Ryze Build Guide

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How to play Ryze for Dummies

written by Apothem

Ryze Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Arcane Mastery
    Using spells = all other spell cooldowns are reduced by 1.

    Your main skill. No questions asked.

    Rune Prison
    Good support and trapping for Overload.

    Spell Flux
    Honestly is a useless skill, but good for early game to farm.

    Desperate Power
    Helps to nuke champions down to low life (or to death).

  • What Ryze Is

    Ryze is very squishy. What does that mean? Do NOT go in front of your team mates. Always come out when your team dives into a battle and HELP nuke the champion you believe is the strongest. Knowing this, you should always encourage a champion who can initiate to go in. If you see a team mate being chased and you're pretty close, do help Prison the enemy to save him.

    Ryze is NOT a carry (in my opinion), no matter how much damage he can output. He's more of a support. Why? Because after he uses his spells, he becomes useless for a few seconds. His support comes mainly to help destroy at least one of the enemy champions so your own team can try and finish the rest. But as said, that is my opinion and you can think of him as whatever you want.

  • Good Initiators

    This list is for champions who I believe benefit the team to help initiate so that you can later jump in and destroy enemy champions. You should at least have one of these guys/gals.

    External Image
    Alistar - Jumps right in and knocks up + stuns, possibly pushing someone to your team.

    External Image
    Amumu - Bandage to enemy + AoE bind.

    External Image
    Annie - AoE stun = best thing ever.

    External Image
    Ashe - Ultimate helps stun an enemy.

    External Image
    Fiddlesticks - Ultimate out of nowhere + Zhonya = rape.

    External Image
    Malphite - Knockup is useful and the charging in also helps. Sometimes better than Alistar because of this.

    External Image
    Rammus - Powerball in to slow, ultimate to do AoE damage, Defensive Curl to return damage, and taunting. All very useful.

    External Image
    Singed - In my opinion he's more of a hit and miss; either he can survive charging in and throwing someone back or will die in the process.

    External Image
    Taric - Can constantly heal and stun.

    External Image
    Veiger - "AoE" stun/trapping.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ghost + Ignite
    Ghost is for chasing to finish off someone / run from death.
    Ignite is for the finisher - the thing which helps you early game (and sometimes mid and late)

    Helps you early game. Never need it after that.

    It's like a pseudo Ghost. In fact, it can save your life from DPS champions.

    It helps to remove mediocre stuff like stunning (but NOT ignite!)

    Transportation is nice every now and then.

    Sometimes better than Ghost because it's a jump instead of a walk. I prefer Ghost, though, because it potentially helps me move closer to enemy champions.

  • Masteries

    External Image

  • Skilling Order

  • Starting Items

    Sapphire Crystal + Mana Potion
    Do NOT use the Mana potion at all. Start killing minions as much as you can until you get 580 gold. Once you get that, hurry go back to the spawning pool to buy your Early Items (see below).

  • Early Items

    Tear of the Goddess
    Sorcerer's Shoes
    Blasting Wand

    Archangel's Staff

    Once you get that Tear, start SPAMMING your spells at ANYTHING you want. Why? Because Ryze's Overload synergies come from Mana. And from using just three of your spells, you get 1 more damage. And remember that Mana potion? Well, it comes in handing when you're spamming.

    After awhile you should be able to solo Golem with REWQ combo and a few Overloads/Spell Fluxes.

    When you get a few more kills/more gold, get more Archangel Staffs.

  • Ryze vs Magic Resist

    Get Void Staff RIGHT AWAY when you notice enemy champion(s) getting items like Negatron, Banshee's Veil, Force of Nature, etc. This will really help knock down their resistance to nearly nothing.

  • Ryze vs little or no Magic Resist

    It's rare but it happens. If enemy champion(s) fail to get magic resistance, it's your lucky day. This build helps maximize Ryze's AP. Get Zhonya's Ring last because that's probably the only time when Zhonya's effects outranks the Archangel's effects.

  • Ryze for Dummies

    After you obtain one or two Archangel Staffs, your Overload should do over 500 damage and with a simple EWQ combo you can nuke approximately half of most squishies (if not more) life. I believe I was able to drop a squishy who had 2k of life to nothing with the basic REWQI combo. though.

    If someone has full (or nearly full) life, always REWQI. Otherwise you're better off just EWQ-ing them. If they aren't dead by then, you have the choice of either following them to Q/E/W them or walking away. If a team mate is near you, feel free to walk away as s/he finishes off your victim.

    If you're up to the Inner Turrets, you really should go help because Ryze with a few Archangels does ~80+ or so more damage (per Archangels) to the Turrets, Inhibitors, and Nexus. Most importantly if your team defeated all enemy champions with or without your help, do encourage pushing until enemy champion respawns. I don't know how many games I've played where my team was winning but NEVER pushed. What was the result? Normally enemy champions get better items and, well, they reversed the situation + won. This advice isn't just for Ryze - it's for all champions.

    Note: REWQI means Press R, press W and click on your victim, press E and click on your victim, press Q and click on your victim, and finally press the button for Ignite and click on your victim.
    EWQ is basically the same thing but without the R and I.

  • Changes

    - Removed Singed from the "Good Initiators" list. Thinking about it, Singed's fling is not useful to start a team fight. It's similar to Blitzcrank's grab-and-be-useless combo.