Tryndamere Build Guide

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Tryndamere: King of Crits

written by tarryd

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    First off I would like to say that the inspiration for this build came from xmashamm's Road to Manhood, and that I really have him to thank for my current success with Tryndamere. With that said, this build is not the same as xmashamm's, and should not be thought as such.

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    A handy passive, but should not be relied on as the source of your crit chance.

    Tryndamere's Heal and Damage boost. Best used for early and mid game survival, as well as a good source of Crit Damage.

    Mocking Shout
    Great Chasing ability that not only slows them down, makes them lose attack damage. The only ability in the game that will lower attack damage.

    Spinning Slash
    Effective Chasing/Fleeing/Farming skill. Can be used to clip through terrain. Late game this will almost one hit creep waves, allowing for some extreme pushing.

    Undying Rage
    Tryndamere's Iconic ability. Invulnerability for 6 seconds is often enough to take down 1 or 2 champs before you die, or for getting away from them. Try to make sure that your Bloodlust is off cooldown when you activate this, because you will most likely need the health after it wears off.

  • Pre-Game

    Crit Damage.
    Plain and simple.
    All up you should get about 55% extra crit damage from this

    Masteries are really up to you. Choose a focus depending on your strengths and weaknesses as a player.
    If I have been doing well with Tryndamere lately, I will go for a more offensive spec.
    Or if I've been dying a bit more than usual:
    This also works if your team seems to be lacking in tankiness.

    Summoner Abilities
    Summoner abilities aren't a huge issue with this build, it's all about what you usually have trouble with.
    ie. You get ganked often, take heal. Get stunned heaps take cleanse etc etc. Common Sense Really

  • First Build: Introduction

    The first part this guide shows how to play Tryndamere as a Late Game DPS. Anyone who just thought "Wait, but isnt Tryn a Tank?" should now headbutt walls until they forget what they were just thinking. Tryn is not a tank. Yes he can take a bit of punishment, and yes his Ult could be considered a tanking ability, but he is not a tank. Tryndamere hits things, he hits things hard, he hits things over and over again until they stop moving, then he goes off to hit something else. Now to explain how and why he does this...

  • First Build: Items

    Now this is where it gets a bit complicated.

    Start off by buying a Brawler's Gloves and 2x Health Potion

    Once you get 800gp Recall and grab Avarice Blade and a Vampiric Scepter

    Once you get 1500gp Recall and buy 2x Avarice Blade

    Next Buy a Berserker's Greaves Then a B. F. Sword

    Once you get 2230gp, Finish off the Infinity Edge

    Once you have over 900gp and a spare moment recall and buy a Executioner's Calling

    Now save up till you have more than 1600gp then recall, sell 2x Avarice Blade and buy 2x Zeal

    Once again save till you have 1600gp then recall, sell you last Avarice Blade and buy a Last Whisper

    The game should be nearly over by this point, but if it drags out a bit:

    Upgrade the both zeal's to a Phantom Dancer

    Sell the Executioner's Calling and buy a The Bloodthirster

    Sell the Greaves and buy a 3rd Phantom Dancer

    IF (a really big if) you manage to finish the item build, it should look like this:
    item=Phantom Dancer]item=Phantom Dancer] The Bloodthirster Phantom Dancer Infinity Edge Last Whisper

  • First Build: Item Reasoning

    Brawler's Gloves = Crit Chance for your blood lust, and because it upgrades to an avarice.
    Avarice Blade = More Crit Chance, and gives GoT. This is good because you probably wont be getting many if any hero kills at this point so passive gold is great for continuing the build.
    Vampiric Scepter = Once you get this, you will be able to pretty much ignore any harassing the enemy might do (excluding poisoners).
    Berserker's Greaves = The move speed is invaluable and the attack speed is just a bonus.
    B. F. Sword = the first step to your Infinity Edge, and a good damage item on its own
    Infinity Edge = 80 damage, 20% crit and an extra 50% crit damage. what isnt to love.
    Executioner's Calling = even more crit chance, better life steal as well as reducing their healing, great item for 900 extra gold.
    Zeal = only slightly less crit chance than the avarice blades, but also provides attack speed and move speed.
    Last Whisper = a little extra damage, some attack speed, but most of all 40% armour penetration. doesnt matter who you are versing, 40% is alot. Damage output will skyrocket after getting this.
    Phantom Dancer = zeals big brother. better in every way imaginable.
    The Bloodthirster = if the game gets to this point, you will want more damage. the 100 (easy to get by spinning through waves) damage and 25% lifesteal this gives is just too good to pass up.

  • Second Build: Introduction

    The second part of this guide shows a slightly different way to play Tryn as a Late Game DPS, with a slight focus on Armor Pen.

  • Secong Build: Items

    Start off by buying a Brawler's Gloves and 2x Health Potion

    Once you get 800gp Recall and grab Avarice Blade and a Vampiric Scepter

    Once you get 1700gp Recall and get second Avarice Blade and Berserker's Greaves

    Save Up 1850gp and get a B. F. Sword

    Next upgrade to an Infinity Edge

    Next buy a [item=Stark's Fervor] Followed by a Last Whisper

    After you get around 1400gp sell both Avarice's and buy a Zeal and Cloak of Agility

    Upgrade those to a Phantom Dancer

    Next buy a Sword of the Occult

  • Second Build:Item Reasoning

    To be completed when it isnt 1 in the morning

  • Skill Order

    Really the only important thing here is maxing bloodlust and undying rage as fast as possible. when to level Mocking Shout and spin slash are up to you

  • Laning

    Early game, the low point of this build.
    Avoid mid like the plague, you will fail against any ranged champ there.
    If possible go into a lane against 2 melee enemies, you'll be able to play far more aggressively.
    Otherwise the aim of the game is survival, you cannot afford the downtime of death, it is too costly in EXP and GP.
    It doesn't matter if they keep pushing to the tower, you should be able to prevent them hitting it for much damage, just make sure you don't die.
    Whenever you get the chance, Mocking shout their backs. Its how Tryn can harass. It gets them hit by creeps more, it also annoys them.

  • Mid Game: Start of the Gank

    Tryndamere's Mid game actually comes at around level 8 or 9, once he gets his Greaves.
    At this point you tend to spend a little less time in your lane.
    Mostly you will be running into the fight half way. Hit them a few times, then mocking shout them in the back so your team mates can chase and kill them.
    Once you get your BF sword (around level 10 or 11), you can solo the dragon. Kill it as often as possible after this point. If it spawns and your not doing any ganking, kill it. Every time you kill it, the enemy can't. Be careful if their is a Yi on the other team, as he will often be soloing the dragon as well.

  • Late Game

    Tryndamere is Late game the moment he gets his Infinity Edge.
    You now hit hard. Very Hard.
    With your lifesteal, most champs wont be able to beat you in a 1v1 fight.
    You will also now be able to push very well. So grab a team mate and push a lane, take out a tower, change lanes, repeat. you'll probably start getting the attention of the other team. Don't Worry. If they send less than 3 champs at you, you'll probably either escape or kill them.
    After you get you're Last Whisper, you are all but unstoppable.
    You will tear through champions in seconds, Critting them for about 500 a hit, and you will be critting nearly every hit. Not even a twitch with Spray and Pray will be able to kill you on its own.
    At this point you will just be doing whats needed. Pushing Lanes, Defending towers, whatever needs doing, you do it.

    If you ever manage to completely finish the first item build: you WILL crit enemy champs for more than 700 a hit, and you WILL crit every hit, and you WILL be hitting them at least twice in a second. so if you do the maths:
    700 x 2 = 1400dps
    (700 / 4) x 2 = 350 Lifesteal per second
    You will kill most champions in less than 3 seconds, with very little health loss to show for it.

    The end game of the second item build is no less scary, especially if the game has lasted long enough for you to get stacks onto the Sword of the Occult.

  • Summary

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this. I know it's badly formatted, and you will most likely find spelling/grammatical errors. This is my first guide, take it easy on me :D.
    Feedback on how well the build works for you would be great.

    PS: if anyone would like to contact me directly to help me to reformat my guide to be easier to read/understand, they can email me at [email protected]

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