Master Yi Build Guide

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"An enemy has been slain" x5

written by JonKOedYou

Master Yi Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Double Strike
    Early game get it ready, hide in the bushes, wuju, alpha, and kill. I love it.

    Alpha Strike
    Used early on to harass champions, and later on to help chase. Later on the damage really decreases from alpha strike, so you should generally keep it on cool down until someone gets away. Also really epic to dodge attacks if timed properly.

    Not a big fan of meditate, although it's really helpful to counter Karthus' ult, due to the magic resist bonus, but that's about it. It also helps push when you tank the turrets' hits, though, which is useful.

    Wuju Style
    Free AD is always helpful. Max it out first.

    Highlander. The most fitting ult for a char such as master yi. There are really endless possibilities. You can backdoor with my guide, you can ram down the whole enemy team, anything.

  • Updates

    -Gave more explanations for things that... weren't quite explained? Sure.
    -Changed masteries page a little bit.
    -Added a 'Thank you' box. If you're in there, that's my way of saying 'thank you!' (Duh).
    -Sorry for ignoring the updates.
    -Added an actual gameplay section, it is quite beautiful.
    -Nothing notable.
    -Got rid of the ugly old build.

  • Introduction

    I'm completely redoing this guide. Master yi is very very good early game, and i will tell you why. Double strike. It's been explained already, however.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries -
    I like rocking the defensive tree, because it really does help.

    As for runes, there are a couple of options.
    Marks - Greater Mark of Desolation
    Seals - Greater Seal of Evasion
    Glyphs - Greater Glyph of Clarity
    Quints - Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    You can also go -
    Greater Mark of Alacrity
    Greater Seal of Vitality
    Greater Glyph of Knowledge
    Greater Glyph of Shielding / Greater Glyph of Warding
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation

    I recommend the first group, though.

  • Items

    I'm gonna say this right now, item's are situational. Case closed.

    Doran's Shield
    Boots of Speed
    Youmuu's Ghostblade

    You should always move Youmuu's to your first slot for easy access, it gives very good synergy with Highlander.

    For the builds, i will name Five items. Two of them will be the upgraded versions of phage and the boots, one of them will fill the slot from the doran's shield you will eventually sell, and two of them will be.. just two more items.

    Build #1 (Anti caster);
    Mercury's Treads
    Frozen Mallet
    Phantom Dancer
    Infinity Edge
    The Black Cleaver OR The Bloodthirster

    Build #2 (Anti DPS);
    Ninja Tabi
    Phantom Dancer
    Infinity Edge
    Frozen Mallet
    The Black Cleaver OR The Bloodthirster

    I understand that they look very related, but the early phantom dancers in set two, along with the ninja tabi's will give you more dodge, and also more DPS, so that would easily help you earlier than the frozen mallet.

  • Skilling Order

    1- Alpha Strike (harass, and maybe chase someone into first blood)
    2- Wuju Style (Damage)
    3- Wuju Style
    4- Alpha Strike
    5- Wuju Style
    6- Highlander
    7- Wuju Style
    8- Alpha Strike
    9- Wuju Style
    10- Alpha Strike
    11- Alpha Strike
    12-18 max out Meditate / Highlander. Pretty easy at this point.

    ^Can someone help me here? I'm kind of stupid when it comes to this kind of stuff. Thanks!

  • Summoner Abilities

    Exhaust and Ignite. Master Yi already has a bunch of escape abilities, but that's not quite the reason why I use these two. You will usually be jumping into fights AFTER it's initiated. You can usually tell when they have their stuns on cool down, and even if you do get stunned, you have your Mercury Treads. Eat the stun up, run away, and run back in when it's safe if the teamfight is still going on. If your team is completely destroying the other team, go ahead and sweep them. And of course if you're losing it, run.

  • Gameplay

    For me, there are three phases to a game, and I'm going to describe how to play them all. The three are the Laning phase, the ganking phase, and the post-ganking phase.

    This is the phase where all (or almost all) turrets are intact, and there are people seperately laning. In my opinion, Master Yi truly shines in a dual lane against someone who can stun or has a significant slow. My friend plays AD Sion, and I have no problems getting a couple of kills in the laning phase. Anyway, your main goal is really to just get kills if you can. Last hit until you get your Double Strike ready. You should already have your Alpha Strike. When you level up, grab Wuju Style, and if you have good CC'er with you in your lane, you can wait in the enemy's bushes and outzone them. Or when their minions push past their turret, you can switch back to yours. After you and your teammate are ready to bust everything on the enemy, ping the one you want. When you have double strike, you can take down almost any opposing laner, however targetting squishies will probably give you the most profit. However, there are certain exceptions. If you're laning against.. let's say.. Amumu and Kennen. Amumu has clarity and teleport, and Kennen has Ghost and Flash. Even though Amumu is the tank, Kennen has three ways to escape, with Lightning Rush, Ghost and Flash. Amumu has no escape mechanism, and will be fairly squishy this early. As i said earlier in this guide, wait for the CC, activate Wuju Style, Jump with alpha, auto attack him, exhaust, ignite, ???, Profit.

    Gank Phase
    This is when you'll probably be losing minion kills, so getting as high of a CS (creep score) in the first phase would be nice. This is the phase where most tier 1 turrets are down, and people are mainly just roaming, maybe a team fight here and there in the river, but mostly just people roaming and jungling. This is the most subtle of the three phases, as no one realizes that the first phase is over. Anyway, in this phase, if you want to push your minions past river, I'd recommend buying a sight ward or two, and place them in the river deep enough to see baron or dragon (whichever side you're on), the golem entrance, and the entrance towards the other side of the jungle. As master yi, you can easily destroy golem and lizard in this phase, with your Q and stuff.

    If you're gonna grab the buffs, make sure you know that you won't get ganked. Watch the lanes and make sure 4/5 of the enemies are in the lanes. Start at golem, and start with Alpha Strike. Then follow up with highlander, Wuju, and Youmuu's Ghostblade proc, while still using your Q whenever possible. It should die fairly quickly. You can then kill wolves / wraiths / minis if you'd like, but i like having both buffs as long as possible, and killing those other jungling creeps will waste your golem buff. So i'd say to skip to lizard and use whatever's up to kill him as well. After you get those two, you'll probably be one of the better gankers, if not the best. Go get a double kill in one of the lanes, defend your turret that's getting pushed, or go push a lane to get a turret that's almost dead.

    Team Fight Phase (Thanks Sophistus)

    This is basically the rest of the game, when pushing a lane by yourself is suicide (Unless you're teemo). Most of the team fights will be breaking out here. In a team fight, make sure you're not the first one in, and not even the second one in. Let all your teammates use their CC's, and let the enemy use theirs. After everyone is cc'ed up target the squishy. You'll probably mop up everything in a matter of seconds, as your damage output will be close to (if not) the highest in the current game. Alpha Strike in, following up with Highlander, Wuju Style, and Youmuu's. You DON'T want to save them for last hitting champions, as there's a higher team fight failure rate if you choose to just watch the whole time. Use all of your possible spells, and just rape. You should be able to spam your spells with Highlander's secondary ability, even though your Youmuu's Ghostblade will be on cooldown. It doesn't matter though, Youmuu's is only for luxury, because it boosts your DPS to a level where it almost becomes a second Highlander. You'll be getting most of the kills at this time.


    Laning Phase
    Refer to the previous sections.

    Ganking Phase
    Buff up with Blue / Red and rape.

    Post-Ganking Phase
    Target Squishies and mop everything up with all of your skills.

  • Summary

    This whole guide will net you a lot of kills. You'll get out of sticky situations most of the time, due to your Highlander and merc's treads combo. Also, when you turn highlander, wuju style, AND your youmuu's, you can get an easy penta kill. You'll notice you're shredding peoples' hp down to half per crit. And your Attack speed will be no joke with highlander and youmuu's, either.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros -
    Very high damage output
    Enough hp to be durable
    Able to backdoor if needed

    Con(s) -
    Lack of armor / MR

    Edit: got rid of the "no CC" part. Silly mistake.

  • Creep Jungling

    Jungling is a really iffy kind of thing. Do you really need to? Is jungling gonna get one of your teammates killed? Does your teammate need the buff more? Do you need a quick 100 gold? Those are all factors in determining if jungling is worth the time.

  • Working in the team

    You will never, ever, ever, EVER initiate a team battle. I don't care how fed you are, initiating will get you dead. Stay behind, once someone takes some hits, you'll be fine. Typically if there's a taunter, like Shen or Rammus, things'll come easier.

  • Farming

    You'll be killing the baddies like your farming minions. But minions are important, too. Make sure that whenever you see a bunch of minions and you're NOT about to be in a team fight, you go pick them off.

  • Comments

    Please guys, comment. Comment if you liked it, comment if you think it was horrible, anything.

  • Thank You Box

    1. Sophistus for giving me the 'right' name for the team fight phase.

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