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Twitch, That Rat Bastard

written by Puffynono

Twitch Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Deadly Venom
    Twitch's attacks infect the target with Deadly Venom, which deals damage each second, stacks up to 6 times, and lasts up to 8 seconds.

    Will rarely ever land you a killing blow, only real use to me is for your other abilities.

    Twitch hides in the shadows, waiting for a nearby enemy. If he attacks, he will gain bonus attack speed.

    Wonderfull to run around and gank people. This also makes it extremely difficult for your enemies to call an M.I.A. on you.

    [spell=Debilitating Poison]
    Infects a target with a crippling poison, slowing his movement speed.

    Great use, but you'll rarely need to chase with this build. Your damage will be so great they won't even have time to turn around.

    All nearby enemies secrete Twitch's toxic venoms from their bodies, dealing damage for each stack.

    This is your bread and butter. Perfect for your killing blows, harrasing once you've leveled it a bit, and even kill stealing ;)

    [spell=Spray and Pray]
    Twitch closes his eyes and fires his crossbow as fast as he can, spraying piercing arrows ahead of him.

    Probably the reason everyone hates to see a Twitch on the opposing team. This ability gives you the power to basically run into a 2 v 5 and win as long as your not targeted.

  • Introduction

    This is a guide for somewhat experienced players, although this build will work with just about anyone. If you are farely agressive then this is the twitch for you. After testing this build multiple times, I've yet to see it fail. Follow this guide and you will become one of the most feared Rats out there.

  • Masteries + Runes

    As for masteries, I like to set up with a 21/0/9 build shown below.

    As for runes, I go with Critical Strike Chance on Glyphs, Marks, and Seals. Finishing with health on my Quints.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I Strongly recomend Heal and Cleanse

    Why no Exhaust Puffy?
    Heres why, Although your are the most fearsome thing out there, You are squishy. The Heal is only for fight's at mid when your begining to level. Remeber to use it once around 1 1\2 bars or health or 2 bars of health so your enemy thinks they can kill you. Also remember that at level 5, your expunge will EASILY remove 2 bars of their health with all 6 stacks. Use it as a finishing move if they try to escape or to harass them. Will be explained later on.

    Cleanse. My god do i lol when i see a twitch with no cleanse. Simple as it is, an exhaust or stuns will ruin you and your ulti. This also comes in handy when fighting Mid. More later on.

  • Skilling Order

    2. Ambush
    4. Ambush
    6.[spell=Spray and Pray]
    8. Ambush
    10.[spell=Debilitating Poison]
    11.[spell=Spray and Pray]
    12.[spell=Debilitating Poison]
    13.[spell=Debilitating Poison]
    14. Ambush
    15. Ambush
    16.[spell=Spray and Pray]
    17.[spell=Debilitating Poison]
    18.[spell=Debilitating Poison]

  • Items

    This is where you leave the path of all other sewer rats and make a name for yourself. I've encounted countless other rats and lost to none.

    You should always be solo middles because your are the best carry in game and you should never doubt that.

    Start off with a Vampiric Scepter This should allow you to lane middle for quite a while and keep your health bar topped off.

    If played correctly, you should have killed the other carry at least once and should stay middle until you've reached just around 2k gold. Yes, 2k. Blue pill back and get yourself Berserker's Greaves and Recurve Bow. The bow will help you start building towards your Last Whisper. Now if you are having some trouble waiting for 2k gold and are just to aggresive you can port back and grab the Long Sword although i really dont recomend it.

    This is where people will fear you. Run around to lanes and wait untill your enemy lines up, tell one of your partners to initiate making them focus on him. Assure him you are a humble rat and you will insure his survival. Once they attempt to kill him you simply Ulti and watch the carnage. DONT FORGET TO EXPUNGE.

    Blue Pill back once your around 1.6k gold and finish off your Last Whisper and get a Sword of the Occult. So many twitches pass this item by. Even if you dont like it, trust me.

    After some more ganking your will see that your crits are hitting for 300-400 already. This is where you will say "I'm a greedy Rat Bastard. 300-400 is not enough for me!" Go back and build an Infinity Edge starting with [item=B.F. Sword] or Pickaxe. Resume your ganking untill you have enough for whichever item you didnt start with. Then finish off when you have aroun 1.2k.

    At this point you should have anywhere from 14-20 stack on your Sword of the Occult and with your inifinity edge your base damage should be around 200+. Your crits will be hitting anywhere from 800-1,000.

    But Puffy, what about that Vampiric Scepter. Yes, yes. It's time to upgrade it to an Executioner's Calling. NOTE: If required, you may get this before you finish your infinity edge. At only 900 gold this will be a cake purchase.

    At this point the game should be close to over. If they refuse to surrender it is up to you to judge what your up against. Alot of disbles? Go for a Banshee's Veil. Not to much Disable? Get a Phantom Dancer and watch your rape continue.

    Everything up to the Executioner's Calling is a CORE item. It is necessary to make this buiold succesful and ensure everyone will call you a Rat Bastard. NOTE: Be prepared to have people say your OP and that they should Nerf you. Respond nothing, watch them rage and feed off it.

  • Laning Tips

    First off, you need to harass your opponent as much as possible when laning mid. You will most likely be laning against another carry. All carries are squishy and you will take advantage of this. Hit them as much as you can and run off just a little bit so creeps dont hurt you too much. Once your Expunge is level 2 or 3, you can go in and hit them once or twice, then cast expunge. Watch how their health drops. They will be forced to port back and lose precious levels or will die soon enough. At level 5 you can get your kill. Pretend to port back, press B right behind your creep wave. Sit there for a sec, then walk away and Q, your Ambush. Walk around calmly and place yourself close to or behind your opponent. Open up, you will have a surprise advantage, an AS boost, and you know that your expunge can end him before he can even get close to hurting you. If against teemo watch for his blinding dart, if he hits you with it cast cleanse. He will be confident and think he can kill you, but will die. If exhausted, cast cleanse and /laugh at them.

    If done correctly, you have just gotten your first kill and are closer to getting your boots and Recurve Bow.

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