Janna Build Guide

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be more annoying than her voice acting!

written by krysander

Janna Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    janna is very very wonderful. her greatness is in fact inversely proportionate to the absolute horror that is her voice acting. the more it makes me want to shove anything sharp into my ears, the more she does to save the hell out of my team. She is one of the best, if not THE best support characters, and she can actually manage to carry a game from time to time. if the enemy feeds you, they will surely weep for their mistake. her general purpose is to harass the enemy in all situations while balls out saving everyone on her team. shes not necessarily a beast. she wont be the one who has 27/2/15(although she absolutely CAN. just dont expect it from every game...but she CAN DO THAT). she is the only near completely naked whispy voiced beast of her kind. the general theme of this guide will run on two basic tracks. are you going to be running around and ganking/destroying/owning your enemies souls? or will you be a near tank capable of damaging the enemy and helping your team turn the tide against what seems like a difficult opponent? for either option, just read on!

  • Pros / Cons

    Great laning, great survivability
    can help a lane partner absolutely demolish with little to no repurcussions.
    harassing made ez(and half naked)
    her ultimate
    her shield
    she changes team fights into team wins.
    very durable early/mid/late game.
    right off the bat without bonuses from items she does decent damage.

    her voice
    if your team is fail, there is only a certain amount of idiocy that you can save them from.
    seriously, her voice is awful, like, it keeps me awake at night with its horrible horrible echo in my mind.
    cc on enemy team is whack, yo.
    i really cant think of much else.

  • Abilities

    you'z a speedy somebody, and you make other people speedy. this is good. you fast+make enemies slow=dead enemy. XD

    Howling Gale
    farm spell, harass spell, knockup, helps you get away, helps you chase. ummm perfect? yes, its a skill shot. yes, your enemy can see it coming. but you know that. and they know you know that. so placement of it is key. i will go over how to use this spell more in the laning phase/working in the team section.

    passive ghost? thank youz. i rikey. when you activate it good damage and a crazy ass slow? umm is this janna or santa? this is an awesome chasing skill, and a decent damage dealer. this will be used on your teams focus, and otherwise it will be used for its passive to help you run wherever your half naked little heart desires.

    Eye Of The Storm
    such a wonderful thing. it can save you or a teammate from a turret shot at lvl 1. very similar to the way i skill with morg, you wont be skilling this on priority, but the moment you are lvl 3 you will love this skill. it doesnt cancel spells like morg's shield, but it will save your skimpily dressed butt.(im going to comment a LOT on the fact that janna's voice annoys the crap out of me and that shes all but naked. a LOT.) you can also shield towers, and as long as you have mana you can keep refreshing it for quite some time.

    .....*sigh*... this spell makes me cry a little. its so pretty. like a newborn baby, or a naked lady surrounded by money. you just want to reach out and touch it. this will: help you protect towers, help you turn a teamfight thats going badly on its head, help you push, and basically make your team think you are god, meting out justice and destruction with the same hand. you have to be smart about when you use this, otherwise you'll find yourself naked(seriously, shes almost naked) in the battlefield and what was about to be an awesome turn of events becomes a very very sad one. ill go over use of this skill more in the laning/team sections.

  • Masteries + Runes

    ok runes are fairly simple mage runes:

    Greater Seal of Replenishmentx9
    Greater Mark of Insightx9
    Greater Glyph of Potencyx9
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitudex3

    as for my masteries, i go 9/0/21, getting the point in clarity and clairvoyance. focusing on cooldown reduction and getting the magic pen in the offensive tree.

  • Summoner Abilities

    for my summoner abilities i almost always run Clarity and Clairvoyance i feel like any spell really could be useful on janna, but clarity is useful to you in laning phase, and it plays into janna's ability to after a team fight is over bring her entire team back up to full. just monsoon and clarity, and then the whole team is near full health/full mana. as for clairvoyance, it just fits so well on her, she doesnt need a heal, she doesnt need a slow, shes fast as hell, and she has a knock up spell just to make sure. so, play to your playstyle, but for me, the ability to see ganks coming and refresh my team fully is just too awesome to pass up.

  • Items

    ok, now there are two basic builds that i run with janna. i will detail aggressive monster janna, queen of the half naked bimbos in this section, and my more supporty tank janna if you will in the following.

    first item, which will not change in any game is Sapphire Crystal and 2x Health Potion.

    now before your first trip back, you should know which build you will be wanting to use. If you dont need to worry about surviving and just want to keep dishing pain, follow this build. if you are having trouble or your team is feeding, go to the next section.

    so on your first trip back you should be looking at getting Tear of the Goddess and Boots of Speed. if you can afford it also grab an Amplifying Tome

    your next trip back you'll want to upgrade that tome to a Mejai's Soulstealer. and start building those assists, and you WILL build those assists, as sure as janna's voice will drive you to rip your speakers out of the wall(or wherever you may have yours)you might even feed it with a bunch of kills. also grab Boots of Swiftness

    next trip back, upgrade your tear to Archangel's Staff, and if you can grab a Blasting Wand. youre going to build that into [item=zhonya's ring]. if you want you can grab [item=rylai's scepter] first, but it depends on how worried you are about those stacks on mejai's.

    so after you've completed both zhonya's and rylai's here's where the team dependant items come. physical team giving you pain? get a Frozen Heart and make them suffer. lots of cc on the other team? get Banshee's Veil more health and mana too! i also feel that Deathfire Grasp is an awesome addition to janna, especially when dealing with late game and/or tanks.


  • tank janna

    so tank janna is what happens when you dont think you can build mejai's and keep it high enough. meaning that you must be survivable but still able to deal damage and heal for a holy-crap-ton. in my eyes the way to go is quite clear. so remember that Sapphire Crystal? in this version of janna you'll be upgrading that to Catalyst the Protector. you'll also want to grab Boots of Speed on your first trip back. and never forget there are elixirs that have burly effects. both the fortitude elixir and the one for ap are beast on janna.

    on your next trip upgrade the catalyst into Rod of Ages and your boots into either Boots of Swiftness or Mercury's Treads. this will depend on how cc heavy the enemy team is.

    after that, the next step is going to be either [item=soul shroud] or Frozen Heart. depending on the enemy of course. physical gets frozen, mages get soul shroud. either way, its always a good idea for janna to put something else on, cuz seriously....chick is underDRESSED.

    so after this, you will want to start adding to your damage while still keeping with survivability, and there's nothing for doing that like [item=rylai's scepter]. the slow will also be a blessing. so the last two items are again going to be situational. either a Banshee's Veil or a Deathfire Grasp or maybe even another Glacial Shroud to help your CD reduction. this will be a very survivable janna that is also capable of raping the opponent much like her voice acting rapes your ears.

    tank janna for casters


    tank janna for phys


    obviously, as i stated above there are other items that will be dependent upon your team and how youre doing. like getting a banshee's veil instead of that glacial shroud or the deathfire. its really up to you, and its rare that a game will go long enough for you to buy all six items.

  • Skilling Order

    i feel like this is pretty self explanatory. the reason i dont focus on maxing one of the skills out immediately is that i feel both benefit from the extra damage/cooldown reduction that comes with higher levels.

  • laning

    Janna eats lanes. she takes the lane and makes it her home. that is why shes comfortable walking around in nothing. her house, her rules. You will most likely end up on a side lane. janna CAN mid, and she can do it VERY well. but i feel that she will be just as beneficial if not more so supporting a dps or a caster in the side lane. send someone with a global mid, so the whole team can immediately benefit upon them hitting level six. you would have to leave your lane to use your ulti for your team, and thus you leave your turret open(although its not likely, you will probably be putting your enemy in their place, so you should have room to move about and help the side lanes) but still, its much better having karthus or ashe in mid. during the laning phase, you want to be setting up howling gale as often as you can. using it for its massive zone control. you can dictate where the enemy will stand. they will be in constant fear of your whirling tube of doom. bush control is a big deal with janna. go in there to lay down your howling gales. the enemy will still be aware of it, but they still have to move if they dont want to get hit by it. predict where they'll run and be a step ahead. the gale is truly your control spell, and while you can harass with zephyr, i like to save it for the passive and use it only when weve got a kill during the laning phase. when team fights break out, sure throw that little bird at whoever you need to, but during the laning phase, wait until youre through their creeps and still faster than them THEN slow em down and throw a gale at them. you and your lane partner should have an easy time making mincemeat of them after this. you can easily control the postion of the lane for the entire phase. and when it comes to defending turrets/taking turrets down, janna's a pro. she's almost as pro as she is naked. remember to shield your lane partner as often as you can while youre harassing, too, it doesnt take much mana, and it can help them to be a lot more aggressive. shield yourself or your partner, whoever the enemy is focusing, if they are coming for a kill, and continually interrupt them with your howling gale. try and line up your howling gale harass with minions for last hits as well. if you dont hit the champ, you still made them move where you want and you got gold for it too! xD

  • Working in the team

    Janna is kind of wonderful, as she can fill many roles. she can initiate(carefully), she can help clean up, and she can just be another part of the team in the thick of it. whichever build you end up going, either tank janna or monster destructo janna, you will be doing essentially the same thing in team fights. ill break it down on how to use all your skills:

    howling gale: ok, on the offensive, you want to line this up to hit as many of them as you can. move yourself to optimum position and hit it then jump back into the fray. use it to interrupt if you can, anyone channeling(fiddle, nunu) use it to knock up runners to slow them down. defensively us it to hit the closest threat, or the sion thats barreling in to stun your carry. line it up so that the enemy has to move in the opposite direction they want to or theyll be hit by it.

    zephyr: use this offensively to slow runners, focus the enemy carry/squishy, and generally keep dealing damage. defensively, slow those that are chasing. in conjunction with howling gale, you can get away pretty much every time.

    eye of the storm: this is used relatively the same whether you are on the offensive or defensive. essentially, put it on whoever is being focused. put it on yourself if you protecting from chasers,as you will usually be the last one out of team fight save maybe the tank. put it on your carry that is chasing after the enemy. put it on your turret that is being focused down. it WILL help.

    monsoon:ok, this is the real tricky one. it can be very easy to jump the gun and use this too soon. conversely, it can be just as easy to wait to long and miss the opportunity to put it to its full effect. basically, you want to use it right when it looks like all is lost, and turn the tide to where your team is full health and they are all fairly drained. but remember, sometimes its better to let one of your teammates die if the rest are not low enough to truly benefit from monsoon. the exceptions to this rule are your carry, yourself if youre being focused, or somebody who has stacks that they NEED.(this will most likely be your carry anyways.) four people that were about to die being at full>one person who was too far ahead of the group or was being focused because the enemy is dumb and wasnt focusing your carry being healed. did that make sense? i hope so.

  • Creep Jungling

    get the golem if nobody else on your team needs it. you can do it after level six or so fairly easily, especially depending on how much youve eaten. ;P

  • Unique Skills

    she can fully heal your entire team from near empty to pretty much full? soraka's jealous.(of her figure too...cuz you can see all of it. NAKED JANNA!)

    she can push exceptionally well, another champ that can solo vs. 2 enemies.

    shes just as dangerous to the enemy as she is beneficial to your team.

    she also has the unique skill to make your ears bleed with her awful voice acting. awful awful voice acting.

  • Farming

    let your tornado charge up at the nice neat row of minions. then quickly mop up by last hitting them all. cha-ching!

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