    Katarina makes your life hard in mid and in the late game means that you cant really stun as much as you want to because you must save it for when she uses her Death Lotus.

    Olaf can run you down like nobody's business and his ultimate Ragnarok is an enormous pain in the ass because you can't gold card him - you need team support for this guy, nuke him down.

    Shen makes both lists as his Stand United can counter your Destiny hard when you jump in for a low hp kill - all of a sudden they have a shield and you are taunted, total pain.

    Garen/Kassadin - Silences stop your card selection and both of these guys can chase you down with it and have decent burst - try to avoid them.

    Morgana because Black Shield is an enormous pain in the arse.

    Zilean - because you often depend on running in for a quick kill and getting out, only in this case you find out that not only did they not die but that you have a speedy guy with a Time Bomb fetish coming after you.

    Junglers also make both lists, they can really mess you up in most cases and not knowing where they are makes it very difficult to position yourself well, use your [spell=destiny with the minimap to check where they are before you port in. Sight Wards are your friend here.

  • Credits

    Ok, well it is finally all over and I hope that this has been some use to you, and that no one will waste time with AD TF any more. My thanks go out to Inkiop and Reyk for starting me off on my path to maining TF and writing this guide and to Fryy and Archaea for putting up with having to never play mid when queuing with me - Cheers guys.

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