Warwick Build Guide

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Warwick the king of Jungle and ganks.

written by k1nG

Warwick Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello Im k1nG, I play LOL in EU server. I was playing dota for 4 years this is my 1st quide in leaguecraft.com but I hace some in EU forums.

    Lets see now about warwick.

    A very usefull hero in team, you cant imagine how helpfull can he be..

    1. He can jungle, so we have 2 lanes solo that means more xp and faster lvl up for our team.
    2. His ulti is a stun that is doing dmg and its perfect for ganks.
    3. He kills all neautral creeps so the enemy team dont take any gold from them.
    4. He solo baron early for money and fast push.
    5. He does a lot of dps and he can tank also with his life lich abilities.
    6. He can down buildings really fast.
    7. He is fast and he can catch up with any low health enemy close him.

  • Abilities

    Eternal Thirst
    Each of Warwick's attacks will heal him for 5/10/15 health. Each successive attack against the same target will restore increasing amounts of health to Warwick.

    Hungering Strike
    Strikes an enemy for the greater value between 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+0 ability power) and 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20% of the target's maximum health (can only do flat damage to monsters), and heals Warwick for 100% of the damage dealt.

    Hunters Call
    Warwick lets out a howl that inspires all allied champions. This increases Warwick's attack speed by 50% and all friendly champions' attack speed by 25% for 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 18 seconds.

    Blood Scent
    Warwick senses enemy champions under 50% life within 1,500 / 2,300 / 3,100 / 3,900 / 4,700 distance of him; Upon sensing an enemy at low life he will gain 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% Movement Speed.

    Infinite Duress
    Warwick lunges at an enemy Champion, stunning them for 2 seconds. While they are stunned, Warwick quickly strikes the target 6 times for 33% of his attack damage plus 30 / 50 / 70.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries 21 - 6 - 3 and runes: ''all + critical chance %'' Thats the best way for starting jungling cause with criticals you can farm faster and you save your health from faster kills. ) - ( masteries: Defence-3 armor-3 magic resist / Utility-3 hp-mana rege /offence-1 smite, 1 rally, 4 att speed, 3 critical, 4 reduced cds, 3 physical dmg, 3 crit dmg, 1 +5% dmg, 1 magic penetr )

  • Skilling Order

    Q-W-Q-E-Q-R___Q-W-Q-W-R____W-W-E-E-R___E-E ( I lvl up q first because with my ulti combines well for finishing move and also had saved me a lot of times with heal cause it has a small cd. )

  • Items

    Madred's razor > Berseker's Greaves > Malady > Phanotm dancer > 2nd Madred's razor > Madred's Bloodrazor > The Black Cleaver ( you need madred's razor and attack speed to proc its ability to be able to solo baron )

  • Summoner Abilities

    Smite - Rally ( Rally helps better to kill baron, it gives 30% dmg = more lifelich and it boost your ulti's dmg / smite is must for jungle at start and for killing baron later, also good vs promoted units)

  • Creep Jungling

    You buy a cloth armor and 3 healing potions. You farm mana golem for mana rege and all neautral creeps in your territory, You are now lvl 5 and you have 700g to buy madred's razor, now you can kill the small dragon. You farm a little more and you are lvl 6. Now you check the map to find low health champions. You go inside the woods to not get spotted and you ulti on him. You have your 1st kill. You continue farming in jungle or you push with your team the tower if it is possible. When your ulti is ready again you do the same. Remember to promt your team for the gank, remember also to have the buffs on you always on and to kill the small dragon when its spawn. When you jungle in the enemy territory check the map for misses maybe they try to gank you. Be double more carefull if they have claivoyance spell.

  • Build Example

    Now lets see the build:
    Warwick with attack speed uses his passive more + the malady 15% life lich it makes you impossible to die unless they stun you. Criticals and the dmg from them,, heals you also with malady or any life lich items. So my build is depends 1st on attack speed, life lich and later damage. Why is that ? Is cheaper and much better, check it on your own.

    1. Cloth armor + 3 hp potions - 405
    2. Madred's razor - 700
    3. Berseker's greaves - 925
    4. Malady - 1890

    When you have malady and the buffs from jungle you can fight easy 1 vs 1 maybe 1 vs 2 depends on heros. But its better to attack from behind with ulti and gank them with your team help. Remember the best way is to hide in the woods so they dont know where you are and hang their tower.. Like this you slow them alot and they dont get any money from farming.

  • Working in the team

    Until lvl 6 you just farm in the jungle.
    After this his main idea is to kill all neautral untis on the map, to help nuke a tower if it possible and to gank when you ulti is available the enemy team. You need to check the map all time and gank any low health hero without use your ulti if possible to save it for another gank.

    Now you need to defend also if your team cant and you help them to push up the map, remember you can tank also but aware the stun abilities.

  • Farming

    Try last hit with your Q ability to earn fast money and at lvl 14 with the right equip go kill the baron. Maybe you ask for another teammate to help to kill it earlier. Remember that the trick is to gain more money and xp from them, so they cant counter your team. But you need to play with strategy so you wont feed them cause they can catch fast with you after.

  • Ending the quide

    I hope you like my guide and I hope it will helps you.
    As you can see I give informations about how to move, think, gank, farm, play with warwick on the map cause I believe that, the way you move and think ingame its more importand than items.

    The main idea of a strategy game is to use your oppoments wrong moves to win him.
    So play smart, dont hunt/chase them, wait them under your tower, use your tower, play defencive and turn it aggressive when they give you the opportunity for kill them. Look the map, read their moves, save your team or help them to gank, push towers when possible ( Remember that you fighting against towers in this game ''main idea'').

    Cya all, I will write guides for ashe, tryndamere, tristana, teemo next days.

    Best Regards
    Spyros --> k1nG
    Greece --> Athens
    EU server

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