Kog'Maw Build Guide

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AP Kog'Maw

written by Batra

Kog'Maw Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This is my first LoL guide, so take it easy on me. I'd appreciate feedback positive or negative. I'm going to be talking about AP Kog'Maw instead of AD/IAS or Hybrid builds.

    UPDATE: I've added some more of the sites features to make the guide look better. I've also updated the item list and explained some more things. Also added more to the working in a team section. Also added a section on how to use your ult.

  • Abilities

    Icathian Surprise
    Pretty useless passive in my opinion. Kog'Maw is really slow, which makes it kinda useless. If you die to a ranged then you will 9 times out of 10 not land your passive. It can be landed against a melee, but if there's minions around it they will screw you over a lot. If you die in a team fight just run into the group of enemies and explode in the middle for some decent AoE damage.

    Caustic Spittle
    Pretty useless for the most part for my build. Seeing as we're going for magic AP damage you won't benefit from the armor penetration. The active doesn't do very much damage and really isn't too useful overall.

    Bio-Arcane Barrage
    This is a much more important move for Kog'Maw. This move will melt tanks and the extra range the active provides lets you shoot from a safe distance.

    Void Ooze
    In my opinion, this will be your best skill until late game Living Artillery. In the laning phase this is your go-to spell. At rank one it doesn't do too much damage, but after that it really starts to pick up. At rank three-ish, maybe four, it starts to hit for around 200 AoE with a solid snare. Late game it still will be your hardest hitting spell, but its cooldown is a tad long.

    Living Artillery
    This is his signature move. It's late game range is absolutely atrocious. It takes a couple attempts to figure out the timing but it shouldn't take you long at all to figure out how to land this consistently.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Marks - Greater Mark of Insight x 9
    Seals - Greater Seal of Clarity x 9
    Glyphs - Greater Glyph of Force or [item=Greater Glyph of Celerity] x 9
    Quintessences - Greater Quintessence of Insight x 3

    Kog'Maw starts with above average health for mage/ranged champion so I don't think that health quintessences are necessary.

    As for masteries I go with 9/0/21. Grab the standard masteries.

    3/3 Archmage's Savvy
    1/3 Deadliness
    4/4 Sorcery
    1/1 Archaic Knowledge

    3/3 Preservance
    1/1 Haste
    4/4 Awareness
    3/4 Expanded Mind
    3/3 Meditation
    3/3 Quickness
    3/3 Intelligence
    1/1 Presence of the Master

    A link to the masteries build:


  • Items

    Start out with a Doran's Ring and a Health Potion. With this you should have a solid 600-700 starting health along with steady mana regen and around 25-30 ability power.

    Stay in your lane as long as you can safely and then go back and get your Boots of Speed and then Sorcerer's Shoes.

    If you haven't realized by now, your ultimate and E abilities use a TON of mana if you want to spam them (which you do). Next grab a Sapphire Crystal and then turn it into a Tear of the Goddess. Then make that into a Archangel's Staff. This will soon let you spam all of your abilities as much as you want without a care in the world, which is very important.

    Next grab a Giant's Belt for more survivability and then turn that into a [item=Rylai's Scepter]. This will now let you chase and escape a lot better. Your ult has ridiculous range and using it with this will slow the enemy allowing you to catch up or run away much more effectively. You may say you don't want this because of Void Ooze, but I've found this is still very useful seeing as the range of your ult is so much further than Void Ooze.

    Next build Fiendish Codex so that you can eventually build your Nashor's Tooth. This item makes your W ability a ton better. The attack speed makes the percent damage melt away any tank. The ability power and cool down reduction are also insanely useful.

    I consider the previous items the "core" build for Kog'Maw. After this the items you should get are situational based on the enemy team. At this point in the game I usually don't have any problems surviving. The health from Rylai's makes you a much less attractive target to the enemies. If you do find yourself being focused still, then by all means go ahead and grab a defensive item before the offensive item (I'll talk about the defensive items in the two paragraph).

    For your last offensive item there are really only two choices left. Look at the enemy champions items. If you're noticing a trend of stacking magic resistance then go ahead and pick up a Void Staff. If you see they're forgoing the magic resistance then go for [item=Zhonya's Ring]. This will drastically increase your AP like it does for every AP hero. The active is also pretty useful.

    Your last item should be something defensive. If the enemy champions have lots of stuns/snares/grabs etc go with Banshee's Veil. Guardian Angel is also pretty useful if you are finding yourself not being attacked with CC as often but still being the focus of enemy attacks. [item=Soul Shroud] and Aegis of the Legion are also useful for supporting your team. If the enemy team has a lot of AP casters then you might want to go with an Abyssal Scepter (which also gives some useful AP as well).

    Just an example of a possible build:


  • TL:DNR Item Build

    For those of you alt-tabbing in the middle of a game or who just don't want to read explanations of the build here you go:


    Doran's Ring + Health Potion
    Boots of Speed -> Sorcerer's Shoes
    Sapphire Crystal -> Tear of the Goddess -> Archangel's Staff
    Giant's Belt -> [item=Rylai's Scepter]
    Fiendish Codex -> Nashor's Tooth

    Situational Offensive Item:

    If the enemy is stacking MR -> Void Staff
    If the enemy isn't stacking MR -> [item=Zhonya's Ring]

    Situational Final Item:

    If the enemy is throwing CC on you -> Banshee's Veil
    If the enemy is even spread of AP and AD damage -> Guardian Angel
    If the enemy is heavy AD damage -> Thornmail
    If the enemy is heavy AP damage (w/o CC) -> Abyssal Scepter
    For Team Support take one of these depending on your team makeup:
    - [item=Soul Shroud]
    - Aegis of the Legion

  • Skilling Order

    While Caustic Spittle does the same damage as Void Ooze, I don't think its worth being a rank short of Bio-Arcane Barrage. The armor penetration doesn't help you at all for my build and having the extra range on Bio-Arcane Barrage is more important in my opinion. You're free to grab a rank of Caustic Spittle at Level 4 if you'd like but I don't think that the little bit of extra nuke will help you get a kill. The range on the skill is also relatively small. You will have to go closer than I personally feel comfortable going at low levels to use this small nuke.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I've been running Cleanse and Ghost.

    Cleanse is the most useful spell in the game in my opinion. It will save you from more things than any other summoner ability.

    Ghost is for chasing and running away. You're a slow champion, you need it.

    The other spells and why I would or would not use them:

    Exhaust - You have Rylai's and your Void Ooze, if those don't save you or get you the kill then this won't either. Another thing is the range is short compared to your Bio-Arcane Barrage'd auto attacks and Living Artillery's range so you'll find yourself too far away from the enemy to use this most of the time anyway.

    Heal - Never been a big fan of heal. Cleanse and Ghost will both save you more often than heal will. If you want a team healer get a Taric/Soraka/Alistar.

    Revive - No.

    Smite - You shouldn't have too much of a problem farming if you're using Void Ooze correctly, so this won't be useful.

    Teleport - Never been a big fan of this one either. I guess this could be taken but I don't think it's worth losing the survivability of ghost or cleanse.

    [spell=Fortify] - If your team doesn't already have one, this could be an alternative to Ghost. Pretty useful throughout the game, but your tank or someone who is grabbing Defensive masteries should take it because it's a lot better with the mastery.

    Clarity - You shouldn't be having mana problems early game if you have the right runes. As soon as you get Tear of the Goddess you will find yourself never needing this again so it won't be useful endgame either.

    Ignite - Again the same range issue as with Exhaust. I like to stay way back behind the tanks and melee shooting my super long range auto attacks and ultimates. I normally won't be close enough to use this.

    [spell=Rally] - Not worth the loss of survivability that cleanse and ghost provide.

    Clairvoyance - A must have if no one else on your team has it. Replace Ghost with this.

    Flash - A better spell for escaping than Ghost, but not as good for chasing. I prefer the chasing ability over the escaping. Also they've made mention of removing this from the game so I'd try to get used to not having it.

  • Working in the team

    Early Game:

    Solo mid and side laning are very similar to each other. You still get R>E>W>Q no matter where you are. Standard laning tactics: avoid being harassed, last hit only, and harass the enemy. At level 5, when you have rank 3 of Void Ooze your harassment game really steps up. The slow starts to get serious and the damage just as bad. If you're getting out harassed you can use this skill to last hit minions from a safe distance. It will do 200ish damage at rank 3 with proper runes so you don't even have to time it all too well, it takes out a solid chunk of minion health. You shouldn't have to worry about mana too much if you have the right runes, masteries, and Doran's Ring. Just play the harassment game and get as many last hits as you can.

    If you get laned against a melee or a tank you can harass them very effectively while staying from a safe distance. Simply use Void Ooze to slow them and then pop Bio-Arcane Barrage to increase your range and then ult them as they run away. If done correctly you can deal a solid 40%+ of their health without going past your creep line, effectively making them not able to get last hits without putting themselves in danger. If you have a strong support champion to lane with you can even stand on the other side of the enemy minions and harass them from there too keep them out of EXP range. Just be careful of minion aggro or mia enemy champs.

    Also, I figured I'd add that Bio-Arcane Barrage doesn't let you do more damage to turrets, but it still gives you the range. Attacking turrets like this allows you to stay at a safer distance, seeing as your normal auto attack range is rather short.

    Mid Game:

    This is when the fun starts. I've found that as AP build you won't be able to net many kills by yourself. Even as an AD/IAS build I've found that you're not too great in a 1v1 situation. Certain enemies will just trample right over you. You have a lot of starting health but after that it really drops off if you don't get the Giant's Belt for Rylai's quickly. You also have no escape mechanism versus melee. If a melee manages to get on you then he's going to stay on you. Void Ooze only snares them while they're standing in it and seeing as it ends right where you are there will be no snare effect on them. Champions like Olaf, Master Yi, Akali, Garen, Jax, Pantheon, Poppy, Shaco, and Warwick will destroy you 1v1. You have to be really careful about going places by yourself and MIAs. If everyone's missing, back off the turret: you won't survive a gank.

    If you can get a teammate that has a snare or a stun you can pretty much kill anyone with your ultimate, Void Ooze, and Bio-Arcane Barrage. You're damage here is stronger than it will be late game after people get their survivability items. Simply wait for them to land the snare and or stun and then run up to the person and line up your Void Ooze in the direction that they will escape to the quickest. This forces them to run in a non optimal path to get to safety. After you successfully land the Void Ooze, pop your Bio-Arcane Barrage, and then just spam your R button. After a few tries this shouldn't be too hard to pull off.

    Late Game:

    This is where you shine. You are one of the best defenders and one of the best pushers. If you're losing the match thusfar just turtle it and farm up. Void Ooze will eliminate whole lanes of minions. If they try to push a turret, stand at it or a little behind it and just cast Void Ooze on the minion row, you should kill almost all of them. This forces the other team off the turret, unless they wanna tank the turret; in which case just stand back and spam Living Artillery on the ranged while popping Bio-Arcane Barrage and auto attacking the tank: he'll drop a lot quicker than he probably expects. You counter the heal spam groups. Your Void Ooze does massive AoE damage and unless you were completely underfarmed or the other team was fed you're going to cause them to back off the turret even though they have heals.

    If you are winning the match you're also conveniently a very good pusher. You can use your ultimate way far out of turret range as well as your Void Ooze ability. Just keep poking and eventually you'll break through. If your team has to back and is being chased by the enemy team you can help them survive very well. Pop ghost and go to the side of the lane you're being chased down. Then use Void Ooze in a slant or diagonal across the lane to slow the entire enemy team (either that or they have to walk around it). Also spam your ultimate on the enemy so that your Rylai's will proc and slow them even further. You can make chasing a pain in the ass.

  • Using your Ultimate

    During early game laning phase use it to harass the enemy while getting last hits. As soon as you get Tear of the Goddess it will start stacking up that extra mana rather quickly. If the enemy champ is really low but doesn't want to back you can force them to back by harassing them at or behind their tower with your ult.

    If you go to these bushes then you can harass the enemy thats standing on the turret. They may think that you're shooting from these bushes and then run back further in their lane. You'll see them do this if you hit them with your ult because it gives you temporary permanent sight of the person (like Nidalee's traps). If they do run back then you can go out of those bushes and Void Ooze / Bio-Arcane Barrage / Ult them until they die, which they most likely will. Be careful when doing this as if they decide to attack you have almost no escape mechanism and it's a long way back to safety. Also, they'll probably catch on if you try this more than once or twice.

    When you get to level 7 you can start eliminating minion waves very quickly. Using your Void Ooze down a minion wave and then ulting on the ranged like this will last hit all the ranged typically and lower the melee minions significantly. Be careful pushing too far and over extending though because like I've said before you have a tough time escaping ganks.

    If you're in mid you can farm the wraiths every time they're up without having to leave your lane. Simply ult them and then Void Ooze them like this and they should all die. I've noticed a bug-ish type thing where the money doesn't float up on the screen and you can't see that you killed them but your money should increase by the right amount and if you walk around the corner they will be dead. When doing this make sure you use your ult before Void Ooze. If you use Void Ooze first the minions will start walking around the corner to attack you and your ult won't hit them.

    You can hit behind mid tower if you go here as well.

    I've found that there isn't a really safe spot to shoot from when going to shoot behind the first top tower (assuming your team is the bottom team). But if you just stand behind the wall that is parallel to the lane up there you can hit behind the tower. This isn't providing the safety of bushes though.

    When you start pushing past the initial towers here are some more safe spots to attack champions defending the next ones at (as a couple notes for the following images, 1. these pictures were taken in a 1v0 practice game, but assume that your team is backing you up trying to push and the enemy team is defending the tower. and 2. If a team fight breaks out you are not supposed to stay here and just keep shooting your ult, go in and use all your nukes and Bio-Arcane Barrage as well, these are taken for the purpose of the poking/harassing before the team fight breaks out):

    Second tower on bottom. Be careful here, there are no bushes to stand in and if your team isn't with you to back you up (which they should be at this point in the game) you can get screwed over rather easily.

    Second tower in mid. You can also stand in the bushes to the south of these but those bushes are a common place where team ganks or fights happen so the enemy is more likely to check there.

    Second tower on top. You can move out of the bushes a little bit if you know enemies won't see you so you can shoot it a little bit further.

    Third tower in mid. You can shoot safely from here and I've found that enemies won't have any idea where you are, it's actually quite funny.

    There aren't any bushes or non obvious places to shoot the third tower on top and bottom, so you just have to stand way back and abuse the range (keep in mind the enemies know where you are this time). Same goes for inhibitors and the last two towers guarding the Nexus.

    When defending towers I like to stand about here. I used Void Ooze on the tank in this picture, but try to hit as many as you can while staying in a safe distance. I also popped Bio-Arcane Barrage and I'm auto attacking the tank while spamming ultimate on the squishy ranged champions. (Assume all those things are in that picture, lol).

    If the enemy team has a jungler you can use your ult to snag a kill or at the very least scare them away (wasting their time and preventing them from getting the buff). You can do that here for golem and here for lizard and dragon. There is a plethora of bushes to check Baron from and almost all of them are relatively safe.

    One last note for using any of these bush strategies. If the enemy finds you doing this or you get the feeling they know where you are, you probably want to back off and stand behind your team. Especially if they have a Blitzcrank. He can ruin a lot of your fun if he catchs on to your bush shooting spree.

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