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Stalyn's In-Depth Book of UFO Corki - The Daring Spaceman (Complete and Perfect Guide to the Mustachio'd Nugget)

written by Treck

Corki Build

Table of Contents

  • Disclaimer

    I, Treck, aka Stalyn, am not responsible for any misuse of IP, Gold, Skill Points, Masteries or the like. Any Runes, Items, Skill-Ordering, Bad Jokes, Bad Video Quality, n00biness or otherwise stupidity is open to change. If you comment complaining about any of these, three Time Bombs will be thrown at you.

    Guide last updated 2/2/11 at 1:13 PM EST.

  • Guide Notes

    I need to get working on the Hero Situation section sometime, but I'm lazy D;

  • Abilities

    Hextech Shrapnel Shells
    Corki's basic attacks deal 10% additional true damage to minions, monsters, and champions.

    All your attacks do 10% extra damage. (To minions, creeps and champions)

    Extra damage? Not exactly something to toot your horn about if you're AP, but if you're an AD Corki, you shrivel up into a ball of fun and enjoyment, as you continue to scream like a little girl.

    Phosphorus Bomb
    Corki fires a flash bomb at a target location, blinding targets in and around the blast. Deals 80/130/180/230/280(+0.5) damage to enemies in a target area. In addition, the blast reduces an enemy's chance to hit by 35%.

    Deals moderate damage in a small AOE, and blinds targets for a short time. This is one of your main farming abilities, and is good for those pesky Twitches / Evelynns / Shacos.

    I'd recommend getting this as your first ability, good damage AND it keeps them from hitting you? Isn't that all you really need to survive against Master Yi?

    Deals decent damage, even if AD.

    Sadly it has gotten its Reveal Stealth mechanic removed :(

    Corki surges to target location, dropping bombs that create a trail of destruction for opponents who remain in the fire.
    Corki surges to target location dealing 60/90/120/150/180(+0.4) damage per second to enemies in the fire left along his path.

    Jumps to target location, leaving behind flames which deal damage over time.
    Your escaping/advancing ability. Another good farming ability, almost as good as Phosphorus Bomb, especially when you use it correctly.
    If you go AP, then this ability is a great DoT if your enemies stand in it.


    Gatling Gun
    Corki's gatling gun fires multiple shots every half second dealing a quarter of his total damage, and shredding the armor of enemies who are under continuous fire.
    Corki's gatling gun fires at all targets in front of him for 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds, dealing a quarter of his total damage and shredding 1/2/3/4/5 armor with each shot. The armor reduction persists as long as the enemy is under continuous fire.

    'And the Daring Spaceman set forth, tearing the enemy's armor apart to scrap metal. His enemies ran in fear, but Corki is too smart for them! And his enemies fell, as Corki laughed, he yells, "Consider yourself sprayed, nugget!"'

    The bread and butter of the AD Corki build. A normal, everyday ability in the eyes of an AP Corki.

    Gatling Gun deals damage over time, while reducing his enemy's armor as they sit in it. This is for those pesky tanks. Feel free to use it on, oh I don't know, everybody who thinks they can out DPS you. Which they cant. Because you are constantly dealing more damage to them as their armor shrinks.

    TIP: Very good for team battles. Gives your team a much better DPS output.

    Missile Barrage
    Corki fires a missile towards his target location that will collide with the first enemy it hits, dealing damage to units around the target. Corki stores one missile every 14 seconds up to 7 missiles total. Every 4th missile will be a Big One, having 60% bonus damage in addition to a normal rocket's damage.
    Corki fires a missile towards his targeted location that will collide with the first enemy it hits. Each missile deals 125/200/275(+0.3)(+20% AD) area magic damage.

    Very decent damaging ability, good in both builds!

    I at first didn't know what a 'Big One' was. Well let me explain, a Big One is a missile that deals 60% extra missile damage! So you will probably be rampaging destruction. This ability also makes Corki a very good Harasser. Just remember to keep a few if you think a battle might happen.

    The buff to it that gives it a small portion of your AD as damage makes it slightly more viable on AD Corki, but it doesn't make it a prime ability yet; it is merely a tool to help you poke and finish off people.

    TIP: Try to remember which missile is which. You want to have as many Big Ones as possible. If you are going into a team battle (Less importantly, 1v1s), the Big Ones just might win you the battle!

  • UFO Corki welcomes you!

    Welcome to Stalyn's guide to UFO Corki.

    External Image

    UFO Corki is not just any normal every-day Corki. He is a specially altered alien form of Corki. He has the ability to fluently talk Government Speak. All of this will be explained in the future true story of Corki.

    With all the buffs Corki has been getting recently, I think Corki is becoming an even better choice of a champion in LoL.

    I recommend Side Laning in this guide, but if you want you may go solo.

    This guide is, in my opinion, the Big Book of Corki. So have fun, and make sure to talk to your teammates in government speak!

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    Meglings are being used more and more as labor slaves, for example Tristina and recently Poppy have joined the League in a desperate attempt to bring home at least one plate of food due to the ever decreasing job count. Please save the Meglings!
    UFO Corki wants YOU! To save the endangered Meglings!

    Rate and enjoy!

  • Stats At Level One/Stats Per Level

    Health: 375 (+82 per level)
    Mana: 243 (+37 per level)
    Movement Speed: 310
    Armor: 13.5 (+3.5 per level)
    Magic Resistance: 30 (+0 per level)
    Critical Strike: 2.5 (+0.25 per level)
    Health Regen: 0.9 (+0.11 per level)
    Mana Regen: 0.8 (+0.07 per level)

  • Personal Thought of Stats

    Calculated on a 1-10 scale.

    Health: 4-5
    Regular Damage: 7-8
    Spells: 7-8
    Difficulty: 7-8
    Funny: 7-8
    Weird: 3-4
    Flying Height: 5-6

  • The true story of Corki

    Corki was one day traveling in his aircraft, which at the time was not designed to attack anything, listening to his built-in radio. Suddenly, he noticed that the clouds seem to be traveling downwards. He shouted 'THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!', and before he knew it he was brought into the massive alien spaceship. He was examined by aliens, and as in all the alien sci-fi movies when people are sucked into space ships, he was tested on. This has given Corki the ability to know government letters and meanings. The aliens talked in Government speak, and told Corki to participate in the League of Legends, giving him his very own UFO, designed to destroy enemy armor. Corki was then teleported to the League, along with his UFO, to wreak havoc upon what the aliens call 'November Oscar Oscar Bravo Sierra'.

  • Summoner Abilities: Which to get and which to not

    Which to get (In My Opinion):
    Exhaust, for the people who think they can run away from a UFO.
    With the Summoner Mastery for Exhaust, which reduces Magic and Armor resistances by 10 (And the increase of duration by .5 seconds, but isnt that important), and Gatling Gun, you could possibly bring the enemy's armor to the negatives! When you use these two together, along with your spells, you will have a crazy DPS output and might frighten the rest of their team!

    This is good in the beginning, and can give you that little edge in battle. Good vs. heroes that have a lifesteal passive (Nasus, Warwick etc) and that have lifesteal at all.

    Spells you COULD use:

    You CAN use this as a backup in case your Valkyrie is unreliable, etc. I guess you could get this if you like.

    This is a spell that almost anyone can use, and you can use this if you really want to.
    This is good on every hero, except Cardmaster.

    Which to AVOID:

    Unless you're a master of Clairvoyance, I wouldn't suggest this.

    NO. Not on any hero.

    This is only useful if you have the Passive/want to get the Jungle Buffs early, but we don't really need those buffs, and soon enough it'll be easy to get the buffs. The gold gain won't be too noticeable, either.

  • End-Game Build

    The runesets of both builds both cost 16605 IP.


    This is all the items and runes + masteries in the guide jam-packed together to make the stats at level 18/end game visible to those who wonder why we should all fear the AP UFO Corki.

    The items cost a total of 16840 gold.


    Attack Damage Corki is truly something to behold. Some even say it's better than the Ability Power build. I say they're a matter of preference.

    The items cost a total of 18775 gold.

    Me and my friend Tekky and his friends were in a premade, he played my AD Corki. Here's the results.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Alright, it's AP then AD, masteries and then runes included.
    The IP costs of both runesets are the same, mind you, so don't worry about which one is cheaper.

    The AP UFO Corki Set:

    I usually go 21/0/9 for max Magical DPS output. Our lack of defenses will be made up for in our Item Build.
    Masteries Here

    Always get:
    1/1 Archaic Knowledge
    4/4 Expanded Mind
    3/3 Meditation
    3/3 Intelligence
    1/1 Presence of the Master


    As for Runes,


    Greater Mark of Insightx9 - 3690 IP

    These Marks will help with our Magic Penetration, especially helpful at earlier levels.


    Greater Seal of Knowledgex6 - 2460 IP
    Greater Seal of Replenishmentx3 - 615 IP - Total Glyph cost 3075 IP

    These Seals will help with your Mana Pool and your Mana Regeneration.


    Greater Glyph of Force x6 - 2460 IP
    Greater Glyph of Replenishment x3 - 1230 IP - Total Glyph cost 3690 IP

    These glyphs will help you with your Ability Power troubles, and will increase your Mana Regeneration.


    Greater Quintessence of Focus x3 - 6150 IP

    These Quintessences will help your Abilities come off CD faster.

    16605 IP TOTAL


    The AD UFO Corki Set:

    Masteries here

    This is assuming you get Exhaust and Teleport. If not, assort them properly as to fit your Summoner Abilities.

    Always get:

    3/3 Deadliness
    4/4 Alacrity
    3/3 Sunder
    3/3 Brute Force
    3/3 Lethality
    1/1 Havoc
    4/4 Awareness


    For AD Corki I go with


    Greater Mark of Desolationx9 - 3690 IP

    These MARKS will give us a 17.66 Armor Penetration, which is almost as much armor as most heroes have at the early game. Will increase your damage output by a LOT. This with Gatling Gun and you are a force of nature. Or rather, a force of Mankind, because you see, bullets are made by man, and you are shooting bullets from your Copter-UFO, and Gatling Guns shoot.. yeah nevermind.


    Greater Seal of Fortitudex6 - 4920 IP
    Greater Seal of Vitalityx3 - 1230 IP - Total seal costs 6150 IP

    These SEALS will give us a decent health boost, although it loses its luster as the game progresses. These are meant mainly for beginning game.


    Greater Glyph of Alacrityx9 - 3690 IP
    Greater Glyph of Clarityx9 - 3690 IP

    These GLYPHS will, of course, increase our attack speed. Therefore more DPS Output. It could also keep us from getting low on Mana and dying because our Gatling Gun just needed 13 more mana to be used and get a penta-kill.


    Greater Quintessence of Desolationx3 - 6150 IP

    These QUINTESSENCES will give us some more Armor Penetration, which is very nice

    19680 IP TOTAL

  • Harassing

    Your most powerful spamming skill is Missile Barrage, what with the range, damage and speed. The only down part about this ability is that you have to wait to be able to use it. Your second best bet is Phosphorus Bomb.

    Gatling Gun. This is every AD Corki's favorite toy, but even with its decent range it isn't the best Harassing skill. Best try to stick to Phosphorus Bomb.

    As UFO Corki , your massive supply of Area of Effect abilities give you a huge advantage when it comes to Harassing. Not to mention the humongous range on Missile Barrage, it takes skill to fail with UFO Corki. And by fail, I mean your ELO has gone up so much by using UFO Corki that the ELO system picks you players in the Top 50 ELO range that are impossible to win against.

  • Skilling Order

    Whenever I'm Corki, I always choose Phosphorus Bomb at level 1, Valkyrie at level 2, and Gatling Gun at level 3.


    Phosphorus Bomb is a good skill early, try to get it as your first ability and then set a point into each other ability, then start maxing it out.


    Try to max out Gatling Gun early to maximize effectiveness and take advantage of your increased damage from the build.

  • Missile Barrage

    Missile Barrage - Fires a missile which deals damage in an area. Some missiles will be a Big One, which deal double a regular Missile's Damage.

    This is a skillshot ability that requires some practice to fire decently. Master Corkis will devastate enemies with Harass-shots. It has incredible range that makes people compare it to Ashe's Volley.

    Every AP Corki's cherished Firstborn Child, next to Phosphorus Bomb. It will devastate enemies even with a AD Corki build, at 300 damage in its third rank. It will deal even thousands with Big Ones.

    AP Corkis, I give you this word of advice:


  • Gatling Gun

    Gatling Gun - Fires a barrage of bullets at an enemy from Corki's Gatling Gun. Reduces armor on each shot. Deals 1/4 Corki's Total Damage plus the spell's said damage to the enemy.

    This is a keep-the-enemy-in-front-of-you ability that is self explanatory.
    Step 1. Auto-attack.
    Step 2. Gatling Gun.
    Step 3. ????
    Step 4. PROFIT!!!!

    Every AD Corki's cherished Firstborn Child. It will rip your enemies in two alone when you go AD, and combined with your crits and autoattack, no wonder it's so cherished in the AD Corki's arsenal.

    A good strategy is to turn this on, and follow your enemies by right clicking on them. Valkyrie on to them for some hits too.

  • Roles


    AP Corki is what this guide is rooted on. AP Corki is, of course, a Burst Caster with an escape ability. AP Corki can be a bigger assassin than AD Corki in some cases, thanks to the burst the enemy has little time to react. Although AD can provide a greater output, a fed AP Corki is bad news for the enemy.

    AP Corki is a good candidate for ganking, and if you like casters then he's your guy.


    AD Corki is more of a spread-over-time damage output. You are better as 1v1 thanks to your lifesteal and major regular attacking damage. AD Corki is a better person in teamfights not consisting of the entire enemy team. He CAN be a good ganker, but requires the enemy to branch out a little bit more for him to get out a good DPS output.

    AD Corki is the most played variation of Corki, and I can say that he is fun.


    Corki helps his team with his major AoE capabiities and can Blind the enemy and Reduce their Armor. He is a better 1v1 than many others champions. Just don't branch out too much. Use wards!

  • Tactics

    First off, always check and see what items your enemy team has so you know what build they're going for, and this is just as important for stats, so to have a better chance of knowing whether you will get a kill or not.
    If their team has a lot of tanks, your game may be a bit bumpy.
    If their team has a lot of casters, then you just have to be careful and not get WTFRyzenuked.

    At the beginning of the game, you want to harass and check brush with Phosphorus Bomb.
    If you got Gatling Gun, then try to be careful and not get pulled in by a Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab.
    After you have racked up a few levels or so and you might have harassed a bit, it might be time to try and organize a kill with your laning partner.
    If you went solo, then you want to evaluate even more whether you think it is worth risking death to give the enemy a death.

    Alright, it's 10-15 minutes in game, and you are hungry for blood! Go buy some items. You have your ultimate (Probably) and are ready to start heavily harassing.
    When the enemy's life is low from harassing, organize another kill with your laning partner. Again, if you went solo, then you want to think hard about going in for the kill.

    I recorded a (bad quality) video of a AD Corki ganking a Annie from the Golem Brush. Here you go:


    Alright, you should have at least one kill by now, but it is not needed to have one.
    Your enemy's should be fearing you a bit by now, so they are slightly on the paranoid side.
    If they have a lot of tanks, they might feel fearless. But no one is safe from UFO Corki!

    Alright, it's mid-late game, you have kills and money. (See Items below) Buy your items and spam your spells.

    I usually press my spells in this order: Gatling Gun Phosphorus Bomb and then spam Missile Barrage. I usually save Valkyrie in case I get ganked, because the only thing worse than your enemy getting away is your enemy getting away AND yourself getting killed.

    It's late game, most games don't last this long. By now you should have plenty of kills, and if it is a bad game (Your deaths are overlapping your kills by 4) then you may not be feeling so well to going out. Just take a deep breath, and play defensively if you are having a bad game. DO NOT just go AFK, and I stress this because no one has fun in a game where a team loses because someone went AFK.

    If the game has lasted 55+ minutes, try to finish it. If you are losing, defend your base. If you have a Twitch or a Master Yi, then you just might have a chance if you backdoor their base. Twitch and Master Yi are very good Backdoor-ers because of their attack speed and damage build, so they tend to be the main people to backdoor.

    If it's still going, PICS or it didn't happen.

  • AP Item Build

    Start: Sapphire Crystal and Health Potion. Mana for more harassment power and the potion for if you make a little mistake and want to heal.

    Ruby Crystal Transform this into Catalyst the Protector, and then build Rod of Ages ASAP!
    The longer into the game you get this, the weaker you'll be. This item will give you a lot of your health, so you want to get this as early as possible. By now you should be around level 8.


    Get the Boots of Speed.

    Gather the components for Sheen and build. By now you should be around level 11.


    Buy a Blasting Wand. Transform into a Void Staff when you can to drastically increase your Missile Barrage's damage output. By now you should be around level 15.


    Mercury's Treads if they have 2 or more stuns, Boots of Swiftness if they don't.

    Build Sheen into Lich Bane. You should be just about at level 18. (Note at this point the total cost of the items is exactly 10000 gold, just a fun fact.)


    Buy Blasting Wand, buy a second one when you can. Continue to finish it into Guinsoo's Rageblade


    Now we're really cooking. You want to get Amplifying Tome, and soon after transform it into [item_text=Rylai's Scepter]. This item will give you the ability to be able to keep your enemies within range of your attacks.


    By now you should have racked up quite a few kills. If not, do not worry. Remember to keep jungle buffs up, it can make you an unstoppable force.

    If the game is still going, sell your Guinsoo's Rageblade and grab [item_text=Zhonya's Ring].


    This build is expensive, yes, and you may re-arrange the order in which you get items by their neighbors, altering it too much will result in termination. Just kidding, but this is my build, remember to just melt some of your other items into the mix and take some of mine out to create your own concoction. EXPERIMENTING can help you have fun as you create new, better builds!

  • AD Item Build

    Start: Long Sword and Health Potion. We take Long Sword for a increase in damage to Gatling Gun. May not be much, but it works for me.

    NOTE: You may also take Ruby Crystal if you think a Long Sword will make you too squishy.

    Take a Boots of Speed and Ruby Crystal (Take Long Sword if you got Ruby Crystal earlier). Create Phage.


    Chalice of Harmony is a good choice of item for AD Corki since he runs out of mana quite often, so this should solve your problem or almost solve it.

    Create Mercury's Treads or Berserker's Greaves. Boots of Swiftness also works. Personally I choose Mercury's because the magic resist + Debuff reduction passive are to die for. Wait a second.. to die? Must be a conspiracy. Onward.

    Farm the lanes and afterwards buy B. F. Sword. This will massively increase your DPS output from Gatling Gun.

    At this point you can start building a Manamune if you are having Mana troubles. It increases your AD and takes away your mana problems with it.

    After a bit more farming, build The Bloodthirster. The Lifesteal and Damage are invaluable, and it's best to get this earlier since it will probably come very in handy.


    Farm some more.

    Buy Zeal. Buy Sheen. Build Trinity Force.


    The games usually end by this time. Here are some sample endgame builds depending on your situation.

    Pure DPS Endgame
    This is the build you choose when there is no one that can stop you. You are on a murderous rampage. If at any time your enemies DO start to kill you/target you voraciously, switch to the Survival Endgame build.

    Buy B. F. Sword. Build The Black Cleaver. You now almost constantly stripping all the armor off an enemy, adding extra damage % for each negative % of armor they have! Whoopee!


    Buy Zeal again. Buy Cloak of Agility. Build Phantom Dancer.

    Finally, buy B. F. Sword. Build into Infinity Edge.

    19010 Total gold. That.. is a lot. Well, then again you shouldn't be having enough time or gold to finish end game builds.


    Survival Endgame
    This is the build you choose when people target you often in team fights and/or you are hunted/stunspammed/spellspammed.

    Buy Ruby Crystal. Build Catalyst the Protector. Build Banshee's Veil. This will help a lot in 1v1s and will help you survive in team fights.

    Buy Giant's Belt. Build into Warmog's Armor. This will certainly make you into a bulky DPS.


    Buy Regrowth Pendantx2. Build into [item_text=Force of Nature].
    Very good vs. mages and certain champions, like Katarina.

    17915 gold total. Not as bad as the Pure DPS Endgame cost, but still pricy.

    [item_icon=Force of Nature]


  • Hero Situations

    This section is for those people who go 'WTF This champion keeps on killing me! What should I do!?'
    A-B-C ordering.

    First of all, it's rule of thumb you should stay OUT of the fray in a team fight. Read on if this isn't the problem.

    Akali: Her Shadow Dance ability lets her keep up with you. I'd suggest MR, and remember to use Valkyrie to hop over trees!

    Alistar: Brute, Tank, the Alistar Pulverize-Headbutt combo is to be feared. If you have a team with stuns to thwart Alistar, try to stick with them. If not, stay AWAY from him.

    Amumu: Amumu is kind of like Blitzcrank. If you can steer clear of his bandage toss, you are safe for the most part. Then again, his ultimate hurts, not to mention one of, if not the best ultimate in the game, especially for team fights.

    Anivia: Watch out for her Flash Frosts. People who play Anivia well WILL kill you (most likely) and WILL hurt. Try to go for Banshee's Veil.

    Annie: If she has a blue mini-aura around her stomach, steer clear! That means she has her stun ready! Get a Banshee's Veil to reduce chance of stunning.

    Ashe: Her ult is on a cooldown just a little bit longer than Katarina's (Kat's is roughly on a 60 sec cooldown), which makes her a fearful force. She has one of the best harasses in the game, and she is picked a lot. Dont have much to say, she's a carry. She will kill everyone and their dogs. Stunned often? Switch to Mercury's Treads.

    Blitzcrank: Keep away from free space! He will pull you in and punch your stomach and make the area go ZIPPITY ZAP! DEATH! Get a Banshee's Veil for better results.

    Cho'gath: Banshee's Veil is a good choice. Feast's nerf (which made it do half damage if it didn't kill) has been removed now. At level 3 Feast without any AP will do 800 damage (not counting MR). Ouch.

    Corki: If you are facing enemy Corkis, they will probably go AD damage so if you can out DPS them then you might be able to out-DPS him the entire game.

    Dr. Mundo: Avoid cleavers. Mundo's abilities can be spammed without fear, because the cost of his spells are so low they aren't a threat to him, except for Burning Agony. Get an Executioner's Calling and/or, if a serious DPS threat to you, Thornmail.

    Evelynn: [item_text=Oracle's Elixir]. If that doesn't stop her, try magic resistance like Chalice of Harmony or Guardian Angel.

    Ezreal: Ezreal is a complete Skillshot Champion. Running around as if you just got ice put in your shirt may give significantly better results than from other champs. His abilities are on kind of short cooldowns, too. Banshee's Veil and Spirit Visage can work in synergy pretty good.

    Fiddlesticks: Fiddle's ultimate hurts. And it hurts even worse if you're the one being targeted! Try to Valkyrie out of it as quick as possible before he fears you! Magic resistance also helps.

    Gangplank: Ah, Pirates, you love em you hate em! Mostly you hate them though, because of Heat n Serve's Gangplank guide. Hurts. OK, so since the latest patch you will want armor. Armor and health, like Sunfire Capes.

    Galio: When a team fight is imminent, you cannot allow Galio to get too close to you or else his Ult and his team will destroy you. Grab a Banshee's Veil to prevent the taunt from happening. You can also grab a Guardian Angel.

    Garen: He hurts, and he can tank. He's basically Poppy, but he isn't overpowered. He's quite balanced, actually. Okay, I recommend Banshee's Veil. Why? If he Demacian Justices you and it comes up at the right moment you live. :D

    Gragas: Since his buff, he actually CAN be feared!
    If they have a Gragas may I suggest magic resistance like Banshee's Veil since he is a mage? Also watch out for his ultimate, he can bring you towards his team mates! He also has good potential for chasing with his Body Slam move.

    Heimerdinger: Not much to say for him. Can't dodge his Hextech Micro-Rockets. Although since it targets minions too. Haha, take that Heimerdinger! His turrets and UPGRADE got a remake, in my opinion he's still quite balanced. He's now more turret based! Finally, what he's supposed to be! Spirit Visage works pretty nicely here.

    Irelia: Irelia is a decent champion, bad for you if you get too close to her. Try Mercury's Treads and Hexdrinker.

    Janna: AP Jannas can hurt. Banshee's Veil can disable her largely.

    Jax: Jax has really good chasing abilities like Leap Strike and [spell_text=Counterattack]. Try using Valkyrie and boots like Boots of Swiftness. Grabbing a Sword of the Divine can help the DPSers. Also AP Jax's have been seen more often since his passive rework. Although he doesn't have many damaging spells, so no comment.

    Karthus: Oh god, Karthus. His Q ability, which has just about a 1 second CD can get more than 600 damage in a good game. It doesn't matter if you die or not, as long as he gets you low enough and has Requiem he wins. Magic resistance, Health Regen etc. I find that using Elixir of Fortitude before he uses his ultimate works, as it gives you health when you use it instantly. It is also funny to walk away from a hard battle to survive with 50 hp, while he uses his ultimate, your Banshee's Veil effect comes up to save the day! Many lulz ensue and many quits will be raged!

    Kassadin: Kassadin is on par with Jax with chasing. His Riftwalk has the range of the old Flash, which is VERY far. He can also slow you, silence you and steal your mana! Oh the agony! Just stick with your team mates on this one. A fed Kassadin is a OMG NOT THE FACE Kassadin!

    Katarina: She was nerfed to the ground. Although I haven't tried her since the nerf, I've strangely been seeing many good ones. Don't know what to say here. Shunpo can catch you when you use Valkyrie and she will hurt. Get Spirit Visage since she is based around harassing and then attacking at the right time.

    Kayle: I hate Kayle. So much. What happened to Kayle being a Tank? Now there's only AP stackers who spam Reckoning. Magic resistance and Mercury's Treads work here.

    Kennen: Alot of people I see build him as Ranged DPS. So he is on equal terms with you. His stun passive hurts, he can catch up to you with Lightning Rush, etc. Banshee's Veil, maybe a boot speed upgrade, and a quick mind can save you!

    Kog'Maw: He is easily one of the best DPS champions. If he's going Madred's Bloodrazors build, get something like Hexdrinker. If he's going straight damage, grab a Thornmail or Guardian Angel.

    Malzahar Getting caught in Malzahar's ultimate can be devastating. Grab a Banshee's Veil and maybe a Guardian Angel. Mercury's Treads also helps.

    Malphite: His ultimate (Unstoppable Force) is honestly one of the best initiators in the game. A DPS Malphite can really hurt. Mercury's Treads can work here with his slow, Valkyrie out of there and you're probably gone. He might not be able to catch you, but if he does, Exhaust.
    And if you don't have exhaust, that's too bad. =/

    Master Yi: Master Yi can outrun almost anyone with Highlander, and with Ghost he can catch anyone, haven't tested this with Rammus and his Powerball though. Phosphorus Bomb or Exhaust is your best bet, because a Blind Yi is a Happy Your-Team :).

    Mordekaiser: Mordekaiser can be a bit of trouble when someone knows how to play him. Don't try wasting too much time or energy trying to harass since his shield passive (Iron Man) will take up most of the damage. Most of the time in the laning-phase, he will be sitting back and farming up his shield with his abilities, allowing him to stay in the lane. Just try coordinating a kill with your team mate for him. Destroy his morale. Items recommended, probably Thornmail or Warden's Mail.

    Morgana: Morgana is a hard-hitting harasser (Say that five times fast!), in that she can Dark Binding and then Tormented Soil for massive damage! Here is where Quicksilver Sash really shines.

    Nasus: He can hit hard, although Valkyrie can get you away from him even if he slows you down with Wither. If you still have problems, try upgrading your boots.

    Nidalee: Nidalee is currently a little UP. Although, Stay away from her. Cougar form is still as strong as ever. If she's hunting you personally, stick with your team. Keep your distance from her, and she won't be able to do much to you. Situational items: Guardian Angel and Banshee's Veil.

    Nunu: Nunu can slow you down with his Ice Blast and can speed himself up, not to mention the major damage from Absolute Zero, ESPECIALLY when he stacks AP! Magic resistance for him.

    Olaf: Olaf strikes fear from his Reckless Swing, which can deal more than 300 damage each strike. I'd recommend maybe Frozen Mallet to make sure he doesnt get too close to you. He will most likely pick up a Frozen Mallet as well so watch out!

    Pantheon: Pantheon has the powerful Aegis of Zeonia-Heartseeker Strike Combination, and if you get caught in the middle of his Grand Skyfall, you WILL be injured and will probably die, although Valkyrie can make it almost impossible for him to get you with it. If you are dying, get some armor like Frozen Heart or Warden's Mail.

    Poppy: Do not be fooled, Poppy is a better DPS than Tank, and thanks to Valiant Fighter, she is a very bulky DPS, even if it was nerfed. Try not to get caught in the jungle because of her Heroic Charge + Devastating Blow combo. Frozen Heart also works here.

    Rammus: Puncturing Taunt. It is one of Rammus's most feared moves. Don't get taunted, because more than likely you will get ganked, almost like with Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab + Power Fist combo. Do not underestimate Tremors, because it deals a lot more damage than it looks, or rather than you think.

    Ryze: If you get caught with Ryze, you will most likely die. This is where Valkyrie comes in. If you get Rune Prison'd, use it. It WILL save your life. Quicksilver Sash also works.

    Shaco: Shaco can kill you faster than you can think, and is on par, if not better than, with running as Corki is. His Two-Shiv Poison luckily will only slow us, unless he is going AP in which case will deal a lot of damage. AP Shaco's Illusions hurt and hit hard. Talk about going out with a bang! AP: Magic Resistance, AD: Thornmail.

    Shen: Shen himself isn't that big of a threat, but you should fear his taunt. This has less duration than Rammus's Taunt, but it can affect multiple targets at once. Banshee's Veil, and remember to Valkyrie!

    Singed: Singed's Poison Trail really hurts. Don't try chasing him for too long or else you'll become very weak. He is, in my opinion, a very good tank and is famed for Flinging you into his teammates. Valkyrie out of there if you are slowed. He isn't very famed for his attack damage, though, so try getting some Magic Resistance.

    Sion: Sion hurts badly when not tank. And even then, they are automatically tanks thanks to [spell_text=Enrage] and [spell_text=Death's Caress]. AP hurts very much, I'd suggest getting Banshee's Veil if AP, and Sunfire Cape if AD.

    Sivir: Ouch. Sivir is not to be trifled with, unless you are dealing with a bad Sivir. But that is not why you are here! I've seen good/fed Sivirs get up to 200 damage by mid-late game. Although I don't play Sivir, so I do not know if that is good or not. Anyways, try Guardian Angel, and use Ninja Tabi as your boots if you are not already.

    Soraka: Soraka isn't the one dealing that much damage in the fights. Don't try to defend against her, unless their team is heavy in magic, in which case get Guardian Angel or Spirit Visage. Still having problems, switch to Mercury's Treads.

    Taric: Taric isn't exactly the best person to lane against, due to his heals and Dazzle - Shatter harassment. Get some magic resistance like Spirit Visage, since he will not be a big DPS Threat unless the game leads off into 50+ minutes or he is fed.

    Teemo: AP Teemos are becoming increasingly present. If their Teemo is AP, get a [item_text=Oracle's Elixir]. If their Teemo is AD, get some heavy Health or Armor items like Aegis of the Legion (Only if none of your other members are getting it) or [item_text=Rylai's Scepter].

    Tristina: Ugh, the ultimate carry in most cases. Tristina is much more than a pest, she will most of the time go mid-lane though, so if you are not mid-lane you shouldn't have too much trouble in the early game. Remember to keep your eyes on the minimap as to watch out for ganks. Thornmail is a must.

    Trundle: He shouldn't be much of a problem; You're ranged, which eliminates a huge problem with his Bite, you have Valkyrie so his wall/slow isn't a problem, alls he has left is a DoT mordekaiser ult copy and a movespeed increaser. If you still have problems, try getting Mercury's Treads if you haven't already, and maybe Banshee's Veil or a Frozen Heart.

    Tryndamere: Another carry, but this one isn't as fearful until Late-Game. I quote from my favorite Tryndamere Guide, 'Tryndamere is a man. A tough brute Man. His muscles ripple with the infinite testosterone of the cosmos. His voice bellows in a deafening bass.' It's poetry, isn't it? Anyways, try Thornmail for those tough critters. (Not animals, I mean critting people.) Warden's Mail also is a good counter for Mocking Shout.

    Twisted Fate: Annoying. Very. His stuns will make you cry, his slows will make you shout at your computer screen, 'RUN CORKI, RUN!' ... -straightens tie- Ahem. Guardian Angel will make all Twisted Fates sh** their pants as they panic with nothing else to kill you, besides Stacked Deck, as their abilities are on cooldown. Sometimes may not work on AD Twisted Fates.

    Twitch: Ah, the famous Plague Rat of Zaun. Invisible Heroes shouldn't be as much of a nuisance to you as they are to, say, a Soraka. If there is a Twitch in your lane, make sure to spam your Phosphorus Bomb everywhere you would go if you were Twitch (Just make sure not to run out of mana!). Oracle's shouldn't be as high of a priority, unless you are constantly dying to Twitch. Thornmail is also a nice alternative. For the Attack Speed stacking Twitch, may I recommend Warden's Mail.

    Udyr: Udyr has been nerfed, as of recent times; He shouldn't be as big of a nuisance as he use to be. One of the problems you will have is matching his speed. Bear Stance is a good Chase/Flee ability in his arsenal. Boots of Swiftness can fix this... somewhat. AP stacking Udyr? AD stacking Udyr? Guardian Angel, all the way!

    Veigar: Veigar is, personally, one of my favorite Champions, as his Stun + Meteor + Ultimate + Bale Strike is devastating. Magic Resistance, of course! Banshee's Veil and Chalice of Harmony are recommended. (Skip second one if you are going the AD Corki build)

    Vladimir: Vladimir is very, very annoying. He can easily gain much life back in a mere few Transfusions. When his Hemoplague activates on you, you'd be quite happy to see your Banshee's Veil come up or be saved by Guardian Angel.

    Warwick: Warwick is a fine, fine champion after his buff. His abilities can net a gank. His ultimate (Infinite Duress) is a real gamble though, since there's a 50/50 chance the enemy hero will get out of it while he slashes wildly at the air. His natural lifesteal and his Hungering Strike are very good at helping him stay alive in 1v1s. I'd suggest Thornmail to make Lifesteal useless. Warden's Mail is another choice.

    Xin Zhao: Xin Zhao is one of those 'If you get too close to him you're screwed' people. Grab a Randuin's Omen or even just a Warden's Mail, as both can assist you in getting away from him.

    Zilean: Time Bombs hurt. 'Run away!' says your team. 'We can make it!' says your team. WE MADE IT! Oh sh**, a time bomb. BOOM! Dead. Guardian Angel is very good at preventing a WTF death.

    General Comments: Guardian Angel is a very, very good and flexible item. It can help you when you make mistakes, and it has very good defense increase. Thornmail is very good against the heavy Physical DPS types. Spirit Visage is good against the Harassing types, for example, Katarina. Banshee's Veil is good against stunners and heavy Magic types.

  • Working in the team

    As UFO Corki, you will be one of, if not the only, armor reducer and you will shine best in team battles. You have 3 Area of Effect abilities (Not counting Valkyrie) and deal very good DPS. Just remember to save up your missiles if a team battle is going to go down.

  • Pros / Cons

    -Very good DPS Output
    -Has a Blind
    -Has a reliable Escape/Advance ability
    -When fed will make enemies try to gank you, leaving other lanes susceptible to pushing by your allies.
    -Has incredible harassment ability with low cooldown.
    -Very good in Team Battles.
    -Many AoEs.
    -Gatling Gun will destroy enemies with a AD Build.
    -Is just plain fun to play.

    -Moderate-Squishy HP (but can be cured with the AD Survival Endgame build)
    -When focused can be easily killed.
    -Must wait to use his ultimate.
    -When fed, coordinated enemies will try to 5-man gank you and sometimes if not always succeed, so pay attention to the mini-map.

  • Creep Jungling

    Phosphorus Bomb
    Gatling Gun
    Rinse and repeat.

    For Ancient Golem/Lizard Elder, add in Valkyrie.
    For Dragon, use Missile Barrage if you want.

    The path I'd go with jungling would go, if jungling at level 1, Wolves -> Wraiths -> Golems.

    Creep Jungling at level 1 is not recommended however, but at levels 2-3 its possible, and by 6 or 7 its possible to get the buffs.

  • Unique Skills

    Hextech Shrapnel Shells Passive extra damage.
    Phosphorus Bomb Reveals invisible units.
    Valkyrie A free Flash with some extra DoT behind you. Hurts.
    Gatling Gun Reduces enemy armor.
    Missile Barrage Spammable ultimate, AOE, can double in strength occasionally (Big One)

  • Farming

    Same as jungling, spam Phosphorus Bomb and Gatling Gun, possibly your other spells as well. Just watch out for other heroes.

  • Summary

    UFO Corki truly IS death from above, and by above I mean outer space. His massive Area of Effect abilities allow him to quickly farm large amounts of enemies and destroy enemies in battles. His quotes keep you satisfied from the humor, and it is really just satisfying to kill someone by a missile that travels really far at 80 MPH.
    -Good pusher
    -Good farmer
    -Good spell-spammer
    -AD and AP builds, not to mention Hybrids
    Corki is a very flexible Champion, and it is fun to test out all the different builds!
    If this guide helped you, please +1 rate it and support the cause to save the endangered Meglings!

    Special thanks to Tekky for helping me with my item builds and testing them out in-game!

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