Rammus Build Guide

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The Unstoppable Force - Rammus

written by malix11

Rammus Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    **UPDATED 4/13/10**

    This guide is intended to show you my playing style of Rammus, this is purely my opinions on how to play him. If you feel there is something that can be changed to better him, please comment, I welcome all comments.

    My style of playing Rammus is a pure defensive build with a kamikazi attack style. To me Rammus is the ultimate tank. I get a lot of comments from people saying that they always see people who play Rammus dying a lot, good! That is how Rammus should be played honestly. You can not play Rammus if you are afraid of dying or taking damage. I will explain what I mean in the strategy section.

  • Abilities

    Spiked Shell
    Perhaps the greatest skill Rammus has, and it is his passive bonus. 25% of his armor is added as bonus physical damage. In this build, this is very important. Rammus will get up to 260 attack damage if he gets all the items I recommend.

    This skill has multiple uses and is really valuable. Basically, he will curl into a spinning ball, and over time his movement speed will increase greatly. When he collides into enemies he deals a good bit of damage and also slows movement speed. This is great for charging into battles, chasing runners, running away, and ganking. I like to pair this with flash to help chase or gank.

    Defensive Ball Curl
    Another great skill, he crouches into a defensive stance and has increased armor (also bonus damage from passive bonus), deals damage taken back as magic damage, and also gets increased magic resistance.

    Puncturing Taunt
    Amazing skill for both protecting allies and killing enemies. Rammus taunts the enemy to attack him no matter what. For the few seconds the enemy is forced to attack Rammus, it could mean his death. If the enemy starts to run, taunt him back to finish him. If the enemy is attacking an ally, taunt him to you to allow your ally to run to safety. Doing this next to turrets is a good strategy because once the enemy hits oyu, your turret targets them instantly.

    His ultimate, and a good one at that. Deals AoE damage each second for 8 seconds. ONLY HAS A 60 SECOND COOLDOWN.

    This is what makes Rammus the unstoppable force. He already has high defense, but also an incredibly strong attack now too.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I have played around a lot with runes and masteries, and have discovered a few things.

    Before I used to do a full blown defensive build, my runes consisted of armor and magic resist. But I have actually played around with an ability power build, and find it to be much more effective at getting first blood. My rune tree gives +34 ability power, which boosts his powerball to 135 damage at rank one.

    For masteris I do a 22-0-8 build. 8 in utility to get the reduced time spent dead, increased experience gained, and improved ghost. In the offensive tree I get increased attack speed, increased crit chance, reduced cooldowns, bonus magic damage, increased damage, and increased critical damage.

  • Items

    Here is the list and order of items you should get for this build.

    1: Boots of Speed -> Cloth Armor -> Ninja Tabi

    These are the boots you will want because of the armor and dodge. Usually people don't get boots first thing to start a match, but if you train Powerball first and equip these, there is a good chance you can get a first blood kill.

    2: Warden's Mail -> Randuin's Omen

    I updated the guide to include this item when it is released because let's be honest, this item was made for Rammus. High armor, decent HP, HP regen, movement slowing, and ability cooldowns plus an active that slows movement and attack speed. I mean seriously? This item can not be passed up.

    3: Giant's Belt -> Chain Vest -> Sunfire Cape

    Why this item next? Easy, armor + hp + an AoE damager = great. You will see a pattern begin to evolve as we get to the last couple items. ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR.

    4: Chain Vest -> Cloak of Agility -> Atma's Impaler

    I decided to get this instead of the Frozen Heart because of 2 reasons, it gives Rammus' base attacks a decent crit chance and bonus damage in health. The Frozen Heart does give a nice cooldown reduction, however, Rammus' skills already have a low cooldown and I find Atma's Impaler to be much more useful. Besides, When Randuin's Omen is released it will take care of your ability cooldowns.

    5: Chain Vest -> Cloth Armor -> Thornmail

    Pair this with your defensive stance and you have high armor, high physical damage, and return damage back to the enemy. Can't ask for anything better.

    6: Aegis of the Legion

    This is a good cheap item to get for your 6th item. It gives armor, health, and magic resist to you and everyone else as it is an aura.


    Statistics from items:

    HP: 2998
    Armor: 424 (524 with Defensive Ball Curl activated)
    Damage: 275 (300 with Defensive Ball Curl activated)[/bold
    Magic Resist: 69 (169 with Defensive Ball Curl activated)

  • Summoner Spells

    For summoner spells I use Flash and Ghost.

    Before I used exhaust and heal, and I found them to be good for survivability. With ghost and flash however, you can almost always get a first blood. Plus when people do see you starting to Powerball in to gank, they can run, which means you have to chase. With ghost, you are already moving fast, which will let you get in for that gank quicker. Also when you pop your ultimate you can keep right up with them long enough for it to take them out.

    Flash because it can be used while in powerball and for the same reasons as ghost, to get into that gank quicker. Also for turret diving, this will let you chase for that last hit on the enemy and then flash out of the turret's range.

  • Skill Ordering

    Here is a basic skill ordering I use for leveling Rammus. (I DO NOT RECOMMEND SOLOING WITH RAMMUS IN THE BEGINNING, ALWAYS LANE WITH A PARTNER. It is a waste of your skill Puncturing Taunt if you lane by yourself. You are a tank, and a suicidal one at that, you must be with a partner [preferably DPS] to fully utilize Rammus's skills)

    1: Powerball

    2: Puncturing Taunt

    3: Powerball

    4: Defensive Ball Curl

    5: Powerball

    6: Tremors

    7: Puncturing Taunt

    8: Powerball

    9: Puncturing Taunt

    10: Powerball

    11: Tremors

    12: Puncturing Taunt

    13: Puncturing Taunt

    14: Defensive Ball Curl

    15: Defensive Ball Curl

    16: Tremors

    17: Defensive Ball Curl

    18: Defensive Ball Curl

    I use this skill order and get powerball first because the powerball can be used to initiate/end first fights before minion spawns. It slows your enemy, deals big damage, and will let you chase too. Then with Taunt maxed you can pull an enemy right into your turret and force them to attack you for a couple seconds.

  • Play Strategy

    Now the good part, how to play Rammus in this build. Like I said in the introduction of the guide, Rammus is a kamikazi, you want to be attacked, you are always the first one into the battle, and will most likely always die.

    [bold] For Soloing Enemy Champions

    You look at your mini map and you see an enemy champion lane pushing, you decide to go stop it. But why stop there? Why not kill the champion while you're at it? When you get about 2,000 range away from the enemy, start powerball. By the time you get to the mob, your powerball is close to max speed, and you will chase the enemy down, even if they see you starts to run. Next, Defensive Ball Curl, do this immediately as it gives you a boost in defense AND offense (remember, it gives bonus armor which is also bonus damage). Next, Tremor, and then taunt. If you have ghost, use that after the taunt. You should be able to kill the enemy champion and last long enough to kill the remaining mob with your tremor.

    For Charging Into An Enemy Charge

    This is where it gets fun. Rammus should always lead the group attack. Try to target the enemy's best DPS and Powerball into him. Taunt them immediately, and by then the rest of your team should be entering the battle. Defensive Ball Curl immediately after you taunt, and the Tremor. If you last long enough you will see that you can actually get 1-2 enemy kills because of your sunfire cape AoE, thornmail, defensive stance, high attack damage, and your tremor.

    For Farming

    Basically just Powerball into a minion that will let you hit the most minions around them at the same time. Between that and sunfire cape's AoE they should go down in 1-2 seconds.

    Defending Turrets

    I love to defend a turret that is being attacked. It is simple. Powerball the attacker, taunt them, and watch the turret kill them. Your Powerball will slow them and your taunt will force them to attack you. Anytime your champion gets attacked in the range of a turret, the turret will attack that champion. Also, if they decide to run away, pop ghost, flash, powerball, and tremor them down.

    This video shows great examples of how deadly Rammus can be.

  • Summary

    So in summary, this build is meant for you to be a greedy player. You want to be attacked, you want to be the focus of attention, this allows your team mates to do their business without any slows or interupts. Yes, you will die a lot, but that is your purpose as a tank.

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