Poppy Build Guide

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Rock solid guide to owning as Poppy - Attack damage build.

written by Kingkodo101

Poppy Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Valiant Fighter
    Your role as poppy in group battles is to initiate combat with your tank. This ability will keep you alive while your team mates back you up.

    Devastating Blow
    The one people will whine about the most because it hits so damn hard, this will be your go-to ability for everything relating to killing anything.

    [spell=Paragon of Damacia]
    Good to get a point in early but not worth leveling compared to other abilities. Gives you damage/def when you hit and can be activated to give you a movement buff.

    Heroic Charge
    Important in your one-two combo but it takes finesse. Try to plow enemies into walls for extra damage and stun or try to get behind them and push them into your allies. Alternatively, use this to push gankers like Evelynn or Jax away from your squishier allies.

    Diplomatic Immunity
    Use this to initiate group combat. Makes you invulnerable to everything except the target. You can use this on their support character and crush it without their team getting in your way. Then your allies can easily take the remaining enemies. Another option is to use this on a target who doesnt deal much damage such as Soraka, or Taric, then beat down their heavy dps characters like twitch, yi, evelynn, teemo, etc.

  • Post-Patch

    Nothing has changed about Poppy after the patch. Here are the patch notes:


    * Devastating Blow Bonus Damage reduced to 20/40/60/80/100 from 20/60/100/140/180
    * Heroic Charge has been made slightly more precise
    * Heroic Charge now properly breaks channels
    * Fixed a bug where Poppy couldn't charge while Diplomatic Immunity was active.
    * Fixed a bug with Diplomatic Immunity where Poppy could kill Tryndamere through Undying Rage

    Worried that your favorite champion got nerfed into next week? Dont be. Riot seems to be extremely good about not nerfing things to the point of being unusable, an issue that plagues almost every multiplayer game...ever. Poppy was plagued by bugs, most of which I experienced constantly, such as the charge bug. This bug literally happened everytime I tried to charge the target of Diplomatic Immunity. The bug got so bad that, I had to stop playing her until they fixed it.

  • Credentials

    I was lvl 26 upon writing this guide. I am 20 and 4 with Poppy. I have had very few decent fights when playing as Poppy, most people surrender shortly after I get The Bloodthirster.
    UPDATE: I am now level 30 with a record of 29 and 5 on poppy. She is a solid character and I feel that most people just dont know how to fight her yet.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I go a generic 21/5/0 (at lvl 26). Just get your standard melee dps stuff (dmg/atk speed/cooldown reductionetc..) and get the armor and dodge masteries in

    Reasons: Poppy is not a tank, she is a durable burst damage/counter ganker. Focus on her offence and get some defence to back it up.

    RED: Greater Mark of Might
    Yellow: Greater Seal of Evasion OR Greater Seal of Vitality
    Blue: Greater Glyph of Celerity

    Poppy's main damaging abilities cannot crit so dont bother getting crit runes. You need to focus primarily on attack damage with some Cooldown reduction and some defences like dodge or health runes. This is because Devastating Blow adds your full atk damage. The cooldown reduction blue runes will make sure that you dont have to wait more than 2.5 seconds to use Devastating Blow and will get Heroic Charge down around 7 or 8 seconds. Stack dodge/health runes for yellow. I do health for now just because dodge runes are so expensive. Some people may get atk speed to stack Paragon of Demacia to full quicker. This is not needed because when you engage in combat you will be activating Paragon of Demacia which will max it's stacks immediately, and nothing else benefits from atk speed except auto swings.

  • Items

    The first item you need to get is Sapphire Crystal.

    Reason: Poppy's abilities have short cooldowns so you will be activating them ALOT. Also get 2xHealth pots early. Why not a mana potion?: In the early game, you will either completely dominate them right off the bat in which case, you will be leveling up and buying higher end gear very quickly, or you will be fighting a ranged team who will wear you down quickly and prevent you from using your abilities in the first place. Thus: no mana pots.

    Complete Sheen as fast as possible as it will give you the one-two knockout combo.

    Reason: Sheen stacks with your Devastating Blow, giving you massive burst damage.

    Next get defence boots, either Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi, depending on enemy team. DO NOT GET Berserker's Greaves . They are tempting but Poppy barely benefits from the attack speed. Instead, stacking up the defence will let you survive group battles because you will tend to be the center of attention.

    Once you have your boots, you should complete Trinity Force. Poppy benefits from Many different stats and Trinity Force will boost them all at once, plus the activated ability and the slow make it a must have as soon as possible.

    Some people may ask; "Why Trinity Force so early? it is so expensive?" The whole item is expensive but you get Phage and Zeal along the way, which have good stats and are cheap. Dont think of it as buying a 4000+ gold item, think of it as buying three dirt cheap items that magically take up one slot.

    After trinity force; Get The Bloodthirster. At this stage in the game you may notice that your auto attacks dont hit too hard. The Bloodthirster will fix this and give Poppy some more survivability from the large amount of life leach. The Bloodthirster is ideal because it gives you the highest damage of any item and it grants alot of lifeleach.

    After The Bloodthirster; get a little bit of defence. Frozen Heart is ideal for Poppy. Once you get bloodthirster, you will start slaughtering your enemies but you will find that Poppy's mana is somewhat low and you will be heading back to town quite often. Frozen Heart will solve this issue while boosting her armor ALOT. By the calculations of this website, the armor bonus from Frozen Heart will add over 1000 effective health against physical attacks. The cooldown reduction is the key to this item though, as it will bring you very close to cap (40%) assuming you only have 1 scaling CD quintessence and all your blues are scaling cd runes. At this point your Devastating Blow will have a cooldown under 3 seconds and your charge should be around 7 seconds.

    After these first four items, the rest is up to you. You will want to get at least another damage item, like [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] for the 4% max life dmg, or The Black Cleaver. Both are excellent choices. You may want to get a defence item like Banshee's Veil but only if you are not completely destroying the other team. Another great choice when you are playing with some good team players would be [item=Stark's Fervor] but only if nobody else has gotten it yet. You should only get this item if nobody else on your team has it, and only if you cant convince a better candidate (such as Sivir or warwick or almost anyone else) to get it.

    To sum up the items: Poppy Receives the greatest benefits from Attack damage. Attack speed is not important because your Heroic Charge + Devastating Blow will almost kill every character you face, including tanks. You want to pick up a couple defence items along the way and buff some other stats (AP/cd reduction/move spd/Etc...) along the way but your focus is attack damage.

  • Skilling Order

    Always always always get Heroic Charge early if you are planning on fighting other champions. This ability does good damage if you hit a wall and can stun. Alternatively you can push the enemy towards your allies or prevent a gank by pushing the ganker away. My strategy for early ganks: Stand on the edge of the bushes and wait for the enemy to run into the shrubs. Right before the enemy gets to the shrubs, run out towards them. You will run past them and have a perfectly lined up charge right into your ally who is still in the bushes.

    After Heroic Charge: level Devastating Blow next so you can pound your enemies.

    Third: Get Paragon of Demacia for the passive buffs and move speed.

    Summary leveling: Max out Devastating Blow as fast as you can. Once that is done: Max Heroic Charge. Paragon of Demacia should be maxed last because the best benefit you recieve from it is the movement speed buff, which you get at rank 1. Each rank just adds an extra 5 damage and armor at max stacks.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Exhaust is a must have on Poppy. It gives you the edge in all combat situations.

    Either Rally or Flash are the other two most useful skills. Flash will help you get out of ganks and will allow you to line up those perfect charges. Rally is a personal favorite. It can easily change the tide of battle and keep you pushing a lane due to it's heals.

    You could also use cleanse or heal, both would work well on poppy.

    I dont normally get teleport or clarity or the other spells since they dont benefit poppy so much in combat situations.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros: Poppy has awesome burst damage, possibly the best in the game.
    Poppy is great at countering ganks on your softer allies and support characters.
    Poppy can initiate and win group battles with her ult. Flash, charge, pop ult on a support char or tank. The enemy team will try and kill you to prevent you from dropping the target of your ult but it wont work, you will crush your target easily while your team comes in and mops up whats left.
    Poppy can jungle extremely well because Devastating Blow deals damage based on max hp. By level 8 or 9 you should be able to drop the dragon solo, Devastating Blow will hit it for roughly 1400 damage.

    Cons: Poppy absolutely has to have good team mates, she shines as an interrupter.
    Poppy can be easy to kill early game before she can really build up her items and stats.
    She is vulnerable to ranged attackers with stuns/blinds etc. She is no different than other dpsers when it comes to this because she cannot purge status effects off of herself.

  • Creep Jungling

    Poppy can crush creeps easily, especially the larger ones like the dragon. I usually go after the dragon solo around level 8, although you could do it earlier so long as you get the golem and snake buffs.

  • Working in the team

    Poppy is not as straight forward as you may think. She works best as a Counter-Ganker, meaning when an enemy tries to gank her ally, she interrupts them and ganks them harder. She hits very hard with her Heroic Charge - Devastating Blow combo but her auto attacks arent so powerful. This leaves it up to her allies to either get enemies into Poppy's kill zone, or finish them off.

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