Soraka Build Guide

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Soraka full support.

written by selenvar

Soraka Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Useful for when there are team fights

    almost completly useless, i guess you can get one level into it for team fights so you can lower there Mresist but i advise not getting it

    Astral Blessing
    Max this ASAP

    Max this after Astral blessing

    Make sure to watch your team mates hp when you're no where near by, or... if you're in vent with someone its easy to tell if they're dying (if they're like my vent people they'll start screaming NOO NOO NOOOOOOO) thats when you pop it.

  • Introduction

    Soraka, CAN NOT DO DAMAGE, i see all the time soraka trying to be all aggressive.. honestly its fun to gank them. who i would suggest laning with since she can't really solo since promote is gone now. is Malphite or chogath. anyone really tanky. it helps them. other sqishys is a bad choice because they die really fast so your heal won't be fast enough

    Soraka can heal everyone on your team instantly be sure to use that wisely

  • Items

    [item=Innervating Locket] this first, and infact get the Mana Manipulator very first thing, it helps you and your laning partner. especially malphite he has major mana problems. also, when you get the full thing, it heals everyone around you, and since you'll probably be using Heal on them anyway. it adds more to your heal.

    Aegis of the Legion another good support thing, it definatly helps your team mates in team fights.

    [item=Soul Shroud] i think you can see where i'm going with this..

    Btw this is in no particular order but innervating locket would be a good first choice anyway.

    Mercury's Treads For boots you want something that helps you escape. once they see that the other teams not dying and then they see oh, they have soraka, they'll target you first.

    Banshee's Veilagain another good escape item.

  • Skilling Order

    Astral Blessing Max this asap, because you'll probably be laning with a tank it gives them armor so it is amazing support.

    [spell=Infuse] Max this after astral blessing, you'll be getting this as your second skill. its very nice, becaus it heals your tanks MP or it will silence the other team. now since it does damage too you might be tempted to harass, sure.. go ahead.. and die... because you're so squishy, they'll kill you... it only does 100 dmg anyway so its really not worth it once you get to mid game.

    Wishwell, it heals everyone. everywhere.. if your gankplank accross the map is dying, and he has one hit left.. pop it. oh man now he needs 2 hits left. oh man but now he's behind his turret. you just saved his life. this also helps in team fights if you guys are loosing the fight. thats when you pop it.. and it has a 3rd use, for getting away if they've got you.. its instant no target cast and it heals you. kinda a waste because your cd takes so long but thats ok. THIS STACKS GREAT WITH AP.. so get some kind of AP item and you'll do fine. get zhonya's ring just to get it.. and you'll get an extra 250 hp outa the thing.

    Starcall honestly, this would be a waste of a skill point. its ok later game when you got team fights, and you have a lot of magic on your team, but.. really its pretty much useless... it does no damage. it scales awfully with AP and it does nothing to minions.. now if promote was in the game i would say to get this just so you could solo.. but pretty much not any more.

  • Summoner Abilities

    [spell=Fortify] defiantly want this, you know.. you're a support char, i've had it so that they tower dive me, but you can pop this when you're dead, so if they end of seeing oh soraka lol lets tower dive, you can pop fortify and kill them easy. or if they kill you you can still pop it.

    Promote haha i wish /sad

    [spell=Rally] another good support, it heals your whole team and does damage. get it why not..

    Heal eh. just a 3rd heal to piss people off really, its just kinda fun.. getting away because you popped 3 heals on yourself and then you see in all chat F*** YOU SORAKA

  • Pros / Cons

    i would say she is probably the best support in the game next to Taric and Janna
    Very useful in team fights.

    very squishy
    your team can get dependent on you. and get kinda cocky if you do it right.

  • Working in the team

    In a team, you want to stay back and heal, pretty much you're a priest you want to do nothing bot help your team. being there helps them too from the extra and whatnot that they get from your auras your passive is an aura even.. so..

    wish pop it whenever someone across the map is low and you don't want the other team getting kills.

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