Warwick Build Guide

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Warwick Guide to jungling early game and ganking mid game

written by notgoodenough

Warwick Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Eternal Thirst
    Nice passive. Makes jungling possible

    Hungering Strike
    Level this first but max out after hunters call. Great for health in jungle

    Hunters Call
    Max this out first. great for towers jungle team fights. everything

    Blood Scent
    makes it so you dont need boots till later in game. Get one level of this at level 4

    Infinite Duress
    My second favorite thing about ww. Die squishy Die. Oh your a tank and have 4k health? good thing my madreds still does 30 % of your life in 2 seconds

  • Introduction

    Warwick is my most played hero. 2.5 to 1 win loss ratio. This isnt because i am some pro with ww. It is because i jungle from level one allowing a second person to out level there team, this is such an advantage that the other team is so gimped mid game it shouldnt be hard to out push and win team fights. This being said, you need to have someone on your team who can handle a second solo, good examples are shen heimer cho and even olaf. This just takes practice and youll find the right match. Shen is the best.

  • Masteries + Runes

    armor pen red
    dodge yellow
    cooldown per level blue
    health quints

    9 0 21 build
    get magic pen in offensive
    and expirience gained in utility

  • Items

    Start with a cloth armor a sight ward (90) gold and2 health pots
    go to the golem on your side of the map and put the ward almost in the river in the path above golem, go to the bush at golem and wait there, if someone on your team wants to come guard you, its never a bad idea. Ive gotten first blood so many times because one person comes to look for you and then 2 or 3 of you pop out of bush, hes a goner. Anyway if no one comes to gank you by 1:50 than id say your safe, so golem spawns at 1 :53 so get out there and aim him first, use hungering strike as soon as he hits you once, to gain that health back and then pop your firs thealth pot, just kill the big one first, using HS when ever its up. Smite the golem when he is at half health, itl kill him. This takes practice only once or twice to know how to do it. finish off the little guys and go to the next minions (golems or crit guys) wipe this camp and move to the life steal ones. If smite is up then smite the big one, if not attack the little ones until smit is up and get rid of the big one, it one shots him. Next is lizard. Attack the lizard first and just use your w and yoru HS until hes dead. Wipe the last camp on your side and move to there golem, survivability now is easy so do there oglem and the ot her camp on that side. Next, if you are level 5 and you think you can do dragonw tihout being ganked do it, use your helath pot and HS allways. after dragon you should b 6, call out a gank and go ult the lowest health. If nothing is available try to push mid back just by ulting. be careful though.
    if you cant then port home and buy madreds and do dragon

    The rest of the game should be you pushing towers, ulting the squishy and using your w in all team fights/tower pushes. dont forget to use your smite whenever you have it up if your not in the jungle. let the tank initiate, and then you ult whoever doesnt have cleanse, or the squishy.

    ww is a boss and your right in the middle of things so you usually get focused, but who cares cuz the output that you do and the distraction always allows your team to get more kills, even if you die.

    My build goes
    Madreds bloodrazer (RUSH THIS, get this before boots even)
    low level boots or boots of swiftness if you need it
    get sunfire capes X2
    thats the rest of your items
    if you feel you need it get a bloodthirster

  • Summoner Abilities

    that is all

  • Skilling Order

    1 q
    2 w
    3 w
    4 e
    5 w
    6 r

    then its r>w>q>e

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