Alistar Build Guide

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Aggressive Alistar Build

written by Mx0

Alistar Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    [spell=Colossal Strength]
    Very useful for taking down towers before the opposing team comes and ganks you.

    Alistar's must have spell at the beginning. The stun time is a fair amount considering you can also still attack them while they are in the air. (P.S. The Outer Space Bug only occurs when the enemy champion is very close to a wall the chances are somewhat low and unexpected)

    Just more to enjoy, must be wisely used.

    Triumphant Roar
    Gives you a fair amount of healing for yourself during the laning phase so you don't have to blue pill as much.

    Unbreakable Will
    Alistar's best spell since the damage/magic reduction reaches 70% as well as gaining 60/75/90 extra damage. It also removes crowd control.

  • Before Reading

    I disagree that Alistar has to always the take the role as the tank hes still a great initiator nonetheless, the problem why there are so much dissent with a lot of these types of Alistar builds is because people do not know how to utilize Alistar to his potential and feel as these builds will never work. Alistar is my main and I've made a lot of builds work and I find tank builds to be very counter productive later in the game because your gonna depend on your allies to deal all the damage but only to find your allies being singled out and yourself coming last. Now is it Alistar's fault there IMO no! because having to wait at least 10 secs for every of his spells will not help as much as you think. (I PLAY A LOT OF SOLO QUEUE so it's hard to find players who understands how I play Alistar) Headbutting is also very Location Reliant if you want it to be effective. Also Alistar can farm as well as any other champion who does not have easy farming spells but how you might ask? Its all about MICRO - not making unnecessary movements as well getting last hits and not AUTOING. Well some people will disagree because there's obviously still a lot more players on League of Legends who have never had the chance to sharpen these BASICS because they have never experienced DOTA, which relies heavily on MICRO. Also most people looking at these guides are either using it just as reference for a basic build which they will improve on themselves in game depending on how it's going or the set of enemy heroes, which is good in my opinion. But there will also be a lot Alistar players who does not cut it when meeting the requirements for bringing out Alistar's true potential and rant about how impossible the build is(FOR THEM). Well if they are following the guide 100% then I'd say that's as bad as going the Recommended build. My Motto is Never Blame the Champion, Blame the Player. ALISTAR DOES NOT COST 1350 Influence points for nothing. They really need to change his Difficulty to say Medium at least... hes obviously not easy if you can hardly find a really good Alistar ever in a game. (Very Underplayed)

  • Introduction

    Hi, this is my first Champion Guide. I decided to make this guide because well Alistar is my favorite champion and I've chose him 97% of the time ever since the beta. After viewing many of the builds for Alistar on this site, I found myself dissatisfied because he's always introduced as a healer/tank/support champion (boring). I've used to play him as a tank build champion awhile back but I found myself too reliant on my allies for the damage output and when that doesn't work out I find myself alone as the dead bodies of my allies are next to me.. fearing my own death from the still walking enemy champions I attempt to escape only to find myself getting ultra-slowed and dying shortly after. If you've played Alistar you would understand how slow he is.. (He wont get away even with Ghost if you get slowed while using it.) He needs an extra 5 base movement speed -_- IMO. Well this build will be a DPS Alistar Build. I've also tried AP Alistar as well but I find this build more effective than AP. I recommend this build for elite players only.. because only then will it be a viable option. This build will allow you to shutdown (MURDER) one of the enemy champions even if they are all together. Hes a real Minotaur now =). This build does work I've tried it many's all about how good the Player/Summoner can micro their champion.

  • Pros / Cons

    Very effective against fragile heroes who does not stack armor.
    Good slow
    Very unexpected
    Good for early-late game and Mid game.
    Very good Solo hero (can finally kill heroes who have full health by himself)

    Must be very cautious against Mages (If their AP is to high)
    If the game last to long this build might become a problem.
    Becomes very difficult if there are two tanks on the opposing team.

  • Skilling Order

    Pulverize is Alistar's most used spell so why not get it first.

    Headbutt comes second but, why wouldn't Triumphant Roar be third? Well in my opinion if your not doing so well in the laning phase then by all means level it . Although I find the extra magic damage from Headbutt a lot better because you can always use potions if your low on health. It's all about knowing when to avoid tanking the unnecessary amount of damage from the minion wave.

    Unbreakable Will is a must because it can be used to help you tower dive at low health opponents if they aren't cautious. It will also become very effective later on because once activated you you get a whopping 90 extra damage. Also removes crowd control.

  • Strategies

    How you play Alistar can effect how a game goes for the entire team. You must be aggressive, that's why you have that ULTIMATE. Also you should always try to Headbutt one of the enemy champions into your allies by taking the long route and getting behind them and even tanking some tower damage. (Only do so when all of the enemy champs aren't there tho... and when your allies are in front of the them)

    Regular Attack:

    He has a high base attack damage, but people don't exploit it why?
    Here are their reasons: The champion moves to slow and his attack rate is obviously slow also.
    Well this is how I answer them: You are obviously still a noob... if you still just Auto with champions who have slow meele attack speed. Alistar can deal atleast 3 extra hits on an enemy hero if they dont use Flash/Ghost or any of the sort. But How? Well its called Hit and Run. Not Run back but Run Forward. Once you have finished with the first attack animation run ahead of the enemy champ quickly then strike another blow I'm sure you will be able to do it. Also with Pulverize theres a high possibility that you can deal 4 to 5 hits on the enemy champion. 2 hits after the stun since Pulverize stuns for 2 secs. Then 2 more after using the Hit and Run forward strategy. He has very high base damage so it will take out a nice amount of health during the laning phase.


    Hmm.. The AOE of Pulverize is quite low isn't it and its easy to miss with it if your forcing it to much. But its obviously effective when walking in the path of the direction where they are trying to flee, but what if you want to get a Pulverize on a enemy hero during the laning phase. What if they are also quite cautious about getting out of the Pulverize range to? Well here is a trick. Run straight at them, they will try to keep their distance from you by moving back closer to their tower, chase them for about 2 secs then run back to the lane and strike one of the minions. They will most likely come back by then, but you should immediately run towards them again. If they are still being cautious and keep their distance then good job you got them to play along and they will feel as though they will always be one step ahead of your Pulverize. Try running back to the minions again but watch their movements. They will most likely run back towards the minion wave. Well this is the best time for you turn around quickly, NOW BOTH of you are running towards each other you will be able to get in range for Pulverize depending on how well you played this game =) otherwise he will notice it and take steps back again. This usually works well if you try to micro your Champion like a noob. Fool those Idiots. HAAHAHHA


    Don't you hate it when noob Alistars headbutt the low-health enemy champs away. So we should only resort to using Headbutt when were directly behind the enemy champion. WRONG!!! Headbutt is your second STUN.. yes I said STUN although its not classified as a STUN it will delay the enemy hero from taking any action. Are you sure about that? Well its all about where you use it. It can obviously knock enemy champions over cliffs and certain walls but that's not always a good thing. So its important to know the spots where you CANNOT PUSH THEM OVER WALLS or CLIFFS. Why you might ask? Well because Headbutting an enemy Champion into a wall causes them to have at least a 1 sec delay from taking any action, thus a 1 sec stun. Why does that happen? I'm not to sure but my guess is because the enemy champion is supposedly still in the motion of being pushed by the full amount of distance that Headbutt allows therefore they are stuck for the same amount of time for the distance to be reached by a regular Headbutt done in open space to be concluded. So its very important to time your Headbutts and slam them into walls they would never expect it to actually aid you instead of helping them get some distance from your Pulverize.

    Headbutt + Pulverize Combo:

    1. Run around the lane and flank the enemy hero without being spotted and then headbutt them from behind into the range of your Ally who's laning and then go forward for a Pulverize. Repeat with Hit and Run.
    2. Get in to closer range then the maximum amount of range headbutt allows then Headbutt and immediately cast Pulverize this will increase the chances of Cancelling into a Pulverize with the help of the gained distanced from Headbutt. (Theres been a known bug where the enemy champion does not get effected by both Headbutt and Pulverize even when casted in Open Space when using this Combo.)
    3. Headbutt an enemy champion into a wall as long as your are directly perpendicular to them it should give you enough time to cover the extra distance and Pulverize them.

    Pulverize + Headbutt Combo:
    1. Run towards the enemy champion and Pulverize them then get behind them and push them towards your allies or the nearby tower. Its also very effective to use it when almost all of your opponents minion wave are about to die so that your own minion wave will attack the enemy champion that you just sent flying into the middle of them.
    2. Get in range of the enemy hero and Pulverize them, use regular attack on them once and then push them again into a wall for another 1 sec stun.

    Ghost + Pulverize + Unbreakable Will + Activate Yomuu Ghostblade + Auto Attack + and Hit and Run when Necessary + Headbutt for the Kill if Necessary:

    This is the shutdown combo, after being nearly completed with your item build this combo will allow you to charge at the pack of enemy champions and take one down in about the time Unbreakable Will ends. (Don't target a tank or you will FAIL) With Unbreakable Will activated your Movement speed will not get decreased and you will auto attack the target to death with your item build. Use Cleanse when necessary. Are you sure this will work? won't you die?? immediately before killing them since you didn't go tank build. Nope not necessarily since Unbreakable will gives a 70% damage/magic reduction and Alistar has a good base amount of health. It all depends on when you use Unbreakable Will in order to reduce all the high amount of Spell Damage which will be all tossed on to you.

  • Summoner Abilities


    Ghost This spell is a lot more useful than Flash because it lasts longer and gives you enough speed to catch up to the fleeing champions.

    Cleanse This summoner spell is really necessary because exhaust can make this build defective.

    Other Option
    Flash I wouldn't really take this over Ghost or Cleanse but it can be used to escape in tight situations since your not a pure tank and it also helps you land a good Pulverize.

  • Masteries

    This build is still very effective without the proper Runes, but to make Alistar more effective I suggest a mastery of 21/0/9

  • Items

    DPS Item Build:

    1. At the beginning of the game get a Long Sword and a Health Potion.

    2. Next after the first time you go back you should have around 1350 gold for Boots of Speed and a Madred's Razors. Madred's Razors will help you farm in lane easier as well helping you get the golem or lizard buff by yourself faster as well. The amount of gold you earn before the first time you go back to buy items depend on how well you time yourself with last hits and also the early champion kills which is quite possible with Alistar and another ally hero, preferably a DPS type. I can do this myself, so its not impossible obviously.

    3. It's also important that you are watching MID lane while laning one of the sides as well, since there might be an opportunity for you to gank mid at least once before reaching level 6. The next item set will be Berserker's Greaves and Phage.

    4. Next get The Brutalizer when you have enough gold. Afterwords try finish it off and get a Youmuu's Ghostblade

    5. After a good amount of hero kills and farming in the jungle and lanes you should start finishing up your Trinity Force

    6. You might find your self ending the game with Trinity Force since the effect increases your damage allowing you to deal a lot more damage on buildings. Otherwise get a [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] and finish the game. It's also important for you to not stall the game to long or the opposing team will farm up and render this build useless with their high AP or tank builds with Sunfire Capes.

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