Kayle Build Guide

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Kayle, the saver of asses

written by I am the Walrus

Kayle Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Kayle can be played several different ways, however since the most recent patch, she only excels as an ap/hybrid/support character. Building her as a tank is simply foolish now, and building straight damage with no ap or cooldown reduction is inefficient. Kayle has changed, and has significantly improved damage output, but in essence she is still the same character.

    Kayle's main purpose is save people's asses, and this is the best way to do it.

    Update 6/13/10: Changed guide to reflect latest patch

    Update 6/23/10: tweaked build and a few other sections

    Update 7/8/10: updated and added alternate skilling order

    Update 8/15/10: updated skilling order and relating sections

    Update 9/2/10: changed item build a bit and changed a few sections (also, thanks for making me the highest rated Kayle guide on leaguecraft, I'll keep trying to do my best)

    Update 9/26/10: Updated manamune section

    update 10/25/10: updated items section to reflect patch

    Update 11/4/10: updated a few sections

    Update 12/15/10: Updated to reflect patch

    Update 1/08/11: Updated to reflect new patch items

    Update 4/17/11: Updated to reflect the current state of the game

    Update 6/30/11: Minor update for build, and runes

    Update 7/26/11: Temp update for major rework

    Update 9/19/11

    Update 12/11/11: Update to reflect masteries/summoner and build changes.

  • Big Update 12/11/11

    I've decided to finally start playing her again every once in a while, as it seems like Riot is going to leave her as-is for the time being.

    I still hate her new passive as it's borderline useless (instead of having 80 armor you have 68 armor, you now take 40% reduced dmg instead of 44%, SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE ZOMG).

    From What I've seen the best thing to do is an on hit teemo/kogmaw-esque build involving wriggles, wits end, and other attack speed items. I'm still not a fan of Malady on her but if you really wanna buy it go for it.

    For masteries anywhere form 21-29 in the offense tree is ideal atm, with the extra points going into the defense or utility trees depending on the lane matchup. She's a really mediocre support and an ok solo laner and a halfway decent jungler atm, so go wherever suits you best.

    For summoner spells Flash, Heal, Cleanse, and Ignite are my favorites atm. I've seen some people take surge but I'm not really a fan as I simply prefer ignite, so try it out and see if you like it.

    Fair warning, I probably will miss a few things in this update, so let me know if anything seem really off or strange.

  • Abilities

    Holy Fervor
    This is a...interesting (BAD) passive. This indirectly buffs Righteous Fury and makes her a viable hybrid character.

    The Shred is REALLY pathetic even at max stacks (If you do the math and you're really only taking away like ~5% damage reduction at max stacks depending on the numbers), but it's technically a single target de-buff that increases your whole team's damage on a target by 5% or so, so it isn't 100% useless.

    This move is great for harassment, chasing, and even last hitting at later levels. The damage is negligible for the first few ranks, but with items and enough levels it really starts to hurt later on. The 10% bonus damage only lasts for a 4 seconds, but it's still a great skill in its current incarnation.

    Divine Blessing
    This spell is a sub-par heal and a substantial speed buff once maxed. With just a 15 second cooldown, this is actually a pretty decent spell. The increased movement speed at max ranks is great for helping your team catch a running enemy or to help a teammate run. This combined with ghost makes you nearly uncatchable, if you're the kind of person who likes to make people waste a half hour chasing them. This move is a solid support skill, and an ok ass-saver.

    Righteous Fury
    This has become Kayle's main damage output. Kayle's passive and her boosted natural attack speed have turned Kayle into a serious dps threat. Grab this skill first, but this move only deserves to be leveled last, as I'll explain in the skilling order section.

    This is what separates Kayle from all other characters. At end game this pure invincibility with a huge casting range for any teammate for 50 mana that can be cast every minute with cooldown reduction. Sounds useful? It is. When used properly it can single-handedly turn the tide of a team fight and cause teammates to love and praise you. When used poorly it can cause teammates to question your sexual orientation and your parents marital status. This ability can allow your carry to obliterate the other team in a matter of seconds. Baiting the other team with this ability requires careful timing, which will be discussed later. Ideally though, you want to use this spell right as their ap carries are about to unload their burst to negate all their damage.

    edit* The drop from 3 seconds to 5 only means that you have to be more precise with your timing, but on the bright side it is also possible to get a 36 second cooldown on this move at rank 3 with full cooldown reduction.

  • Pros / Cons

    -You can make yourself invincible
    -You can make anyone else invincible
    -Good damage output
    -Perfect character for babysitting friends that are new to the game or just plain suck.
    - Divine Blessing's heal and speed boost can save your allies at a great range early game.
    -at early levels Flash + Reckoning + Ignite + Righteous Fury can result in a surprising amount of burst damage that will kill most low health champions
    -Very, very easy to tower dive with past level 6
    -High movement speed plus all of your spells allows you to catch pretty much any fleeing enemy or flee from any enemy
    -Everyone will thank you for saving their ass, and if you're really good, you'll end up with a friend request or two at the end of every game that you can accept or deny at your whim.
    -If you have a god complex, you may decide who lives and dies on your team.

    -mana problems early game
    -garbage passive in 99% useless
    -Needs a good team to excel
    -Copious amounts of stuns, slows, and silences can destroy you very quickly
    -low base health
    -somewhat item dependent

  • Summoner Abilities

    :::::Pick One of These:::::
    - Flash: great for tower diving and helping you to land a final Reckoning, as well as escaping and saving your own ass. My personal favorite for Kayle.
    - Ghost: inferior to flash in most situations, but this combined with Divine Blessing will help you catch/get the hell away from anyone. If you want to play it safe you can use ghost as a back-up escape mechanism if you're uncomfortable with ignite/exhaust

    :::::Good Ideas:::::
    - Ignite: This spell gives a lot of free damage and combats the healing that many strong laners have Combining this with Flash and Reckoning can result in a kill on a low health champion early game.
    - Exhaust: combined with Reckoning this can result in an easy first blood and can help you save asses, but its effectiveness deteriorates compared to cleanse/heal when facing multiple enemies end game. Your team should have at least one of these however, and an exhaust is never a poor choice to bring to the table.
    - Cleanse: the one thing that can stop you from escaping while invincible is crowd control, and this nullifies that. Take it with Flash or Ghost and you'll escape from pretty much anything, ass intact.
    - Heal: Kayle's heal is pretty weak, so this spell can give you a strong lane advantage when timed properly and give you a stronger teamfight presence late game.
    - Clairvoyance: if you're playing support consider this and heal, otherwise ignore it.

    :::::Viable, but generally Bad Ideas:::::
    - Teleport: while getting back to your lane fast is important, Kayle's fast movement speed makes this spell less necessary than it is for other characters. Viable, but not the best choice. If you are the solo top then this spell has merit, but it really loses utility late game, and Kayle definitely isn't the best teleport-ganker or split pusher in the game.
    - Smite: Jungle Kayle can work with her e doing aoe and her q slow and w speed boost+ranged red buff for ganks, but its nothing special. Try it if you want with standard jungle runes with attack speed marks.
    - Surge: This spell is a whopping pile of "meh" for me. Sure the attack speed and ap are nice but in a 1v1 ignite is always better, the only time this spell is really useful is endgame, and you should have won by then as Kayle anyway or you're in trouble.

    :::::Just Bad Ideas:::::
    - Clarity: Kayle can and will encounter mana problems around levels 4-11, but taking Teleport over this is much more beneficial, unless your laning partner is also mana starved. Will allow for more harass but loses use after the laning phase and is generally conceived as a waste of a summoner.
    - Promote: This spell is nothing beyond a joke, don't bother.

    :::::You ride the short bus:::::
    - Revive: never take this unless you want everyone to laugh at you.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Anywhere from 21-29 in offense making sure to get all the magic talents and whatever physical ones (besides the crit since you most likely wont be buying any crit) you want, with an emphasis on the penetration talents. The other points go in the defense tree if you're up against a strong laner and have heal/cleanse or the utility tree if you want more mana to farm and harass harder, up to you.

    If you want to play support 9-0-21 or 0-9-21 can work decently, but you pretty much need to take heal as one of your spells if you don't want to horribly lose the lane against competent sustain-based opponents.

    It all depends on what you have. I don't recommend buying runes specifically for Kayle unless you want to play her full time, but in general AP/level (blues), attack speed (red/quint), mana regen/level (yellow), flat AP or AD (quints), or cooldown (blue) tend to work nicely with this build. Extra health/survivability never hurts either if you want to use health/level or dodge (yellow), or magic resist/level (blue).

  • Skilling Order

    *edit. After playing for a while, righteous fury first is almost always the way to go

    1. Righteous Fury
    2. Divine Blessing
    3. Reckoning
    4. Divine Blessing
    5. Reckoning/ Divine Blessing
    6. Intervention
    7. Reckoning/ Divine Blessing
    8. Reckoning/ Divine Blessing
    9. Reckoning/ Divine Blessing
    10. Reckoning/ Divine Blessing
    11. Intervention
    12. Reckoning/ Divine Blessing
    13. Reckoning/ Divine Blessing
    14. Righteous Fury
    15. Righteous Fury
    16. Intervention
    17. Righteous Fury
    18. Righteous Fury

    As you can see the priority is Intervention > Reckoning or Divine Blessing > Righteous Fury.

    Level divine blessing if you need more healing, level reckoning if you want to be more offensive, it all depends on the lane you are in.

    ***The reasoning behind leveling reckoning over righteous fury is simple math. Each level of reckoning adds 50 damage, while each level of righteous fury only adds 10 damage. This means you need to auto attack at least 5 times to equal the damage difference, which isn't going to happen at early levels. Since both sources of damage are magical, they are both equally affected by magic resist. The splash is hardly noticeable or necessary until late game as well. Another main reason to prioritize reckoning is that you can avoid taking minion damage when harassing with it, which is more efficient. **This math might be slightly outdated but the concept is the same regardless

    Leveling Divine blessing afterwords is equally important. 40 more heath restored and faster movement are much more important than 10 extra damage. Righteous fury gains damage from your passive(lol) and items, not so much from leveling it.

    Obviously, level your ult whenever possible to increase the duration and drop the mana cost.

    In certain Solo lanes maxing righteous fury first might be more beneficial if they're pushing hard and your enemy is weaker to dps as opposed to burst (someone like Morgana for example), so use your brain and think about your skilling order every game.

    TLDR: grab righteous fury as early as you want, but putting more than one point in righteous fury is usually a waste until late game. Other moves scale better, but different situations require different skilling orders

  • Quick Item Guide

    Since my guide can be a bit wordy, I figured I'd list the core build for people who don't want to read.

    Basic Build:
    Doran's Ring x 1 or 2 (Optional)
    Mercury's Treads/ Ionian Boots of Lucidity/ Berserker's Greaves
    Wriggle's Lantern
    Wit's End
    Hextech Gunblade
    Nashor's Tooth/[item=Madrid's Bloodrazor]
    -Situational item-

    Substitute survivability items:
    Guardian Angel
    Banshee's Veil
    Aegis of the Legion

    Elixir of Fortitude
    Elixir of Brilliance
    [item=Elixir of Agility]

    Basic Support Build:
    Philosopher's Stone
    [item=Heart of Gold]
    Ionian Boots of Lucidity
    Wit's End

    and then upgrade your gold/10's and buy whatever you need from there.

  • In-depth Item Guide

    ::::::::::::::::::::Initial items::::::::::::::::::::
    Your initial goal is to grab your level 2 boots and your Rageblade. Build the pieces of each at the same time unless you need to rush your boots, i.e. get boots of speed, grab a blasting wand or pick axe, then upgrade to level 2 boots.

    -A Doran's Ring: Start with this every game, and grab a second if you want, this is an excellent item for Kayle.

    - Wriggle's Lantern: Damage, armor, lifesteal, and free wards means you can lane against pretty much anyone.

    For boots:
    - Mercury's Treads:if they have a boat load of stuns, snares, and other crowd control, and you don't have Cleanse, grab these. A stunned Kayle can't cast Intervention, which is very, very bad. You're going to want to buy these pretty much every game.

    - Ninja Tabi:if they have a team of pure physical dps, grabbing these can help.

    - Ionian Boots of Lucidity:if you feel confident in your defenses, the cooldown from these cheap boots can actually help. Merc Treads are generally more useful, but these boots have their place, especially if you aren't including a Nashor's in your build. Make sure you don't break the 40% CDR cap if you buy these.

    - Berserker's Greaves: As much as I like to hate on these boots, than can be extremely beneficial early game. Late game they become relatively useless and should be substituted for Mercury Treads, but they can be a valuable asset early-mid game if you play your cards right. Use discretion.

    *Bad boot Ideas:
    -things like Boots of Swiftness and Boots of Mobility can help, but with your base 310 movement speed and your easily-spammed Divine Blessing speed buff, movement tier 2 boots are all you need.

    Boots of Swiftness are generally for characters with poor base movement, which you do not have.
    Boots of Mobility are generally for assassin characters or in-and-out characters, not auto-attackers

    - Sorcerer's Shoes don't really help Kayle as much as other boot choices, unless the other team is really stacking magic resist and lack strong stuns or crowd control on their side. If the other team poses no threat to you whatsoever, then grab these boots for stronger spells or just for the lols.

    It comes down to personal preference, but merc treads are the strongest choice mid-late game for 90% of games

    ::::::::::::::::::::Mid game::::::::::::::::::::
    This is where you build your core 3 items which you'll rarely exceed in most games.

    - Wit's End: strong magic resist and a lot of on hit damage for cheap, this is a strong item for any Kayle, and definitely superior to malady

    - Hextech Gunblade: This item is perfect for Kayle. It makes Righteous Fury hit like a truck, and gives a great amount of AP, damage, and attack speed, all for a very low price, and hitting 8 stacks is relatively easy. A great item for Kayle.

    ::::::::::::::::::::Late Game::::::::::::::::::::
    - Nashor's Tooth: Ap, Attack speed, and a bot load of cdr. If you aren't getting Ionian boots and the game has lasted this long, this is a great item for Kayle

    -[item=Madrid's Bloodrazor]: End game only. you'll have enough attack speed, armor, and magic resist at this point to be able to shred down anyone in teamfights without them being able to retaliate.

    ::::::::::::::::::::About Potions::::::::::::::::::::
    -Elixir of Fortitude, Brilliance, and Agility are all good on Kayle. If you purchase and use all 3 in combination with rageblade and nashor's or stark's and infinity edge you will become a wrecking machine with insane damage output. This costs 750 gold however, so only do this at opportune times, i.e. You just got baron and are about to push for the win, they just got baron and are pushing you for the win, etc. If you know your team is making a hard push soon, these three potions are a worthy investment, just don't buy all 3 and then go jungling (we all know the wraiths are a srs threat, but triple-poting to take them on is a bit overkill).

    *EDIT: All the elixirs got nerfed as of 12/15/10, so triple-potting is now only an effective last resort as opposed to securing an advantage. Buy these if you're losing and need a temporary edge (they just got baron), but don't buy these if you're winning.

    ::::::::::::::::::::Other useful/situational items::::::::::::::::::::
    - Frozen Mallet: The slow on your auto attacks is powerful and gives you more team utility, plus a good chunk of health

    - Guardian Angel: if the other team decides to focus you due to your extreme ass-saving abilities, this gives you the survivability you need to keep doing what you do best.

    - Banshee's Veil: survival is important, and if they have some serious magic threats on their team, buy one of these to keep your ass intact

    - Aegis of the Legion: Generally your tank should have this, but if he doesn't this is a situationally useful purchase, use your best judgment.

    - Will of the Ancients: The Spell Vamp and Ap aura can be pretty useful on certain teams, so consider this if you're going for more of a support-orientated build

    ::::::::::::::::::::Not-so-useful items for Kayle::::::::::::::::::::
    - Chalice of Harmony: after level 13 or so Kayle doesn't really have mana regen problems. Only useful if you need lots of magic resist early game. This is a very good item on other characters, but for Kayle the gold is better spent somewhere else.

    - Tear of the Goddess/ Archangel's Staff: you can't spam your spells fast/often enough to build enough mana/AP to justify this item. Too expensive for Kayle

    - Manamune: In order for this to be effective you need to rush it, which is not an option, as you need to rush Rageblade. Rageblade gives you much more damage, and Kayle has no mana problems late game. Combining this with archangels may be fun, but that's for practice games only, as it is far to expensive and slow to use in ranked effectively.

  • If you're stuck playing support Kayle.

    Support Kayle isn't the best option, but sometimes there just aren't any other options.

    Flash/Clairvoyance and Heal is pretty much mandatory with a 9-0-21 or 0-9-21 mastery build.

    Runes are optional as you won't be doing that much damage compared to the normal build, feel free to use whatever you're mos comfortable with.

    For items, you're gonna want the typical support trinity of:
    Philosopher's Stone
    [item=Heart of Gold]
    Ionian Boots of Lucidity

    for the CDR and gold/10 you desperately need.

    From there you can grab cheap damage amplifiers like:
    Guinsoo's Rageblade
    Wit's End

    and so on, or upgrade your gold/5 items into Reverie or Randuin's

    Attack priority targets to lower their resists by a small fraction and slow/haste/ult whoever needs it. Don't expect to do a lot of damage, but your spells can still make a difference when used properly.

  • Laning

    Kayle soloing is ideal, as it allows you to farm up a quick gunblade. You can successfully farm either mid or top, but mid is usually ideal, due to how hard it is for a jungler to kill you due to your divine blessing/flash/ghost/cleanse/intervention/swagger. Top is still fine as well, just slightly more difficult.

    ::Before Level 6::
    When laning your priority is to farm and to harass the other team and keep them away from their creep kills by spamming Righteous Fury or Reckoning and auto-attacking whenever they get they move in for a last hit(without taking too much minion aggro). Take advantage of your fast movement speed and stay on the move, only striking the minions for last hits. It is ideal to focus the weakest champion instead of both (if you are facing 2 bottom), which is generally the person with the lowest magic resist/health and the least health regen. Check your opponent's starting items, health, and magic resist, then decide who to focus from there. Their beefiness will also determine if you level reckoning or divine blessing more. (if you're against an Ashe, level reckoning. if you're against a Morgana, level blessing, etc)

    If the other team is out-harassing you then you can play defensively and use Righteous Fury to harass and get creep kills at a distance, but you should be able to easily farm your lane with the righteous fury/divine blessing combo.

    Here is a quick guide of what to do in common laning scenarios:
    -An enemy champion is going in for a last hit => Reckoning
    -An enemy champion is about to attack you or an ally => Reckoning
    -An enemy champion just popped out of the bushes => Reckoning
    -An enemy champion is about to attack your turret => Reckoning
    -An enemy champion is running away in fear of Reckoning => Reckoning
    -An enemy champion hasn't been hit by Reckoning recently, and has forgotten what it looks like => remind him with a Reckoning
    -An enemy champion is low on health, and is therefore asking you to kill him => Reckoning
    - Reckoning is on cooldown => Reck...crap

    ::After Level 6::
    Continue to harass and farm, and feel free to help another lane with a kill or to take over for someone who needs to recall. In most cases, it is best to stay in your lane as long as possible to grab as much gold and exp as you can. You can use your ult to help your lane mate/jungler tower dive, or to defend against and enemy dive. Try and farm enough for a gunblade and your other core items, as this item turns Kayle from a good champion to great champion.

  • Jungling

    If you really want to try jungling, the laning build works just fine, though you might need to go 21-9-0 for the defense tree points just to be safe.

    Start cloth armor+5 potions and Righteous Fury, do wolves then blue (leash at blue required), then work your way around from camp to camp, get a wriggles, and gank with red+Q wherever necessary.

    Not the strongest jungler, but worth a try in normal games sometimes.

  • Working in the team

    Objectives in a team fight:
    1.Hang back and wait for your team to initiate, do not go in first so you can avoid being stunned/silenced. A dead Kayle can not cast intervention, and a good Kayle doesn't cast intervention on herself unless absolutely necessary.
    2.Nail the weakest enemy/the team's main focus with Reckoning off the bat.
    3.Use Righteous Fury and continue to hammer away at the most important target
    ***(without putting yourself in harm's way, switch targets if necessary, this is crucial)
    3.Heal your weakest teammate with Divine Blessing.
    4.Cast Intervention properly (explained below)
    -if you are winning, enter melee range and prepare to chase any fleeing enemies, then help your allies chase down whoever is left. Use Righteous Fury and Reckoning and whenever possible
    -if you are losing, try and help whoever you can escape with Divine Blessing and cut your losses.

    Who to target with Intervention in a team fight and why:

    1.The main dps i.e. Karthus, Tristana, etc.: if the enemy team is smart, this will most likely be their first target. It is your job to keep them alive and attacking as much as possible. This may occasionally mean letting an inferior teammate die, but 1 death for five is definitely worth it.

    2.The guy who just got caught and is about to have all the enemy's spells unloaded on him: If you can block things like Annie's Tibbers or Veigar/Malzahar/etc's ult, you just cut out a gigantic portion of their team's damage. Play smart and piss the other team off.

    3.The nuke/mage: if they have been doing exceptionally well and can kill faster than the main dps, then go ahead and further their killing spree. Nobody likes losing their Mejai's stacks (assuming you're silly enough to buy one).

    4.Characters with strong AoE ultimates, i.e. Katarina/Nunu/Fiddlesticks: ensuring their AoE ults don't get cut short can be very important. This is especially strong when combined with a Banshee's Veil or Morgana's Black Shield.

    5.Yourself: If your ass-saving abilities are getting to the other team (and they will, trust me), they will eventually target you. If this happens, try to run away and use your escape summoner spells, and hopefully they will change targets. If not, turn around, ult yourself, and attack with everything you have. Do not ult yourself and run away, as it is a complete waste.

    6.The Tank/Initiator: if the enemy team is stupid enough to focus him first, they will most likely be stupid enough to continue focusing him because "he had like 200 health left, I thought I could kill him". Really though, in a fair fight don't ult the tank unless the enemy team is comprised of idiots.

    *Don't overestimate your Invincibility. 3 seconds is not as long as you think sometimes, and can get you in some really bad situations if you're over-zealous. Don't force yourself into unadvantageous battles.

  • When to use intervention

    -In a competitive setting, you want to negate as much damage as possible with your ult, so watch the enemy team's ap carries and see who they're focusing. If someone just got hit with an Ashe arrow, they're probably about to be focused down, so be ready. If you really want to be an asshole though, baiting with your ult can be much more fun.

    -Although it is tempting to wait until the last possible second to use the ability in order to bait and enrage the enemy team, more often than not, you'll find yourself clicking a corpse. When first starting out, try using the spell when your ally is around 20-15% of their max health or are about to be nailed with the enemy team's most damaging spells. Once you're more comfortable you can press your luck even further.

    -Knowing how fast your enemies can kill your allies is also important. If they go from full health to no health in a second, its best to just pop your ult as soon as you see them being focused, depending on how fast your reflexes are. If they are lying motionless on the ground, you cannot ult them.

    -If the enemy team has strong 1-shot spells or burst, you might want to try casting your ult right before their strongest spells are all thrown at one character. Something like Annie, Garren, or Veigar's ult can really mess up your game plan, so it's better to play it safe.

    -In more critical team fights, try not to waste your ult on someone who is just going to run away anyway, prioritize someone who will stay and finish the fight.

    *Make sure you don't ult someone who is about to use their Zhonya's ring or their own Life saving ult (Zilean, Tryndamere, etc)

  • Useful/fun targets for intervention

    -Fiddlesticks: A glass-cannon fiddlesticks that can get off 3 uninterrupted seconds of his ult will devastate the enemy team, making this a very strong combo.

    -Anivia: her re-birth takes 6 seconds. You can cover most of that, as all of her spells will be off of cooldown when she revives, and she will be ready to dish out more damage.

    -Olaf: his ult makes him immune to crowd control, so by making him immune to damage you have a literally unstoppable killing machine.

    -Zilean/Shen: not targets exactly, but your when your powers combined, the other team gets really, really pissed.

    -Twitch: a good Twitch (emphasis on the good part) is by far the best candidate for your ult. When you both hit R, everything dies, and someone runs off to the forums to post a new "OP" thread. *edit twitch has been nerfed to hell, so this combo is kinda 'meh' at the moment

    -Tryndamere: turn 5 seconds of undying rage into 8 seconds of undying rage (make sure you ult after he does, because stacking invincibility doesn't really accomplish anything). If he can't kill everyone by then you need to find a new Tryndamere, because yours is broken.

    -Your "friend" who likes to die tower diving: help him look somewhat skilled and let him save that revive of his till later.

    :::People you really shouldn't be ulting in teamfights:::

    -Galio: your ult actually weakens hit. Don't

    -Shaco's clone: (I've seen it happen before and cried a little inside)

    -Poppy: she's a get in-get out character who relies on burst, plus she has her own pseudo-invincibility, let her do her thing

    -The fail carry on your team who cant do anything besides die: save it for someone useful, just because you have a twitch doesn't mean he automatically gets the ult, use your best judgment.

  • Tips/tricks

    -While under Intervention all crowd control effects such as slows and stuns still apply *be careful of this*

    -At early levels, you can not take most champions 1v1 (in a reasonable amount of time), however, you can easily whittle them down slowly by spamming Reckoning and healing with Divine Blessing. Most non-tank champions will be unable to stand this, and will be forced to recall or die

    -If someone gets overly aggressive, you can take on a decent amount of champions after level 10-ish with all your spells and ignite. Don't be afraid to fight, just don't over commit

    -Be careful when tower diving a lane with a long-duration stun (i.e. a long-range Ashe arrow), too many tower hits and you'll die before you can get an Intervention off

    -If you are having trouble landing Intervention or Divine Blessing on an ally in the middle of a hectic battle, you can select the ability then click the portrait of their character in the top left corner of the screen instead

    -Take advantage of Intervention and Divine Blessing's gigantic range; you can cast them over most walls

    -Late game your spells have an extremely low mana cost. Use Divine Blessing to move around faster whenever you or your allies need to.

    -Always cast Divine Blessing in spawn to help you return to your lane quicker

    - Intervention can allow you to be an asshole end-game by walking into the enemy's turret to destroy it/taunt/just say hi

  • Things to look out for

    ****** Silence: silence length now affected by merc treds (just one more reason to buy them), so unless you have cleanse or tenacity, try to avoid any characters with a silence.

    -Characters with extremely long stuns, i.e. Ashe, Veigar: if you get to bold at their towers they can and will kill you, and you'll just have to sit there as they dance on your corpse.

    -Enemy Teams stacking magic resist: always pay attention to what the other team is buying. If you see lots of magic resist items on one character, try to avoid targeting him and let your phys dps teammates kill him. If the whole team does it, consider investing in a Void Staff or an Abyssal Scepter.

    -Farming alone against teams with lots of slows: Things like Frozen Mallet and other on-hit slows can really add up early game and prevent you from making it back to your tower, even with the help of your spells. Chain CC will wreck you and slows are no exception.

    -Over-harassing: harassment is important, but always try to have enough mana to cast all of your spells. Around level 5 you can easily run out of mana if you're too aggressive, so be careful and try to find the right balance. A Kayle with no mana can't save anyone's ass, let alone her own.

    -Another Kayle: if there is another Kayle on the other team you have to prove that you are better than her. No exceptions.

    -A Morgana: They will try to make jokes about being sisters, and you will have to pretend that they are funny.

  • other game modes

    Twisted Treeline:
    Kayle isn't the best champ for the treeline, but she can preform decently with a decent team composition with her slow, speed boost, heal, and invincibility. Doran's ring, Rageblade, and Nashors are all solid here, but you're going to want to abuse the elixirs even more. Red fortitude potions are a generally must, and the other 2 provide great boosts in a pinch as well. Just move with your team and try to hide behind your beefier teammates when engaging. Wriggles might even be a good choice here, Wit's End as well.

    All Random, All Mid practice games:
    Due to the increasing popularity of these I figured I'd add a small section. For summoner spells, clarity and ghost/ignite tend to work out the best. Max out divine blessing asap, grabbing it as your 1st or 2nd spell, depending on how bad your team will need the heals. In terms of what to buy, aura items like soul shroud and stark's are good if no one else on your team is going to buy them, otherwise a doran's ring and a Rageblade are good choices. From there items are situational. When laning try to just heal whoever needs it and farm those few precious last hits. Harass with righteous fury, reckoning, and ignite when necessary, and generally just try to keep your team alive.

    Run around and kill shit and capture points just like every other character. There's little character-specific strategy here, although a more expensive build might be viable.

  • Summary

    Kayle isn't the strongest champion, but her support abilities can easily turn the tide of any battle. She is the perfect carry-enhancer that will make your teammates love you, and is perfect for helping new friends not feed. As of late she has slipped in viability, but winning ranked games is still possible if you play her as a solo-lane support-carry, so don't give up. Now go out there and save some asses.

    I enjoyed making this guide and hope you enjoyed reading it, or at least learned something. I intended this as a beginner-intermediate guide to Kayle and as a tutorial on how to use Intervention properly. Please comment and rate as you see fit.

    Edit* thank you for your support as this has become one of the highest rated guides on leaguecraft

    I've been trying to keep this guide updated for over a year now, so if it's a little out of date I apologize, I try to tweak it whenever there's a major change.

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