Kayle Build Guide

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Kayle Potentially the best champion for a good team.

written by Windweaver

Kayle Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Holy Fervor
    The reason why kayle has by far the best passive...well in my opinion any way

    Costs a ton of mana so be careful and make sure you stock up on some mana pots!

    Divine Blessing
    The heal of course...dont be scared of using it on some one with full hp to chase people down ITS A HASTE.

    Righteous Fury
    How at end game you deal the most damage (poor early game)

    The life saver. This guide is partially built around saving people but more so nuking.

  • Introduction

    This is my first guide, I dont feel I have covered everything but I felt a half decent guide is needed for the new patch yorreks guide is an excellent one but I dont think he covered stratagy only building. If anybody has questions feel free to put them in the comments section I will answer them also feel free to point out things I have missed i shall update it :)

    Kayle...wow i played her before the buff and was ok with her but now...she is well and truly a beast i dont think i have lost a game with her yet. The key to kayle is coordinating attacks with allies. I have a best friend too his name is OLAF consider him low hp with his ultimate then link that with your ultimate and boom a very fast killing machine that can freely tower dive! AMAZING. Any way this is an introduction dont play kayle at all if your team doesnt understand how she works and dont play her if you dont mind being a bit crap early game (omega late game)

    P.s. this guide is far from unfinished, im going to play a game and jot down some neat tricks I do

    MY MAIN TIP is when your trying to lose some one dont be a spaz and run to obvious places do something random like when you lose them in a bush turn towards where their base is instead of yours making them run the wrong way etc giving you time to recall or reheal and not be found..what im trying to say here is dont be obvious in what you do.

    A great tactic with kayle is kiting(kiting is where you out run some one basically thats chasing you) you gain a speed boost when you heal and you can slow them with reckoning..you can and move untill your fully healed then chase the person who was chasing you basically turning the little fight around. MANA IS KEY HERE I RECOMEND ALWAYS CARRYING MANA POTIONS JUST INCASE.

    One last thing here...if any one wants to go put fancy graphics and all the links etc into this guide just pm me or something.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I always go for per level runes like greater marks of might rather than the flat runes.

    This is clearly because the flat runes generally do suck. Here is a perfect example.

    Greater mark of might +0.1 attack per level, level 18 = 1.8 attack
    Greater mark of strength +0.32...full stop

    Here we can see one thing at level 3 marks of might are already catching up and how damn quick is it to get to level 3? level 4 you have 0.4 attack ! So take my advice and make sure you take the per level runes considering kayle is a late gamer imo :).

  • Skilling Order

    There is generally only two ways I usually skill. And it all depends on my opponants. I got for Either maxing Divnine Blessing asap if there is a hard hitter like jax..keeping healed stops him hitting hard, or if theres a long range hitter or squishy like ashe i generally go for maxing out reckoning. I will appload Yorreks guide to abilities if you would like an in depth explanation to it. Im more looking at stratagy and items here not to baby sit you and tell you every single detail.

  • Items

    Item builds i must warn you ... no build is perfect and alot are situational this is the great thing about kayle you can choose between ap and attack damage freely. Or go for both.

  • http://www.leaguecraft.com/builder/Kayle/2f0caab5412ca9ba2dd4b5bab8a28e75

    Ok this build i have hear considering its my first guide and I havnt bothered to learn how to make this look fancy is a decent build. I will explain everything here

    I start with the brutalizer always..i think its actually better than a bf sword and a lot cheaper +25 attack + 15 armor pen + 15% cool down reduction. What can go wrong for 1337 cost (leet)

    I then work on boots, I always either get boots of swiftness (3v3) or mobility (5v5) THESE are the best boots and always will be for kayle just purely because the extra speed can just go that extra mile to cast intervention on some one and save them or a well timed heal.

    Ok next up Nashors tooth another excellent item 50ap + 40% attack speed Mana regen + 10 and my god more cool down 25%! We have no hit the 40% cool down reduction mark which is a darn good thing making you able to chain righteous fury EXCELLENT...bare in mind its late game only.

    If im having a decent game and feel i can build it quickly i then work on building gunblade asap if not i work on zhonya's ring instead.

    Gunblade i feel is good early game because of extra 300 damage potential but if its late game its only a scratch and not actually worth getting. There are far better items.

    Zhonya's ring...this is a beauty how wonderful it is to boost our attack omega look at it this way.

    +100 ap + 50ap + around +100ish ap just for being kayle the passive from attack and having good runes then +2% add all that up then find 15% add it to attack and boom what do you get..a righetous fury that lets you hit around 400 each hit.

    *Note after zhonyas ring every attack item you get 30% of it is added to ap +2% from the ring :). What can go wrong?

  • Summoner Abilities

    Summoner abilities i must say this is situational with your team but i generally take clarity and ignite for 3v3. or clarity and teleport for 5v5...sometimes i swap ignite for flash if i have an offensive team or ghost walk...ghost walk is very good if you need to save a friend with intervention or a well timed heal :)

  • Pros / Cons

    The best thing about kayle is her ability to go any build she wants. She can tank...although not advised she can go mass AP or Mass attack...both resulting in a lot of damage. The main disadvantage is kayle lack of ability to fight a champion 1v1 early game there are some that are weaker but she does need a carry in her lane generally preferably olaf or a yi or some one of equal dps stature.

  • Working in the team

    This is the KEY part of kayle. Her ability to help save people and then turn the fight around and bam there dead. ALWAYS get boots of swiftness or mobility purely because that little bit of extra speed can save your team mate. Dont be tempted to get any other boots they dont do that much for kayle any way. Ok for instance kayle needs to work with the team to make a difference. This is why you need to lane with a master yi or olaf or tryndamere w.e. You push hard till level 6 and there cowering at their tower and they think they are safe and your olaf is only weak and cant do anything near a tower WELL THINK AGAIN...you double ulti with ragnarok and divine intervention ...no cc armor pen , haste from your heal too and invulnrability! you can both slow the target too resulting in a mass nuke at enemy tower :). Olaf is probably the perfect champion to work with along side kayle. Or yi because he cant be slowed and has mass dmg too. But you can only work kayle if you communicate try getting skype or team speak and coordinating when your going to ulti...or simply come up with team lingo like "dive" meaning you got your ulti and your gonna use it to kill some one at tower etc.

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