Olaf Build Guide

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Rambo Olaf's guide to Pain

written by Luclfer

Olaf Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    [spell=Berzerker Rage]
    You ever seen Rambo get pissed? Yeah Olaf does the same thing, the more you hurt him, the worse it's going to hurt you when he slides that cold piece of steel into your throat or Stomach area.

    Undertow, great chasing mechanic. Awesome for kills, sucks as a crutch. If you're getting this ability early game you are limping to an uneventful and shameful demise.

    Vicious Strikes
    Your bread and butter for early farming, and survival later on. You gain both lifesteal and damage based on health.

    Reckless Swing
    This swing isn't just any ordinary swing it's RECKLESS. Though in my opinion a more proper label would be "Wreckness" This ability will not just deal out damage, but it deals out true damage. What's that? Rammus popped his wimpy shield? too bad Rammus This swing ignores armor and magic resist QQ some more.

    A great ult when used correctly, you get armor pen which is nice, but more so when activated going into or anticipating a disable will help you chase down that squirmy bastard that's trying to get away. Notice I don't mention run away. Rambo does not run, he just smashes enemies into juicy chunky red pulp.

  • Introduction

    Rambo Olaf is Rambo. Now you may be saying "but being Rambo is bad! you just feed!" WRONG. Shut your trap and listen up. Rambo does not go in an get KILLED he goes in Slaughters the enemy and comes back out a little emotionally scarred. Some nubs out there seem to think Rambo is some ninny that runs in and dies over and over again, but you nubs have got it all WRONG.

    As you read on you will learn how to Rambo correctly. You will go in pick off your enemies one by one, and eventually become such a beast that even an entire army can't handle you.

    Key Points:
    Farming (1-18?) Yep your items demand money, if this means jungling or ganking then you better get to it.

    Ganking & Team play (say what?! Olaf a team player? Yeah this Rambo still plays on a Team after all)
    External Image

  • Updates / Notable Comments / Responses

    This is my first guide, and will likely be very scatter brained. I in no way claim that Olaf is only playable as a Rambo DPS, but it is the most effective way I've found and enjoyed playing him.

    I will Update this guide often as new information and suggestion are brought to my attention, or as nerfs / buffs come out for olaf.

    Notable comments will be posted here, with responses to them.

    Lastly I will post Videos and Streams as they become available of myself or other playing Rambo Olaf. Send me links to your streams or videos of Rambo olaf for a chance to be featured in this guide.

  • Skilling Order

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ignite: Great for getting those early and mid game ganks, even useful late game to help push that hp bar on those tough champs.

    Exhaust: Invaluable in many ways. Slows, weakens champion with mastery, and blinds them. All around a great chasing and killing ability.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Furor all the way for runes, nuff said.
    You want that awesome 310% Crit Damage after Infinities Edge.

    Masteries will follow a 21/0/9 Build focusing on Crit Dmg, Overall Dmg, Exhaust,Ignite, and of course exp/buff duration.
    Click to see Masteries

  • Tactics

    Farming Tactics: Start off with Vicious Strikes, follow up often with Reckless swing for effect.

    1v1: Blind Target/Ignite if applicable, Reckless swing, Pop Vicious Strikes, spam reckless swing, spam Vicious Strikes. (use ult when in need or chasing into towers/groups)

    1v?: if you know you may or are running into a group single out squishies with the least escape capabilities. Example Annie, she can only stun you, but your ult ignores stuns. run after her and smash her good, move on to your next target.

  • Items


    Your Core Items

    Brawler's Gloves x 2
    Brawlers Gloves, get two of them asap. Don't get potions. Just grab 1 pair, farm up a 2nd and move on.

    Zeal x2
    Upgrade both Brawlers Gloves to Zeal(s) before anything else, you get Crit Strike, 16% move speed, and Attack Speed.

    Berserker's Greaves and Vampiric Scepter
    Next You Grab Zerkers Greaves, and Vampiric Scepter.

    Upgrading your Core Items:

    Phantom Dancer x2
    Upgrade your two zeals into Phantoms Asap, now you have 493 Move speed (the builder seems to be a bit off on its accuracy, but its been tested in game 493 is the move speed not the listed 467 below). Dodge up the ying yang, crit strike, and of course attack speed.

    The Choice:
    Infinity Edge or The Bloodthirster
    Grab either an Infinity Edge or BloodThirster first, then follow this up with your remaining choice.

    Still in the game?
    Warmog's Armor
    Well hell I guess grab a warmogs, you hit so hard and fast you'll build that hp within seconds, and hit even harder as a result.

  • Build Example


  • Creep Jungling

    Rambo Olaf is at home in the jungle. Start off by taking your time to kill creeps, this may take practice on golem spawns and the wraiths. I recommend tackling 1 golem at a time or attacking the lead wraith and backing out to heal before coming back in during levels 1-3.

    If you get a lot of crits early game you may even be able to continuously farm, don't be afraid to blue pill often early game.

    With Viciouse strikes, and crits you will down those creeps moderately fast early game, and then super fast at around level 4. Use your Reckless strike often to increase your speed and to down creeps faster.

  • Working in the team

    While Rambo is awesome on his own, setting up a gank is always welcome. Coordinate with your team. Let the tank or disables do their job before you rush into a group fight, and if you see a straggler don't be afraid to separate him from the safety of his group and murder him.

  • Pros / Cons

    Easily reach Attack Speed Cap
    Strong hits at rapid speeds due to high crit damage/chance pluse base damage and vicious strikes.
    Great survival
    Can become unbeatable to the point where you will easily beat 1 v 5 fights.

    Can be slowed by a good early game roaming gank party
    Not a tank build ( this Olaf can and will on occasion die to ganks like any other dps)

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