Heimerdinger Build Guide

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Heimerdinger The Solo Survivor

written by lamcire

Heimerdinger Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Techmaturgical Repair Bots
    Hey Heimerdinger's passive can heal towers it just takes forever...
    The good thing about it allowing your tower to tank some damage when you are defending defend it.

    H-28G Evolution Turret
    Massively NERFED. It use to be three turrets but now its only two.
    -the Turrets can be explained in the positioning guide down below.

    Hextech Micro-Rockets
    Long range but hits the closest 3 enemy can't really aim it :(
    The rockets are great for getting kills and harrassing as long you can position yourself where it hits the three closest target.
    -Will be explained in positioning guide down below

    [spell=CH-1 Concussion Grenade]
    Very slow travel time. :(
    You have to predict their movement before and place it way ahead and calculate in the travel time.
    -Will be explained in positioning guide.

    Free COOLDOWN REDUCTION up to 20%.
    This skill is one the best move for peels and a fat deterrent to keep champions off your turrets.

  • Introduction

    This guide its meant to EXPLOIT Heimerdinger True abilities of his turrets with Placements(If he had THREE turrets), Positioning, wasting people abilities, and wasting your opponents time and utilizing every ability as a deterrent.

    Heres a Quick cap of everything:

    There will be a video later on.

    -its suppose give suggestions what to do or what item to use against certain classes

  • Masteries + Runes

    Greater Mark of Insight x9
    More damage so your abilities and turrets can start racking up damage.

    Greater Seal of Clarity x9
    When playing in mid or even lane'ing against two opponents, having spare mana is great for PRESSURE/HARASSING, and Support your turrets. AND since your farming a lane by yourself you gain levels faster then most people making Greater Seal of Clarity better Greater Seal of Replenishment

    Greater Glyph of Focus x9
    Faster cool downs for dropping more turrets quickly/more rockets/more grenades.

    These Runes are suppose to give you the edge on lane'ing against others starting off you have a ton of mana regen to mess around and 14.85% cooldown reduction off the start of the game.

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
    Is great for the early game survival which is really recommended since Heimerdinger is extremely squishy and slow.


  • Items

    Item you would want to start:
    Opening- Doran's Ring + Health Potion.

    These item are suppose to give you more Survivability/MP5/AP at the start so you can be able lane and pressure more.

    ---If Someone is Stealing your Golem Buff---

    Next item you should get is Chalice of Harmony
    Because early game your having more mana allows you to play more offensively.


    Next item:
    Depending how well you control mid lane as Heimerdinger or solo lane you must grab Boots of Speed, Needlessly Large Rod and a Vision Ward or Sight Ward if you are worried about ambushed.

    Reason for these item-

    1:If your turrets actually does a large amount of damage people are more likely to play more defensive while you can push foward.

    2:On the way back from to your lane I generally grab golem by this time. I am generally level 8.

    3:With the golem buff you gain mass amount of mana regeneration and cooldown reduction you can relentlessly fire your skills to harass and push back other champions back.

    4:Rushing [item=zhonya's ring] is Amazing for Stalling and allowing your turrets to rack up damage while they wait for you to break out. If they go for your turrets Cancel Zhonya's Ring and Take your chance to flee or you'll be a sitting duck. And you Can Utilize your ability such as the GRENADE to keep them in place for a kill or to create more distance between you and the enemies.

    Next item: Finish up your [item=zhonya's ring] then start working on your next piece which are generally Finish up or Boots and Archangel's Staff.

    Archangel's Staff generally solves Heimerdinger's mana issue and having a huge pool of mana is awesome. plus free AP.

    ---Many people say ask: why don't zhonya's first---
    1. You waste less mana to do the more damage.
    2. Farm faster with the turrets and Zhonya's active makes you live and have kills. (so you can buy Tear of the Goddess right after)
    3. When your opponents know you hit like a truck they wouldn't think twice trying to rush you.
    4. You can apply pressure much more easily and you can push much faster.
    5. Any who you should have tears of the goddest with in like 5mins after your zhonyas and if you have Golem Buffs just go crazy with your abilities.
    6. Grabbing the pieces of Tear of the Goddess but you lose your survivability early game since you lose the extra 120 hp + ap + mana regen.
    AND sure getting tears off the bat is nice and all (efficient for end game) but early game you cannot put out any abilities because like casting like 2-3 abilities consecutively destroy your mana, and even the mana regen you get is nice but it is not enough to keep you going because if you can't harass hit hard with your harassing abilities they would just kill your turrets and ignore Hiemerdinger.

    Boots its purely situational:
    Mercury's Treads
    Against Caster and Slow effects such as Champions slow effects which would help you get away or allow you to keep up the pace.

    Sorcerer's Shoes
    More damage or if you don't know what to get.

    Ninja Tabi
    Useful against basic attack carries.

    Boots of Swiftness
    If you don't what to get. Useful for kiting and keep out of peoples range.


    Next item: by the time you get Void Staff you should be close to wining game already if not grab Rod of Ages. then grab Void Staff.

    reason for theses item:
    1:larger HP/MP pools always nice to have since Heimer has like less then 1900 hp at level 18.

    2: Void Staff spell penetration that should be enough to explain.

    3:even tho Rod of Ages is not the best item to grab at end game its still nice to grab regardless.

    If your fed Ridiculously you should have these item towards end game.

    [item=zhonya's ring] Archangel's Staff Void Staff Rod of Ages and Guardian Angel
    why Guardian Angel is because if your difficult to kill enough the first time they can't kill you the second time because while the animation for guardian angel is in effect your turrets should be shoot them down preparing you for a free kill.

    I'm generally not a big fan of getting stack item such as Mejai's Soulstealer because not consistent and its only item you would get if you are clearly dominating the other team but hey anything can happen. And most of my game I have over 10 assist and like 2+ kills its mainly because Heimerdinger can't Target with his skills. getting to max stacks is a little slow for Heimerdinger.

  • Skilling Order

    First 1 point all abilities.

    First priority: H-28G Evolution Turret + UPGRADE!!!
    Because it is Heimerdinger signature ability plus you heavy rely on it.

    Second priority: Hextech Micro-Rockets[spell=CH-1 Concussion Grenade]
    whatever suits to your play style.

    Hextech Micro-Rockets: Surprisingly most of your kill count comes from this ability.

    [spell=CH-1 Concussion Grenade]: this skill allows you to survive against almost everything.
    The blind effect- Destroy carries such Twisted Fate, Olaf, Ashe, Tristana, Tryndamere and etc whoever relies on basic attacks to kill.
    The Stun effect- its stun its automatically amazing.


  • Summoner Abilities

    Cleanse + Ghost
    Cleanse is amazing skill for survival it breaks you out of Every Crowd Control possible then combo it with your other ability to flee away to safety or run in circle around your turrets and watch Champions chase while your shooting your abilities of and turrets dwindling the champions health away.

    Cleanse + Flash
    Its a great combo BUT after that fact is can you out run the enemy?

    Ghost + Flash
    Its a good only if you can predict every champion move.

    I perfer these ability over Clarity because most of my games I get both golem buffs and Cleansing the RIGHT ABILITY saves your life.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros: Heimerdinger has amazing ability to farm, push, support, control and burst other champions.
    Heimerdinger abilities and items allow to exploit his turrets to the maximum potential basically getting free attacks while delaying, slowing and manipulating champions.

    1.All Heimerdinger's ability do not always attack/hit the target you desire. So you have to position yourself or kill all the minions before hand in order to kill a champion.
    2.All of Heimerdinger's ability cost tons of mana early game.
    3.Heimerdinger has very small amount of HP and MP.

  • Working in the team

    Heimerdinger role is to support his Team with peels with [spell_text=CH-1 Concussion Grenade], supportive fire with all of his abilities, and blocking off areas with his turrets

  • Champions That Counters Heimerdinger

    The ability to close distance and catch you:
    Ezreal- Arcane Shift
    Kassadin- Riftwalk
    Nidalee- Pounce
    Xin Zhao- Audacious Charge
    Vladimir- Sanguine Pool
    Tristana-Rocket Jump
    Akali- Shadow Dance
    Amumu- Bandage Toss
    Tryndamere- Spinning Slash
    Katarina- Shunpo

    The champion that are very annoying just to lane against:
    Morgana - She aoe farming minions and your turrets.
    Mordekaiser - He will eat your turrets damage and farm minions and harass you all at once.
    Kog'Maw - Out range your turrets
    Janna - her shield "Eye Of The Storm" absorb alot of your damage so shes can freely do what she wants.
    Vladimir - Infinite mana and heals off your turrets.
    Sivir - Ricochet just hits everything.
    Zilean - Aoe farms you and your minions and your turrets all at once -by bombing his own minions.
    Ezreal - massive reach with his abilities
    Karthus - massive reach with his abilities
    Anivia - massive reach with its abilities and Heimerdinger can get caught in Anivia's Flash Frost easily, plus it can aoe farm your turrets.
    Nunu - Consume all your turrets because his cooldown are faster.

  • My Personal Play Style

    I play close to near death. Luring people into your turrets then using Zhonya's ring to delay my death while turrets and my team jumping in and help and have Guardian Angel as a backup. Playing aggressive is great because suppressing a lane gives your team a advantage to play freely because it general takes more then 2 people to hold back Heimerdinger when he had THREE TURRETS. (opponents are forced to share a lane and experience while your teams pushing the other lane which much ease.)
    (Heimerdinger Cannot be aggressive without a great amount of Mana regen a.k.a. Golem Buff or Soraka's Infuse ability)

    One thing to remember as playing Heimerdinger there is no need to get close to other enemy champion unless your trying to sneak in a Hextech Micro-Rockets or trying to drop [spell=CH-1 Concussion Grenade] at point blank.

  • Positioning Guide

    This is a Rough Draft.
    The Voice over sucks and yeah give comments on the youtube so i can fix it up better for everyone. keep in mine it's gonna be bad. It's suppose to visually help you see where to stand at against certain champions. its gonna need a lot of refining to do.

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