Morgana Build Guide

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Charr Sez Rawr\'s Guide on how to ruin people\'s Morgana

written by Charr Sez Rawr

Morgana Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Soul Siphon
    The buff to this passive has made Morgana better than ever. You should never, ever, EVER, have to go back to base unless you feel like going shopping with all the gold you picked up off of dead champs wallets. Seriously, end game (if it lasts that long with you wrecking people all game long) with AP you can tick 100+ health off of a well laid tormented soil. That\'s 500 HP worth of a heal.

    Dark Binding
    This skill does damage up front now instead of over time, huzzah! Now people that hid behind mercury treads will still be cowering from your fat, fed ass. This also makes tower diving even easier and even better for harassment. This skill extends just a bit further than the range indicates, and has a relatively wide hitbox. If you shoot it to the far side of the champ so it just grazes him, it should be a guaranteed hit, unless he jukes it.

    This skill can also go through walls, has incredible range and is very useful for checking bushes,
    if you see it disappear early, someone is in there waiting to kill you.

    UPDATE: this skill now prevents repositioning spells.....This means that if you land it on someone, they can no longer Flash, Teleport, jump or use any kind of repositioning skill while under its effects. So landing this will force an opponent to eat its full duration of Tormented Soil unless they have merc treads.

    Tormented Soil
    Your main skill as a Morgana. Huge heal end game, great damage, and once you get a level 3 tormented soil, you\'ll be wiping creep waves with just one cast + a few autoattacks on the melee creeps since the creeps tend to ball up nicely for you to just barely fit them into the AOE range. Keep in mind, you can cast this skill a bit further than the range indicates. The furthest distance possible is when the centre of the AOE circle is matched up with the radius of the range circle. In twisted treeline, you can lane without even being in the lane, just hide out in dragon.

    Black Shield
    The reason you\'re so incredible in teamfights, and especially in 3v3! A free cleanse if used right. Pop this on champs that want to initiate, or champs that have a channeled ult or on champs that have ults that last a duration. IE twitch, fiddles, nunu and so forth. Also great for turning a gank around. See one coming? black shield + ult + lock 1 champ down in a torment soil, chase down the other champs, and lock them down in another torment soil once your ult ticks again.

    -Keep in mind, this skill blocks ALL forms of stuns, snares and roots. Including stuff like Jannas tornado, T.F's gold card, and best of all Blitz\'s grab. However, Black shield pops once it absorbs its damage cap and it is very easy to spot, so don\'t expect it to be a hit E and win skill. It requires proper timing, most of the time with baiting the CC and shielding as the skill is being cast.

    Soul Shackles
    I love this skill. It essentially has a 2.0 AP ratio, since it ticks twice. And trust me, it is NOT HARD to force champs into the full duration of this skill, just takes some strategy. Great for turning ganks back around on the other team.

  • Pros / Cons

    Great team support
    Great farming ability
    Great Damage and AOE
    Great Crowd Control
    Great AP ratios
    Black Shield
    Very rewarding in the hands of skilled players

    Requires good aim with skillshots
    Requires a brain to be successful with
    Mistakes are costly
    Weak early game
    Only 2 skins

  • Introduction

    This guide will focus mostly on 3v3 as this is where Morgana really really really shines. She is also very much epic on 5v5 but there is a slightly higher random factor there, and ganks are a bit harder to deal with, as you will have more champs hunting you towards end game.
    Don't get me wrong though, any strategy in this guide and any build can be easily implemented in 5v5.

    Also, if you enjoy this guide and think it deserves a +1, would you kindly also leave a comment plz :3 Any simple comment would be much appreciated =]

    ok, Morgana 101:
    (image 1)

    She is a difficult champ to play and she is a ******SUPPORT******* character. She is not an OP champion. OP champions are those that only require a handful of braincells to play and knowledge of where either your Q,W,E,R or right mouse button is *cough AD Ezreal cough*. Knowing what Morgana\'s skills do and landing them is only 50% of what it takes to play her properly.

    For starters, due to the fact that she has bodypaint on her boobs instead of a bra and is forced to carry them when she runs (see image 1), she is a very slow champ. This means that in teamfights and in your lane, you need to keep a sharp eye out for where the enemy team is, what their attack range is, and what kind of snares they have.

    Secondly, she is relatively weak early game, so being aggressive is even more difficult.

    Third, in teamfights, your team will rely on you to properly shutdown damage, black shield, ult and keep the enemy team at bay. This essentially means that a big part of playing Morgana is mind games. You want the enemy team to be wary when they see you and to be oblivious to your presence when you are out of sight but assisting during teamfights.
    The full mechanics of Morgana will be covered in depth in the later sections.

  • Summoner Abilities

    For experienced players:

    Clarity and Ignite

    Those two seem to be the best abilities for Morgana. Clarity with the mastery is great for your team and has good synergy with your support role. In addition, it lets you stay in your lane just as well as Teleport does, maybe even better since it has a shorter cooldown. Ignite is perfect for picking up a kill in your lane or dealing with healers for your teams carries. Once again, great synergy with your support role. There are no movement speed or escape abilities here since you shouldn\'t really be in a situation where you need to default to a summoner ability to escape. Proper positioning and map awareness is key to play a Morgana, and you are an experienced player right? Are you? Then don\'t argue.

    For Beginners:

    Teleport of you are going mid and Ghost or Flash.

    if you are not mid then

    Ghost or Flash and Exhaust or Clairvoyance

    The Teleport is for easy access to shop when you are mid as a beginner, since you will most likely be forced to back relatively soon, and this spell offers you a safe way to stay in your lane and not miss out on exp. The Flash and Ghost spells are basically for escapes or for better positioning during teamfights. The Exhaust is for synergy with your role as a support. It will be able to shut a melee char down pretty well during a teamfight and also acts as a decent escape. Keep in mind that it generally is not a good idea to use this to simply snare people, you have skills and teammates to do that for you. The Clairvoyance is for that oh so important map awareness. Your team will love you if you bring it, just know how to use it properly or else you look like an idiot.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Morgana benefits the most with the standard 9/0/21 masteries with the 1 point in Archaic Knowledge. How you spread the 21 points will differ depending on you summoner abilities, but the main masteries are: Perseverence, Awareness, Meditation, Quickness, Intelligence and Presence of the Master. Always max those.

    For runes, it depends on if you are familiar with Morgana and can hold you own against at least 2 champs in a lane solo, or you just started playing Morgana because you got tired of getting your ass handed back to you on a plate by the other teams Morgana.

    For experienced players:
    Greater Mark of Insight x 9
    Greater Seal of Force x 9
    Greater Glyph of Force x 9
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x 3 or Greater Quintessence of Potency x 3

    The reasoning behind this is that you will, for the most part, be rolling with a clarity as this will let you stay in a lane almost indefinitely, allows you to ignore mana regen runes, and is priceless during teamfights, or for baiting champions. Nothing looks more tasty than an oom Morgana to carries. The extra AP adds a nice kick to you spells early and endgame.
    The choice between the quintessences is a tough one. I personally prefer the fortitude.
    Early game, the extra 90 something HP is a very nice addition to you and makes laning even easier.
    The longer you can stay in a lane or teamfight, the more damage you can put out.

    For beginner players:

    Greater Mark of Insight x 9
    Greater Seal of Evasion x 9
    Greater Glyph of Clarity x 9
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x 3

    As a player that hasn\'t grasped Morgana yet, you will not want to be as offensive and will want to focus on survivability. That is what the dodge and HP is for. The runes of clarity are there because you will most likely not be taking clarity, on the account that backing and buying often will be more beneficial to you than trying to prolong your exposure to a player that knows his champion better. The mp5 runes will let you stay a bit longer in teamfights and your lane, but will also promote slightly more defensive gameplay in order to preserve your mana pool.

  • Items

    The items for Morgana are pretty straightforward. You want AP and survivability.

    Start off with an [item=Meki Pendant] and 2x Health Potion

    Usually, on your first bluepill, you can buy either [item=Sorcerer\'s Shoes] or a Chalice of Harmony. Which you get first depends on the situation, if you find that you are able to keep the lane pushed up and do not have to be defensive, get the boots, if you need to expend a lot of mana on simply keeping yourself alive and keeping the enemie\'s creeps off your tower, get the Chalice. If you were forced back and cannot afford any of these, buy the components of the item you wish to get first. In addition, if you are mid (which for the most part you will be if you are decent) buy 2x Sight Ward or 1x Sight Ward and 1x Vision Ward if there is stealth, and put them in the grass on both sides. Obviously put the vision ward in the grass facing towards the stealths lane. This way, you may have set yourself back some gold at the start, however, you no longer have to rely on your retard \"for the most part\" teams fail and late mia calls to know when to back up in mid. On top of this, the wards will most likely net you a double kill if some scrubs try to gank you, which will more than make up for their cost.

    Next, if you are 5v5, it is usually a good idea to back once again when you can afford a [item=Mejai\'s Soulstealer] and an Elixir of Brilliance. The elixer is wonderful, and it can greatly up your teamfight capability when you drink it. DON\'T FORGET TO DRINK IT. It also gives you a flat cooldown reduction amount, which is great for your ult.

    If you find that your team is not doing so hot, or your getting ganked and cannot get kills or assists, OR if you are playing on Twisted Treeline, instead of getting the Mejais, get an Needlessly Large Rod or Blasting Wand + Elixir of Brilliance.

    By now you can wipe creep waves with 1 soil and should have at least a few kills under your belt.
    If not, stick to farming creeps and try to keep out of combat unless your presence is mandatory in a teamfight.

    On your next back, preferably when your elixir runs out, you should complete your [item=Zhonya\'s Ring] or at the very least get its next component. You should have more than enough gold so buy a few more Sight Ward or another Elixir of Brilliance.

    Those items were your core, ALWAYS get them. You can do some amazing things with [item=zhonya\'s ring] that will be covered in the tips and tricks section.

    Now, the next item is situational based. You have a few choices. Since your role as Morgana is mostly a support you need to be able to last as long as possible in a teamfight as you can. Which means since we have been stacking AP with our last few items, we need to get something for survivability. Now there are many ways to do this without just stacking Def, Mdef, or HP. So here goes:

    If you have been doing well or are confident in your kiting skills, the enemies champs are underlevelled or are generally weaker than at least half your team, you can start building your [item=Rylai\'s Scepter] starting with the [item=Giant\'s Belt]. This is a very very good item as it makes your ult harder to escape, adds some HP, and forces champs to spend more time in your Tormented Soil. It also adds the benefit of an AOE snare, which makes kiting much much easier, thus it can be considered a survivability item.
    If the enemies physical carries have been keeping you at bay, or if they have a few right-click heroes, build a Frozen Heart next, starting with the Glacial Shroud. This item adds a lot of def to you, which will actually (to an extent) let you tank damage if you get suddenly focused. The attack speed reduction is nice for your team, especially if you are up in the enemies face with your ult ticking. The mana is nice too, but not gamebreaking.
    If the enemies casters are giving you hell, or they have a Veigar it is generally a good idea to get this [item=Force of Nature] or to be slightly more offensive this Abyssal Scepter.
    The force of nature improves your kiting skills with its passive speed boost and gives some nice magic resist combined with some health regen. The Scepter gives you the magic resist but also makes you and your teams casters hit even harder, which is always nice since you are a support anyways, which means that you should be in most of the teamfights.

    The last few items are really your call, since games generally don\'t last this long.
    But feel free to get any of these:
    Guardian Angel if your constantly getting ganked and have trouble surviving after you ult {but this should not be happening)
    Aegis of the Legion if your team needs that small extra edge to win.
    Lich Bane if you\'ve accumulated a buttload of AP and just want some more damage for even more kills
    Haunting Guise if the enemy team has maybe 60 magic resist on most characters and you got the abyssal scepter. This item is relatively nice for its cost, so end game it shouldn\'t be hard to get at all.
    Deathfire Grasp If your team is relying on you for some damage and the opponents have been stacking health
    Void Staff If there are more than 1 enemy champs on the other team with over 100 magic resist.
    Will of the Ancients A very nice support item if you team is mostly AP based
    [item=Zhonya\'s Ring] Because why not?
    Elixir of Brilliance om nom nom nom nom

    So, what do you do when you\'ve hit your item cap and have buttloads of spare cash?
    Sell boots, buy all 3 elixirs, drink them, buy boots.

  • Skilling Order

    YAY! I've figured out the skill tool thingy thanks to people posting comments on my guide! Thanks every!

    Your standard Morgana build. Dark Binding at lvl 1 is pretty useful since you can use it to snare if your team wants to firstblood gank or you can use it if the other team sends a gank mid and you weren\'t being smart and at your tower.

    Rushing tormented soil to level three is crucial. CRUCIAL. It allows you to start farming and decimating minion waves. On top of that it becomes a great harass if you land dark binding.
    Black shield at lvl 4 helps if your up against heavy CC or casters since it will absorb the damage and let you be a little more offensive. However, it scales 1:1 with your AP and only the damage absorbed is upped when you level it, so keep at at lvl 1 till its the only skill left.

    The offensive Morgana skilling order, this order is only really viable if your up against an all phys dmg team with almost no CC on Twisted Treeline. Never ever ever try this in Summoners Rift. Ever.

    Essentially, it is best to follow the first skilling order, you can delay getting black shield as far as lvl 5 or in some cases even 7. Just make sure you know if your team expects you to have it, or if they can handle the enemy CC or more importantly, if you can handle the CC that is present in your lane.

  • Working in the team

    You are the support. People will expect you to help them initiate. protect them from damage, snare the enemy team, have map awareness, and control the enemies position and damage.
    If a teamfight is starting, make sure you are always always there to help out. You also need to make sure at midgame and later on, you teams lanes are pushed up nice and far to prevent backdooring or to prevent turret losses if you lose a teamfight. This activity will also net you some nice gold so it really pays off for you to do it.

    During teamfights, your black shield is essentially your biggest asset. Make sure you have an idea BEFOREHAND of which carry the other team might focus. Then keep an eye out and as soon as you see the CC being cast, black shield the carry. Then on recharge, black shield any1 else that needs it. If anyone on your team has a channeled ult, it may be beneficial to black shield them instead of your primary carry as it will let them give that nice damage burst at the start to tip the teamfight in your favour.

    Your ult is gamebreaking during teamfights. It is a 2.5 second stun and over 1k dmg mid game. Make sure you are in good position and have an opening to use it. If you have a [item=Zhonya\'s Ring], you can even try initiating with it, as long as you can make the enemy COMMIT to staying in its range...but more on that later.

    Use Dark Binding and Tormented Soil both offensively and defensively. If the enemy team focuses a squishy, black shield them and lay a Soil under them. Many people will underestimate the damage it can do and will tank its full duration. Dark Binding as your carry starts to run to snare some1 for your team to kill as they overextend.

  • Laning

    There are a few scenarios here that need to be covered. But first off, the big thing: When you have pushed an opponent to their tower and they are hugging it, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, try to stand near the tower and harass them and kill creeps, especially if you are by yourself. You are too susceptible to a gank and have no good place to run in that position. It is best to simply retreat to the middle of the lane and wait for your next wave of creeps to collide with his. You shouldn\'t lose any exp if you do this, as your wave will die to their creeps + tower + them fast enough.

    First off is the standard 1 v 1 mid:
    Morgana is a good candidate for mid, regardless of what most people think. The general consensus is that its best to stick a carry in mid so they can get exp faster and have more damage. The problem is however that unless they have some AOE, or very good strategy and the ability to last hit, they will not make full use of this lane.
    In my opinion, the champion you want mid is one that can get a kill off of every creep, can push the mid tower and keep the mids champion pushed back. On top of that you want a champ that has AOE and escapes. Morgana is a prime candidate for this. Even though Last hitting is a priceless skill and should always be utilized, Morgana does not need to last hit once she dings lvl 4 or 5 and gets her lvl 3 Tormented Soil. Then with proper placement she can wipe creep waves with 1 tormented soil + a few auto attacks on the melee creeps. This lets her push mid like nothing else, and will most likely force the other champion to tower hug because:

    a) with your Tormented Soil and Dark Binding you control the enemies position, punishing them for trying to last hit and harass you.
    b) you have gotten some damage on them and have denied them enough gold that they are now behind you on items, if not exp as well.
    c) they are in a position to get killed if they make 1 wrong move.
    So anyways back to the topic.

    You start out lvl 1 mid, and hug your tower till you can walk out with your creeps.
    For the next few levels you will have to be defensive. DO NOT TRY TO PUSH as you have very low damage, only 1 escape ability and will lose out on a bunch of exp if you die. This is where you practice last hits. Simply sit in your lane, last hit creeps for gold and let the other champion push if he wants. At lvl 2 you have your Tormented Soil and can use it to make last hitting a bit easier and to keep the enemies creepwave away from your tower, as you will no longer need to rely on it for damage. However you still do not want to push more than a small distance just out of your tower range. Keep last hitting creeps till you have your Tormented Soil at lvl 3 if have the Expert runes or 4 if you have Begginner runes setup. Now you have the damage to start pushing and harassing. Start wiping the enemies creep waves, he will not expect you to get so aggressive after being passive for so long and will most likely go in to harass you, making him a prime candidate for a Dark Binding + Tormented Soil combo. If you are careful, you should have pushed the champ to his tower or at least his side of the lane and should have more health than him. Congrats, you have accomplished mids job. Having the champ pushed to his tower means that:

    a) you can easily back to buy and run back to your lane without worrying about your tower getting pushed
    b) you have prevented mid from risking to go mia and gank top or bot and you have opened up the same opportunity for yourself
    c) Mid will most likely call a gank on you which, if you have wards like I told you to have, will most likely net you at least 1 kill and will cause top or bottom to waste Mids and their own exp by spending time running, being beside each other, and most importantly dying.

    If you manage to drop mid tower, then you have free reign over the entire map and can go help keep all the lanes pushed up.

    2v2 in a lane:

    Unless you entire team is going for a first blood gank in your lane you DO NOT want to try to go for early first blood with just your laning partner. At lvl 1 you do not have much to add to damage wise and more than likely the attempt will turn around on you. Ask your partner to say by tower with you, pretend to go afk if you have to, just keep him out of the bushes and near your tower. If hes adamant about going into the bushes, then go into the buses on your side and your side only, and ONLY after you checked them with Dark Binding. Start out about the same as you do when you start middle and just try to last hit. Once you get your level 3 or level 4 Tormented Soil let your partner know that you guys are going to start pushing. Start pushing and harassing. Preferably harass the champ that\'s squishiest or has no self heals. You might be able to get a kill with your partner + ignite. At some point at the start of your pushes, bring a ward and set it in river so you can see incoming ganks. Keep pushing, being aggressive and you will eventually take the tower and accomplish what you should have accomplished if you were mid. ***NOTE*** let your partner last hit the melee creeps when you tormented soil, as you\'ll be getting all the caster creep kills and your partner needs gold too.

    2v1 in a lane (jungler on enemy team):

    Basically the same as 2v2 in a lane, only you have to be wary of the jungler. Best case scenario is that you will force the jungler to stay in his lane in order to keep his teammate alive. Worst case scenario is the jungler comes and with his partner wipes you and your partner. However, the worst case scenario should not happen if you keep a ward at river like I told you too.

    1v2 in a lane (jungler on your team):

    This is a nice scenario for Morgana as she can easily keep two champs at bay and maybe land a double kill in the process.
    Start out like you would if you were mid. Get your Tormented Soil at the proper level to start wiping creep waves. In this case, however, do not try to push both champs to their turret, you want to keep them in a good position to get ganked when your jungler comes back. Best is to keep them in the middle of the lane. This way they will think that you do not have the capacity to push them heavily and they will most likely get more aggressive which opens them up to harassment. Since they are in the middle of the lane, they are in close proximity of the junglers path if he wants to gank. But keep your playstyle more defensive than offensive.

  • Farming

    Farm anything and everything. Wipe creep waves with your Tormented Soil. Kill the jungle random neutral creep camps when you have some time with Tormented Soil and Dark Binding mixed with autoattacks, but don\'t spend too much time in jungle, you are not a jungler.
    Once a few towers go down, you can Farm all your lanes to keep the pushed up. This lets your team spend time ganking and getting team objectives such as golem or dragon.
    BTW you can solo golem, and should, but try to make sure it is the enemies golem unless you do not have a very mana hungry caster on your team. Extra CD and mana regen is never bad. DO NOT try to solo dragon.
    In twisted treeline, jungle the random camps when you can, but always make sure to at least get the Ghost Buff (white rune buff) if its up. Morgana + movement speed is amazing.

  • Tips/Tricks

    Ok this is going to be a big section so I\'ll try to break it down into categories.

    1. How to land skill shots

    Unfortunately, anything I say here has already been said by GiRLSTAR and her guide on Morgana which is definitely worth a read. So I\'ll simply leave a link to here guide.,GiRLSTAR%27s+Super+Awesome+Delicious+Morgana+Guide!#Landing%20your%20Skillshots

    2. Proper Harassment

    Ideally you are able to land your Dark Binding and your Tormented Soil on the same opponent to lock him down and force him to take damage over time.
    However there are a few more forms of harassment.
    My favorite one is minion caging, and can be implemented very well by proper baiting. It works because of the way minions work; if an enemy champion hits you, any of your minions in his range will automatically switch to him and attack. So what this means is that you simply bait an enemy champion into your side of the minion wave, let him hit you once, and then Dark Binding + Tormented Soil. Preferably he will be stuck close to your caster minions, so the melee minions will come in behind and box him in, making it that much more difficult to chase you down or escape the Tormented Soil and get to you (who should be autoattacking him just out of his range). You can easily use this technique to turn skirmishes with the champion at mid around and maybe get first blood. On that note, the same can be used against you so never should you be tanking enemy minions, because you are too smart to get caged, right?

    3. Baiting

    There is a plethora of ways to bait enemy champs.
    Ill list some that I found are most effective.
    The most basic one is simply making your presence known either by showing up from a bush or by firing a skill shot out of it. If done right or if done in combination of the next few techniques, you will easily gravitate enemy champions towards you.

    Ok so for some more advanced techniques.

    OOM baiting: This is when you pretend you are out of mana while your Clarity is ready to use. Many people seem to forget you had Clarity or they assume you must have used it because you have been in the lane for so long. Basically, once you think you can kill an enemy champion, but just need to lure him away, burn all your mana and start playing very very defensively. Do not use Dark Binding or Black Shield at all, simply resort to Tormented Soil and last hitting. Try not to use Tormented Soil on cooldown, use it even less frequently. The enemy champion(s) should be starting to get more aggressive so let them push closer and closer to your tower. Then when they are close to your tower, run out, and miss a dark binding, then turn tail and run. They should begin to chase you, thinking you\'re an easy kill (more so if you were actually low on health or around 75%). When your Dark Binding has cooled down and they get either in your turret range, or in a position preferable to you, turn around, Clarity and dump all your damage on them along with your Ignite. If they run, only chase if you can guarantee yourself a kill, because you most likely got them low enough that they need to back anyways, freeing up the lane for you. If they fight back, just potion and let them take turret hits while you run them around, they\'ll be dead soon anyways.

    Low HP baiting: slightly more dangerous if you do not keep track of your enemies damage and their cooldowns, never do this unless you have a potion or your team in the bushes behind you. Essentially, you want to let the enemy champs hit you while you are laning, but always return damage at them, so ideally you will both be low HP. If they try to go for you, potion and try to lock them down so that they are in their creeps, that way, when you Tormented Soil them, you will get the spell vamp hp back and will do damage to them, should net you a kill with Ignite.

    4. Using Ignite

    You can use this for straight up damage, but its usually better to use this and make use of both its damage and heal reduction.
    If your laning and your enemy potions, feel free to ignite them, this will almost completely negate their potion, which gives you an advantage, even though your ignite is now on cooldown.
    During teamfights, do not drop your ignite and all your spells on the same target. Dark Binding and Tormented Soil someone then ult and ignite a squishy target or a target with self heals that was hit by your ult. Spread the damage around and let your team worry about focusing someone down.

    5. Using Black Shield

    Black shield has some interesting effects on a few champs, but most importantly Blitzcrank!
    It not only stops his grab, but it forces him to sit through his entire skill animation. You will, in fact, STUN HIM with your black shield for a few seconds, so use this to your advantage.
    Also keep in mind that you need to black shield as CC is flying towards you, and not ahead of time, unless you have something in mind that requires it.

    6. The [item=Zhonya\'s Ring] Combo

    Ok this is the most important thing of all to Morgana, and this is why [item=zhonya\'s ring] is part of your core. If you ult while you are zhonya\'sd your ult will still continue to tick and then activate again. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.
    Now, the trick is to get the enemy team to commit and stay within your ults range instead of simply running away. To do this I\'ll use:
    Sir Isaac Newton\'s Three Laws of Motio....err Commitment!!

    Law # 1: Every Player commiting to a target will remain commited to that target unless external forces cause him to rethink his position and switch targets.

    Basically this means that if someone pics to focus you, and you have your ult and zhonya\'s up, you DO NOT WANT to make them switch targets ahead of time, so act like you either don\'t know they are going for you, or like you an idiot and think you can take em with just 2 spells (you can, but they don\'t know that yet). Do not start using Dark Binding, Tormented Soil or Black Shield prematurely.

    Law # 2: The relationship between a players distance from you (m) and the amount of health and or mana you are missing (a) is directly proportional to their level of commitment (F). F=ma.

    If you are full health and champs are far away from you, they will most likely not commit to targeting you. If you are missing some HP and MP and they are withing hitting distance of you, they will most likely fully commit, especially if you let your hp drop a bit more.
    This is where the baiting tricks I told you about before come in handy. You want to make champions think that they can kill you even after you zhonyas ring has worn off. That way they will stay for the full duration of your Soul Shackles.

    Law # 3: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    For every second that the champs decide to stay and swing away at you, they will take more and more and more damage from your team and your own personal spells.

    So here is the technique:

    a) Bait champs into attacking you through one of the methods I have shown you below. It is best however to have full HP when you are doing this or at least a potion if its earlier in the game.
    b) Get right up into their faces and right beside them. MAKE SURE you Black Shield as soon as you suspect you might be hit with a stun or silence. If your stunned, you cant use your [item=zhonya\'s ring] and if your silenced you cant cast your Soul Shackles
    c) Soul Shackles and drop a Tormented Soil in the biggest clump of them, then Dark Binding someone that might try to run.
    d) When you health reaches about 25-50% depending on the situation, hit your [item=zhonya\'s ring] just make sure that all your spells are on cooldown. This shouldn\'t happen too long after you hit your ult.
    e) Your spell combination should of killed someone by now, if not, they should all be low. Lock down the champ that is most threatening to you and drop a tormented soil on the weakest champ, you might even be able to autoattack another one for another kill. Black Shield and haul ass and just pepper your pursuers with skill shots and Soils till they die. Your team should be there to clean up by then anyways.

    7. Teamfighting without actually being in the teamfight

    This is best done on Twisted Treeline where the walls are thin. Essentially, most teamfights can happen in a place where all you need to do is get into the right position behind the wall and drop Tormented Soil and Dark Binding on enemy champs and even be able Black Shield your teammates. Just remember that once you dropped a few spells, try to switch position in case they enemy team tries to bumrush you. When the teamfight starts going your way, rush in and Soul Shackles to secure the win. You can even lane from the dragon cove and confuse the hell out of some of the dumber players, just make sure not to Dark Binding and give away your position.

    8. Rules of Engagement

    Do not engage if you ult is not up.
    Do not engage if you are unsure of a winning outcome and you do not have your team to support you.
    Early game, always pop a potion when you engage 2 or 1 champions.
    Do not engage if you are severely outnumbered and far from your team.

    9. Denying EXP

    sometimes when you push, you will be able to get the enemy champion{s} to back up far enough that you can wedge yourself between them and their creeps. In this position you are relatively vulnerable to getting jumped since their creepwave can always engage to you if the enemy champ gets close enough and gets hit. However you can also deny exp this way, especially if the champ fears you. Put some distance between his creepwave and yourself, walk to wards the enemy champ and keep him at bay with Dark Binding while using Tormented Soil to kill his creeps. Just be mindful of ganks

  • Last hitting

    It seems people still don\'t know how to do this. Let me explain.
    You use your moveclick to run around like a headless chicken while letting your creeps get the enemies creeps low enough for you to kill them with 1 autoattack. Then you kill the creep and commence running around again. The running around makes you hard to target with skill shots while you are doing nothing, the last hitting lets you keep your distance from the enemy champion if he tries to harass you, and it also lets you move the fight closer to your tower as you slowly get pushed. Now, once you get to your tower, last hitting gets a bit harder.
    With Morgana, you need to hit a melee creep before it gets hit by the tower, or after it gets hit once, then you need to hit it again after it takes a second hit. As you level, you\'ll be able to let the tower hit it twice and simply last hit it.
    For the caster creeps, hit it once, then let the tower hit it, then last hit it.

    Hope that helped.

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