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Support Morgana : General

written by Ness

Morgana Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Soul Siphon
    It's an okay Passive. Used mainly after a team fight to spellvamp some HP back on a large number of minions. It grows in increments of 10%. So you start at 5% and by end-game you are getting 45% spellvamp. Again, it's okay. Not entirely useful, but by end-game it will be a little bit of HP instead of having to go back to your spawn pool.

    Dark Binding
    Great great initiator. Dark Binding fires a projectile that upon making contact with an enemy unit, snares it for 1-3 seconds. Allowing you and your team the kill. It also does damage over time while the unit is snared. This skill on a support Morgana is almost as important as your Black Shield.

    Tormented Soil
    This is your farming ability. Also a combination ability which I will explain below. But this spell drops a cancerous-like spot on the ground, damaging enemies who stand ON it for 5 seconds. Use this in combination to your passive to get a good amount of health back.

    Black Shield
    This is your #1 ability as a support Morgana. This spell is a tide-changer. By that I mean it will prevent many deaths, both to yourself AND to your Carry. It blocks ABILITIES. It however does not block on-hit effects or proximity items such as Sunfire Cape. With 40% cooldown this spell has a 9 second cooldown. The shield lasts 8 seconds or until it takes too much damage (about 300 depending on AP) and pops. That means you can have this spell up almost all the time (and you should)

    Soul Shackles
    Pretty good ult. It creates a link between you and your target(s). It deals 450 damage at lvl 3 and if you can keep the line in-tact between you and your targets for 4 seconds you hit them for the same damage AGAIN and you stun them for 3 seconds as well. It's great in a team battle, amidst the chaos and confusion where your enemies don't even know you've got them. This gives your team the chance it needs to kill as many of the enemy team members as possible.

  • Bread and Butter

    Yes they go good together, but I prefer Strawberry Preserves; anywho I digress.

    So your bread and butter is Dark Binding and Tormented Soil. Typically I like to cast them both at the same time, so that I just barely catch my opponent with the tormented Soil RIGHT before my Dark Binding snares. Of course this doesn't always work out as you will sometimes miss your dark binding. It happens, so you practice it. Practice, practice, practice. A well-placed dark binding can change the entire outcome of a game. Why is this your bread and butter? Because as a support Morgana, you will not be a killer.

  • Pros / Cons

    These Pros/Cons are based on a support Morgana Build

    Excellent gank setup abilities
    Great in a team fight
    Disabler ++
    Good DoT's that do a hefty amount of damage even with minimal AP
    Black Shield ('nuff said)
    She has to be the hottest female Champion

    Low Kills (But can this really be a con?)
    High Assists (Can this also really be a con?)
    Squishy (even though her HP does scale quite nicely)
    Expensive to build a good support Morgana

  • Introduction

    Welcome! Thank you for reading my guide on how to play a Support Morgana.You've taken on a humble role by playing as a support Morgana. Yes, she can be built as a killer, and it works out fine, but I find the most successful games, and most rewarding experience is being and assistant. Getting over 20 assists in a 25 minute game feels incredible. Getting aa few lucky kills is always nice as well, but as support Morgana do not go into a match with the intent to kill. You must have the mindset that you will be setting up and ensuring ganks. You have to do some damage to your enemy/enemies and do your best to aid your team in your battle. This guide is not meant to preach about how you should play Morgana; I am writing this to suggest to you how a support Morgana could be played and in all honesty I hope you don't follow this guide step-by-step. This is meant to inspire you to create your own support Morgana. These days you see people playing support characters left and right because they are so good, but people have no clue how to do it properly. I'm here so that you don't look like a scrub, running around with full AP Morgana trying to get kills and getting swatted. It looks bad and will probably frustrate you into giving up this amazing champion.

    If you read on with the mindset that you will be reading on how to get an insane amount of kills with Morgana, then this is not the guide for you. This is for the people who enjoy augmenting their team and creating a situation where a gank becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I follow a standard 9/0/21 Mastery setup.
    Note that I have it setup a little differently than you would normally think about setting it up

    For runes I get :
    Greater Mark of Insight
    Greater Seal of Vitality
    Greater Glyph of Focus
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    Again, standard caster setup.

  • Skilling Order

    Note that I focus on getting Tormented Soil to level 3 before I get my ult. This is so that I can farm (level 3 is enough to 1 hit the minions {and by 1 hit I mean the full 5 seconds will kill them}) I then focus on maxing out Black Shield, then Dark Binding, then Tormented soil, getting Ult whenever I can.

  • Summoner Abilities

    After many games I've narrowed down my top picks to 3

    Clairvoyance - Always have this. Knowledge is power, yes? Well knowing where your enemies are can mean the difference between dead and victorious. Knowing who is where will allow you to setup a gank or to prevent a gank.Get the mastery for this if you get this spell. 10 seconds of overseeing, AND a 45 second cooldown is amazing. That means you can see where people are very often which can lead to many assists/kills/prevented ganks.

    Here is where I have some debate amongst myselves.

    Clarity - When the spells start flying, you run out of mana...FAST. Having no mana makes you useless. Having full mana means you aren't doing your job, so how do you counter both of these? You have Clarity to add some mana to your mana pool for the big fight. I can't tell you how many times I've been chased with some teammates with the enemy thinking I had no mana. Well surprise for them that my Clarity had JUST finished cooldown. Pop that, launch your bread and butter
    and let your team do the hard work.

    Teleport - Not that Morgana is fat (because we all know that the Season 1 cinematic made her look mad hot) but seriously, running in a dress that long is very difficult. With a speed of 300 she is among the slowest of the slow. Being able to get p[laces with the ease of teleport could be the difference between "An enemy has destroyed a turret" or "yay guys we saved the turret!". You'll notice that my maasteries are not setup for teleport, if you decide to take teleport then get the mastery for it, It will prove invaluable.

    Honestly, I can't think of and have never had a use for any of the other summoner spells.

  • Items

    Rule of thumb for ANY support Champion. You will never have a set-in-stone item build. You will have to always survey the battlefield and assess both your own team and the enemy team. Figuring out what items would work best and what items you should go for first. For me I try to ensure my own survivability in a team fight so that I can support my teammates during the fight.

    I start with a Sapphire Crystal, HP Potion, MP Potion.
    This allows me to throw more spells and have the potions for regen when needed.

    I get that Sapphire Crystal to Banshee's Veil as soon as possible.
    It allows you a very nice amount of HP. Mana. AND it blocks one ability every 30 seconds, along with your black shield, you're set.

    Next is your choice of shoes.

    Boots of Swiftness / Boots of Mobility
    I myself go for the swiftness because I enjoy having a constant +90 movement speed. There are some who will argue that Mobility work fine for any situation. It all comes down to what you are comfortable with. Yes mobility is good for fleeing because your shield lasts 8 seconds, and it takes 5 seconds for boots of Mobility to get you moving again.

    Glacial Shroud is usually my next concern. It offers cooldown, Mana and a good amount of armor. We are not going to evolve this into a Frozen Heart, waste of money and a support build is already very expensive.

    From here on it really depends on yours and enemy teams composition. For this guide we are assuming you have 2~3 casters including yourself and 2~3 melee characters.

    Usually by this time it's at about 25minutes and the enemy team is on the verge of losing or is in the process of surrendering. Should the game continue I will build :

    Soul Shroud
    Good Aura item. It also offers more HP, CDR and mana regen which is nice for the team.

    Another general item to have is a Rylais Crystal Scepter. It gives you HP AP AND it slows upon damaging an enemy with your spells. Amazing amazing effect. The ability to slow your enemy team just by dropping a cancer spot on the ground is a table-turner.

    Okay so by that point the game will more than likely be over.

    Now I will go into detail about some items that are a little more specialized, based on team compositions.

    If you and the enemy team have a lot of casters, I suggest getting an Abyssal Scepter. It offers Mdef to you, AP and it reduces enemy Mdef. Overall good item.

    If your team has a lot of casters but the enemy team does not. I would suggest compounding the effects of the Abyssal Scepter with a Will of the Ancients. It is a nice aura item for casters offering AP and CDR.

    If your team is Melee concentrated, might I suggest getting a Stark's Fervor. Having that life steal and added attack speed can prove to be very effective in a team fight.

    Another viable melee focused option is the Aegis of Legion. Very good Aura item.

    Please do remember that these items are in a very general scenario with a near even mix of melee/magic.

    There are of course other ways of building a support Morgana through only Aura items. Mine happens to focus on aiding my team as much as I can. Augmenting the fight, rather than the teammates themselves. The only augmenting I do is with my Black Shield, and as a support Morgana that should also be your first priority.

  • Working in the team

    Your role in the team is very very important. Getting assists may seem like a lowly job. But you really make a huge difference in the outcome of every team battle you are involved in. By snaring, Tormented Soul'ing enemies you are damaging and thus making it easier for your team to get a kill. Your Black Shield is invaluable as it prevents your Carry or Tank from being taken down so easily. This is why people despise Morgana. Your ultimate will slow AND stun enemies. Focus primarily on weakening the enemy squishies and trying to Soul Shackle as many people as you can, giving your team the best chances to get 1 or 2 kills out of it.

    Should you be at risk of dieing and your abilities are all cooled down, I like to shield myself, snare, soil, and then throw a soul shackle as I flee towards my base. I don't try to basic attack anyone to death because I know that my attack speed is too slow to do anything considerable. But I know that I can disable and possibly frighten enemies away.

    And finally, do not be in the mindset of getting kills. This build is for those who work with the team, and do not plan on getting many kills. You want to get as few deaths as possible. and as many assists as you can because your item build will always be very expensive.

    Good luck and have fun as Morgana, the support Queen.

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