Vladimir Build Guide

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Vladimir's Absolute Fusion

written by Raidin

Vladimir Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Crimson Pact
    I find this particular passive innate ability to be the key to making Vladimir's core power of his tanking and casting capabilities. Who doesn't want to trade in health for more ability power via ability power for health! Great synergy for itself.

    Even though, I hear that most people say this skill is the main use of this champion, but in my opinion, I find it to be the least of my worries as it only barely negates the cost of your other skills. Although, I find this skill to have a great synergy with the other skills as it vamps everytime you cast it.

    Sanguine Pool
    Probably the least of your worries; although, there are many players out there that like to think of this as a initiate / escape mechanism but I usually find myself never able to escape for 2.5 seconds from champions like Yi, Olaf, or Zilean. Although, this skill is great for team fights as it can easily deal high DoT if stacked very high HP.

    Tides of Blood
    This is the skill that I find to mainly be used as it hits any enemy unit that's near you(However, the invisible scaling doesn't go far as everyone expects) For this skill You'd have to be close as Olaf's reckless swing range to be able to cast it onto an enemy.

    Hemoplague is probably a disappointment to a few, I do agree to in somewhat in a some consent as it deals SOME damage via you lose nearly a chunk of your life and what others forget is that the longer the enemy stays in that pool of blood, the bigger the damage they'll take. Usually champions would run away from the pool to avoid the great about of damage sustained although they'll still take the base damage of the skill. The only way this skill is able to take its full potential is having the enemy slowed or stunned (or cast into the bushes on where they're going)

  • Masteries + Runes

    == Runes ==

    == Marks ==
    [Item=Greater Mark of Insight] x 9

    == Seals ==
    [Item=Greater Seal of Vitality] x 9

    == Glyphs ==
    [Item=Greater Glyph of Celerity] x 9

    == Quintessence ==
    [Item=Greater Quintessence of Fortitude] x 3

    Magic Pen. (+8.55 Flat)
    HP per level @ Lvl 18 (+175 HP)
    Cooldown Reduction per level @ Lvl 18 (+8.1%)
    Flat Health (+97 HP)
    *This is probably the basic build for most and it's not that expensive as getting the full set of .65% CD runes for glyphs as I find the end game to be most useful for the leveling runes.

    -- Masteries --

    There are many ways to get vlad to be in his full potential and here are a few suggestions as everyone keeps using the same build and not find what else he could be used for:

    10/0/20: With Ignite in his specialty of burning and gaining 10 AP for 30 seconds, he's able to get a benefit of attaining an edge in a team fight even though its 10 AP, the 10 AP would give Vlad 20 more HP which could save him somewhat from burns or whatever for 30 seconds. Something to think about; although some may not agree with this build, but its saved a few of my games from dying on stupid ignites on Vlad.

    9/0/21: With no points into mana related skills, this is the basic build for Vladimir that only extends to versatile in tanking / casting capabilities where it also benefits Vladimir into escaping with his increased movement.

    9/21/0: With true tanking capabilities and gaining movement speed through nimble, Vladimir can extend his survivability by far with that additional 60 HP and reducing damage by 5%. The most efficient item build for this build though is none other than stacks of Mejai and Leviathan, unfortunately.

  • Items

    In every game, it's best to start off with Doran's Shield. No health potions with the fact that you start off with Transfusion anyways.

    The following in this order is what I normally do good with:
    1) Boots of Speed () 350G
    2) Giant's Belt (+17 AP) 1110G
    3) Ruby Crystal (+7 AP) 475G
    4) Mercury's Treads 850G OR Sorcerer's Shoes 750G (Go with Merc Treads if you're up against full casters at all times)
    5) Haunting Guise 907G (+1 AP)
    6) Blasting Wand 860G
    7) [Item=Rylai's Sceptar] 1135G
    8) Blasting Wand 860G
    9) [Item=Zhonya's Ring] 2600G OR [Item=Abyssal Sceptar] 1790G (I'd always mainly focus Zhonya's unless you're up against 3-4 Tanks because what you'd want is dealing most damage against tanks with your Sanguine Pool after casting Tides of Blood and Transfusion

    By the time you make this, it should be in end-game.

    Situational Items:
    Upgrade Boots of Speed into Boots of Mobility if you think you're not able to catch up to your teammates or saving turrets in time. I find Vlad sometimes to be slow after casting Sanguine Pool.

    Replace Haunting Guise with Mejai's Soulstealer if you think you're able to make easy kills.

    Replace [Item=Rylai's Sceptar] with Leviathan or Warmog's Armor if you think they're focusing on you too much because whats the point of having a slow effect if they're going to target you first? Yes, I know there's 80 AP and 500 HP on that sceptar but, I find Leviathan more susceptible because of the fact that if you get assists and kills and building it into 20 stacks along with 9/21/0 build, you'll be able to knock off 20% damage away from anything that hits you. Warmog's Armor I know people say this is probably the worst item to have for any tank, but you have to remember that the synergy for this item on Vlad can benefit him in many ways, as he'll get 1220 HP (+49 AP) and 92.5 Regen which makes Vlad less worries when he spams Tides of Blood and relies less on Transfusion to recover the cost. Transfusion should only be used to deal damage and survive in team fights rather than wasting away your HP for something that's done to you. In short words, Vladimir should hurt others more than he should hurt himself.

    Remove Step 9) and get Step 0) Rod of Ages If you're one of the few people that know how to manage into getting RoA before 20 minutes, then yeah, this is the item that you should get easily before anything else. The benefits of getting this early can win you the game easily. Unfortunately, I find it hard to get this build in properly because I have yet to get RoA before 20 minutes which you don't want it after 20 minutes because you won't be able to reap full benefits into it; even though you spent nearly 3k Gold for it. Best thing to get is the [Item=Catylyst Protector] and Boots of Speed then finish it off into [Item=Rods of Ages]. You'll have to lane nearly forever to make this much gold fast enough. WARNING: Do not try this build in real games on first time, you want to find your own way to find it in practice games; so try a few.

  • Skilling Order

    == Basic Order ==

    *This build excels in Transfusion and Tides of Blood where I get them first early because if you get Sanguine Pool, then it's a waste because you're actually taking 20% of your max HP to cast it which would lead you vulnerable as Transfusion isn't high enough to make up that lost 20% HP where it can recover Tides of Blood cost easily.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ghost and Ignite are the main functions to what a normal Vladimir would get.

    Revive - Benefit at all as far as I know.
    Cleanse - If you're planning on tanking, then practice on how to dodge projectiles with Sanguine Pool unless they fix Cleanse back where it can remove DoT spells such as Ignite
    [Spell=Rally] - Probably a cool CC if you're a full caster with 21/0/9 build. *Cast Rally and hover Sanguine Pool over it as your team demolishes their team with the buff of Rally. (Although I find it useless in any other situation)
    Exhaust - I've seen some bad to moderate Vladimirs who use Exhaust in means of chasing someone down, but the scaling on Exhaust is shorter than transfusion via Rylai can cure that. In other situations where they would use Exhaust to save themselves from getting melee'd down by champions such as Yi / Trist / Teemo / or Twitch. Again, there's Sanguine Pool with [Item=Rylai's Sceptar] where it'll slow them down dramatically and leave you an escape.
    [Spell=Fortify] - I'd play this for giggles with a full team of one but never for Vladimir as he should never hug turrets with his Transfusion.
    Heal - If you think you don't get healed enough, it's safe to say to replace this skill with Ignite and play as a tank. Really helpful in teamfights when you're low on HP and quick CD in a tight situation.
    Teleport - Nah, Vladimir should run around and Transfusion than teleport somewhere as he isn't the type to push turrets down. Laning shouldn't be a problem so teleport is not needed anywhere for Vladimir.
    Smite - Um, no. No synergy, no benefit (wait, gold! nuuuu) Jungling Vladimir is fail, sorry.
    Flash - In some ways, Flash can help or fail you sometimes as it can only get you an escape route easily but you can never chase anyone down compared to Ghost.
    Clairvoyance - Only get this if you're with a team that is really squishy. Prevents ganks easily.

  • Summary

    Vladimir is said to be a hybrid of a tank / caster. The only tanking capability that he has is his synergy of gaining life and benefiting more life would benefit his power. The more HP he has, the less deadly he'll become in team fights as Sanguine Pool isn't enough to finish anyone off and leaving you vulnerable with 20% HP loss.

    It's best to play him mostly defensively and harass the enemies in early game if there's ever a chance. Despite the fact that he has a huge amount of life in the beginning of his game, his defenses are extremely low than most champions until late game.

    To pull off a Vladimir Combo, you'll do the following:
    Tides of Blood
    and lead it into
    Sanguine Pool
    Tides of Blood
    Ignite if you have.

    @ Level 6: The regular damage with no AP is 500 damage with that combo.
    @ Level 11: The regular damage with no AP is 800 damage with that combo.
    @ Level 16: The regular damage with no AP is roughly 1300 damage with that combo.
    Tested in a Bot game with only a doran's shield.

    The only problem with Vladimir is that he has no stun ability and a CC skill that's easily seen a mile away and obviously to some to dodge it.

    If you're paired with teams that have massive CC / Stun abilities, this guy is the way to go in and initiate and easily setup a nuke.

  • Pros / Cons

    == + ==
    1) Massive HP
    2) Self-Healing Ability
    3) Fast Cooldown and High damage output if enemy stays in the area too long
    4) Able to kite enemies with Transfusion
    == - ==
    1) Low defense
    2) Slow-Mediocre movement speed
    3) Fails in 1v1 melee fights

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