Fiddlesticks Build Guide

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Fiddlesticks RANKED gameplay

written by Flames

Fiddlesticks Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello all, here's my second guide, this time it's for Fiddlesticks in RANKED gameplay. I've been playing Fiddle since the dawn of time and I've recently started ranked gaming with him. Fiddle is a deadly addon to a team, but your team composition needs to have decent disables so you can ultimate as much people as possible each time.

    Fiddle is a champ focused mainly on his ULTIMATE. This is why you want to get some cooldown reduction to cast it as soon as possible, but dont abuse on CD reduction, the most important stat for fiddle is Magic Penetration.

    In fact, Fiddle doesnt scale that well on AP like other full-time spellcasters spammers, thats why you want to get as much magic penetration as possible in your choice of items.

    Discover how to effectivly play Fiddle in ranked games, read on:


    The way I play fiddle is based on disables and help from allies. I dont put any points in Dark Wind since dark wind is a fun harrasing spell but it does not help your ganks that much. FEAR is the main spell I use, I always max it first before all other spells and always use it first when someone is in range.

    Having Terrify maxed means:

    - At least 2 people inside your AOE ult will die. 1 from running around feared + drain + ult dmg, 1 from your ult plus teammates damages / disables.

    - If you encounter a 1v1, you can retreat easily. A good fiddlesticks CANT die with fear maxed, it's always up. If he have cleanse, you should have flash to help on fleeing if needed, but if possible keep it for ult-flashing.

    - Anyone whos trying to gank you will fail, since fear is instant cast, last way too long and is on a way too short CD.

    - Ulting vs 1 enemy will grant 100% kill chance. Fear and Drain can be casted WHILE Crowstorm is active. Ultimate + fear + drain at someone, theres no way he can survive.

    - Fear is on a very short cooldown, you will be amaze how fear is useful for saving your buddy's or your own ass every 10 seconds.

    Usually, when you fear someone, if you have teammates close, they will jump on him and focus-fire him to death. This is why fear is your most valuable spell in ranked play. In normal games, everyone runs around and fear+drain cant 1 shot someone.

    Drain does good damage, but what is it good for if the enemy can run away from it? The longer your fear is, the longer your drain will hit. Thinking this way, you should always have fear maxed before drain, cause your drain will cause the same damage in longer fear with lesser drain VS a more powerful drain with lesser fear. BUT, fear will help you WAY WAYYY more in all other situations, like gankings, ulting, helping allies, fleeing, chasing.. etc.

    With that said, if you put just 1 points in Dark Wind before lvl13, it's kind of a waste because your fear will be high enough to keep your enemy grounded for the whole duration of your drain, but drain will not do enough damage to take him down. Anyway lvl1 Dark Wind sucks, it does not much dmg and have only 2 bounces, kinda useless. For DW to be useful, you'd need to level it to 2 or 3, that would sacrifice wayy to many levels in fear or drain, NOT recommended.

    Dark Wind is for harrassing or silencing in team fights, you should always level it last.

    Note that at lvl17-18, drain does very good damage, but only to one target. So in lategame, Dark Wind becomes handy in team fights, ULT-FLASH in, Fear one, Dark Wind 'em all, Drain one.


    Weird enough, Fiddlesticks needs to be played like a stealther. The enemy team must NEVER see you around. A good fiddlesticks will ult in a teamfight from across a wall or from near brushes. You does not really jump into fights when your ult is down, you fear people, drain, run around, but do not rely on normal abilities to gank. When ult is up, tell your team you are ready for a gank and make your way to top or bot lane (since you will be mid, as the main AOE DPS of the team).

    If you come across an enemy player while on your way for a gank, quickly evaluate if you can have someone to help in the next 4 seconds and if not just fear him and run to the other lane for a gank.

    If it's a squishy, a full fear duration + drain will probably take him down or very close to death, if you're confident enough you can try it.

  • GANKS -->

    With your ULT native teleport plus FLASH as summoner spell, you can land your Crowstorm anywhere you want in the screen. Thats the main trick for doing nice landed ults, you can appear from the other side of the screen teleporting twice across the map.

    Assuming you are mid: Hide in brushes in the river near bot or top lane. Since you told your team you were on your way, they should've let the enemy push more minions further down the lane. Mark a target for your team to focus fire. Begin casting ultimate near both champions attacking minions -> FLASH in so your ult is in range, FEAR the target that you DID NOT mark and drain it.

    Usually, both champs will just try to flee. One of your 2 teammates should have a disable, so your marked target should be disabled and focus-fired down VERY quickly with your ult while the other enemy is running around feared for the full duration of your ultimate and drained at the same time, so at the end of the fear and your ult, marked enemy should be dead and feared target should be trying to run away. At this point your teammates can probably chase / stun him, and you are probably 3 seconds away from another fear so he cant run very far...

    Mid ganks are even easier, just run around the corner, hide in river mid brushes, top or bot, and wait him to push a little, ULT -> flash in -> FEAR + DRAIN, he should be dead at the end of the fear-ult-drain combo since miders are usually squishy or semi-squishy.

    I will not talk about ganking when you are lanning with a teammate as I do not play fiddle in co-op lanes, I always solo.

  • ALLIES -->

    Your team needs to have good disables. Even better, AOE disables / dmg ultimates. This is ranked games, you have to build your team considering you're playing fiddle, and what you want as fiddle is to hit as much enemies as possible with your ult. The team I am currently playing with as Fiddle have Amumu and Gankplank in.

    When coordination is good (over microphones), those 3 ults at the same time is purely ridiculous, we wipe team fights in 4-5 seconds. Immediatly when team fight starts, they usually cant attack us much cause they are stunned by amumu's ult, feared by terrify, silenced by dark wind, slowed by gankplank ult and taking damage from those 3 ults at the same time, with 2 other allies running around hitting everything. PURE TEAM RAPING.


    NO you dont need HP items. Fear should cover your survavibility needs. If you play with your brain and are careful about your champion positionning / pathing, there should be no need to get HP items.

    Furthermore, if you get Zhonya's Ring soon enough, it should cover your need for when they focus-fire you during your ult. SIDENOTE: You CAN use statis field (Zhonya's active) DURING a Crowstorm. Your ult wont stop and will continue to do it's full damage.

    BE SEALTHY, you cant die if the other team dont see you. Everytime they see fiddle, they should be running because hes ulting their faces.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I use ALL mana regen runes (not per level) so I never miss mana. NEVER.
    Only red ones are Magic Penetration.

    Masteries are 9 / 0 / 21.

    Important points are mana, mana regen, quickness, improved flash, CD reduction in utility and 15% magic pen, CD reduction, and increased AP per level in offense.

  • Items

    I start with Amplifying Tome.

    When I hit ~800 gold I quickly upgrade the tome to Mejai's Soulstealer because you will be stacking 'em all game long and wont die cause of your maxed fear.

    Then I buy Boots of Speed.

    After 1 or 2 kills, I get Blasting Wand very quickly (even before upgraded boots).

    Then I upgrade boots to Sorcerer's Shoes, these are fiddle's boots (unless you have magic pen runes).

    Then I upgrade the wand to Abyssal Scepter instead since it gives same amount of AP and a good magic pen. With red Magic Pen runes + your passive + boots + Abyssal Scepter it negates pretty much all native magic resist on any champ.

    At this point, your ult and drain does a lot of damage. Next item should be [item=Zhonya's Ring] because they will understand that your team rely on your ult very much. Zhonya will give you incredible AP while saving your ass many times.

    Next item, if they get magic resist, I'll go for Void Staff(rare occasions).

    If they does not get magic resist items, then I simply stack Needlessly Large Rod, it's the best AP/cash ratio you can get (Scales very good with Zonyas)

    [item=Rylai's Scepter] is a very good item for fiddle, it works on drain so they cant get away, but remember it DOES NOT work with your ultimate. Since your team in ranked games rely alot on your ult, Rylai is expensive for only 80 AP and some non-needed HP (since you got maxed fear!). You shouldnt need to slow oponnent as your team should mass disable them.

    I would NOT recommend Rod of Ages for ranked games. People are good in ranked games and you need early kills and you need more Magic Pen / AP than the hp/mana the rod gives you. The rod is very good after it's fully charged, but it takes like 30 minutes, it's too long to get good AP and too expensive for effective early ganking.

  • Skilling Order

    1. Drain
    2. Terrify
    3. Drain
    4. Terrify
    5. Terrify
    6. Crowstorm
    7. [ Terrify
    8. Drain
    9. Terrify
    10. Drain
    11. Drain
    12. Crowstorm
    13-18. Crowstorm > Dark Wind

    Remember, fear = survavibility, 100% 1v1 kill chance, fleeing saver, chasing helper, more damage from drain, have at least 1 target run around inside your ult range for the full duration of your ult everytime.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash - needed, no arguments.

    Teleport - this is what I like to use. Make ganks easier. Help to protect tower or allies in needs.

  • Conclusion

    Early game: Fear ALOT. Gank with ULT+FLASH -> FEAR -> DRAIN all at the same time.

    Mid game: Dominate lanes with ult ganks.

    End Game: Rape team fights with ULT+FLASH -> FEAR -> DARK WIND -> DRAIN. Have your teammate disable other players so they stay inside ult range.

    Dont forget to use Zhonya's active, it wins team fights.

    Team Fights is everything. Team fights are more important than tower pushing, or getting buffs. BE THERE when team fights happens. If your team is about to engage and you are pushing a lane alone or trying to get that golem buff, LEAVE IT RIGHT NOW and run to your team, it's more important.

    Your job is not to push, your job is to gank in early games and win team fights in mid and late game.

    Good luck in your ranked matches!

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