Sion Build Guide

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Sion - I cant die, you can

written by KevinMaster

Sion Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    hi guys! I just registered here and still new at playing LoL (only lvl 23). i'm making a guide about my wonderful hero, sion. hes one of the best tank that could actually DPS at the same time. he has a good attack speed, a shield, a stun, and got health when kill minions. that is just amazing, a full packed destroyer in one extra-ordinary champ. so enjoy my guide!

  • Abilities

    [spell=Feel No Pain]
    if you've played DotA before, this passive is kinda like a vanguard, it blocks a number of damage when the enemy attacked you. pretty suited for a tank like him.

    [spell=Cryptic Gaze]
    we wont get this until lvl 6 (yea i'm not learning ulti) because why? you have mana problems. and if you have mana problems, you cant do anything at all.

    The use of this skill is to:
    - Start a Gank, it's the most essential part of the game. Ganking means you're trying to kill a lone champ in the lane. Your stun and your friends ability would make sure you grab a kill.
    - Escaping from one champ, this can only be done when you're trying to run from a single hero. You just stun them and keep running. If you're running from many hero, don't do this. Only stun one wouldn't make you safe at all. So just keep running
    - Last hit a hero, when you see a hero with low health trying to escape, use this skill ASAP as it will ensure you get a kill
    - Stun the disabler, you need to do this to champs like ryze, morgana, amumu, etc. that can hold your allies in one place. thats a very bad news, so you've to act quick to save your allies

    [spell=Death's Caress]
    best shield in the game IMO. it makes you survive the early game full of nukes and ignites. and its mana is cheaper than gaze, making this more spammable for creeping and farming.

    The use of this skill is to:
    - Harrass enemy champs, whenever you use this skill, enemy champs will logically run away from you, and if they didn't, what kind of stupid noob they are. When the 4 seconds timer is up, use it to damage your enemies champs
    - Protect you from harm, it is a shield, right? it must be used to protect you when starting a gank, so you don't get ganked when you kill your enemies. And use this skill to protect you from tower's attack. It could block two tower attacks, making you easy to kill that tower or when you're chasing your enemy champ
    - Farming, its the best skill to farm. You're facing an enemy creep wave alone. Use this skill and attack melee creeps twice and ranged creep once. Activate your shield, BAM! all gold for you
    - Last hit some champs, its mainly used to kill a running champ, with your move speed and phage, this is very easy. It deals ridiculous damage in an area, so you might get two birds with one stone

    2 levels of this early is enough. it gives a whole lot of damage which will make your paper (low health) enemies cry.

    The use of this skill is to:
    - Increase your damage output, this skills is crazy, at level 1 (if you learned it) you'll get 84-ish damage (depending on runes and masteries) and that's pretty high.
    - Harass enemy heroes, it's very essential to harass your enemy hero when the beginning of the game, inside the bushes. when facing someone who didnt buy any doran's items, this will reduce your enemy heroes health by a quarter or fifth
    - Farming, its make you damage very high so you won't have any problem farming

    not really necessary to be learned at lvl 6. cause it needs more mana and you dont want to do that. a simple stun and shield is fine.

    The use of this skill is to:
    - Trap, it is very useful when an enemy hero is trying to kill you when you're on low health. Then the trap begin. Use your shield, then stun the enemy champ, use this, attack attack and your enemy is dead while you regained most of your health
    - Regain Health, its very crucial to regain your health when your health is low. Just go to dragon or any big golem or lizard elder and activate this. your health will be full again
    - Pushing towers, the thing is, you also regain health when you're attacking tower. Making your ally creeps unkillable to towers since you'll heal them again.
    - Help your allies, just make sure your ally champ that have low health is near you and you just attack enemies, he will eventually get his health back.
    - Tanking, this is very crucial when you're gonna tank. If you're up against 5 DPS carry, its easier than against 5 disablers. Your attack damage is massive and will heal you by ridiculous amount
    - Baroning, its when you're trying to Baron. it gives your allies survivability, so they didn't die from baron.

  • Masteries

    So, the masteries would look like this

  • Items

    and for items there are many of them that suits sion very well. depending on the build you're going to use:
    1. Boots of Swiftness it gives you high movement speed for chasing, and escaping as well
    2. Warmog's Armor it gives a lot of health, this need to be rushed. because it also agev the same effect like your enrage, hp when killing creeps
    3. Atma's Impaler it deals bonus damage BASED ON YOUR HP. so, the higher your HP, more painful this item will damage
    4. Banshee's Veil another tanking item. it gives a lot of health and survivability. who knows, maybe you're going to be ulti'ed and this thing blocked it
    5. Frozen Mallet this gives a lot of hp and a chasing ability, dont let your prey get out from you
    6. Frozen Heart you'll be unkillable with you spamming your shields and stuns
    this would be the complete full build, you are going to be tanky nobody would come close to you. this could only be done if you killed the whole enemy team before 25 mins and you bought all of this item, it means you don't need to read this guide any further

    1. Berserker's Greaves it gives a lot of attack speed, which you need to DPS
    2. Trinity Force its a full item to satisfy sion. mana, AP, and damage burst from sheen, health, damage, and slow from phage, and attack speed, move speed and crits from zeal, packed into one item of pure awesomeness
    3. [item=Stark's Fervor] your best lifesteal item. it gave attack speed aura, lifesteal aura, regen aura, and reduce enemies armor by 25. what else do you want?
    4. Last Whisper I know you used an axe, but a bow comes in handy. you could break through their puny armor even more. and who doesn't like attack speed?
    5. Infinity Edge gives you massive damage output. your damage could go up to 1000 crits when landed.
    6. Phantom Dancer a lot more of attack speed, more crits, more move speed.
    this build is insanely expensive. I won all of my games only ended in stark's fervor. never got the 3 last items. if you did, it must be a hell of a game huh?

    1. Sorcerer's Shoes best boots for a caster
    2. Lich Bane your source of damage burst
    3. Rod of Ages gives health, mana, and AP every one minute. thats sweet
    4. Mejai's Soulstealer Rax up those AP !
    5. Void Staff it penetrated through magic resist really badly
    6. [item=Zhonya's Ring] with all of the item above, the 25% bonus AP is gonna be very high. Imagine Sion having a 600 AP
    maybe you didnt believe me, but sion is actually a good caster. he have 2 nukes with high ability power ratio. and believe me, this will work.

    Maybe I already presented 3 types of builds here, but I would focusing on one build, the DPS which suited him very well for me

  • Skilling Order

    This is the skill build with the new skiller tool

    But if you wanna see it manually, here it is
    1. [spell=Death's Caress]
    2. [spell=Enrage]
    3. [spell=Death's Caress]
    4. [spell=Enrage]
    5. [spell=Death's Caress]
    6. [spell=Cryptic Gaze]
    7. [spell=Death's Caress]
    8. [spell=Cryptic Gaze]
    9. [spell=Death's Caress]
    10. [spell=Cryptic Gaze]
    11. [spell=Cryptic Gaze]
    12. [spell=Cryptic Gaze]
    13. [spell=Enrage]
    14. [spell=Enrage]
    15. [spell=Enrage]
    16. [spell=Cannibalism]
    17. [spell=Cannibalism]
    18. [spell=Cannibalism]

    this is pretty much my build for my awesome sion. so, you're probably saying "WTFYOUNOOBNEVERPLAYEDSIONBEFOREHESSHITWITHOUTULTINOOBNOOB"
    but if you said that, you've never met me in battle before. hes ulti is useless, he does not needed it early games. why? because you dont tank early games. you cant tank nukes with your ulti. its just useless early games, so dont bother getting them.

  • Summoner Abilities

    for summoner abilities, I prefer only 4
    Heal - okay, cmon. everyone needs heal! its just amazing how you could trap your opponents with heal!
    Ignite - everybody loves ignite, it gives you last hit when you can no longer chase your enemy
    [spell=Rally] - its for tanking purpose, breaking down towers, etc.
    Exhaust - if you're pissed with master yi or teemo, get this

  • Build Example

    For DPS:
    first, get a Doran's Shield and a Health Potion . it would be enough to satisfy your early games killing. next go for Boots of Speed and Dagger to make Berserker's Greaves . Next, start making your Sheen , buy Sapphire Crystal first, you need the mana. then buy a Amplifying Tome to make your sheen. Next, buy a Ruby Crystal and Long Sword to make your Phage . Lastly, buy a Dagger and Brawler's Gloves to make your Zeal . Buy Trinity Force to complete your satisfaction.
    Next, start making you [item=Stark's Fervor] by buying Vampiric Scepter and Rejuvenation Bead to make your [item=Emblem of Valour] and follow it by Recurve Bow .
    The games probably would already ended here, if you want to make the others (infinity edge, phantom dancer, last whisper) just buy it at any order you like, it doesn't matter if you're winning anyways.
    this is the final result:
    this is the build example at final. Look at how expensive the build costs :D . That's why it's close to impossible to actually finish the build. Maybe, you could get the 5th item, but 6th item would be really hard to get since it's already like 40-50 mins of the game, and your enemy team is gonna surrender in a moment.
    The runes I put is actually optional. But, they're probably the best for sion at the moment.
    3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude to make you stay in your lane longer in early games.
    9x Greater Mark of Desolation so your damage will be wtf imba to enemy champs and minions
    9x Greater Seal of Clarity so you can spam your skills, which scales to late games
    9x Greater Glyph of Insight so both of your stun and shield deals more damage and you'll get easier kills

    For Tank:
    First, get a Ruby Crystal . If you laned well, you could rush your Giant's Belt and Regrowth Pendant to make your Warmog's Armor . It is very essential to rush warmog, so you could get more health. Next, go for Boots of Swiftness . Your next item depends on your enemies. If they have a lot of casters, get a Ruby Crystal and Sapphire Crystal to make a Catalyst the Protector . Next, buy a Negatron Cloak to make your Banshee's Veil . If the enemies aren't casters, get a Ruby Crystal and Long Sword to make Phage . And, buy Giant's Belt next to make Frozen Mallet . So, whichever you didn't buy first, buy it after that. (eg. you buy banshee, you get mallet next. you buy mallet, you get banshee next) . Your HP would be racked up like now, so it's time buy Atma's Impaler . Buy Giant's Belt first and continue it with Cloak of Agility . And, your last item would be Frozen Heart . Buy Cloth Armor and [item=Sage's Ring] to make Glacial Shroud and follow it with Chain Vest
    this is the final result
    Now as you can see, you'll be wow-ed at your own health. 5000 HP is kinda ridiculous for another DPS tank. And yet, it's still very expensive. You might or not get through your 3rd item since it's already enough to tank now.
    and yet again, the runes I put there are optional, but highly encouraged
    3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude to make your lane staying better
    9x Greater Mark of Resilience for extra armor which you need
    9x Greater Seal of Vitality You'll get a high bonus of Health at the late games
    9x Greater Glyph of Celerity to tick down those cooldown of your skills

    For Caster:
    First item, get a either a Sapphire Crystal if you're making Sheen first or Amplifying Tome if you're making a Mejai's Soulstealer . Both items are fine, actually both of them are too good. I myself sometime can't decide which one to buy first. Whichever you buy, depends on situations. After getting both (Sheen and Mejai) , start making your Sorcerer's Shoes . Next, buy a Catalyst the Protector by buying Ruby Crystal first and followed with Sapphire Crystal. Next, buy a Blasting Wand and finish your Rod of Ages . Finish rod of ages first since it's time dependant. The faster you buy it, the higher it effects will get. Next, buy another Blasting Wand and Null-Magic Mantle and finish your Lich Bane . Next, buy two Amplifying Tome and a Sapphire Crystal to make your Void Staff . And Lastly, buys two Blasting Wand and a [item=Sage's Ring] to finish your [item=Zhonya's Ring]
    this is the final result
    Whoa, could you look at that? 700++ AP ! meaning:
    - you are immune to 1000 damage (shield protects by 320 and a plus 700++ which results in 1000++ damage) and deals 1000++ damage when it explodes. oh yea, that really hurts. but care! enemy veigar will be happy too! so watch out for him
    - your stun deals another 1000++ damage which is annoying
    - your next attack will deal a bonus 700++ damage (before damage reduction)
    And yet again, the runes I used is optional, could be changed to cooldown reductions or mana regenerations if you desired.
    3x Greater Quintessence of Potency
    9x Greater Mark of Force
    9x Greater Seal of Force
    9x Greater Glyph of Force

  • Pros / Cons

    - High Health
    - High damage output
    - Can tank more than you can think of
    - Very helping-allies ulti
    - Got a stun
    - Have no problem farming
    - Kill a creep and you got a health
    - OP ganker
    - OP hero when used right
    - OP ulti when used right

    - Low mana
    - If the gank failed, hes screwed
    - Useless if played wrong
    - Bad early games is making his mid and late game worst
    - He's already dead (undead champion, meaning he already died once)

  • Early Games

    Early Games (Level 1-6)

    Early game objective:
    - First Blood
    In order to do this, you need a good lane partner. Go inside the brushes first before your enemies (when the game have started, buy your items and quickly run there). When enemy heroes have approached, use your shield. They will eventually came inside the bushes. But they didn’t know they was already dealt 120 damage. Start whacking them with your lanemate. And, if your lane partner also have a stun, first blood is in your grasp. Make sure they don’t have an escape skill such as flash and ghost. Or even a single Heal could ruin it. And, since your mana is very low at early games, a messed up first blood could turn your first laning phase kinda bad. You might want to return to base if your mana is already depleted. Never think no mana isn’t a big deal. It is when your skills is used to protect yourself. And his shield is very important for either harassing, farming, and save yourself.

    - Farming
    Early game farming is still hard, even with sion. His melee range could be a delicious food for other ranged carry heroes (eg. Twitch, ashe, tristana, etc.). So, be careful as you kill those minions, since your enemy could just attack you when you’re attacking minions. Keep playing safe on early games, since it’s not really your time to shine. But still, if you did a great job on early game farming, your mid and late games will be easy. As you would have bought your items.

    - Harassing
    Harass enemies off from your minions by using shield. They would probably ran away. And you’re free to kill their minions by detonating the shield. But still watch the amount of your mana. Keep your mana for a sure kill like stun + shield combo (which would probably cost about 200-230 mana).

    - Map Awareness
    Keep an eye for any missing hero. Either in your lane or other lanes. Call mia even if the hero missing isn’t supposed to be in your lane.
    Ex. You’re laning top with alistar. Both of your health is very low now since the last harassment from your enemy. And, you realized, an enemy twitch from the mid lane has disappeared. Call mia right away. Because that twitch could either go top lane or bottom lane.

    - Ganking
    Yes. Go to other lanes to finish your enemies off. But make sure it will surely kill the targeted enemy hero. Activate your shield before running into the enemy heroes. We don’t want to wait for another 4 seconds to deals damage right? (or 2 sec if used stun).
    Share your kills, don’t take all the kills for yourself. It’s not only you that need the kills now is it? Give it to other teammates which is a better carry (heroes that can carry their team to victory, eg. Master yi, twitch, veigar, etc.)
    Notes: carry doesn’t have to be DPS. If you’re a mage carry like veigar, you don’t need high DPS to carry the team, just drop the meteor somewhere and you’ll get a kill.

    - Trap Enemies
    If you’re enemy is really greedy, trap him to kill themselves. Let’s say that you’re on a low health, and the enemy is chasing you. And they are very very greedy, that they would try to kill you, even if you’re standing next to tower. Let them come in, and suddenly, use your stun on that greedy guy. Tower will attack, detonates your shield (assuming you already have your shield on). Yaaayyy!!
    And send a chat message to all
    “What kind of greedy b***h is that guy”
    And that greedy guy replied
    “You’re just lucky, I’ll get you next time”
    But, he can’t. Since he did that all over and over again.
    He keeps getting himself trapped between you and tower.

    So, let’s summarize the early games:
    - Get your team a first blood if possible.
    - Keep playing safe when farming, even when harassing.
    - Keep an eye for your mana, since it’s not that big early.
    - Harass your enemies until they wants to go back to their fountain.
    - Watch out for disappearing heroes in the map. Never forget to call mia because it really helps your team and yourself.
    - Help your ally friend if they really need a gank.
    - Trap greedy enemies

  • Mid Games

    Mid Games (Level 6-14)

    Mid Game Objectives:
    - Get some kills
    You would already got your items by now. Making killing a bit more easier. You could already freely uses the stun + shield combo, which in that case needs much much mana. But, remember, your mana could also ran out, so still keep an eye on them

    - Getting some Neutral buffs
    Get some neutral buffs for him. You area already strong enough, you don’t need help from your allies, so they could still lane normally. Both buffs helps you greatly
    Golem Buff : It helps you to spam your stuns and shield, since they have a relatively low cooldown compared to other skills.
    Lizard Buff: Great for Chasing, combined with exhaust, no one is gonna escape from you. And, an extra damage meaning you could kill your enemies faster

    - Kill the Dragon
    You could kill the dragon yourself, or with the help of your allies. Helpful allies are those like soraka and taric that can heal you. Or, other DPS-er that could make the dragon’s halth go down faster. Do it if your team needs an extra money on their pocket.

    - Ganking
    Yes, ganking is the most essential part of mid games. You will always get a kill if you ganked following these rules:
    1. never go gank if your health is low
    2. never go gank if your mana is low
    3. if you’re visible at the minimap, don’t try to gank, because it will make enemies suspicious and stay back to their towers
    4. you don’t need all 5 people to gank. Just 2-3 heroes is enough, so the others could still defend their lanes
    5. also be careful when ganking, since you can get ganked back by the enemy team
    6. think about it very deeply, is this lone hero only a bait? Is the others waiting somewhere hiding from your vision?

    - Destroy Turrets
    Keep destroying turrets from one lane to another. Don’t let enemies push back, keep guarding your tower from being destroyed. Always let the creep come in first, since you don’t want to take all the damage from towers, do you?

    So, let’s summarize the Mid Games:
    - Go kill enemy heroes if you think you’re up for it
    - Get neutral buffs to make you stronger in team clashes
    - Kill the dragon if you need extra money and exp
    - Keep ganking enemy heroes that is unaware of the current situations
    - Push and Destroy turrets

  • Late Games

    Late games (14-18)

    Yay! You arrived at late games, that means, you would probably already won the game, or almost close to winning. Still, there a few things to do at late games

    - Ace the opponent
    Try to ace the opponent, so you would have an advantage and push their tower until base. Ace-ing the opponent is only possible in a team clash, or at least 4 of them contributes in team clash. After that, just push any lane and win the game

    - Go Baron
    Kill the Baron and do one last push to victory!
    Killing the baron would be pretty fast in late games.
    Just activates your ulti and your team won’t get hurt at all, it’s just amazing and your team won’t need to go back to base to heal. Just push again since their health would be full/close to full.

    - Destroy all inhibitors
    Destroy all the inhibitors so you have an advantage to push to the enemies bases. And when you have destroyed all of the inhibitors, go back to base, and buy all of your final items. And one last push and win the game

    - End the Game quickly
    End it quickly, because I have been in many turn-tables games. When you’re actually winning, but suddenly lost because their team won in a little team clash, and out-push you guys

    So, Let’s summarize the late game:
    - Get an ace so you have an advantage
    - Kill Baron if the enemy is only defending at their base
    - Destroy all the inhibitors, so you can buy items without getting scared by them pushing back
    - End it quickly, we don’t want any turn-table games

  • Creep Jungling

    When jungling, I suggest yo to take down the big golem, it gives you mana regen like shit and making you easy to spam your spells

  • Working in the team

    your role in the team is as a tank/dps. if no one in the team is a tank, you must take that job to protect your main DPS-er (yi, teemo, tristana, twitch) from harms way.
    Keep calling MIAs in the game, it actually helped a lot.
    Keep ganking with him, hes very good at it.
    When all of your allies health is low, start using your ulti to heal them back, sion here have the role of support too

  • Unique Skills

    Cryptic Gaze - the unique thing about this, it have a static stun duration of 2 secs. so getting one of this is enough, but if you want more damage, then leveled it up more.
    Death's Caress - it gives tanking capability, when it didnt destroyed, it will deals damage. and you can detonate it yourslef, ensures a kill in your grasp
    Enrage - its a very powerful ability. its health cost is nothing, you'll regain it with lifesteal anyways. the plus 3 health for each creep kill is easy with the bonus 65 whopping damage
    Cannibalism - yep, your ulti is very unique. it heals all allies around you, healing them. very great to use when barons or tanking 5 people.

  • Farming

    Farming with sion is easy:
    melee minions:
    activate death's caress (lvl 5) attack each minion two times, then detonates it. you will get all of the gold
    ranged minions:
    just do the same thing to melee minions, but instead attack them only one time, you'll surely get all of the gold

  • Summary

    So, the summary of playing sion is:
    spotted an easy prey => use shield => use stun => use ulti => attack attack => explode your shield => dead.
    and, when you're playing sion, you've to be smart. "will this guy die if I combo'ed him?" "do I have enough mana to use a combo?" "will I survive if I tanked the whole team?" "could I run after doing my kill?" "could I be any help to the team?"
    thats the main thing you need to know when playing sion.
    when you're playing sion, don't if its a noob sion, you're lucky, if not, then it's probably gg for the whole team :D

    well, that's all in my guide, thanks for reading!

    you could inform if you want things to be added in the guide, just comment on it and I'll work on it! :D

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