Alistar Build Guide

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Alistar, The Walking Wall Mentality.

written by Tofumatica

Alistar Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    [spell=Colossal Strength]
    Alistar's passive. Basically a small boost to damage on turrets. Note the word SMALL.

    An AoE stun spell that stuns for two seconds, at all ranks. IMHO best stun in the game.

    Blitzcrank pulls shit to him, amumu pulls himself to shit. Alistar. Well. Alistar launches shit. Alistar puts shit where Alistar wants shit.

    Triumphant Roar
    Little healing skill that is out-shined by all other healing skills(that aren't passives at least), but still has it's uses. Definitely amazing for pushing, keeping your creeps alive, keeping yourself/others alive. Count it as an AoE Regen, considering it doesn't actually heal for much at max rank.

    Unbreakable Will
    This is what Alistar is known for(Besides being one of the most annoying dislocating characters in the game. You get turned into a walking wall. You take 70% less damage from everything for 8 seconds, and gain an increase in AD. It will also break you out of whatever CC is on you at the time, however it won't take off Morgana's red line of OHSHIT.

  • Introduction

    There are plenty of good guides on what items to actually use on Alistar, if you came here looking for that, you'll just have to use this link Evo and be happy with it. Honestly, it's the best guide they have out there for itemization IMO. It runs smoothly and will make your life easier. This guide isn't for builds. This is to teach you how to think, what to do, and how to be the walking, scary as shit wall that is Alistar.

    Combat Theory for short.

  • Skilling Order

    1) Pulverize[bold]. There really shouldn't be a reason to not get this skill first, everytime. Out of every skill that Alistar has, this is the best starter. Its an AoE two seconds stun that deals damage, it can save your ass if something unexpected happens, or can make that gank that much easier.

    2) [bold]Roar[bold]. Some people may argue with this one, I'd tell them to quit their bitching. I play offensively enough that during level 1, I will try hard for first blood, I usually take the front of the damage, but if not, the other person in the lane will take the front of the damage(unless the opposing side just attempts to flee.)

    3) [bold]Roar[bold]. I continue harassing just fine with Pulverize, and keep myself/other laner alive with roar. Remember, pulverize is a two second stun. When you launch them into the air, you basically can auto attack them twice, the other person in your lane should also be attacking them, you will make due with just pulverize until four, this will make sure you stay alive, your pushing skill stays up, and the member who's with you stays alive also.

    4) [bold]Headbutt[bold]. Now you have one of the most annoying combos in the game. Something that will make people ragequit in solo ques, occasionally in premades if done to them enough. From this point on, it can go one of two ways for how you are going to abuse the hell out of their team. There's the Headbutt+Pulverize, or the Pulverize+Headbutt. I'll go into details later.

    5) [bold]Pulverize
    . There's some people who may prefer getting Headbutt over Pulverize first, or maybe getting roar upped higher before everything else. It all depends on your gameplay. But IMHO, Pulverize is a more reliable source of damage, and remember, it is AoE, Headbutt is only one target and does barely more damage than Pulverize, and sometimes you won't even want to use headbutt because they'll cleanse out of your stun, which would mean headbutting them, if they actually move(which they will) will put them in a spot where you don't want them (Aka closer to their team or just in a spot that doesn't benefit your team, at all).

    6) Unbreakable Will. Ali's Wall Ult. It should be pretty obvious as to why you should get this. It lets you turret dive, it lets you hit shit harder, it makes you harder to kill, if used correctly, this will save your life and you'll still have people focusing you while you gtfo.

    From here on out, it's Unbreakable > Pulverize > Headbutt > Roar. Usually, I find two ranks of roar will last me, but if they're pushing harder than you expected, feel free to pick up another rank of roar, it will boost you up quicker.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Good Ideas

    The first spell I grab. Currently the best spell you can grab for Alistar, if you want to add your own thing to your own Ali, that's cool. Just grab flash.

    The other spell I normally use. It allows you to become a really, really, really fast charging & intimidating cow that WILL launch somebody back unless they get out of every which way. Even then you'll most likely snag somebody.

    A good choice, as long as you aren't trying to use it for kills and such late game, then you're failing. If nobody on your team has ignite, it's probably a good idea to sack ghost for it. If you run into a team with Soraka or Kayle, it'll make you happy that you did. Basically, it allows you to make sure (unless cleanse or invul pop in) that the person you just sent flying back into your team, dies, and no heals can save it. But in all honesty, normally what ever Ali sends flying back, dies, nearly instantly.

    Decent Ideas

    I don't do it, but it does let you pop around the map every 300 seconds, I mean, you could walk there with boots of mobility or swiftness, but if you don't use those then well, could be a good investment.

    Cleanse paired up with UW will basically turn you into a nearly un-snairable cow. You don't have to worry about stuns, you don't have to worry about being caught, you don't have to worry about ignite or other dots. You don't really have to worry about much. You just turned into something most people will not want to touch.

    I don't really suggest it, but since Alistar has a ton of hp, I can understand why you'd want to. I'm not going to tell you you shouldn't use this, but there are definitely better things.

    Everything Else


  • Alistar, How to be a Wall

    Pulverize+Headbutt, To Cause Rage
    Let's face it, RIOT did something right when they decided to give the character that basically turns INVUL for 8 seconds, every 80 seconds at max rank(Less than that considering you'll most likely be using CDR). So what you have here is an instant wall, that goes where he pleases. And where does Alistar want to go? Into the other team's group.

    Have some people in the woods waiting for you to bait something? Well you just baited their team, you just stunned them, and you just decided who got to die because you ARE launching them towards your team, into the woods, WHERE THEY DIDN'T SEE IT COMING ): *Note, it's usually a bad idea to send a tank*

    "BUT THAT'S JUST SUICIDE, 5v1!?!?!" Your ****** needs to go away. You are Alistar. You do not have a ******, you have a ****, the most massive **** known to the universe. Quit being a *****.

    You have unbreakable will, you have two skills that are there to dislocate shit. Yeah. You're moving people where you want to move people. Do you want to move them towards towards their team? NOPE, you want to move them towards your team, and you want them to die, you want them to die, repeatedly, you want them to CRY. You WILL find a target in that group of five that IS going to get targeted. (It's most likely going to be the thing that hurts the most, aka, biggest dps) Launch that target all the time unless that target is not there, then pick on somebody else. But each time they are there, make sure you launch them, again. You will piss the shit out of them.

    Have you ever heard somebody complain over and over because of an Alistar launching somebody into death, only targeting them? Get used to it. You're going to do it. You're going to enjoy it

    Staying Low Life

    Staying low life actually provokes people into attacking you instead of other people (Though it becomes harder to do with a lot of health regen, annnd trying to keep your team up in health with roar). But if you're 35%-50% hp, chances are, some people are going to decide that since you are a major prick, they'll try to get rid of you first. Knowing that you're low, some people will blow stuns, will blow ults, will blow things that should be saved for things that actually die, considering Ali's ult is a big "NO" to death+CC, things get wasted on a low HP ali, for a glimmer of hope just to kill him, which fails, utterly. With them deciding to come close to you for an attack, it also means you're closer to them, which means it's easier to pulverize+launch+gtfo without actually having to blow flash or ghost to get closer, saving it for an escape or an easier set up next time with less people to do it against.

    To be a Prick, VIA Roar

    Roar can be used to prevent the opposing side from getting gold in the laning phase, especially if they're in defensive turret land. That creep that's low on hp annnnd is about to get murdered by that other player? Well it just got roar healed, hit by a player, and is now turret fodder. Sure, they still get xp, but -25g is -25g, and it really does add up. Same thing for when it's not near a turret, and is getting nailed by minions, you can make that minion die to minions vs another player, it's just harder to pull off.

    Unbreakable Will, how to use it Correctly
    I don't understand some Alistars that I see just pop UW whenever they're taking damage, no, you don't pop it right away. Pop it when you're at 35-50% and getting face smashed. Look, you take 70% less damage, FROM ALL SOURCES. Yeah. So. Let's say you have 60% armor reduction from items, and 50% magical resistance from items. When you pop UW, you take 70% less damage of whatever you were taking before. So that 40% that was left from armor, let's just say you were taking 300. You're taking 90 damage instead.

    Now the issue is "BUT I ONLY HAS 35-50% HPS ):" Most simple builds for Ali, at 18, will have more than 3k hp. Which means 1.5k+ hp at 50%. Put in the fact that you'll be taking 90 damage from melee SPELLS/ATTACKS, and around the same for spells, maybe 100 more. You'll be okay. Quit whining. What you're effectively doing is causing people to focus you vs other people because you're low life, but hell, you don't die. So it'll be okay

    *Note* this strat just works against mostly everyone you've messed with the entire game, if you haven't messed with people and scared the shit out of them, they may just ignore you. If they do, well, they're going to just have you marching around, taking no damage, while stunning+launching people in a mad cow rage.


    This is basically the same concept as Pulverize+Headbutt, but just a different order. Doing it this way will allow you to punt somebody and have them stunned for two seconds afterwards. What you need to do is tap headbutt on some character and then tap pulverize, incredibly fast, keep doing it until you stun. If done Quickly enough, you will pulverize right after you just headbutted, while they're still in range, which means they will be launched to where you wanted them, and they will be stunned there. This works better if you actually run up behind people and headbutt them, or flash behind them and start it up, because you don't want to launch them into an area you don't need them(unless you're by yourself, then it helps for escaping when someone is stunned a distance away from you).

  • Wall Launching

    As Blitzcrank can send his fist through walls, and amumu can send himself through walls to stun, you can send people through walls. It's highly entertaining.

    You can launch people through EVERY wall. Whether it's a base wall, or whether it's some trees, or maybe into baron, maybe out of baron, where EVER you want to launch something, if done correctly, it will be there when you want it to be there, or not there when you don't want it to be there.

    Also fun to mention that Ali rocks faces VS blitz's on the other team(same team also, but for a different principle). Getting pulled on Ali is like getting pulled into a candy shop, you just got pulled closer to their team, which means someone from their team is going to get launched, considering, well. Ali, does NOT die. Diving in front of a blitz's fist who was trying to pull someone else is fun, entertaining, and benefiting your team. Same ideas as stated before. What people tend to do is blow things that should be saved for other people, on whatever his fist has just grabbed, in hopes of murdering it to make it 4v5. Well, if you're Ali, and you get pulled, opposite happens. One of them die, and well, Ali walks away with a few scratches. Ali is a hoss.

  • Laning Partners


    Basically anything with a stun can be an amazing laning partner for Alistar. Basically you have a two second stun paired with another stun, annnnd normally, that just means death. It's fun. I've even had an amazing time with Malzahar as a laning partner. You push hard, you keep shit in his circle, you keep shit stunned, and you keep shit in pain. Most of all, you keep shit dead. All the time.


    Soraka, Kayle, Taric, anything with a heal can be a stupid good combo with Ali. Probability of you or your laner dying is low, unless they're stupid as shit, then you were screwed either way.


    Anything with range is definitely beneficial to Ali, it makes murdering things way easier, since whenever something is stunned, they don't even have to run up to hit it, they just wreck it's face from afar, they can keep their distance from the other opposing side's laner, and just pump whatever full of arrows/bullets/darts. A good teemo is fun to lane with. An Ashe can make your lane hilariously easy. Ez is the same. Never laned with a corki but I could see it going well.

    High HP characters

    Some of these actually fall into the first category, but I'm just going to list these as the guys without stuns with a lot of HP. I don't enjoy laning with Olaf, mostly because the only good ones I've ever played with have jungled, so I never laned with them either way. Mundo is fun as shit, Singed is a blessing to everything that is Ali. You heal minions, you dislocate+stun, Singed dislocates+poisons. Shit gets moved, far, You can send shit from nearly half lane to turret land with Ali+singed. Blitzcrank makes shit hilarious. First blood is one of the easiest things to do with this comp.

    Honestly, I prefer High HP/Tank characters over most laning partners, with the exceptions of Malzahar/Soraka/Ashe/Ez.


    Alistar can lane with anyone, he just shines with certain people. Try laning with an ashe/ez/Malzahar/Blitz/Mundo/Taric. You'll understand what I mean. As long as they don't suck with their character at least.

  • Alistar, VS other tanks

    Yeah, shen is a boss. He has an AoE taunt, deals damage, world wide tele. Amumu has a pull-to stun and an ult that locks people in place+%dots while in proximity. Rammus rolls fast, taunts, a douche of an ult,has defensive curl, and probably has fire capes n all. None of these tanks are as intimidating as a good Ali. Alistar isn't afraid of players. Alistar isn't afraid of dying(because Alistar does not die easy). Alistar walks into people(quite quickly), smashes their faces, and then punts someone, helplessly into a giant mob of eager opposing players who are definitely willing to end that poor creature quickly. Alistar is a big walking wall of wreck face. No, he doesn't deal a lot of damage, but he does, however, do his job correctly and quite effectively. He scares the shit out of people.

  • Pros / Cons

    Ability to piss people off
    Best dislocation spells in the game (IMHO)
    Nearly Indestructible

    Shitty damage output (If you go AP, I will probably punch you in the face if I ever see you. Yes, Ali's ratios for his damaging spells are 1:1. His CD is waaaay too long, this is why I always lol whenever I see that I'm up against an AP ali.)
    Slow without mobility boots/swiftness

  • Farming

    Last hitting. Most people find it hard on Ali, but it's actually quite easy, since you shouldn't bother actually trying to last hit things on him, you should just hit things with him. Walking up and smacking minions without bothering to move too often is what's great about being Ali in the laning phase. Roar. If someone is going to get close enough to hit you, it means they're in range for a pulverize+headbutt, even if it's ranged(at least if flash is up). And being Ali, well, you can take some abuse, back up, heal up, and go at it again. I've gotten past the idea of trying to last hit things on him and ended up making gold easier, and setting up kills easier just by standing there and hitting things. It also makes pushing quicker(slightly).

    Now, this isn't saying that last hitting is a terrible idea when you don't want to push hard or you're low life and you need to chill and heal. You're just in better positioning for a kill when you're mindlessly swinging on minions, waiting for some poor soul to attack you, which they will, and they will regret it, and they will fear you afterwards.

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