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DOMINION ROCK LIZARD - With new and amazing video

written by Lu Bu

Kog'Maw Build

Table of Contents

  • Mini-Guide: ROCK LIZARD IN DOMINION!!!!!!!!!

    Dominion is finally here!  Everybody played the hell out of it and I am no exception.  I found that ROCK LIZARD ROCK THE FUCK UP in Dominion, so I have decided to update the guide...appropriately.
    The builds I recommend running in Dominion
    External Image

    lvl 3-8 @ South Gustaberg

    Job: Warrior

    Statistics: (Out of 5)
    Attack: *****
    Defense: **
    Ease of use: *****
    MAX Attack Speed: 2.475 or 2.5 for Crit build
    Classification: Full DPS

    Dominion Pro/Cons
    Pro: BUILDS QUICKLY, BONA FIDE TANK BUSTER, EXCELLENT disruption Range, efficient attack speed
    Con: Weak against Magic Resistance tanks, weak defense


    Summoner Spells:



    Go straight for the ROCK LIZARD core  Berserker's Greaves -> [item=Malady] -> Wit's End -> Phage right off the bat.  You need to get right into the KILLING because the match will likely ends as soon as it starts.  Due to the fast paced nature of this game, cost efficiency is very important.  You need to be STRONG ASAP, you won't get to build silly SUPER EXPENSIVE AD clumps of gears unless both teams are fuck ups and the match ends up longer than 15 minutes.
    During normal gameplay, be sure to look out for the STORMSHIELD in the center of the map and the SpeedPads on the three corners of Dominion.  Their use is self-explanatory.

    As for summoning spells,  is a no brainer as it gets you where you need to be ASAP.  But why the usually frowned upon ?  Simple.  Death is everywhere in Dominion.  Your goal is to kill as many as you can before you DIE.  After you DIE and suicide bomb them, you are able to quickly SUPER GHOST back to the fight, clean up the platter and taking points.  If you DIE again, you BOMB again, EVERYONE WILL DIE!
    Timing is everything, will you be the guy who calls 911 when they see a murder goin' on and hope for the Cops to show up YEARS later?  Or are you going to be the MAN who goes to your big o'l monster truck and BLAST 'em with your shottie?

    Your contribution to the team is simple:
    1. FIREPOWER - Killer of the team who turns skirmishes around2. Defender/Disruptor - Those who stops/stall enemy capture, biding more time, time is VERY precious in this game!
    Capturing points should be secondary to you -- leave that to the Rammus or something while you watch their back with SUPERIOR FIREPOWER.
    Be that as it may, while I do get double, triple, and Quadra kills out the ass with my build (Penta-kills are highly unlikely unless you get lucky enough to have enemies dumb enough to clutter like that), you will probably have different results.  Please let me know how you fare;  I am always looking for feedbacks with regards to the build for any future improvements.

  • Old boring Summoner's rift and crap Introduction


    External Image
    External ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal Image

    ROCK LIZARD ROCKS, he can shoot really far away and totally gave me a whooping 15 WINS IN A ROW and a P-P-P-P-PENTA KILLwhen I first started playing him. All with extremely high K/D ratio. I am so happy, I decided to write this guide so you can be happy too. Or not, whatever.

    Disputes at Riot Games is settled by a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. In the event of 5 consecutive ties, a coin is flipped instead. In the rare instance of three way dispute, we are forced to fight to the death. - Tamat

    Why...with a ROCK LIZARD you'd ALWAYS WIN!

    External Image

  • A note on cost efficiency and core items: (Aka stop rushing Madreds god dammit)

    I posted this a long long time ago, yet whenever I fight or see someone use a ROCK LIZARD, they use the old build and get madreds right off the bat. What the hell man?

    Here's the justification again, if you don't want to scroll to the old shit below...

    [item=Malady] (1825) + Wit's End (2000): Cost = 3825

    Combined stats: 25 AP, 90% aspd, 62 Magic Damage + More due to the magic reduction, 50 Magic Resistance, and that 24 Magic Resist Reduction


    Madred's: Cost = 3800

    30 Physical damage, 40% aspd, 25 armor, 4% health based magic damage

    A simple guideline for Madred's:

    1000 HP = 40 mdmg
    2000 HP = 80 mdmg
    3000 HP = 120 mdmg

    First off, thanks to a recent update Malady and Wit's end have an even more identical costs to that of one madred's. Madred's deals a bit more damage than the other two in terms of raw damage. However, M&W has a fuck ton more attack speed, 50% more in fact, a powerful magic reduction which powers all of ROCK LIZARD's moves (including his own built in Madred's), and high magic resistance for himself as well. The magic reduction of malady actually allowed ROCK LIZARD to deal very similar damage to a target mid-game using Madred's while the attack speed increase basically gets my build running far earlier than I would have if I solely rushed Madred's.

    On the topic of Wit's end, the magic resist now adds up to 50 thanks to a recent update. This gives an ass load of survivability WITHOUT having to lose out on my attack capabilities thanks to the 40% attack speed and 42 magic damage, a perfectly rounded item for only 2000 gold.

    That my friend, is cost efficiency.

    ROCK LIZARD is all about cost efficiency, that's why it's the easiest to use out of all the other Lizard builds.

    As ROCK LIZARD core items go:

    Berserker's Greaves -> [item=Malady] -> Wit's End -> Phage

    You will find that all of the items listed are no more than 2000 gold. A bit of careful last hitting, and a few ganks and you will have a strong mid-game DPS with quite a bit of survivability. Giving you a firm foundation to a nice strong finish should the game persists.

  • External Image

    ROCK LIZARD ROCKS!!! Just replace the Doran's with a Frozen Mallet and you will ROCK!!!!

  • Abilities

    Icathian Surprise


    Caustic Spittle
    A DPS supplement and a small burst. Not terribly exciting.

    Come this patch Caustic Spittle became remade and now gives attack speed passively, it is a buff for both AD / AP builds. With AD capable of reaching the MAX attack speed at 2.5 with relatively fewer gears. I still get this last though, this is a late game buff, the other skills are simply far more important earlier in the game.

    The spell itself opens you up to attack due to it's short range, and casting it messes with your normal attacks. Use it only when it is convenient, otherwise treat it as a passive.

    (Now also buffed to lower both Physical and Magic Defense)

    Bio-Arcane Barrage
    This is the reason why Rock Lizard is a beast when it comes to DPSing. He can out DPS anyone simply because he can shoot you from much further than you can ever hope to reach.

    Combined with Frozen Mallet and [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] they will shit a brick after suddenly losing MASSIVE % life while being render unable to fight or even run.

    The only downside to this skill is that when it runs out, ROCK LIZARD's normal attack range can fuck you over.

    Void Ooze
    External Image

    The first of Rock Lizard's Skill Shots is a slow trail, dubbed "Mega Adhesive +" or "Singed +" by my friends.

    Void Ooze deals potent damage, allowing you to kill people and creeps with relative ease. The slow trail can be used to setup some nasty ganks or help your friends escape. An extremely powerful all-around skill that you'd be foolish not to get...just look how it slows that pitbull down!

    You want to MAX this skill first, 28% slow vs 60% slow is a HUGE difference. Slow is both integral to escaping and for DPSing! (The longer they stick around the more shots they take, simple logic that some people cannot grasp) Oh by the way, that 60% will keep enemies on the ooze longer too. The damage from Void Ooze is also most efficient during the early game phase. Use your head.

    Living Artillery


    With a low cooldown and a range this far you are guaranteed to score kills from all corners of the map. Provided that you mastered the trick behind the timing and positioning.

    If you can't do it, then go back to school and learn some Geometry. Ballistics help too!

    Remember, while you can provide suppressive fires like a true team member, this skill truly shines as KS material, see vid for details.

  • Build order, runes and general discussions:

    On Runes:

    If you noticed, majority of my builds suggests getting a full set of attack speed runes. Why is that so?

    The answer is simple, Kog'Maw starts with 0.665 attack speed naturally (0.691 with the offensive mastery bonus). While ROCK LIZARD gets 0.945 (with masteries) right off the bat. Seems minuscule? No. That shit is 38% worth of extra speed you can use to last hit and harass on the lane.

    ROCK LIZARD naturally has a poor attack animation (where he has to pushes forward to puke shit out), the attack speed provide smoothen his movements by a fair amount allowing for rapid last hitting as soon as you see an enemy creep at low health. Without these runes, you will have to wait for a very tiny, but CRUCIAL delay which can cost you the creep. Harass-wise, the number of auto-attack in early games you can land means the difference between the fountain and a first blood. (That is also why Void Ooze is prioritized because it can slow down an enemy to land more hits)

    Think of it this way, it's a Recurve Bow that doesn't take up an inventory slot, a solid 1050g bonus right off the bat. The other runes you can get hardly beats that value and impact for early games.

    On build order:
    Naturally you get Berserker's Greaves for the attack speed first, in most cases, you should aim for the [item=Malady] right after because it is EXTREMELY CHEAP and EXTREMELY EFFICIENT! 50% attack speed, 20 damage shred and magic resistance down is nothing to scuff at this early in the game.

    What comes after should be a Phage, this item has a dual purpose. To provide more DPS (by slowing them down) and to provide some bulk for mid-game play. Remember, you can only do damage as long as you keep shooting. If you turn tail and run or DIE, you are not doing damage.

    You should then build the next tier attack items such as Wit's End before completing the Frozen Mallet so you don't slow your damage down too much. After your core items are down, bring on the expensive gears and rape.

    The problem with ROCK LIZARD (or just Kog'Maw in general):
    ROCK LIZARD is one of the strongest DPS in the game, but the problem with him that makes him somewhat mediocre in the eyes of the metagame is his poor survivability. He demands a team to work with and a tank to always keep an eye out for him. He is easily shut down by champions like Akali who closes distance with relative ease, making him unsuited for normal solo queue plays (and the reason why I hardly solo queue)

    If you play ROCK LIZARD, make sure always to be friends with your tank, carry some survivability and map awareness with you.

  • Lizards (Builds)

    External Image

    A bipedal reptile found throughout the Quon continent, usually in warm areas although exceptions exist. They are somewhat valuable to the marketplaces of Vana'diel; their hides can be made into a decent lightweight armor, their tails are sometimes used by alchemists, and their eggs can be used by cooks to create various dishes.
    Lizards are docile creatures, but when attacked will defend themselves, using their thick skulls and strong tails as weapons. Lizards will sometimes defend themselves with fluids produced by glands within their body; they can secrete a lubricant that can cause some blows to slide off their hides, spit a powerful venom to poison their enemies, and create balls of fluid that will burn (or freeze, in some cases) anyone nearby. Their eyes are also believed to possess some sort of magical quality: at times, staring directly into them can petrify a victim. Finally, their high-pitched screams can cause disorientation and lightheadedness in those who hear it.

    Common Strengths includes:
    High attack speed, Multi-Damage, Effective slow, Enemy defense down, EXTREME RANGE, TANK BUSTER, TOWER SMASHER and Suicide bomber.

    Common Weaknesses includes:
    Squishy, require heavy team support, needs skill shot training to be effective and awkward Bio-Arcane Barrage inactivation times.

    Species found in League of Legends:

    External Image

    lvl 3-8 @ South Gustaberg

    Job: Warrior

    Statistics: (Out of 5)
    Attack: ****
    Defense: ***
    Ease of use: *****
    MAX Attack Speed: 2.475 (2.5 with agility potion aka you don't need it)
    Classification: Full DPS

    Defensive Stats: (May vary slightly counter building)
    HP: 3027
    Armor: 98
    M. Resist: 110 (130 Wit's End)

    Pro: BUILDS QUICKLY, BONA FIDE TANK BUSTER (without Magic resists), efficient attack speed.
    Con: Useless against Magic Resistance tanks. (Aka target something else with your absurd range!)


    Summoner Spells:



    The classic ROCK LIZARD build was discovered and built by me since ROCK LIZARD's release. Builds quickly, efficiently, and easy to use, ROCK LIZARD is the champion of the "Attack Speed" builds and the item build has even became the recommended items to use for LIZARDS everywhere. (See above)

    With a massive magic damage and a 2.475 Attack speed @ lvl 18, point and click and you will often times get a kill. As such, the offensive capabilities of ROCK LIZARD is very high and will quickly build more enmity (Player hate) than a DARK KNIGHT using soul eater, leading to getting focused and dying violently. This build strives to provide a balance between Offensive and Defensive with gears such as Frozen Mallet, Wit's End (also provide magic defense) and Banshee's Veil. The added bulk keeps it in the fight longer -- after all, a dead Damage Dealer provides no DPS. The masteries for ROCK LIZARD is defensively built into the utility tree for movement speed, greater experience growth, and cooldown for his "escape mechanisms". The summoner spells provided places that same emphasis, but can also be used offensively (Getting in range, surprise attacks, chasing enemies etc.) Keep in mind that ROCK LIZARD is still vulnerable to attack and should be used carefully.

    Although ROCK LIZARD comes with some anti-magic resistance, ROCK LIZARD can be countered by enemies who focus on magic defense. Work with your teammates and make sure you have a physical damage source in your team.

    Note: Banshee's Veil can be replaced by any other defensive gears depending on the situation.

    External Image

    lvl 3-5 @ Ghelsba Outpost

    Job: Paladin

    Statistics: (Out of 5)
    Attack: ***
    Defense: ****
    Ease of use: *****
    MAX Attack Speed: 2.270 (2.422 with agility potion)
    Classification: Tanky DPS

    Defensive Stats: (May vary slightly counter building)
    HP: 3075
    Armor: 124
    M. Resist: 116 (136 Wit's End)
    4% Damage Reduction

    Pro: TANKY, BUILDS QUICKLY, BEGINS WITH HIGHEST ASPD (Thanks to Ardor), cost effective.
    Con: Weak against Magic Resistance tanks.


    Summoner Spells:



    A variation of the ROCK LIZARD build I discovered when I was trying out my new "ROCK LOBSTER" build for Cho'Gath: Features the same strengths as ROCK LIZARD..Builds quickly, efficiently (Wit's end is very price efficient for both DPS and tanky because of the magic resists), and easy to use. Features the same weakness as ROCK LIZARD when it comes to magic resistance however...this is somewhat mitigated by Atma's Impaler

    Designed to watch and defend Orcish Encampments, the WATCH LIZARD uses the defensive tree masteries (which also includes the attack speed increasing Ardor. WATCH LIZARD is TANKY and far harder to bring down in the midst of battle as opposed to all other LIZARDS variant.

    Note: Defensive Gears is flexible and can easily be swapped to stack against enemy teams.

    External Image

    lvl 29-32 @ Davoi

    Job: Dark Knight

    Statistics: (Out of 5)
    Attack: *****
    Defense: **
    Ease of use: ***
    MAX Attack Speed: 2.5
    Classification: Burst DPS

    Defensive Stats: (May vary slightly counter building)
    HP: 2652
    Armor: 73
    M. Resist: 30

    Pro: HIGH DAMAGE, strong living artillery and brings down towers faster than any other LIZARDS build.
    Con: VERY FRAIL, Armor and Thornmail can rape you, expensive items to build towards.


    Summoner Spells:



    WAR LIZARD is one of the answers the LIZARD federation has came up with against those who stacks magic defense. Thanks to the new v1.0.0.118b update for Living Artillery, "Attack Damage" build is now more viable. That means WAR LIZARD can not only hit their (New) WEAK SPOT for MASSIVE DAMAGE, but also an edge in "Poking" before a fight starts.

    Although strong physically, the attack speed of WAR LIZARD suffers as a result from constant ROID USE and becomes fat and useless. (Actually still sorta fast) This is somewhat mitigated with the Attack Speed runes and offensive masteries. The magic damage is a lot less impressive, dealing only moderate damage, this combined with the lowered attack speed nerfs WAR LIZARD's late game DPS against enemies with 200+ armor carrying Banshee's Veil and other magic resistance gears. Target enemies appropriately.

    Additionally, the defensive capacity of WAR LIZARD goes down further to maintain it's massive AD damage, leaving only the standard Frozen Mallet as it's sole bulk. This removes WAR LIZARD from any tank busting roles from the initial stages of combat, leaving WAR LIZARD in a kill or be killed situation against enemy carries.

    Note: Use [item=Elixir of Agility] when able. Can switch out The Bloodthirster for Atma's Impaler for damage + armor, the critical strike can also supplement Infinity Edge

    External Image

    lvl 75-79 @ Den of Rancor

    Job: Black Mage

    Statistics: (Out of 5)
    Attack: *****
    Defense: ***
    Ease of use: **
    MAX Attack Speed: 1.496 (1.709 with agility potion) With Guinsoo's: 1.643 (1.856 with agility potion)
    MAX AP: 515 With Guinsoo's: 575
    Classification: Burst Damage

    Defensive Stats: (May vary slightly counter building)
    HP: 2452
    Armor: 73
    M. Resist: 60

    Pro: CONTINUOUS BURST DAMAGE (Lich Bane only), EXTREME FARMING, tank buster, strong living artillery and brings down towers fast because Lich Bane procs also works on buildings, decent defense.
    Con: Burst damage is heavily skill shot reliant, slower start thanks to lowered attack speed and expensive gears.


    2x +1 for 30 magic penetration (Which is the base magic resist of enemies) if you add Sorcerer's Shoes and into the mix.
    Summoner Spells:
    Optional: /


    TORMENTOR is an "Ability Power" mage, capable of dealing great magic burst damage with enough attack speed to side arm DPS depending on variance. (see note)

    A magic damage power house, TORMENTOR can deal a multitude of burst damage from ranged + the damage from Lich Bane which can potentially down an opponent before they even knows what's going on. The trick is to make sure Lich Bane procs as often as possible. With the number of spammable skills at your disposal...child's play. However, after it's first salvo it is open to counter attack (especially against bulky opponents) As such, TORMENTOR should carries some bulk as well to survive.

    Guinsoo's Rageblade and [item=Malady] provides much needed DPS (and magic resistance down) to the build, giving TORMENTOR some form of DPS defense should the first salvo not do it's job. (Or you miss entirely)

    TORMENTOR is one of the best farmers in the game because of the heavy AoE damage Void Ooze and Living Artillery can deal to creeps.

    The major drawback to TORMENTOR is that it is slow to build and needs time to farm. -- TORMENTOR usually does not come into power until lvl 11 or so until receiving a decent amount of AP and a longer ranged Living Artillery. TORMENTOR also requires training in landing skill shots to be used effectively.

    Note: Rylai's Crystal Scepter is the equilvant of the Frozen Mallet among DPS builds, feel free to switch to it if needed, both provides around the same bulk just different triggers.

    External Image

    lvl 93-94 @ North Gustaberg (S)

    Statistics: (Out of 5)
    Attack: ******
    Defense: **
    Ease of use: *****
    MAX Attack Speed: 2.408 (2.5 With Agility Potion)
    Classification: Full DPS
    Job: Dragoon

    Defensive Stats: (May vary slightly counter building)
    HP: 2652
    Armor: 98
    M. Resist: 30

    Pro: STRONG MULTI-DAMAGE, ARMOR + MDEF SHRED, hard to counter.
    Con: VERY EXPENSIVE, low defense


    Summoner Spells:



    DRACHENLIZARD is an experimental modification of the original ROCK LIZARD based entirely on lowering enemy defenses for the team as well as dealing high end physical and magical damage. DRACHENLIZARD starts as fast as a ROCK LIZARD but is also very expensive (It will also need [item=Elixir of Agility] to hit max attack speed. Pretty easy to use as far as point and click is concerned.

    To compensate for the extra damage, DRACHENLIZARD is weaker defensively and will require more team support.

    Note: DRACHENLIZARD can branch off into a physical/hybrid build at the expense of [item=Madred's bloodrazor]
    ( The Bloodthirster, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Phantom Dancer, Banshee's Veil and etc.)

    Note: Likewise, DRACHENLIZARD can branch off into a more magic damage build at the expense of Infinity Edge due to the super expensive nature of these items.

  • Skilling Order

    Void Ooze gets top priority because the damage it deals is far more noticeable early game and is also an integral part of ROCK LIZARD's survivability and damage.

    Remember 28% slow vs 60% slow is a HUGE difference. Slow is both integral to escaping and for DPSing! (The longer they stick around the more shots they take, simple logic that some people cannot grasp) Oh by the way, that 60% will keep enemies on the ooze longer too. Use your head.

    Bio-Arcane Barrage is the beef of ROCK LIZARD's DPS and should be maxed out as soon as you are able.

    Caustic Spittle is an important component on the road to 2.5 attack speed, however, the damage and reduction hardly impacts the game earlier on, therefore it gets the least priority. The spell itself opens you up to attack due to it's short range, and casting it messes with your normal attacks. Use it only when it is convenient, otherwise treat it as a passive.

  • Laning with ROCK LIZARD

  • Working in the team

    KS KS KS

  • Old shit below:

    Everything below this point is somewhat outdated, but they are still (somewhat) relevant to the current build, and thus are left for references.

  • NEW SHIT: Malady and Wit's End (Not quite new anymore)


    Thanks to an earlier update, Malady is now a perfectly viable item to get on ROCK LIZARD. Reason is simple, Magic resist REDUCTION. That is serious business, it's not like puny Magic Penetration because your entire team can also benefit from this, as well as ALL OF YOUR MOVES. Definitely grab this after core items if you are not pursuing heavier AD.

    Wit's End

    40 damage (No longer mana burn), 30 magic resist, 40% attack speed for a mere 2150? HOLY SHIT SIGN ME UP

    The latest update: .108 introduces the new and super powerful Wit's end that does it's 42 damage (Magic damage) regardless of rather the target has mana or not. THAT MEANS ALL TARGETS (Creeps and players) except for buildings will essentially take 40 damage (reducible by magic resist of course)

    I might have mentioned this before, but I love 2.5 aspd like nobodies' business, especially with ROCK LIZARD, however, updates in recent years have finally gave us some justification to do so. It also synergies well with malady, turning you into a DPS nightmare.

  • NEW SHIT: M&W vs Madred's (Not quite new anymore)

    After Wit's end has been upgraded, I dabbled more on the prospect of my new "Malady start" build instead of the old "Madred Rush" from months ago. This is my justification:

    Malady + Wit's end: Cost = 3975

    Combined stats: 25 AP, 90% aspd, 62 mdmg, 30 mres, mres reduction and 42 mana burn


    Madred's: Cost = 3800

    30 Physical damage, 40% aspd, 25 armor, 4% health based magic damage

    1000 HP = 40 mdmg
    2000 HP = 80 mdmg
    3000 HP = 120 mdmg

    As you can see, the costs for those two items are similar to that of one madred's, so this is a pretty even comparison. Madred's deals a bit more damage than the other two in terms of raw damage. However, M&W has a fuck ton more attack speed, 50% more in fact, a powerful mana burn, a powerful magic reduction which powers all of ROCK LIZARD's moves, including his own built in Madred's.

    After some extensive testing, I have found that the early mana burn wrecks the shit out of casters in lanes and team fights (if they weren't killed outright) The magic reduction of malady actually allowed ROCK LIZARD to deal very similar damage to a target using Madred's and the attack speed increase basically got my build running far earlier than I would have if I rushed Madred's. I also find that magic resist of my own tends to save my ass more than the armor madred's provided. However, I can no longer farm jungles as easily as I would have with Madred's Razors, but that's a small loss compared to all the grief I can cause to my opponent.

    My conclusion? Build these 3 items in the following order:

    [item=Malady] -> Wit's End -> [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    With full attack speed runes, the three items and the increased attack speed bonus from Caustic Spittle, the attack speed for ROCK LIZARD sits at 2.475 with no waste (WITHOUT [item=Elixir of agility], I am thinking to remove some attack speed runes and further tweak the build a bit more, but for those who hates Elixirs, this setup is perfectly aligned.)

    You of course would still need to build a Frozen Mallet somewhere in between, when to do so depends on your situation.

  • AD VS AP

    One of the Arguments among fellow ROCK LIZARD (Like the HILL LIZARDS of Valkrum Dunes or the ASH LIZARDS of Ifrit's Cauldron) was AP vs AD, I have seen both sides of the spectrum and created this following comparison list:

    1. AD is easier to jungle than AP thanks to Madred's Razors, while AP is easier to lane thanks to raw laning power.

    2. AD shoots more, AP shoots stronger (Basic Burst VS DPS argument)

    3. AD is faster to get started because Madred's Razors is ingredient for [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    4. AP, if KS well snowballs the shit out of the enemy with Mejai's Soulstealer, slap yourself a few other APs like [item=Zhonya's Ring] and watch as they shit a brick when a chunk of their life disappears from half the map away.

    5. AP has another awesome tool named Lich Bane, if you have 1k AP (It is possible) you can take out a tower in 2 or 3 hits!

    6. AD has a reliable snare from a safe distance thanks to Frozen Mallet and Bio-Arcane Barrage. Rylai's is flimsy in comparison (Though Lizard Buff can remedy this)

    tl;dr AD grows faster and becomes a force to be feared earlier while AP can become one step stronger than AD late game thanks to incredible burst damage and later attack speed buffs.

    The reason why this guide follows AD more is that it is reliable and your choice of team members became less of an issue, it is also very strong late game (Though not as ridiculous as AP)

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries...well, I run the 9/0/21 Utility tree. You can go offense for more firepower, but I prefer the utility tree for the move speed. (Easier positioning for my skills)

    As for Runes, I now run this setup with the new patch...
    Greater Mark of Alacrity
    Greater Seal of Alacrity
    Greater Glyph of Alacrity
    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

    Justification? Movement speed gets you in good places to carpet bomb people and/or arcane barrage from a safe and pussy-like distance -- while attack speed makes short work of your opponents, extremely scary.

  • Items

    External Image
    They surrendered as soon as they were able.

    Frozen Mallet and [item=Madred's Bloodrazor], hands down.

    Most of my games are already over once I have those. If you must get other items, get something that can boost attack speed.


    For starters, I always start with a Boots of Speed and 3 Potions...the justification is that movement speed gives us ROCK LIZARD lane control by allowing to aim our Void Ooze easier and landing greater number of Bio-Arcane Barrage shots, movement speed over others is KING.

    After that, I go straight Madred's Razors and Berserker's Greaves for my farming, finish [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] and then start work on the Frozen Mallet

    The rest is up to you: More Physical damage? Or more Magic damage? Should you choose to increase your physical damage Infinity Edge or [item=Black Cleaver] is good to mix things up a little.

    As for magic damage, I already made a mention on malady and wit's.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash Times are bad, you are surrounded in three directions and your spitting have landed you into a violent trap because all your enemies can run very fast. They close in on you, and BOOM, all of a sudden you are on the other side of that wall, giving them the finger.

    Oh, you can also use it to position for some hawt Living Artillery action

    Ghost The general purpose (Hit and Run) is the same as Flash, this is a lot more predictable and has less shock value, but lasts quite awhile in exchange.

    Clarity You'll be surprised how fast your mana can run out, you will also be surprised how often kills are missed simply because you've ran out of ammo, don't let this happen to you.

  • Pros / Cons

    Longest range in the game
    Siege weapon / Counter Siege
    Free Semi-clairvoyance
    % Health DPS, absolutely Beastly
    High Armor penetration

    General weak when cornered, but Void Ooze is a decent escape mech outside of summoner skills.

  • Summary

    Just watch the damn video, leave comments, whatever.


    2/17/11: My friend Fat and useless bought me a copy of FFXI for 5 dollars! I instantly ran to South Gustaberg and took a picture of me and ROCK LIZARD

    External Image

    2/19/11: I tricked some of my friends into getting FFXI for 5 dollars, we danced to ROCK LIZARD:

    External Image

    ROCK LIZARD was not amused.

    External Image

    5/11/11: I have became a horrible person, I renewed my old FFXI account to celebrate my 9th anniversary with ROCK LIZARD!

    External Image

    Me and my Lizard friends takes on all comers, LoL or FFXI. ROCK LIZARD ROCKS!!

    External Image

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