Ezreal Build Guide

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Pure AP ezreal with tips and tricks

written by wiperrr

Ezreal Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Rising Spell Force
    You can feel this skil later on in the game but it's not any real help for ap ezreal so nevermind this its not the focus in this guide

    Mystic Shot
    Awesome skill... BUT in this guide not the most used one.. Mainly used for dropping your cooldowns, last hiting minions, and early game harassment. It is stacking from ad so its not focus of this game too but you can deal some vicked dmg from lvl 1 to 4 with rank one of this AND it has low mana cost.

    Essence Flux
    The main harass and DPS. Youll be hitting like a truck with it mid to late game. Bad thing this spell got SERIOUSLY nerfed by some updates and it doesn't have his heal anymore but the att speed buff has been increased so you can now(if you aim well) drop tower 25% quicker. Its only hitting champs(friendly for a att speed buff and enemies for damage and att speed debuff)so you can use it for harassing trough minions which will make them DANCE

    Arcane Shift
    Your escape - chase - last champ hit ability. third focus after ulti and flux. Its good damage but many use it for making damage or opening overall which is stupid because with its long cooldown you'll be loosing a chance to escape. so ONLY use this for last hitting and escaping, chasing. OH and a little secret... the best kill steal ability in the game

    Trueshot Barrage
    Your ultimate and you'll learn to love it. It will be getting 60% of your kills if not more. You mainly use it to pick off recalling/low hp enemies from level 6 to 11. You'll start using it for team fights from ranks two because that's when it get's most of the damage. You can use it for minion take outs two. At rank two and with some ap you can instantly kill entire waves of minions but that is not very advised because you can miss a kill if you do that. Its one of the best team fight breakers and it wins most of the fights because you can get entire team under 35% - 45%(depending on squishiness) of their health which leaves them very vulnerable.

  • Introduction

    I had this temptation to write a guide for ap ezreal since i couldn't find many guides telling how ap (pure magic baby) Ezreal is really meant to play without any hybrid stuff. And now i want to tell about my "experience" playing ezreal (no duh). It started with a little dream of buying a 6k champ(no donations, just good ol farming). Then after about 4 days or so i finally farmed up the money and started playing him. Been playing him since and that happened about three months ago. Im not a tournament player or something but i got much experience with him and about 60 - 70 matches with him or so. I ask you not to be childish and start trolling about ap ezreal being gay or unplayable anymore because my average 15 - 20 kills( you should get the same if you follow this guide) per match makes it look other way...

  • Masteries + Runes

    Those in que or smth so no details included( switch depending on summ abilities you take):


    plz read this section througly because its important in successful ezreal build .

    And NO NEED FOR AP RUNES. Even though its costier to have this rune set but believe me it buys off. if stack ratio is 0.7 to most of his spells then 34 ap only add 28dmg or so.. Not that much when your ulti does 1k or more in endgame is it? And the mana regen will give you longer lane capability, penetration is all round for any ap class plus its good for entire game and the cooldown reduct is great for ANY champ you play and it just might give the extra second to use that flash of yours to escape.

    For Marks i take flat Magic pen for seals i go mana regen over level for glyphs i take flat cooldown reduction and for quintessences i take flat health for that fresh smell in the air of escaped first blood . For masteries i go 9/0/21(no duh:D) and take extra ability power (if you use exhaust take it for a connector) and additional magic penetration on offensive. I start UTILITY tree with regeneration and one rank in good hands for the connector then i go for extra xp gained(because i mostly go mid lane and earlier ulti is always good but mana is must have if you do not yet have the mana regen runes)then after three ranks in meditation(still mana regen is great for ez) i take improved clarity becouse its THE best spell you're gonna use to survive gank and escape during early game to mid game. After that i go three ranks in quickness (run speed FTW) because it always feels good to escape that one last hit from those pesky jaxes or yi's. After that i put one more point in expanded mind(or if you chose that in the beggining then choose awareness). After that you just max the last three skills(unless youre not a big fan of clayvoriance then get second point in expanded mind or awareness).

    So you just go 9/0/21

  • Skilling Order

    UPDATE: A Great guy called Zaycik told me how to do the skilling thingie so here it is:
    [img] [/img] U start off with a because it helps you last hit so much needed creeps in the begging and harras the hell out of your opponents(that's what you're famous for;). after then i get one level in and level to level four then again the flash and max out the flux. after that just max out the flash(keep in mind that ultimate has the top priority) and the last levels you get mystic because yuo cant raise anything else.

  • Items

    For those in setup or who just doesn't want to read or are in hurry this is section without explanations just items here:
    Sapphire Crystal or [item=Meki Pendant] then Chalice of Harmony or Tear of the Goddess after that Sorcerer's Shoes after that you go Mejai's Soulstealer [item=Rylai's Scepter] Void Staff Archangel's Staff [item=zhonya's ring]

    Well in my case i go Pure ap so dont exept any Guinsoo's Rageblade or that nasty lil Lich Bane
    Of course its perfectly alright making your own choices that suits you better and the way you play this game but this is how I build ezreal so listen up:)

    Sapphire Crystal or [item=Meki Pendant] -
    Depends on which item you'r building Chalice of Harmony or Archangel's Staff ( i preffer the staff though cause if you have the runes you don't need regen anymore and the cheap extra ap is good too. Plus.. EZREAL SPAMS LIKE HELL so you farm up mana fast)

    Then on my first trip back i take Chalice of Harmony or [ Tear of the Goddess]-
    Depending on what you build, AND if i was lucky enough i buy my squieky(sry bad spelling, FIX ME if im wrong) clean Sorcerer's Shoes because with the runes(if you have them) youll be dropping ashes entire healthpool in three fluxes.

    After that you have to see how the game is going. If im lucky, get a few kills etc i take Mejai's Soulstealer because its cheap and if you stack up.. YA KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS(SNOWBALL FIGHT.. woops theyr'e dead)

    Or if youre getting harased much or get ambushed much i prefer rushing [item=Rylai's Scepter] because it will give you good survivability and ap with slow which comes in handy too..

    OR if you just don't like snowballing but still getting lucky you can take Void Staff because with that AND the runes AND the shoes youll be pratically ignoring all magic resist and do plain retarded damages.

    Then if you have all the items get to [item=zhonya's ring] as fast as you can because that'll be saving your ass countless times.. i cant even remmember how many times i've been saved from shaco's POOF death combo just because i use zhonya and my team focuses him. after that.. JUST FINISH THE GAME ALREADY..

    if you havent done that and its taking really long go for Archangel's Staff if you havent done so already or if you did Chalice of Harmony buy a Deathfire Grasp because youll get an extra nuke with which you will become legendary freak :D

  • Summoner Abilities

    This section covers Summoners abilities i suppose so ill just show the ones i use and the ones that are legit for constitutions:

    MUST HAVES(in my opinion):

    - My must have when using ezreal because that gives you extra harras and longer laning ability. Plus with the mana regen runes you can practically stay forever in your lane because if you're using your spells wisely you'll have your clarity back u[ when you're OOM (out of mana)

    - This ability is pure tactical, it doesn't give you any buffs but give you tactical advantage. And with the improved clayoriance you can use it every 50 - 45 secs(sry forgot exact number). It is switchable with other abilities like exhaust or ignite, but i preffer this because nothing comes in more handy when checking baron, sniping aiming, brush checking and map checking for those MIAS(Missing In Action) or so called ss(miSSing - came from DoTA)

    Spells you CAN use but its your choice:

    - Ermmm.. Everyone uses it so i guess its good to make that extra last bar of hp but youll gank more with clayvoriance snipe aim because you have a full map ulti so you don't need ignite to finish the enemies.

    - Its good for escape or negating those pesky yi's and jaxe's and xin's etc... But you already have built in flash so you don't need it much plus you're not a big sologanker (unless the enemie(non tank) has less then 50 - 60% hp)

    - This ones usable for extra survivability because if you get focused you're dead. Cleanse + Astrall(your build in flash) and RUN RUN RUN.

    - The infamous double flash. That's a guaranteed escape unless there is a ww in enemy team and no team support.

    - This game preffer's NOT DYING

    - you can use this one for full map control if you need other lane protected etc... your choice

  • Build example


  • Pros / Cons


    Great Nuke
    Amazing help to the team


    Dies fast if focused
    Little sologank capability

  • Working in the team

    This is the most important thing you can do. ALWAYS be sure to boost your teams att speed especially physical dpses so you drop towers and inhibs almost two times faster(be sure to aim on as much enemies as possible). And since the new update its very easy to know whom you'll hit because now you see the width of spell.Always help you team in team fights instead of looking to kill someone running because ITS THE WIN THAT COUNTS so. And don't do the arcane shift killsteal move unless you are stacking mejai. NOBODY LIKES KILL STEALERS.

  • Tactiks tips and tricks

    1 - Youre not a physical dps so before ganking you need to harras enemy as low as possible. If you want your Flux Mystic and arcane combo to work you have to get your enemy(non tank) under 35%hp - 45%hp for it to work.

    2 - You Don't initiate battles only help with your nuking and ulti.

    3 - YOU ALWAYS STAY BEHIND YOUR ALLIES. You are squishy as hell if focused so don't be a snack and stay behind to deal as much dps as you can.

    4 - AGAIN always boost your allies speed in building take downs.

    5 - ALWAYS cooperate with your friends and ask them to notice when theres a low hp champ recalling or running so you can snipe him.

    6 - DO NOT ALWAYS turn your clayvoriance on if you already see the target because advanced players will run away from it.

    7 - Its a good Choice to snipe the Little brush near the second tower on top and bot when your enemy is running away to recall.

    8 - Try to spam mystic as much as you can it can save you about 30 secs on ultis cooldown.

    9 - Brain fuck your enemies so that you can for example scare off your enemies with your clayvo thinking theyll get ultied. The only limit is your imagination.

    10 - DON'T BE A KID PLZ:( Even if you are a one i dont mind just dont act orgasmic when youre winning and dont act gayish when youre loosing . Have HUMILITY in VICTORY and PRIDE in DEFEAT

    11 - PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. NOONE becomes a pro in one game(exept maybe phreak)

  • Summary

    All any kind of feedback is Welcome and i want you to tell me what i did wrong or maybe what should i fix or even maybe what items should i change so that i could become a better ezreal. Oh an plz tell me how to do those skill rank tabs and equipment screens .So theres only one thing i want to say in the end... ITS ALL SKILL:)

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