Vladimir Build Guide

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The Crimson Reaper (AP Vlad)

written by x Sonel x

Vladimir Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Crimson Pact
    Very decent passive, helps you keep decent survivability while focusing on AP.

    This is your primary nuke, with lvl5 this skill is pretty much spammable with close to a 2 sec CD. Hit and run with this ability can really set up the enemy for a gank. Great ability for topping off your health when low, just hit creep or enemy champs from a safe distance.

    Sanguine Pool
    Your slow before you get your Ryali,not really used for damage at all but for utility. This can slow people you are chasing and cause the enemy to lose you as a target for a couple seconds. Should be used with caution though as it costs a hefty amount of health. This is also a very good tool to dodge turret fire for diving a low health enemy.

    Tides of Blood
    Doesn't really shine til end game, this will be your farming tool and sometimes will score you that last hit in team fights. If your not being focused feel free to spam this a bit.

    This is one of my favorite ults, think of it as an AoE Zilean timebomb with some cool added effects. Best used as an opener in team fights because of the damage increase, trying to hit at least 3 people with it if you can. I also found this extremely effective for scoring early kills in mid when the enemy doesn't expect the delayed damage and tries to recall with low health.


    *Fixed some spelling errors I had when writing this at 2am
    *If your going to down rank this guide at least comment why so I can try to fix or answer your questions.
    *v1.0.0.99 :Vladimir
    - Transfusion cast range reduced to 600 from 650(Lost a bit of range there but shouldn't really change much at all.)
    - Tides of Blood buff duration increased to 10 from 8
    - Tides of Blood cast range increased to 620 from 570
    *Updated rune section a bit with insight from comments.

  • Introduction

    I have poked around the other guides and have found them lacking in information for the way I love to play Vlad, an AP nuke. This guide will give your basic strats and some more complex tricks you can try to master with Vlad. He is for those of you that would like to have a caster champ that isn't squishy as hell and is often underestimated so people are less likely to focus you.

  • Pros / Cons

    -Vlad is very good in team fights, his ult helps your other DPS with burst damage and can also finish off stragglers.
    -No mana!
    -Has a decent spammable nuke with Q
    -Can be a decent off tank if needed

    -You can easily screw yourself over spamming your abilities and end up losing more life then you are doing to the enemy.
    -Even with defensive runes and health items Vlad is still squishy early game
    -Harder to play and get the hang of compared to most champs.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries I tend to go for the 9/0/21 supports build, going far enough into offense to pick up the mpen talent. The 1 point in the 1g per 10 talent can be switched around to wherever you want, i sometimes pick up teleport or flash so picking up the 1 pointed improved version is worth it. Also the 1 point in Deadliness can be tossed to improved Exhaust if you choose to pick it up as a summoner spell.

    As for runes:
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitudex3 (These can be replaced by mpen quints if you want the extra bit of damage, but I personally think the flat health quints give you alot of early game survivability.)
    Greater Mark of Insightx9 (A must have, no better choice in my opinion.)
    Greater Seal of Wardingx9 (I personally go magic resist but these can be replaced with any form of defensive runes...dodge etc..)
    Greater Glyph of Focusx9 (These are a must as well. It has been brought to my attention that the CDR/per level runes would end up being more CDR in the long run then the flat CDRs, its all personal preference. If you find yourself in long games often then the CDR/per level will benefit you more, but again its all what your willing to rune with. After doing the math you will surpass the flat CDR runes at lvl 14, breaking even at .65% at lvl 13 so really they are only better for 5 levels. So it you want the .25 mor CDR then be my guest, the CDR/per lvl are also half the price of the flats.)

  • Items

    I generally start with a Ruby Crystal, the added health on top of your health quints will give you alot more survivability in the first 10 levels and it will build into our Haunting Guise.

    Try to stay in your lane long enough to grab a Amplifying Tome and Boots of Speed, if you have scored a couple of kills or assists finish off your Haunting Guise.

    The reason we build Haunting Guise is because it is perfect for Vlad Health,AP and mpen for a fairly cheap price.

    Next you will want to finish off your boots into either Mercury's Treads or Sorcerer's Shoes, gauge which you will need for the game. Lots of magic damage and/or disables? Mercury's Treads Otherwise I always go with Sorcerer's Shoes (Sometimes i go with Sorcerer's Shoes anyways because i just like the extra mpen and resist can be picked up elsewhere.)

    After you complete your boots your will want to start making the next main item for Vlad,[item=Rylai's Scepter]

    [item=Rylai's Scepter] is also another item that works very well with Vlad, activating both ends of his passive and giving all your abilities a slow. This item makes your Q a godly chasing tool being spammable every 2 secs. Again with this item gauge how your game is going while buying the parts. Need a bit more health for survival? Grab the Giant's Belt first. If your tank is doing their job and your good at keeping your distance then pick up the Blasting Wand.

    After you grab your [item=Rylai's Scepter] you will want to build [item=Zhonya's Ring], once you get this puppy you will be one nasty nuker. I always start off buying the Needlessly Large Rod and pick up the Blasting Wand next to finish off [item=Zhonya's Ring].

    Once your finish [item=Zhonya's Ring] your game will most likely be over unless you have been scoring kills left and right and have tons of gold, I usually stick to buying Elixir of Brilliance since its bonus AP applies with your [item=Zhonya's Ring] passive.

    From here on if your game is still going you can pick up a Void Staff if the enemy team is stacking magic resist or pick up some defensive items such as Guardian Angel if you find yourself being focused too much.

  • Skilling Order

  • Summoner Abilities

    Good ideas:
    This is my favorite escape/movement/initiate spell and with improved ghost in the support tree this is a must have.
    Great anti-melee/chasing spell, this spell can give you the extra few seconds to get away or to kill an enemy champ. Very useful to cast on melee chasing your squishy teammates.
    I personally suck at using flash, but if you can use it well it is really nice for flashing forward and using your pool to slow the enemy letting your friends catch up or to nab you that kill.
    This skill is very useful if you like to jump around the map for ganks or to help your team. I have seen this spell make big differences in a game as well as save many towers and teammates.
    Another good spell to use to grab that last hit or to use on WW/Carry being healed.

    Bad ideas:
    Since Vlad doesn't have mana this one is kinda...duh!
    Do I really need to explain?
    [spell_icon=Rally] Since your not a melee champ and don't rely on AD this is pretty useless.
    [spell_icon=Fortify] This spell is really only decent if you spec into Defense for it's improved version and with this build of vlad we dont even touch defense talents.

    Ok Ideas but situational:
    This is a decent spell if used the right way, if no one in your team picks it up and you don't mind grabbing it in place of your other spells then go for it.
    With Vlad's pool and decent health you shouldn't have too much trouble escaping from ganks, though if you find yourself with bad timing or like the extra escape button feel free to pick this up..lost alot of its luster after its nerf
    Can be nice for last hitting creep or jungle mobs, but there are plenty of better choices.
    If your using your Q right and keeping yourself at 80%+ health you shouldn't really need this spell, though it can be helpful to give you some health when in dire situations.

  • Working in the team

    Vlad is a very good team player. With this build for Vlad you do not want to be the one to initiate team fights, but you will want to jump in right after the tank. Hemoplague should be used at the beginning of team fights, aiming to hit at least 3 people with it to help your team burst down the enemy. As soon as your enemy realizes they are losing the fight and start to run use Sanguine Pool to keep them in place as long as you can tossing a Tides of Blood before and after your pool. Transfusion should be used to pick off low health enemies and burst down their carry. Do not be afraid to Sanguine Pool to safety and snipe enemies with Transfusion if you get too low, once they notice your damage output they will try to focus you in team fights if they are smart.

    Don't be afraid to use Sanguine Pool or Hemoplague on one target if it means you will get that extra kill or scare off enemies saving your teammates.

  • Summary

    Vlad is a very high learning curve character and is not for those that wish to Kamikaze into groups of champs and expect to stay alive(though I admit I have done this a couple times, with less than 100 health mind you). He works very well within a group and if you are willing to work with your team he is a very fun champ to play, with this AP build you will be pulling off a decent amount of kills and more than likely a crap ton of assists. As long as you realize that Vlad is still a pretty squishy champ even with all his health you should be surviving easily enough. If this guide helped you in any way please rate it up.

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