Mordekaiser Build Guide

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written by deathgreeter

Mordekaiser Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Iron Man
    keep it up!!!!!

    20% of the damage dealt from ability is converted in to a temporary shield. Maximum shield strength is 450.00 health. The shield decays by 15.00 per second.

    This is very nice, extra Healt Points trough your Shield.
    you try to hold this up as much as you can.
    When your shield is up you want to spam your ablities, soak up some damage and do some dmg.
    earlygame you shoud hold it up with siphon of destrucion and the rest.
    late game and in teamclashes its like an airbag. but if you get stuned or the opponent team focuses you, youre shield melts fast while you cant spam any spell.

    dont get Mercury's Treads, you need the sorcs boots.
    you need the magic pen. more magic pen = more damagae = more shield.
    thats how it works. play smart!

    Mace of Spades
    keep it hitting

    ok dmg, scales whit your physical dmg.
    put at lvl 3 one point in it. the rest of the 4 points lvl 14-18.

    [spell=Creeping Death]
    keep it running

    creeping death, its, nice, gives you more armor and magic resitanced, and does aoe dmg.
    at lvl 5 it does the same dmg as 2 sunfire capes.

    Siphon of Destruction

    siphon of destruction, youre bread and butter skill.
    i love this spell, its most of the time youre opener, and youre finisher.
    the dmg is good, and the range is just a little longer than the icon shows you.
    i love it.

    Children of the Grave
    keeps you doing what you do best- killing

    youre ult, youre real bread and butter!
    this guide is not a real tank guide. its a guide to enslave opponent champions
    to help you turn the teambattle. (this is why you gonna win the teambattles, and what you need this build for).
    the proper use of this spell will make you a good or bad mordekaiser.

    the right way to use it, is an an finisher(sometimes opener, if you know the bastard will go down first^^).

    if you are low life, this will heal you. and leach the opponents life.
    whit magic pen its even nicer. so if youre in a situation, holding a tower, whit low life,
    and they push 2vs1, hit the creepwave, to get youre shield up, if they ignore you and go the tower, give one of them youre ult, and try to beat him.

    in other cases, and this is your main use, use it, if the oppnent is getting low life, and than give him also ignite, and the rest of the spells in his face, or siphon of the destrucion in his back^^. whit the magic pen shoes, they will go down faster as they can belive
    (i saw it many times from the gamereaction: "why is this morde doing so much dmg?")

  • October 2010 UPDATE

    Im playing Garen latetly and i have to say, Staking Sunfirecapes, and getting a force of nature is sometimes enough. (similar builds can be done on other heros. the invincibuild has synergie whit that)
    Guardian Angel got also nerfed to the point, i think i would prefer to buy other items insteat.

    i also think i will add a force of nature to this build, or at least early magical resistance.
    i didnt realy need it, cause i had the mr from runes and creeping death, but i think i have to test more.

    11.11.2010 UPDATE

    Mordekaiser seems now weeker to me. he is still a good champ. i go nowdays for the force of nature instead of the wardensmail. the rest stays the same.

    24.11.2010 UPDATE

    this was a long game, and every team got aced 2 times.
    lately i am rushing force of nature, than getting a mallet, rilays, and the usual stuff.

  • Whats his Role?

    (this is not JET a real guide, i am working on it)

    the magicpenetration morde guide is also a very viable build. (invinci and double morde)

    So, first of all, playing Mordekaiser is FUN!
    he is this big guy, loud, smashing metal in opponents faces.

    So lets talk whats his role is.

    This are his Attributes: Pusher, Tough, Fighter, Tank, Melee

    - Pusher, yes he is one of the best, he loves to eat minions, and he is a greedy Bastard.
    - Tough, yes he is a hard to Kill MAN! (he is kinda squishy early, but a dorans will change that)
    - Fighter, yes he is a fighter, a real man, he will never flee, even whit low life in a 1vs2.
    - Melee,...yes, but also ranged most of the time.

    - Tank, this is the Point. Is Mordekaiser a Tank. He can be.

    What is a Tank? A Tank is a big guy, that stuns (aoe stun), taunts, soaks up a lot of dmg
    and protects the dmg dealer whit this abilities he have.

    in my opinion amumu is a great tank. he has great abilites to fullfill this job.
    stun, aoe dmg, and an gamechanging ultimate.

    alistar can do a great tanking job, and also rammus and shen can "activate ablities"
    that will stop your enemie from taking out your damage dealers.

    Now lets see, mordekaiser, can soak up a lot of damage, but he has no stun or taunt.
    means if you get into a teambattle, and they want to focus your damagedealers,
    the only thing you can do whit morde is, playing humanshield (this is often good enough,
    but again, no stun (like taric, amumu) or taunt (shen, rammus) will make your tankjob

    So whats his real role in the game?
    i can now only tell you, what i experienced whit morde.
    when i startet playing morde i did get lots of tank items, lifereg, boots of swiftness
    and it was fun and also successful.

    but than played vs an other morde, and he had sorcerer boots, and some magic pen,
    and he did good dmg. i was impressed.
    so i thought about it, and after a trying a lot, i endet up, whit this list.
    the role of mordekaiser changed, and i became:

    "THE Killer of Assasins"

    What i mean is, his role is this:
    Your ultimate, and all youre abilities + ignite should be used, to kill:

    1. What needs to be killed (a Twitch, Twisted Fate, Ashe, Tristana, Ezreal..)
    2. The opponent Champ, who deals the most dps and is 1.ranged/2.melee,
    so you can realy change the teambattle.

    for example: the teamfight starts, the twitchs pops up, i run in (not too suicidal),
    give him my ult+ignite, all my abilites, and he dies (if you do it right) a fast death,
    and whit youre ghost, youre now focusing down, first the squishy opponents, then whats left.
    (i did get my quadkill whit a tristana (would have been a penta, but ashe totaly stealed it^^).

  • Masteries + Runes

    this build was born, as i tried to go up elo, in the solo ranked games.
    i played carrys and i had always good stats, but i got many loses.
    so i searched for a champ whit this abilities:

    2.1vs1 Strong
    3.Usefull Teamultimate

    i would say, that ashe is perfect on this 3 things, but if you have a bad team, you need
    some more, you need "SURVIVABILITY".

    and that is the morde i am playing:

    9/0/21, magic pen, life, mr, for runes, for essence go 2 life, 1 magic pen

    red: magic pen, yellow: healt, blue: magic resi per lvl,
    essence: 2 flat life, 1 magic pen

    ghost + ignite

  • Items

    get dorans shield and a pot, than buy sorc shoes, wardens mail, giantsbelt into relayis, than frozen mallet, than what you want.

    How to shop:

    1. External Image+ External Image

    do yourself a favour and get dorans shield and a potfirst. i tried lots of other stuff, but this is simply the best. why?
    - it gives you more life and lifereg. mordekaiser is early squishy and this will fix it.
    and the life reg ist good.
    this baby will give you early all you need, and you will sell it to complete rylais.

    2. External Image+ External Image

    3. External Image + External Image

    4. External Image into External Image

    5. External Image into External Image

    6. External Image or External Image

    7. External Image or External Image

    the role in the team is not tank. youre role is to wait, lets say, for a twitch or tf, or ashe, and than get her as fast as possible down. whit her ghost youre now gonna turn the battle.

    and here my quad kill, whit a tristana ghost

  • Skilling Order

    1. Siphon of Destruction
    2. Creeping Death
    3. Mace of Spades (i put one point in it, so i can spam it whit the other two ablities)
    4. Siphon of Destruction
    5. Siphon of Destruction
    6. Children of the Grave

    now youre priority will be "Siphon of Destruction" followed by "Creeping Death", and
    always 1 point in your ult when you can. put in "Mace of Spades" your last 4 points.

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