Soraka Build Guide

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AP soraka

written by Kenostic

Soraka Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    +15 Magic resist, although not the best passive, it's non too shabby and nothing to complain about.

    One of Soraka's best moves. This model will use this allot to farm.

    Farm = creepkills = money = items = power = win.

    Astral Blessing
    Very important, this move allows your whole team to remain on the battle field without going back for healing.

    What does this mean? After a non conclusive team fight you can get you team up and running to fight at their doorstep without the long trek back from home. This means you can push your advantage when you push to their base.

    A good move, either give mana to yourself of a team mate or hurt the opponent and silence them.

    Regenerating mana is extremely important early game as it allows you to use starcall nonstop. Later game it is nice to regenerate a bit of mana, but it will be used mostly for silencing enemies to stop them from using high level spells.

    An amazing skill, not only does it heal a huge amount by nature, but it also gains 150% of your AP. This move is used early game to save your team mates map around from death and later to heal your entire team either in a team fight effectively giving them another 1k in health, or afterwards so they don't have to return to base.

  • Introduction

    Soraka is often considered too much of a support hero. This leads many people to base her around her heal.

    However, in actuality Soraka can be a powerful push and can therefor gain allot of money. A heal based Soraka gains no money and is often rammed. An AP Soraka is often underestimated and can kill a few people while giving her almost invulnerability and her team allot of health in heals.

  • Skilling Order

    1. Controversial from the start: Starcall. While heal might seem better, you can use starcall to assault the enemies with it while they are weak enough to take allot of damage from it. Especially good if laning with a spell caster, it can allow you to get kills early game. IMP: Just don't get hit, be safe and damage them. (if ashe is against you then get heal first, she will damage you too much otherwise)

    2. Heal? No. Get Infuse. This allows you too keep up the offensive, and get this, while you attack the enemy heroes with starcall, you also get creepkills because it attacks all enemies in range. Remember to use this whenever you can, it costs nothing and heals your mana.

    3. Astral Blessing, of course, you ARE Soraka and need to heal. Use this move to keep you and your ally from having to go back.

    4. Alternate between Starcall and Infuse putting more into Starfall. Starcall on the final level + your AP will allow you to kill entire waves with two spells. Remember to do so often to gain money. The Cool down for starcall is very short.
    Infuse will allow you heal your mana and is your nuke. (remember! when using infuse you should target channeling enemy heroes to stop their skills! ex. Katarina's ultimate can be stopped by you!)

    5. Whenever you can put points into your ulti. Remember to keep an eye out for dying heroes so you can save your allies from death. By the time you get [item=Zhonya's Ring] you should be able to heal up to 1,000 health to your entire team because of your high AP.

    6. When you have no other choice, put points into Astral Blessing. Why? Because the AP you get will make it powerful mid game without putting points into it. Late game you add points into it to get a few hundred more points in healing so it never becomes obsolete.

  • Items

    Right from the start, AP Soraka takes a radical turn that seems odd and crazy. However, follow my instructions and you will have a powerful woman on your hands.

    1. Get an Amplifying Tome. This may seem odd, however the +20 AP that you gain from it will increase your damage from starfall, your healing from Astral Blessing and you mana gained from Infuse significantly.

    2. Save up 1350 to get three items: 2 [item=Kage's Lucky Pick]s and one Boots of Speed. You need the Picks for the money and the boots for running. 1350 may seem like allot but you can stay up there if you keep your health up and your enemies health down.

    3. Stay out as long as you can (remember to farm) then return when you have 1600 or 875 gold. You may have to make two runs, but you need the following two items: Blasting Wand and Needlessly Large Rod. These boost you AP allowing you to kill more and heal more.

    4. You may have guessed what you were building for, and chances are you are right. [item=Zhonya's Ring]. While it may seem like a large item to get so early in the game, Soraka's heal and starcall make it possible.

    5. From here there are a plethora of items that you can get, however due to Soraka's ability to push and keep her team pushing, it rarely gets this far in the game. So i will give you a few items that are good you you at this point and you can get any one you want:
    Abyssal Scepter if you need some magic resist
    [item=Rylai's Scepter] Very nice for a bit of health, and lets you slow people down with starfall
    And basically anything else that gives you allot of AP.

  • Farming

    I cannot stress this enough: YOU MUST FARM!!!!!! Starfall allows you to farm waves with two spells, almost as well Mord, and thats saying something. This allows you to get the high level items i suggest and become very powerful.

  • Working in the team

    Heal. Heal all the time, if they are missing a bar, heal. You have enough mana to heal forever. Use infuse a bit, especially on characters like ashe, but use it mostly on enemies to stop them channeling.

    Use your ulti to save people from death.

    PUSH!!! Not enough people in this game push enough. Granted, this build won't get you many kills, but it will get you wins. By pushing you take down towers and kill inhibitors. You push the fight into their base and win the game. Again, not many kills, but you are the MVP to your team.

    HEAL!!! Heal your ally early game, your team mates in distress mid game and your whole team late game.
    -Early game allows you to stay in battle and get more money and XP.
    -Mid game saves lives giving less money to the enemy and allowing you to get more XP and money.
    -Late game allows you to keep you team up at their camp keeping a steady push while saving their lives. Your job is to keep their health up while you push so you can keep pushing while they kill the heroes. This means you kill their base and win.

    This build plays to win, not to kill heroes, I usually end up with 1 maybe 2 kills many assists and no deaths. Oh, and my creep kills are through the roof.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Clarity: This allows you to supplement your Infuse when it isn't enough for you and your ally. I find this important to keep Soraka fighting and keep her from having to go back.

    Ghost: The reason is most likely obvious; to let you get away if things turn too rough.

  • Summary

    AP Soraka is an underused build that allows you to push better than most characters. It is allot of fun to play and is an effective push and support.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros: You can push and you can win. Your abilities become hacked, you can heal insane amounts and kill waves like flies.
    Cons: Little to no hero kills. You are weak, your effective high health comes from the fact that you can heal yourself like crazy, so being silenced can be fatal.

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