Nunu Build Guide

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AP/Survivability Guide: They will fear ur ultimate

written by CobraX0

Nunu Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    This is a very nice passive, as it allows u to cast a free spell whenever u have done 8 attacks and got the buff.

    Referred to as: Passive

    This ability is good at keeping u alive, as u can kill a minion (most likely) and get a lot of healing from it (u don't have to kill it to get the healing). The ability is scaling with AP, so when u stacks AP (as I do in this guide) this ability will heal u very much.

    When eating a minion this ability will most likely heal u from 1/3 - 1/2 of ur maximum health and u can do it quickly, by just running to a minion. Also good for surviving a team fight/flee, as its instant eats a minion, when used. (Very short range tho)

    Referred to as: Eat

    Blood Boil
    This ability is very nice, but I don't think it's better than any other ability Nunu have. I'll take it at lvl 4,as it's good at having. (At least I don't use it that much)
    Please note that this ability can be very useful if u are laning with a melee dps, no matter if it is 3v3 or 5v5. (The range for giving the buff is long)

    Referred to as: Speed

    Ice Blast
    This is ur spamming ability, that u should cast on an enemy champion, when ur passive is triggered. (If u aren't low on health, and want to eat a minion instead)

    Absolute Zero
    This is your bread and butter, and the ability that makes him very good to have in team fights. IF u use it correct u can cut 1/2 of the health of all enemy champions in a team fight and u might even be able to 1shot ppl, if u get a good start and a lot of AP.
    U can also interrupt the ability simply by moving, but then it does much lesser dmg.

    A few tips comes later in the "Tips and Tricks" section, very useful.

    Referred to as: Ultimate

  • Introduction

    Nunu is a very cool champion, as he with his abilities saves mana and heals himself. U simply keeps mana up with the passive ability and ur eating ur way to healing.

    Nunu is very good a soloing, but I pfer to lane together with another, as ur ultimate easily can get a champ to low health and u only have 1 ability more that does dmg.

  • Masteries + Runes

    As for masteries I do 9/*/* as the only thing he need is the spell penetration (from masteries), and it is up to u, if u want to go defensive or utility after the 9 points in offence. Both defensive and utility is nice, but personally I go utility, as Nunu is a very doable champion anyways.

    For runes I go scaling AP and MP.

    For Marks: Greater Mark of Insightx9
    For Seals: Greater Seal of Forcex9
    For Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Forcex9
    For Quintessence: Greater Quintessence of Forcex3 or Greater Quintessence of Insightx3

    The reason for scaling runes is that they are as good as the flat ones, when u champion has reached lvl 5 or 6, and Nunu is best at killing at lvl 6 and from there.

  • Summoner Abilities

    As for summoner abilities I usually goes with Exhaust and Ghost, as I can positioning myself with ghost and trap one with exhaust. Use Exhaust to trap the other team's carrier, so that he gets the ultimate for sure and is fleeing from the team fight.

    Flash might also be a good summoner ability, instead of ghost, because it instantly teleports u and by that getting to the front of ppl. Choose what u like best: Ghost / Flash

  • Items

    I usually start off with Amplifying Tome or Sapphire Crystal, so I can either deal more dmg with my Ice blast, or cast them more. U will need both items later on, so pick ur favorite.

    When I recall back first time I buy Boots of Speed and Mejai's Soulstealer(If ur doing great) or Blasting Wand (If it's not easy opponents or it's simply going bad). Movement is great and u don't want to miss a stack on 'Mejai's Soulstealer' if u get a kill.

    2nd Time I recall back, is when I can buy my major feet's and here is where u has to choose: Sorcerer's Shoes(if ur doing great), Mercury's Treads (Vs. CC/caster team) or Boots of Swiftness (if equal teams and u want speed).
    Often I buy one of the 2 crystals (sapphire/ruby) if I can afford it, but it's not every time.

    3rd Time is when I can afford Catalyst the Protector, which turns to Banshee's Veil, and it is a really important item late-game, because ppl playing against Nunu usually have a disable ready to turn the ultimate off. Having this item makes them use at least 2 disables to interrupt ur ultimate, and they might not react / reach in time with the 2nd disable.

    When u have got ur first 3 items, u really want to get some more penetration, especially If u skipped 'Mejai's Soulstealer' or can't keep the stacks. U should go pick a Void Staff to keep the AP high.

    If u have bought 'Mejai's Soulstealer' (as this guide is working on) and u have a whole bunch of AP by now u should go for a Frozen Heart for the survivability and maxed CDR (40% is max, btw), which is very nice, when u want to have u ultimate ready in every team fight.

    The game is pretty much over by this time, but if it's very equal teams, u should go stack some AP and Magic Resistance, an example would be Abyssal Scepter or Lich Bane which both is very good items.

  • Skilling Order

    Skilling Prio:
    1) Absolute Zero
    2) Ice Blast
    3) Consume
    4) Blood Boil


    Skilling Order:

    1st: Ice Blast
    2nd: Consume
    3rd: Ice Blast
    4th: Blood Boil
    5th: Ice Blast
    6th: Absolute Zero
    7th: Ice Blast
    8th: Consume
    9th: Ice Blast (maxed)
    10th: Consume
    11th: Absolute Zero
    12th: Consume
    13th: Consume (maxed)
    14th: Blood Boil
    15th: Blood Boil
    16th: Absolute Zero (maxed)
    17th: Blood Boil
    18th: Blood Boil (maxed)

    U always want to max out ur Ice Blast(when u can't pick ultimate), so that u can do the maximum amount of dmg and slow/annoy.
    U skill up Consume as u need health.

    The reason for tanking Blood Boil once and only lvl'ing it later on, is that it is good at rank 1 and u don't need to get 10-20% more attack-speed above loosing dmg on your Ice Blast.
    (Thanks to 'Hooks McGinty' for making me aware of that.)

  • Pros / Cons

    - Nunu can stay laning for a long time.
    - Nunu can Spam spells all the time (using passive)
    - Nunu is a very doable champion.
    - Nunu is good at fighting other melee heroes.
    - Nunu can turn a team fight to your advantage


    - If u is laning against ranged champions, they can force u to stay away from creeps and by that make u do nothing (which isn't good for a Nunu)
    - Many summoners in high lvl are using flash, which can make then avoid ur ultimate.
    - Nunu can easily get's interrupted or silenced, as he is not hard to target. (But it counts like an interrupt, so I just do lesser dmg, not killing the spell.)

  • Working in the team

    In team fight it's important for u to know the opposite team, and find a place where u can make ur ultimate, as it can make all teams flee for their lifes and u might want to receive some dmg and continue eating minions, to safe some of your teammates health, as not all champions can heal, like you.

  • Tips and Tricks

    I got a few tricks, but I might write a lot more later on, when I find out more.

    1: Charging Absolute Zero while u are in stealth, can be used to surprise ppl with a lot of dmg, as they can't see it from outside. (Might have been removed as of the last patch, haven't checked it yet)

    2: While stacking a lot of AP and CDR, ur Ice Blast makes a lot of dmg and is nice to cast be4 Absolute Zero and again after (as it's ready), so that the targeted champion doesn't make it alive.

  • Ending

    My guide have come to an end, but it far from finished, as I need you guys' input. By now I have only written my own experience and I need u guys to try it out and tell me what it is like.

    If u gets any important information and changes, please tell in comments, and I will credit u for it in this guide.

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