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Invinci-Kaiser REVAMPED + New TT Build 3.0; The ex-Premium Guide With a Semicolon

written by Frish

Mordekaiser Build

Table of Contents

  • Quick Reference

    1x 2x

    9 / 0 / 21

    Summoner Spells:

    Starting Items:



    Mid Game:
    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    Late Game:

    Offensive Options:

    Defensive Options:


    Early Game:
    [item_icon=Heart of Gold]

    Mid game:
    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    Late Game:

    Doran's Shield + +

    Early Game:
    -OR- -THEN- Giant's Belt

    Mid Game:
    Sunfire Cape + [item=Force of Nature]

    Late Game:
    Frozen Mallet + Atma's Impaler


    Trinity Force -OR- The Bloodthirster

  • Abilities

    Iron Man
    This is what makes Mordekaiser Mordekaiser. This shield will let you shrug off pesky DPS carries, laugh in the face of pinpricks some call \\\"nukes\\\", and just be generally and unbelievably invincible.

    The shield is affected by armor and magic resist, and in this guide we will utilize that fact to the max!


    - Affected by armor and magic resist
    - Charged by your abilities dealing damage
    - Drains over time
    - Chicks dig it

    Mace of Spades
    Basically, you activate this little guy, and the next time you crack somebody\\\'s head with your mace, you get some bonus damage, and some shrapnel flies out dealing a bit of damage. Scales fairly well with attack damage. Nothing noteworthy or game-breaking.


    - Scales with attack damage
    - Multi-target unless your target is alone
    - Makes a cool noise

    [spell=Creeping Death]
    I love the name of this ability. I also love the fact that it does AoE damage around you, boosts your armor and magic resist, and makes you look scary and cool. Also makes a cool noise.


    - Eliminates the need for Sunfire Cape(s)
    - Gives you armor and magic resist
    - Great ability name

    Siphon of Destruction
    Remember how I said Iron Man made Mordekaiser Mordekaiser? So does this. This move is the most important in your arsenal. It damages enemies in a cone in front of you, and charges your shield based on how many people you hit (which should be as many as possible).


    - Main method of shield-charging
    - Surprisingly long range -- just a little further than what you think
    - The more units you hit, the more shield you get
    - Positioned right, you can hit all six minions in a wave
    - Tasty like bacon, but with half the calories

    Children of the Grave
    Who doesn\\\'t want to be able to cast a great big white ghost-like head over foes? To prove that this isn\\\'t just for show, it also drains life, deals damage based on your target\\\'s health, charges your shield, and if your target dies while this is on them, you get a lovable ghostie companion. All for the price of nothing!


    - Can NO LONGER be cleansed! Huzzah!
    - Heals you AND charges your shield :)
    - Does damage based on %
    - Creates an ethereal companion in case you get lonely
    - This ability and Ignite are like a scorpion sandwich.. Really deadly!

  • Introduction

    I have been playing Mordekaiser a while, and have to say he is an amazing character. Somewhere between tank, soak, and mage, he is an ambiguous figure hiding behind a metal suit. He\\\'s actually a pretty amiable guy once you get to know him, hence me writing this guide.

    I have always felt that Mordekaiser\\\'s strength was derived from his shield and abilities, and have never tried an attack damage Mordekaiser. This guide will help you on the way to maximizing the synergy of his abilities and his shield.

    Now, I am fully aware that some people want to learn the inner workings of Mordekaiser, and this is a very good guide for you to do just that. It\\\'s also fairly witty! The only difference is that I won\\\'t be proposing various builds for various occasions. I have one build for all occasions. Now, I have read a fair few guides in my time, and what I dislike most is when some stranger enlightens me on how to \\\"own\\\" and \\\"destroy\\\" and \\\"ravage\\\" with one build or another. The only scientific background they provide is their own unknown experience, and it is a little bit annoying. I look over the build, and even without testing it out I discredit it. Just the way in which they present their case turns me off to what may or may not be a successful build.
    This is why, for my particular build, I will go into as much depth as I can as to why I believe this Mordekaiser is truly great. I will tell you how I play, what runes/items/masteries/etc I get and exactly why. I will not ever justify a choice with \\\"because it owns\\\". I do this not only to avoid sounding arrogant, but also because I want as many people as possible to try this very unique build.

    For those of you not looking for an item build, feel free to skip the items section. Everything else pertains to any other Mordekaiser.

    This is one of those nice long guides that will go into a reasonable amount of depth, but for all you people scrambling for a quick build before the champion selection timer runs out, there will be plenty of pretty pictures for you to look at, too. As I write this I realize that if you\\\'re scrambling for a quick build you probably won\\\'t stop to read a silly introduction, but for those who do you will get to nod and have a little chuckle.

    I would also like to add that this is not the only way to play Mordekaiser. Another extremely powerful Mordekaiser build is Heat n' Serve's. I started with that, and ended up here. I could have just re-written his guide and calculations, but that wouldn't have been original now would it? I can assure you that this is!

  • Updates

    6/3/2011: Finally changed recommended seals.. Not much new to report.

    4/12/2011: Just some touch-ups that readers found.

    2/11/2011: Updated runes based on user comments, fixed errors in Vladimir champion counter section, wondered if anybody reads the updates section.

    2/4/2011: Got rid of those pesky Health Potions, since they are no longer affordable with the new Doran's Shield.

    12/12/2010: Added new TT section, wept a little since my Premium status was revoked, and polished up the guide a little. Added Q&A section regarding build item choice for newest section. More to come.

    10/7/2010: Holy cow, just got to 100 likes! Thanks to everyone who rated my guide (positive, of course)! I also found out how to view my guide views and noticed I had about 7.7k. I am amazed. Again, thanks to everybody's support!

    9/12/2010: Added two new champion counters (Miss Fortune and Kog'Maw), and updated title due to my monopoly over semicolons being broken.

    8/17/2010: REVAMPED the Invinci-Kaiser REVAMPED section! Check it out.

    8/4/2010: Created a new section "Countering Champions". Thanks to Crysyn, locke03, and Wh1zzy.

    7/31/2010: Created new section "Ode to Mordekaiser" for tactics. Also updating the questions section with a question from van.

    7/22/2010: Updated special thanks to credit my guardian angel Kiddrik, removed Spirit Visage, added a (mainly) Twisted Treeline build that is also effective in Summoner's Rift, and made a few other changes hither and thither. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming "how to mid with Mord" section! Also changed a few errors in accordance with TastefulRug's math and knowledge. Even credited him at the bottom!

    7/15/2010: Took many long games of testing, but I have now developed a couple new builds! I will be implementing a new SR build plus a TT build to boot! All the old info will be kept, and the new info will be prettied up as soon as my champion builder feature is working..

  • Disclaimer

    There is no disclaimer. You\\\'ll do fine!

    But there is one thing:

    Some people read guides for inspiration and then do their own thing, and I respect that.


    I want you to try this out 100% my style first. Just do it. What\\\'s the worst that could happen?


  • Summoner Abilities

    Keeping in mind that some people are more easily convinced than others, I will show you what I personally use, and then go on to justify why.

    I believe that and is the way to go. Ignite is a must-have, since it spices up your ultimate nicely and makes it harder for champions to heal their way to survival. Ghost is a great escaping/chasing move, and lasts longer than flash for those marathon escapes all the way up a lane.

    And now the other contenders:


    : An excellent move, especially since a CC\\\'d Mordekaiser can\\\'t really keep his shield up. However, I find that I can usually suck up the punishment dealt to me, and then make the choice of fight or flight.

    : A great skill to have, but it means that you won\\\'t have a reliable in-combat escaping move. If you are confident that you won\\\'t ever need to escape/chase then you could get teleport. I would rather not, since it limits my in-combat maneuvers.

    : Flash provides a great jump-start for characters who have escaping moves, but big man Mordekaiser doesn\\\'t quibble in the fine arts of escaping. Flash will get you through a jungle wall or a hop skip and a jump farther from the enemy line, but when you push as hard and fast as Mordekaiser you really need more oomph.

    : Great for catching fast runners, cutting down enemy damage, and slowing down pursuit. But with Ghost, you can chase the runners for longer and flee from more people. As for the DPSers, you will have enough armor to withstand their assaults, and enough damage output to scare away any 1-on-1s.


    [spell_icon=Rally]: After all the nerfs to this spell, it is on the useless side of things. And by that I mean if there was a Venn diagram with.. You get the picture.

    : Your shield is your health. Instead of grabbing heal, just use your ultimate on some poor soul without cleanse and get some juicy health back!

    : Some people knock this spell and claim that only morons get it, but way back when I used this guy all the time. You callin\\\' me a moron? The trouble is, you shouldn\\\'t be dying enough to use this skill to its full potential.

    : Smite laughs in the face of Mordekaiser\\\'s internationally decorated farming prowess. Why oh why would you ever need this?

    [spell_icon=Fortify]: Mordekaiser can defend towers well enough on his own, and push like nobody\\\'s business. If you have some pre-existing mental condition that requires you to select this summoner ability, I would suggest you see a professional.

    : This is unnecessary. You don\\\'t need to see people. They will come to you.

    : I tire of describing why obviously useless skills are useless.

    Notice how I compare the above with Ghost. This is because no matter what kind of Mordekaiser you play, you should always always always pack Ignite!

  • Masteries + Runes

    Before I just show you my mastery cheat-sheet, let\\\'s think about exactly what we need to accomplish our goal. How should we spread our 30 mastery points to get the most out of our spells, but also survive, since to be invincible, surviving is key.

    I propose a 9/0/21 build, and here\\\'s why:

    You want to grab [mastery_text=Archaic Knowledge] it gives you an edge vs MR-stacking enemies, but anything over this is too much. You want to hit up [mastery_text=Archmage\\\'s Savvy] and then stick a point onto [mastery_text=Deadliness]. The rest is easy to figure out. You really don\\\'t need to waste the majority of your points getting that juicy Havoc, since the 5% extra damage won\\\'t be as beneficial as the Utility masteries you would miss out on.

    Believe it or not, you won\\\'t be needing any of this. Through experience, I have found that Mordekaiser gains more strength through offense than defense, and your points will be much better spent in Utility.
    A few key points to naysayers: This build includes plenty of armor and magic resist, and an extra 6 won\\\'t do you that much good. [mastery_text=Ardor]? We won\\\'t be needing AP or crits, so that\\\'s a no. [mastery_text=Veteran\\\'s Scars]? You don\\\'t need health when you have a pretty grey shield to take the hits for you, so that\\\'s a negative. [mastery_text=Tenacity]? Has anybody really thought this guy out? Every 100 damage, you don\\\'t take 4. That\\\'s not that big a deal. Nope nope no no way no how.

    The ultimate goal in the utility tree is the nice 15% off Summoner abilities. This is the most personal of all masteries, since Mr. Summoner is you. This\\\'ll give you the power to tamper with the game more, and tilt the odds in your favour. Doesn\\\'t that sound like a blast?
    Since this may cause a little bit of confusion, let me show you why Utility is better than Defense for this big hunk o\\\' metal.

    Tier 1: [mastery_icon=Good Hands], [mastery_icon=Perseverance] (take that, Garen), [mastery_icon=Haste]
    - To avoid wasting points on masteries that affect mana, we need these (not that that\\\'s a bad thing). Less time dead is great for the couple of times you may die in a match. Less time dead equals more money, experience, and exercise (that suit is heavy!).
    - The regeneration you will gain is almost trivial, but it\\\'s only a tier 1 spell anyway.
    - Improving your Ghost spell is nice, and I think this point is fairly obvious.

    Tier 2: [mastery_icon=Awareness]
    - As for any champion who relies so much on their moves, you will want to level up as quickly as possible. Besides, have you seen the alternative?

    Tier 3: [mastery_icon=Greed], [mastery_icon=Utility Mastery]
    - 1 gold every 10 seconds is pitiful, especially considering the caliber of Mordekaiser\\\'s farming capabilities. But riddle me this: Have you ever been waiting around in the shop because you\\\'re 30 gold away from a great item? Aren\\\'t you torn between sticking around for the gold and getting rid of that tiresome Ashe who is all too ready to take advantage of your absence? With this ability, you\\\'ll be generating that 30 gold on the run, and won\\\'t need to let Ashe take potshots at your tower! Justified yet?
    - Increasing the duration of monster buffs, particularly the lizard buff, does wonders for a character with no natural slowing moves. Plus, sometimes champions will helpfully do all the jungling work for you, and all you have to do is kill them and wrench the buff from their lifeless fingers (more fun than it sounds like)!

    Tier 4: [mastery_icon=Quickness]
    - Moving faster is always nice, and this is just what it does.
    - What, you need another reason?
    - Fine. It has a pretty icon.

    Tier 5: [mastery_icon=Intelligence]
    - This combined with Sorcery will give you a nice 10% cooldown reduction right off the bat. Since Mordekaiser\\\'s damage output is directly linked to his spells, being able to cast them more frequently is paramount, and it also makes you feel much cooler than people with long cooldowns.
    - For those of you that argue that his spells are on such a short cooldown anyway, rendering the cooldown reduction useless, I say nay. First of all, Mordekaiser\\\'s ultimate is on a fairly long cooldown, and this drastically reduces it. Plus, coupled with the items I recommend, You will be able to almost max out your cooldown reduction. Even mere seconds shaved off abilities can be a matter of life and death, especially when Mordekaiser is so reliant on his spells to survive. On my side yet?

    Tier 6: [mastery_icon=Presence of the Master]
    - Y\\\'hear that? They called you \\\"the Master\\\".
    - This will reduce the cooldown of your Ignite, allowing you to drop the infamous combo of Children of the Grave + Ignite more frequently.

    I hope you\\\'re not just skipping to this link! You should be less trusting of people online, regardless of how groovy.


    As for runes, I have a quick and simple suggestion, but due to IP restraints, feel free to use whatever you have as a substitute.

    Greater Mark of Insight
    Magic penetration is one of the main focuses of this build, so these marks are very important indeed.

    Greater Seal of Vitality
    I like to run HP per level Seals because then I can focus on building resistances to counter my lane opponent. Mordekaiser thrives on itemizing for resistances and regeneration, and these seals give me a safety threshold if my shield drops off. Also acceptable are Greater Seal of Evasion, Greater Seal of Fortitude, and Greater Seal of Resilience.

    Greater Glyph of Shielding
    These runes should be a staple to any character. Everybody from Annie to Warwick will hit you with spells, and this is your defense against them. This will enable you to shrug off nukes and allow you to focus less on defense and more on offense.

    1x Greater Quintessence of Insight, 2x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
    Since the nerf to Greater Quintessence of Fortitude, many people have been looking for alternative runes, and I am no exception. According to user Catchdown's reasoning, I have altered my rune setup as shown above.
    The Greater Quintessence of Insight along with Sorcerer's Shoes brings your magic penetration to 30, which is on par with the base magic resistance of most champions that you will be facing. The 2xGreater Quintessence of Swiftness will boost your MS and give you the speed advantage against your lane opponent that will allow you to take the offensive and out-harass them.

    Luckily, these runes are very basic, and every player should have them.

    With the removal of {item_text=Spirit Visage], I have been playing with the thought of acquiring some CDR Glyphs. This is also justified by the addition of [item_text=Force of Nature] to the build, since it gives more MR. As of yet, I haven't been able to afford a whole set, but give me some time and I'll get back to you guys.

  • Skilling Order

    What skills are most important to a strong, healthy Mordekaiser (besides vitamin B)?

    First off, you want Siphon of Destruction. This is your most important farming and damaging ability, so do I hear any complaints when I say to max this little jewel?

    Secondly, you want his ultimate. Of course. Luckily, with this skilling order there will be absolutely no competition between Children of the Grave and Siphon of Destruction. If there is, then you didn\\\'t listen to me and bad things will happen.

    [spell_icon=Creeping Death]
    Thirdly, you want to prioritize [spell_text=Creeping Death], since it has a really cool name. Besides that obvious benefit, you get a great defense boost while charging your shield with it\\\'s AoE damage. It\\\'s better than Sunfire Cape, and looks cooler to boot. This skill is Mordekaiser\\\'s most underestimated, since the effect is more subtle than the rest, but no less dangerous. Hence, \\\"Creeping Death\\\". Clever, isn\\\'t it?

    Finally, you want Mace of Spades. The name of this ability comes without the explanation afforded to the one above, since I can only see it as a pun. Again, it\\\'s a cool skill, but don\\\'t be fooled. It deserves to be leveled last. Why? Look at the other skills, and ask yourself what would be sacrificed for a level in Mace of Spades? Siphon of Destruction is too important, Children of the Grave is your ultimate, [spell_text=Creeping Death] gives you more damage to more people, plus armor and magic resist. Poor Mace of Spades just can\\\'t compete!
    NOTE: I like to get a point in Mace of Spades at level 4 so I can have a good time spamming skills, but it is optional. That point could easily be invested in [spell_text=Creeping Death].

    Now that the explanations are out of the way, I present to you:


  • Magic Penetration Mordekaiser

    Ah, yes. Items. What you buy as Mordekaiser dictates what kind of game you will play. Will you stack sunfires, and becoming a burning mass of pain? Will you pick up some swords and cleave your way to victory? Will you don Warmog\\\'s armor and become the indestructible untargeted useless lump of metal?

    I propose a new Mordekaiser. A Mordekaiser never seen before. One who goes against theoretical stats and plays against the enemy\\\'s greatest weakness: themselves. This Mordekaiser does not have the highest effective health, the most AP, or even a mediocre DPS. However, this is by far the most fearsome Mordekaiser out there, and many have fallen before him. Ladies (both of you) and Gentlemen, I give you:


    This build seeks to achieve the most heinous magic penetration possible. Due to Mordekaiser\'s poor AP ratios, you get very little bang for your buck when it comes to those types of items. With magic penetration, instead of making yourself stronger, you just make your foes weaker! Instead of building your damage, negate your opponent\'s defense.
    With enough magic penetration, your abilities will start to do an increased amount of damage instead of a less-reduced amount of damage. Use your opponent\'s carelessness to your advantage! Many players, especially DPS carries, rely on damage, critical strikes, attack speed, etc. to keep themselves alive and kicking. Because of this and the fact that magic resistance does not increase per level, they often wield very small amounts of magic resist that you can easily overcome. Enemy champions won\\\'t know what hit them as you pound their poor, clueless bodies with your devastating spells.
    Always remember: The more damage you do, the more shield you have!

    Runes and masteries included, this is you on level one. Some people prefer to grab Rejuvenation Bead and 5 or 6 health potions, but I disagree. [item_text=Doran\\\'s Shield] will give you a great health boost (goes well with the three Greater Quintessence of Fortitudes I told you to get), a sufficient health regeneration rate, and even a lick of armor. Some people don\\\'t like it because it doesn\\\'t build into anything (or claim its for beginners -- they could not be more wrong), but you may find that most games end with the Shield still equipped. Besides, you can always sell the darn thing.
    You will be extremely hard to kill, not to mention be a farming machine. Like a tractor, except you have a deep-throated laugh.


    Now here is the meat of my build. At first I was going to make a core, but I decided not to because I feel that this Mordekaiser can deal with any situation. Not all of these items are very high-tier, but I didn\\\'t come here to magically theorycraft (no offense, crafters) up the best Mordekaiser ever. No sir. The items are even conveniently arranged in the order in which I believe you should get them!

    This build is not as flexible as you may like, but in my opinion this is all you need. You have a whopping 68 magic penetration, which means that anybody seeking to counter you will have to try very hard to do so. Luckily, many people follow builds to a T, and not allow any room for change, meaning that if they did not foresee a Mordekaiser dominating them with magic penetration, they will surprisingly frequently not build against you. It\\\'s shocking, I know. I almost feel as if I\\\'m cheating..

    Now maybe I\\\'m a little hypocritical when I say that you shouldn\\\'t follow builds and guides to a T, and then here I am telling you to follow my guide to a T. In fact, most guides will list various examples of builds for many situations. That\\\'s great and excellent at the same time. I\\\'m going to tell you that my build will counter anything and everything thrown at it, and whatever flexibility you need will come late-late game when you replace [item_text=Doran\\\'s Shield] and maybe even Haunting Guise.


    The above stats may not astound you, but keep in mind there is still Mordekaiser's shield to account for. With your abilities flying everywhere, you will be recharging this faster than even Doctor Mundo could regenerate his health. About once every three seconds, your enemies will have to claw their way through almost 2,000 points of damage. Divide that by three, and you get a regeneration rate of almost 700 effective health per second!
    Please keep in mind that these numbers are very rough, only include Siphon of Destruction, and vary on how many things you manage to hit with it. That being said, I believe my answer of 700 effective health per second was on the modestly low side of Mordekaiser\\\'s true in-combat regeneration, especially since it only accounts for one of his abilities.

    But whatever. Let me bedazzle you with pretty pictures and lengthy explanations about my really cool build, and make you agree with me!

    Start with:
    [item=Doran\\\'s Shield]
    -This is an amazing beginning item. You will be able to outlast your opponents, and you even used to have a nice little health potion if things got rough.

    First trip back (this will cost 800-1250 gold -- you know you can stay out that long! You should have around this much by level 6-ish, and if you've been harassing well then maybe even a kill!):

    1x or 2x Regrowth Pendant + Boots of Speed
    - Just to get this out of the way, if you return to base with less than 1250 gold, get Boots of Speed first and then gather up as many Regrowth Pendants you can lay your gauntlets on.
    - Justification, you say? Sure, says I. Please don\\\'t ask me about the boots. No champion should have to schlepp their way to a lane without a pair. As for the Regrowth Pendants, it gives you all the health regeneration you need to use your spells all the time (which by now is a problem, since Doran's Shield no longer cuts it), and gives you ultimate lane domination.

    After that, who knows how long you\\\'ll be away from the base for, so I\\\'m just going to tell you the order of items to get.

    [item=Sorcerer\\\'s Shoes]: After this baby, you\\\'ll almost be breaking the standard magic resist of most champions. Your spells will begin to do roughly 20% more damage. An alternative to these are [item_text=Mercury\\\'s Treads], but I find that Mordekaiser is well equipped to soak up any punishment coming his way while disabled.

    Haunting Guise: I know, not a great item, especially since they removed the spell vamp from it, but it gives +20 magic penetration and it\\\'s fairly inexpensive. With this magic penetration bonus, you will be able to slice through most standard champion magic resists. The best part about this item is that during the early game when you acquire it, most other champions will be working hard on completing their core items. This rigid model often does not allow much leeway for situational items, and with 40 magic penetration your spells will often hit with their full intensity. This point is proven every time you solo against a caster who upgrades their Boots of Speed into Sorcerer's Shoes for 750 gold. For that same amount, they could have bought a Negatron Cloak, and saved themselves a lot of damage, but 9 and a half times out of 10, your enemies will not think that way.

    [item=Heart of Gold]: This is the first part of [item_text=Randuin\\\'s Omen] I like to get, since it gives me money and I\\\'m greedy. You can get [item_text=Warden\\\'s Mail] first if you like, though.

    [item=Warden\\\'s Mail]: Next stop, [item_text=Randuin\\\'s Omen]!

    [item=Randuin\\\'s Omen]: This is the next stop, as referred to above. This item is great because it gives you health regeneration (enhanced by Spirit Visage), armor, cooldown reduction (this item will push your cooldown reduction to almost the max, as promised!), and two different slow effects. The first is inherited from [item_text=Warden\\\'s Mail], and will slow attackers\\\' movement and attack speeds. The second, more important slow lies in its activated ability. Use this frequently and never forget about it! The slow affects movement and attack speeds, and is great for turning the tides in a teamfight, fleeing, and winning small battles. Remember, the cooldown is short, so use it whenever you can! Just because it is an AoE doesn\\\'t mean you can\\\'t use it on one person.

    [item=Force of Nature]: Since you already have the duo of Regrowth Pendants, this bad boy should be easy to make. Keep in mind that you may want to build this before Randuin's Omen if facing a caster-heavy team.

    Abyssal Scepter: This item maxes out your magic penetration, and gives you ability power and magic resist to boot. The bonus magic penetration makes your skills hit for absurd amounts unless enemies start stacking magic resist. Once enemies start doing that, they\\\'ll be poorer and won\\\'t be able to buy pretty items like Infinity Edge or Phantom Dancer or [item_text=Divine Rapier] (darn!).

    Not only is this item build less than 10,000 gold, it will give you everything you need. You will derive most of your damage from magic penetration and your abilities\\\' naturally high damage. Even before Abyssal Scepter, your magic resistance will be substantial. Your armor will be fortified with levels and [item_text=Randuin\\\'s Omen]. Your damage output revolves mainly around [item_text=Sorcerer\\\'s Shoes] and Haunting Guise, two fairly inexpensive items that will produce a large boost to your damage.

  • Invinci-kaiser.. REVAMPED!

    I want to start out by saying that this build has been tested in Twisted Treeline, since that's what I've been playing a lot these days. Expect minor tweaks over the next few weeks as I discover new things like a scientist. One of the biggest problems with Mordekaiser in TT is that he has no slow, so he has to chase. In TT there are more hidey-holes and less chasing room than in SR, so I found that I was in a semi-dire need of a slowing move. That fact coupled with the edit to remove Spirit Visage sparked a large and somewhat comprehensive change. Enjoy!

    Now tried and true in both maps, this build gives you the best of both worlds. I have altered it to counter any champion you are facing with ease, and without delaying your core.

    In this new update just in time for season 1, I sought to replace Sprit Visage with something more useful. I won't give you too much to read (unless you ask -- I always have time to reason with you guys) until I can post it all on my guide page without having to worry about it not being saved.

    If you want the basic change to my initial build, replace SV with 1-2 Regrowth Pendants (that will suffice for early game regeneration). This accommodates for SV's HP/5, and will let you loose spells with reckless abandon. Keep in mind that this is also cheaper than SV, so you can get started on your next item, or see if you can afford a Negatron Cloak (if you really need it).

    Later, you will want to build this into Force of Nature, which gives much greater HP/5 and MR than SV, but at a greater cost. It also gives you bonus MS, which replaces the CDR of SV. In my mind, the increased chasing power, MR, and HP/5 is worth the cost of both gold and CDR, even though you will have to complete this item at a later time.

    Now for the divergent path! For the old build, refer to the guide, since nothing has changed.



    Doran's Shield: I have tried out starting with Regrowth Pendant for the lesser delay on my core, but I find that it doesn't quite cut it. I need the HP boost that is afforded to me by Doran's Shield to fully control the lane against any opponent. Regrowth Pendant is still a viable option, but in my opinion not a superior one.


    Right now the two most important stats you need are movement speed, so your opponent cannot outrun you, and health regeneration, so that you do not kill yourself, and you can keep pressure on the enemy. You should return with a MINIMUM of 800 gold to buy these:

    Regrowth Pendant: I prioritize this over Boots of Speed, since if you need to return before accumulating 800 gold, then chances are either you're getting pasted or you scored an early kill. If you're getting smashed you need the regeneration to keep your HP up, and if you score a kill that early then your opponent probably won't have enough money to buy their own set of shoes anyway. Use your discretion.
    This will give you an excellent boost in regeneration, just in time for your abilities to start costing noticeable chunks of health.

    Boots of Speed: You need to be faster than your opponent, and with these babies, that will be so. Even if they pick up their own snazzy pair, you still have your [spell_text=Quickness] to rely on. If they're faster than you after that, it won't be by any significant amount.

    These are the most important items to get first, but the next priority is:


    You have all your early-mid game bases covered with Doran's Shield + 3xGreater Quintessence of Fortitude for HP, Regrowth Pendant for HP/5 regen, Boots of Speed + [spell_text=Quickness] for MS, and even 9xGreater Mark of Insight for magic penetration. Now it's time to cover the enemy's base as well.

    Depending on who you are facing, you want one of these:

    Negatron Cloak: This is your staple defense against any caster you happen to be laning against. Buy one of these, and Annie's full spell combo will hardly down your shield. Not only does it make you feel excellent, it sucks the hope from your enemies. They will back up as you advance, and while you stand between them and the minions and deny them experience. They will have the choice of wasting their mana upon your unyielding shell, or wait patiently for the minions to come to them. Neither situation is particularly beneficial to them.

    Chain Vest: This will be your invitation to ignore ranged DPSers such as Ashe or Tristana. They tend to be hard to catch and prioritize acquiring boots, so mostly I focus on pushing them towards the tower, and making their favorite job of last-hitting very difficult.


    Now that you have shut down the damage-dealing capabilities of your foe fairly effectively, you may now focus on your own well-being for the moment.

    Sorcerer's Shoes: This item is a must. With the bonus to movement speed you will be fast, and with the additional magic penetration you will hit hard. There will be a noticeable increase in your spell damage output.

    If your opponent has more than 40 MR:

    Haunting Guise: While considered a subpar item by many, I have always enjoyed the benefits afforded to me by this item. If I am facing somebody mid who decides to grab a Chalice of Harmony and I come back with both Sorcerer's Shoes and Haunting Guise, it pleases me to no end to drown their parade in a raging torrent of metal and mayhem, often landing me a kill as I laugh at their petty MR. This item has nothing bad; HP, AP, and magic penetration all benefit you, and it's not a very expensive deal. 75% of games I play end with this still in my inventory. The early game boost is amazing, and far outweighs the cost of Abyssal Scepter.

    However, always keep this in mind:

    If they do not have more than 40 MR, wait to get this item until either they do have 40+ MR or laning phase is over and the majority of their team has 40+ MR. I understand that before this item you will have ~30 magic penetration, but even +10 is worth it, as your spells will hit full force and at some point or another they will get additional MR.

    From here, you should build your next item based on which defensive item you acquired.

    If Negatron Cloak:

    [item=Force of Nature]: This item is great against both burst and sustained damage casters. The massive boost to MR will let you survive any burst damage they are capable of doing, and the HP/5 will let you outlast their mana pools. The movement speed boost will keep you up to speed even against level 2 boots. They will find themselves helpless, so keep an eagle eye on your minimap for incoming ganks, now that you are in full control of the lane.

    If Chain Vest:

    Sunfire Cape: This item will give you a great boost to HP and armor, with a fiery 40 damage per second tacked on the end. Since your primary role against ranged DPS champions is to starve them of gold since harassment is difficult unless you can catch them with a glancing blow of Siphon of Destruction now and again, but I find them too wary. This will improve your farming and make you even more difficult to kill.


    Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Since the "bug fix" to Frozen Mallet causing the ghost to stop proccing it, Rylai's Crystal Scepter provides superior slow in SR, as well as very helpful stats.


    These final items depend mostly on who you are facing and how the game is going, but here are my suggestions:

    Offensive Choices:

    Abyssal Scepter: Based on your enemies MR, get this to replace Haunting Guise or Doran's Shield.

    Sunfire Cape: If you truly shrug off any attempted spell, or if their team is low on casters, pick another one of these guys up. It will increase your AoE presence, but most importantly will help you to push and tank towers.

    Defensive Choices:

    Randuin's Omen: With HP, HP regeneration, cooldown reduction, armor, and two kinds of slow, this is for when DPS champions are picking you apart like nobody's buisiness. There is nothing you don't want in this item, and it will boost your survival by an amazing amount.

    Thornmail: Again, if you are being shredded by DPSers, this is another great choice. While Randuin's Omen is great against beefy DPS champions, glass cannons will tear themselves apart on this item. An excellent choice against Twitch, Master Yi, Shaco, etc.

    Banshee's Veil: Don't talk to me about wasted mana; this is hands-down the best ant-magic item in the game. You will benefit from every other stat, and if you are falling to a caster heavy team, this is a sound option.

    Guardian Angel: Great against mixed teams if you want another life. Personally, I dislike this item since Mordekaiser has enough trouble with being focused already. Useful, but the above items are a more sturdy defensive choice. It's a decent item with an outrageous price tag, but I feel it deserved a mention.

  • Invinci-TT-Kaiser

    Lately, I have been playing a lot of Twisted Treeline and noticing how darn good Mordekaiser is at it. So good, in fact, that dying no longer becomes an issue. The biggest issue I face is dealing damage. However, I would like to maintain my air of invincibility so as not to impinge on Ashe's item build (the smelly Merchant doesn't lug many Infinity Edges around), but be able to deal an equally formidable amount of damage. The nice part is that Mordekaiser's early game is solidified by his powerful spells, so I looked elsewhere to fortify his damage dealing capabilities. Here goes my list of priorities:

    Legendary toughness: I want to be able to survive EVERY fight. If I'm dead, it's an ace. This means balancing health, armor, and magic resist.
    Fearsome DPS: When I smack somebody with my mace, I want them to be reminded how damn spiky that thing is. And big. That's a sizable mace right there.
    Map-wide ban on kiting: I hate being kited as Mordekaiser. So many champions can do it, and if they can kite you they can sure as hell escape. That makes me mad.

    So, with these in mind, I experimented with a few items and came up with this:


    Before you get too excited, however, remember that build order is also extremely important. Let me discuss with you the way I go through my items.

    First off:

    Doran's Shield
    You should be noticing a trend by now.

    Priorities in the field:

    Sorcerer's Shoes: An early farm-enabled boost to your movement speed and damage output is amazing. These babies should be the first completed set you make.

    Regrowth Pendant: You really do need at least one to keep your spells flowing at a prodigious rate.

    [item=Null Magic Mantle] / [item = Chain Vest]: You should pick to counter the enemy team's primary source of damage. This tends to be magic damage early on, since not many DPS champions will have powerful equipment yet.

    Giant's Belt: This item is a must for a relatively early boost in HP and EHP. With your Negatron Cloak / Chain Vest and this guy, you should be extraordinarily difficult to take down.

    Sunfire Cape: This will give you the great burst survivability that is so important on TT, and a handy 40 DPS.

    [item=Force of Nature]: Enough movement speed to chase or flee, and regeneration to farm lanes and jungle alike without having to return to base.

    Frozen Mallet: If the game is going downhill, this guy will pick things up for you. As always, Mordekaiser's greatest weakness is him being kited, and if you lack control of the Lizard Buff, then you will always wish you had CC. This is a must.

    Atma's Impaler: While games tend to end after my Frozen Mallet, I thoroughly enjoy those that don't thanks to this item. With this guy comes an impressive boost of damage augmented by Mordekaiser's naturally fast attack speed (well, relatively fast). Late game your biggest worry will be physical DPS carries, the armor is a blessing. It also helps you tank towers and minions, not to mention give you another formidable source of damage should your enemies be stacking MR.

    Trinity Force: I have only managed this item once in a game, and thus did not include it in the initial build. What this item gave me, however, was good enough to make me consider getting it earlier (testing that theory). My insane movement speed allowed me to conserve Ghost for when I needed it most, and gave me amazing burst to go with my already amazing magic/physical DPS.


    But why not use this on Summoner's Rift?

    By all means, do, but I find that the focus of Summoner's Rift tends to be more towards AoE/survivability than single target DPS, which is why you see far more AD than AP in this build, just like you see a tad less survivability.

    Why Sunfire Cape? Why not Randuin's Omen? Surely the latter is more beneficial.

    You ask a very good question, self. I have wondered about this a lot, but I generally come back to Giant's Belt. I like the HP boost it affords me, and while the completed set of Randuin's Omen is overall more beneficial at just 300 gold more, I find that I get/don't MASSIVELY need all the bonuses it affords me, it isn't as offensive as Sunfire Cape, and would rather channel that 300 gold into Frozen Mallet, which is far more beneficial. However, I will try this item out more in the future and see how it goes.

    Feel free to ask your own questions to be put here!

  • Pros / Cons

    - Capable of dishing out massive amounts of AoE damage
    - Survivability is through the roof
    - Works very well with many team compositions
    - Excellent solo laner, great lane partner
    - Massive amounts of magic penetration
    - Great personality

    - No slowing power without items
    - Reliant on attacking to maintain shield
    - Has to make me wrack my brain for negative things to say

  • Ode to Mordekaiser

    I have some general tactics in my guide, but I wanted something a little more.. tasteful then a bullet list of what you should and shouldn't do. Enjoy my Ode to Mordekaiser!

    When I am Mordekaiser, I am ruthless. I drive my opponent hard up against their turret and bear down upon them with wave after wave of minions. I do not "chip away" at their HP, I go balls to the walls like a tower-diving maniac. This exhausts my foe and drains their morale. Every time our minions collide, they see a giant metal fiend with fully charged green and grey bars, ready to shrug off any incoming damage. This is the waiting game without the waiting. Deprived of mana and HP, my foe is powerless to resist the oncoming Master of Metal.

    They cannot retreat to their fountain, for they are defending their tower with their lives. They are too timid to call for a 2v1 gank, since they themselves are at low HP and realize they are Children of the Grave fodder. Even if they call for a large gank, a 5v1, I win. I can easily note such a massive absence and take the necessary precautions. The other lanes suffer due to lack of champion presence, and when the would-be assassins arrive in the middle lane, they find nothing but confused minions and the fading echo of a baritone laugh.

    I rarely find myself travelling to other lanes except to liquefy the occasional weakling if it so amuses me. The majority of my time is spent laying siege to my opponent. Slowly but surely, my actions will be noticed. Enemy champions slowly trickle to the middle lane, only to likewise be rammed against the tower, unable to push back against my metallic onslaught. With my absurd HP regeneration and damage mitigation ability, I am able to stand directly outside tower range while my minions and allies push other lanes.

    This constant pressure on all three lanes is a force to be reckoned with. With your opponents locked inside of their base, they cannot retrieve buffs, slay the dragon, or cross tentacles with the mighty Baron Nashor. Map control turns into map domination, and I slowly starve my opponents of resources. 75% of the games are surrendered when I am pushing their middle Inhibitor Tower. Their lives become tedious -- trapped in the base with a metal behemoth anxious to lay his metal gauntlets upon the velvety substance of their souls, all the while being powerless to defend or push other lanes.

    Slowly but surely my foes accept crushing defeat. There is nothing they can do.

  • Farming

    What does Mordekaiser do best? Farm and push. I challenge you to find another champion that can push a lane like Mordekaiser (don\\\'t mention Heimerdinger, because that\\\'s just silly). In fact, a Mordekaiser not pushing is not a successful Mordekaiser at all. Since Siphon of Destruction supplies you with a significant bonus to your shield based on how many enemies you hit, minions should be your priority with this spell. This will keep your shield well charged, and allow you to withstand harassment with impunity.

    But we all know how amazing Mordekaiser is at farming. In light of this fact, allow me to give you some advice that you may or may not know:
    - Positioned correctly, you can actually hit all six minions with one Siphon of Destruction. If you face the enemies head on and target the caster minions, you will be able to damage every one of them. It doesn\\\'t work every time, but four or five is still better than three.
    - Through trial and error, I have found that Mordekaiser is best in the middle lane. He has the toughness to withstand harassment, the farming capability to harvest minions at an alarming rate, and can harass without interrupting his farming process. With such pressure applied to the enemy carry taking middle lane, their own farming operation will be hampered, and I find that the tower tends to fall at around 15 minutes of game time, regardless of whether or not you manage to kill them. Also, if you can\\\'t take the middle, try to get a lane to yourself if you have a jungler on your team.
    - Whichever lane you take, make sure your battle is at your opponent\\\'s tower. Your pushing capability will surpass theirs, so take advantage of it! Even if no champion kills occur, the tower will take damage from minions, and thus will eventually fall.
    - Again, even if you are playing against a good team, you will topple their first tower. If you are the first to do so, help others in their lane. Keep up aggressive pushes that the enemy will have to focus on to deter. If you think a backdooring champion is annoying, think about how the enemy feels about you!
    - Remember to look at the map when participating in a deep-lane pushing excursion. I get a little antsy when I can see less than 3 champions on my map. Any less than that and I like to keep pushing, since with your shield and ultimate (ignite is a plus) up, you should be able to take 1-3 champions by yourself. But don\\\'t take my word for it! This is highly situational. Always assess the situation. Are there any champions on low health? You should know who can cleanse out of your ultimate, and focus those who can\\\'t. Many people underestimate the ghost you get, but it is surprisingly good. Not to brag, but so far my best ghost kill was with an ethereal Heimerdinger!
    - Even in a 1v2 or 1v3 or even 2v4-5 situation, enemies will be reluctant to initiate a battle with a Mordekaiser surrounded by minions. I find that enemy champions tend to hug towers and focus more on killing the minions you keep sending their way rather than attack you. Further reducing their urge to shred you apart (as if!) is the fact that you take so little damage from harassment, and have that shield to take whatever little damage they have dealt to you. It\\\'s surprising how scary you can be!

    To Summarize:
    - Try for mid, or at least a solo lane.
    - Always push, and always push hard.
    - You are tough as nails!
    - Focus the weak for a nice ghost companion. If nothing else, they can always take some tower hits.
    - You are a big scary dude. Utilize!

  • Creep Jungling

    To counteract Mordekaiser\\\'s lack of slowing moves, I would suggest grabbing the Lizard buff whenever you get the chance. Remember those points I asked you to put in [spell_text=Utility Mastery]? Here\\\'s where they come in!

    Aside from that, you may or may not want to harvest neutral creeps when you pass through the jungle. Mordekaiser can easily polish off jungle baddies for some quick and easy gold and experience.

    There is really not much to it at all.

  • Working in the team

    Modekaiser\\\'s job in the team is to push. More details are in the \\\"Farming\\\" section, but here I can tell you why it is so important, and what else you can do for the team.

    Mordekaiser is ridiculous at holding a line. I have found that I can lay siege to the enemy base and distract their whole team while another team mate pushes a different lane. This is where teamwork will come in. You want enough people to deter any thoughts of enemy engagement, but as few people as possible so as to maximize lane pushes. You will need to make the call as to who goes and who stays depending on your team composition and how many enemies you are facing. I find that unless all of the enemies are present, just you and another is sufficient, providing you make sure they are scary like you. By \\\"scary\\\" I mean a character who is hard to kill, can deal a good amount of damage, can escape well, and has some form of healing or shield. Gragas is a god example. Not only is he a large (big boned) opponent, he can heal and deal good damage to questing enemies, while maintaining a good escape move.

    Unfortunately, you will not fight all of your fights in-lane. Sometimes team battles occur in the jungle, away from large numbers of creeps. Here, your job is to take and deal as much damage as possible. Try and target low-hp champions with your ultimate, and even Ignite. Let your kill-stealing reflex kick in. Some people get a little frustrated when I pull this, but it is a necessity. With your ghost, you will bring your team up to a maximum of 5.5 people (let\\\'s be honest, the ghost isn\\\'t THAT good), so even if you lose a couple allies, it isn\\\'t crippling.

    Mordekaiser is not really a tank. I believe he can be more readily classified as a \\\"soak\\\", which is someone who is able to withstand an absurd amount of punishment. Doctor Mundo comes to mind. I don\\\'t believe I am ready to classify Mordekaiser as any particular type as of now. I have a problem with calling him a soak because it brings sponges to mind, and Mordekaiser and sponges are not particularly similar. He is not a tank, either, since he has no real way of forcing champions to attack him. In fact, Mordekaiser occasionally ignored on the grounds that he is one of the toughest champions on a team. This is great, and I don\\\'t mind it at all. Particularly with this build, which focuses on damage with a fair amount of chasing, you may feel free to whip spells off at your enemies\\\' backs as they chase your team. If you have either faith or a lethal amount of recklessness, you could even leave your team to fend for themselves and continue your push. When their team comes back (if at all) and tries to bury you with sheer weight of numbers, you stand between their base and them. Pick off the weakened champions first, and see if the tougher ones stick around for more.

    Because Mordekaiser has such a powerful presence, ganks against him will often be deterred. This works to your advantage in that it allows you to keep the enemy champions in front of you. This allows you to hit more than one champion at a time with Siphon of Destruction.

  • Specific Champion Counters

    In this section I will give you details on countering any champion I deem necessary to list. I have also detailed each of their abilities, and how best to deal with them. If there are more you would like to see that are giving you problems, please alert me via PM or in the Comments section. Please also note that these are not the only counters, and that if you have any suggestions on how to improve these tactics or even bring some new ones to bear, let me know!


    [spell=Focus]: Ashe's passive means that after a while of not shooting, she will be absolutely dying to land a hit on you. At the very beginning of the game, use your Siphon of Destruction on the melee minions before she can get in range and attack you. There is almost no avoiding this first critical strike, but with your shield up it is merely a scratch.

    Frost Shot: This skill is hardly leveled up early game, but be careful! It could spell your doom. The persistent slow effect makes it very hard to get away. If you are not completely in control of the lane, be wary about getting into range of Ashe. Not too wary, mind you. It is still a giant metal man versus some chick in a cape.

    Volley: Ashe's signature move. Long range, slow effect, damage, excellent harass, we know it all. Easily countered, however, by standing behind minions. I would recommend using meat shields when your spells are on cooldown or your shield is down. Never be above using others as fodder!

    Hawkshot: WATCH FOR THIS! You may not expect much of a "counter" for it, but hear me out. This move comes at 0 cost to Ashe, but it can grant you a wealth of information. Does she use this move before the creeps spawn to see her mid opponent? Great, she didn't get Volley or Frost Shot, so you can play more offensively. In the middle of the game, if Ashe uses this on either the top or bottom bushes, that means that she does not know what is in them! Hug that side of the lane, but subtly. We don't want Ashe to bait that side when there is really somebody lurking. There is no need for this if nobody is missing.

    Enchanted Crystal Arrow: Oftentimes, if you have not had much of an opportunity to harass each other, Ashe will use this as soon as she gets it, and try to kill you or at least make you back off. Perfect. HP permitting, charge her, leading with your [spell_text=Creeping Death], following up with Siphon of Destruction, and ending her life with Ignite and Children of the Grave. Remember that this ability has a relatively short cooldown, and boosts the threat of your lane opponent significantly. If you are on low health and looking juicy, then back off a distance and move around. Be hard to hit. Once your health is back up, continue doing your thing.

    Ashe's main source of damage output is physical. Instead of buying Negatron Cloak after the core, pick up a Chain Vest. Consider Ashe countered and farm away!
    Some Mordekaisers laugh at the mere thought of laning with Ashe, but I prefer to keep my wits about me. I stopped laughing when I was completely and utterly shut down by an Ashe in middle lane. Yes, it's true. I had thrashed many a Frost Archer in my day, and approached this one as I did all the rest. She responded to my violent gestures with graceful kiting and painful harassing. I was so thrown off that I actually ended the game 0/10. I still have nightmares, but since that match has never happened again. ALWAYS remember that Ashe out-ranges you, and with Frost Shot can kite you all day. If you find yourself against an extremely skilled Ashe, then focus on the minions. If she over-extends, reward her with a Siphon of Destruction. Bide your time.
    Keep in mind that since her ultimate is global, you must alert your allies as soon as Ashe hits level 6.


    Techmaturgical Repair Bots: Heimerdinger's passive means that he need not invest in HP regeneration items at the start. This passive also effects hit turrets. Due to this, you must never let your guard down and keep harassing either Heimerdinger or his turrets.

    H-28G Evolution Turret: Try to fit these pests into your Siphon of Destruction. Keep harassing these at all costs. You must avoid Heimerdinger getting set up.

    Hextech Micro-Rockets: The best counter to these is to keep your shield up. Generally it is either a very good sign or a very bad sign when Heimerdinger starts using these. Either he is getting desperate trying to keep you off his turrets, or he is dominating the lane and has mana to burn. Use your best judgement and pray for the former.

    [spell=CH-1 Concussion Grenade]: This is Heimerdinger's first method of defense against you destroying his turret. It's hard to predict the direction, but I would RUN FORWARD to avoid. Normally Heimerdinger leads with this as you expect him to run, but running forward will almost certainly keep you out of stun, if not out of the entire radius.

    UPGRADE!!!: After level 6, Heimerdinger may use this as you attempt to destroy his turrets. The mana cost is steep, so even though you did not slay a turret, you have caused some damage. Cut your losses and wait for this effect to subside. Then resume normal harassing.

    Heimerdinger's main offensive and defensive capabilities come from his turrets. They cost a lot of mana to place, but they are also fairly hard to take out. You want to focus on killing these turrets!
    However, a Siphon of Destruction that only hits one turret would be almost completely wasted. Angle yourself so that you can attack the turrets as well as the minion wave and hopefully Heimerdinger himself. For minimal personal harm, wait until the turrets are attacking minions and then position yourself at your leisure. The goal is to keep pushing while also harrying the turrets. The minions will help attack the turrets and destroying them will prevent Heimerdinger from fully setting up. Luckily, his abilities are mana-intensive, so his defense will cost more than your offense.
    Here you must win the waiting game. It's your HP against his mana. There will come a point in time when Heimerdinger runs out of mana. This is where you must pay close attention. He now has two choices. He could stay for the gold and experience, but remain out of mana, and thus not be able to push. This leaves you ample time and room to harass, farm, and even /dance if the fancy takes you. BUT. If he goes back, you must act quickly. If he still has turrets remaining, destroy them as quickly as possible, even if it means being a little suicidal. Remember, time is of the essence. Unless the main tower is at 25% HP or less or you there are some excellent (and I mean freakin' EXQUISITE ganking opportunities -- like no mana Annie on 100hp pushing a tower exquisite), teleport back home NOW. Buy whichever items you need next, and run back to the lane. Heimerdinger must NOT get the item advantage on you. Since he is playing defensively, he must bolster his own stats. You are free to counter him, and in the meantime make sure he can never whittle you down. You must dominate that lane!
    Remember, unless it's an absolute emergency, your focus should be on dominating the middle lane. That is your job, and you have the potential to do it better than anyone else. Don't run around the jungle and waste time. When you push the first turret, start on the next. Just keep your eyes peeled for MIAs!
    I would also recommend buying the Negatron Cloak portion of [item_text=Force of Nature] and one Regrowth Pendant as soon as possible. Since Heimerdinger's turrets, missiles, and grenades all do magic damage, this is an excellent counter and he will find harassing you very difficult indeed.


    Icathian Surprise: Generally, this spell does not do enough damage to finish you off, but try not to underestimate it. Since it deals pure damage, look at your numbers. At level 18, this will deal 550 damage, so if you are below that look around for minions to charge your shield on or an enemy to cast Children of the Grave for extra HP. If all else fails, ghost away. It's pretty embarrassing to die like this, so try to avoid it!

    Caustic Spittle:

    Bio-Arcane Barrage: This is the danger zone. This spell grants Kog'Maw absurd range, and an attack that will slice through your HP at an alarming rate. The first time I faced Kog'Maw in the middle, I was stunned at how absurd this matchup was. He could kite me all day and night, and with this ability he could lob projectiles from afar, and keep me at low health. What I did to counter is play very defensively, only emerging to charge my shield and kill minions when I can manage it. To counter this, and I suggest you do quickly, get magic resist!

    Void Ooze: A useful slowing move, step out of this quickly since it will continually slow you while you remain in its slime trail. Will be the main harassing move of AP Kog'Maw, but is luckily easy to dodge.

    Living Artillery: Not a huge threat, since as Mordekaiser you will be very tough indeed. If Kog'Maw tries to harass you with this, watch for the indicator and step aside. Also, exercise caution while in bushes, since this spell is very good for scouting, and even if it doesn't hit you, the bush becomes visible for a split second and you will be revealed.

    Generally, a good thing to keep in mind is that your best counter to Kog'Maw is armor and magic resist. As they tend to fit a [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazors] into their item build, stacking HP is not a wise choice. Since he tends to be squishy before Frozen Mallet, a Thornmail would not be a bad choice if he is becoming a problem. Otherwise, Randuin's Omen would be an excellent choice, since it has a chance to slow attack and movement speed (great for defense or offense), plus its active (which you should ALWAYS remember!).


    Strut: This ability is what I find to be very irritating about Miss Fortune. At the beginning, she is able to poke me from afar with auto-attacks, and escape to safety. However, if you attack her, she loses her speed boost temporarily. What I do to counter this poking is save my Siphon of Destruction for when she gets close, so I can tag her with it. If she stays away, feel free to use it to continue farming.

    Double Up: Generally Miss Fortune will use this on you as a harass when you are behind minions. If you can't keep your shield up, stay to the sides of the minions, so that the bounce won't hit you. Again, watch for opportunities to damage her to disable her Strut.
    Damage: PHYSICAL

    Impure Shots: Not a large-impact spell, but be wary of it. If you can, try to burst Miss Fortune down instead of going toe-to-toe, since her damage only increases, whereas you are ruled by cooldowns for your main source of damage.

    Make It Rain: Mostly used as a farming/slowing ability, watch out for this spell. Stay away from minion concentrations (which will also help to avoid Double Up, and if used on you try to get out of it. It may not do much damage, but it has a relatively consistent slow that may prove lethal. After level 6, it may be used to try to trap you in Bullet Time
    Damage: MAGIC

    Bullet Time: Be careful of this spell, and once Miss Fortune reaches level 6, be on your toes. You don't want to get yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place by being trapped in this long range, powerful spell. If she uses it unwisely, however, punish her! Quickly judge the situation, and decide whether to escape (always run out of the side, since the range is absurd) or to attack. If you attack, feel free to stride past the channeling tramp and give her a solid whack with whatever spells aren't on cooldown. Depending on how close you are together, you may have a whole second of free hits.
    Damage: MAGIC

    The best way to fight Miss Fortune is to use herself against her. Luckily, her skills are easy to take advantage of. Her harassing revolves mainly around the speed granted to her be Strut, which can be cancelled by damage. This is the best time to strike, since the speed difference between you is the smallest. Later in the game (mid-early game), her harassing stops hurting much, and you won't have to deal with her annoying pokes any more. A Chain Vest is a must.


    Loaded Dice: Not very threatening. Bear this in mind when you look at his minion kills to figure out how much gold he has.

    Wild Cards: Since most TFs build AS/AD instead of AP, this move will likely not be a threat. But just in case, keep in mind that they are very easy to dodge. If TF is too close, or you just want to be cool and/or lazy, just charge your shield on minions and watch the pretty cards fly by. I would recommend at least trying to dodge though, as the less damage you take the better. ALWAYS. Don't get caught up in the "invincible" mindset.

    Pick A Card: Now, when you have trouble with TF, you have trouble with Pick A Card. Luckily, it can be fairly obvious when he is about to use it. There will be alternating cards above his head. If he is not in range, watch the cards. If it is blue or red, chances are he wants to use it on a minion. When he goes in for the attack, see if you can't show him a little love. If he picks a gold card, he is after you. Back up as far as it takes. If worse comes to worst, he'll hit you and you'll be stunned. Then, since he had to chase you a little for that stun, your minions will turn around and attack him. His ability will be on cooldown, and you may have the opportunity to whack him. If he does this and then backs off frequently, charge up your shield with Siphon of Destruction when you see the cards above his head, and cast [spell_text=Creeping Death] on yourself to minimize the damage that you take.

    Stacked Deck: Another ability that should arouse caution. There are three things you should watch for. First is the most obvious, the ring of cards that appears around TF. This means he is about to deal extra magic damage on his next attack. If he draws a card that appears above his head, back off, he has to use it eventually. Second can be seen when you click on TF. You can see a buff that will tell you how many attacks he is away from being able to blast you. On 3 stacks, his next attack will deal extra damage. The last way is to simply count his attacks. Avoid if your shield is low, ignore if it is full. Turn his attack into yours.

    Destiny: This is TF's signature, but it really only means two things. Firstly, alert your teammates when TF hits level 6. Secondly, this means that he will be able to return to base more frequently to pick up items, thus giving him an edge. With your core you should be able to handle him, but don't be afraid to push mightily in during his moments of absence so that you can return to base and suit up yourself. Weigh the costs.

    As always, if you find yourself unable to match TF blow-for-blow, ignore him (a little bit). Focus on pushing his minions back to his tower, making it harder for him to kill them for gold. If you can't match him in damage, blow him out of the water with your farming. TF does not have a naturally large mana pool, so don't be afraid to be a little reckless and get him to waste his mana. Just don't be too reckless and get yourself killed, as hard as that may be.


    Before I begin the analysis, I would like to say I am very pleased. Laning against Vladimir with other champions was a chore and a bore. He is a great harasser, and is a pain in the butt to deal with. The good news is that this now EXTREMELY popular solo-mid champion is a breeze to handle. He practically just rolls over and dies for you.

    Crimson Pact: This is of little consequence to you personally. It means Vladimir is able to gain more as a caster by stacking HP, but the only way it affects you is that Children of the Grave will heal you more.

    Transfusion: If there was a bread and butter skill to define all bread and butter skills, this would be it. The first thing to max, and the most popular spell to for Vladimir to cast. It has no cost, but a cooldown that only gets low once 3-5 points are invested in it. This is great news. Always keep in mind that part of the heal component is based on 25% of the spell's damage, so the less it does the less it will heal Vladimir.

    Sanguine Pool: NOT OVERPOWERED! In fact as Mordekaiser, this ability is my best friend. Picture this scenario: Vladimir versus Mordekaiser in the middle lane. A fight breaks out as both champions vie for control over the center of the map. Vladimir hurling blood and Mordekaiser raining steel. Both champions are nearing one third of their life as Mordekaiser breaks out his ultimate+ignite combo. Seeking to escape, Vladimir sinks into a pool of blood and flees to the safety of his tower. He never emerges. See, Vladimir's ultimate does not make him invulnerable, it makes him UNTARGETABLE. This means any DoT spells applied before the pool will still affect him. Mordekaiser possesses a powerful DoT combo, and I have come to treat Sanguine Pool as my weapon instead of Vladimir's. Since it is his only escape mechanism, I see him use it all the time to escape from anything. When he tries to escape the finishing combo, all he is doing is jeopardizing his chance of survival. If he pools, he loses 20% of his current health, bringing him that much closer to death. If he doesn't pool, he is still open to attacks such as Mace of Spades. Win-win!

    Hemoplague: Good Vladimirs will use this first, bad Vladimirs will use this last. This ability amplifies all damage dealt to you and finishes off the duration with a chunk of spell damage. Be wary, not do not fear this ability. Since Vladimir deals a reasonably pathetic amount of damage by himself, if you are alone with him you do not have much to fear. Unless you are weakened, chances are you can take him toe-to-toe by the minion waves, using them to charge your shield. Finish this silly chap off with the standard combo. However, if there is a jungling Warwick or a missing Shaco, be on your guard. Running from this ability could save your life. Again, use your discretion. If a dying (bad) Vladimir casts this on you to finish you off while you have low HP, quickly find something to cast your Siphon of Destruction on. It could save your life!

    Out of all the popular solo-mid champions, Vladimir is by far the easiest to beat. His Transfusion deals little damage and so is easily countered by your shield and MR. If I have to, I sacrifice one of my Regrowth Pendants for a Negatron Cloak to completely and utterly shut him down.

  • This Section is for You!

    Here is where I will answer questions, respond to comments, and add any bit of miscellaneous information that is brought to my attention. It\\\'s your job to fill it!

  • Special Thanks

    Thank you for spending the time to read my guide. I hope your Mordekaiser game has been jump-started, and hope to see you in the Fields of War (on my team)!

    I would also like to thank Heat n\\\' Serve for his help on my way to becoming the Mordekaiser expert I am today. Without his mathcraft, testing, and build advice, who knows where I would be?

    Thanks to Kiddrik, who has helped me out in the Comments section!

    Thanks to TastefulRug, who has helped me out by wowing me with math!

    Another thanks will have to go out to whoever made this really sweet champion guide making tool. Boy oh boy is it neat!

    Feel free to ask questions, and let me know what you think. If I have missed anything, or you would like me to explain or add anything, let me know and I will do so.

    Remember to vote, and a little +rep would never go amiss :)

  • What I Think of the Re-work


    * Mace of Spades
    o Base damage increased to 80/110/140/170/200 from 20/40/60/80/100

    It seems like a rather significant buff, but..

    o Now scales off of only bonus damage rather than all damage

    Now we see that it is a nerf. This primarily means that Mace of Spades scales only with skill level, and not champion level. Bummer.

    o Now deals 75% bonus damage if Mace of Spades only hits 1 target

    Down from 100%. Bummer.

    o Health cost reduced to 20/25/30/35/40 from 30/35/40/45/50

    The best things come in small packages. Hey, maybe that 10 HP will save you one day.

    o The main target of Mace of Spades now generates shield for Mordekaiser

    I was always under the impression that you gained shield from Mace of Spades, but I suppose it was only the collateral damage that was factored in. This is more of a fix than a buff, in my opinion.

    * [spell=Creeping Death]
    o Base damage increased to 24/38/52/66/80 from 16/32/48/64/80

    An early game buff, but it amounts to the same thing at the end. I don't mind this one at all!

    o Ability power ratio increased to 0.2 from 0.15

    For all that ability power we get. I see a trend starting.. Mace of Spades only scales with bonus damage, and now we get an increased AP ratio! I think that Riot believes that Mordekaiser is simply too powerful without damage items. If I'm right, then Siphon of Destruction will receive a nerf to the damage but a buff to the AP ratio.

    o Increased missile travel speed when casting Creeping Death on an ally

    Again, nothing game-breaking, but it's something. I wonder how fast it will go..

    * Siphon of Destruction
    o Damage reduced to 65/105/145/185/225 from 85/110/155/200/245

    Ah yes, there goes the nerf. Now lets see about those..

    o Ability power ratio increased to 0.6 from 0.4

    AP RATIOS! Buffed, of course. Mordekaiser is considered too powerful without items.

    o Base shield generation reduced to 1/2/3/4/5 from 6/9/12/15/18

    This is outrageous. What is the point of giving one extra point of shield per level per target?. The maximum amount of minions you can hit is 7, with the average being 4 or 5. Why not make it a flat number, instead of giving it this depressing 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5 crap.

    * Children of the Grave
    o Now steals 24/29/34% of the target's maximum health over the duration up from 24/28/32%

    So, there will be slightly more HP regain. Not bad, but it's more of a consolation than a buff.

    o Now deals half damage to the target initially and half damage over time

    This was very, very interesting. This is a great swing in our favour, as it means you have all the more chance to kill your target sooner in case that Sona is awaiting the cooldown on her heal. This is a rather big change, as it means while you do more damage up front, you do less per second over time, meaning health potions will be able to deter the lingering effects more.. effectively..

    o Duration increased to 10 seconds from 8

    This is the increased duration I was talking about. If nothing else, it means you'll have to cross your fingers for two more seconds after your low-HP target runs into the fog of war.

    o Total ability power ratio over the duration increased to 0.04 from 0.016

    Again, an ability power buff. There may be a new fad of AP Mordekaisers coming up. He still has very poor ratios mind you, and these are not game-changing ratio buffs.

    o Fixed a bug where Children of the Grave was improperly blocked by Black Shield

    Works for me. Take that, Morgana!

    o Mordekaiser now gains 20% of the pet's Ability Power, reduced from 25%


    o Mordekaiser now gains 20% of the pet's Attack Damage, reduced from 25%

    :( :(

    * Children of the Grave Pet
    o The pet now gains 75% of Mordekaiser's ability power and damage at all 3 ranks and the ratio itself no longer increases with Mordekaiser's total ability power

    What used to happen was that Casper would gain 65% stats on level 1, 75% stats on level 2, and 85% stats on level 3. So it's a buff-nothing-nerf. I'd rather have the late game advantage, when I actually have ability power and damage, but hey, wait till you see what's coming next!

    o Pet health bonus reduced to 15% from 50%

    Yowch. No more super-tank for towers. While this does hurt, I have to say it's a fair cop. My spiritual companion could tank towers all day, and it was a little ridiculous. While this is a 35% nerf, I still think that 15% bonus health is enough to tank towers for the duration. I'll miss the days of super tower-diving ghosts, but you can't have everything.

    o Fixed a bug where the pet was not generating shield for Mordekaiser when hitting inhibitors

    Thanks, didn't even know this was supposed to happen.

    * Iron Man
    o Shield generation increased to 30% from 25%

    Hey, a buff! Now all we need is some mathematically inclined person to crunch the numbers for Siphon of Destruction and whether the flat bonus is better or worse than this 5% markup. At least all the other abilities now generate more shield.

    o Fixed a tooltip bug

    Huzzah. Clap my hands and squeal with glee.

    * General
    o Fixed bugs where several components of some spells generated shield equal to 20% of the damage dealt instead of 25%

    As I was in the thick of combat fighting for my life, I did once whip out my calculator and find that one tick of my [spell=Creeping Death] was missing 5% of what it should be giving me. I don't mind this fix, I just wanted to make a joke.

    o Fixed bugs where several tooltips did not properly reflect cooldown values with cooldown reduction factored in

    Okie doke.

    o Fixed a bug where occasionally Mordekaiser could generate shield multiple times from a single source of damage (causing a huge spike)

    Feel free to keep that one the way it is. I'm sure it may have unintentionally saved my skin one day.

    o Reworded/simplified several tooltips

    Mace of Spades: Smack stuff and things fly out.

    [spell=Creeping Death]: Swirly and pointy.

    Siphon of Destruction: Tractor (farming equipment hahahaha..ha..)

    Children of the Grave: bzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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