Gangplank Build Guide

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Lategame Gangplank

written by Taupe Johnson

Gangplank Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Grog Soaked Blade
    Greatly underestimated ability. If you are playing against Healers on your lane you will learn to respect this passive.

    Gangplanks main ability. Huge crit-dmg throughout the game due to the dmg-bonus. Note that it triggers Sheen, Trinity and Lichbane and already applies it when Parrley hits, it also applies on-hit effects from Frozen Mallet or Black Cleaver. It is also a good way to farm early and give you an advantage in gold.

    Remove Scurvy
    Great skill against CC, practically a cleanse every 20 seconds.

    [spell=Raise Morale]
    Very nice Movement Speed boost and AD boost, also great for pushing towers with a team mate, just kill the lowest minion and the tower falls fast.

    Cannon Barrage
    The effectiveness of this skill depends 50% on good placement and 50% on luck. During the laning phase it is a nice way to help out teammates during a gank and lategame it can even decide a clash because the enemy will either have to fight in the Cannon Barrage or run away and be chased down due to the slow.

  • Introduction

    Gangplank is a hero with great potential in early and late-game and a solid mid-game. Even though he got a major nerf since crit-chance is no base stat anymore. In my guide the focus is on late-game so you'll have to be careful so your early-game doesn't ruin everything for you.

  • Masteries + Runes

    My runepage uses Marks and Quintessences for Crit-Dmg, very important because since blade of the occultist doesn't raise Crit-Dmg anymore, the only way of raising it is through Infinity Edge.

    Seals are for Mana-Reg, needed for early game, because with the Mana-Reg from Runes and a Meki Pendant you can last hit with Parrrley and farm the extra gold without worrying about Mana,

    As Glyphs I use CDR per lvl, will greatly boost your late-game in combination with Youmou's Ghostblade.

    Masteries go 21/0/9
    You have to skill Deadliness and Lethality, it boosts your crit-chance by 2%(good for early-game) and your crit-dmg by 10% (good for late-game).
    In the Utility-Tree you should go for Mana-Reg.

  • Items

    You should start with [item=Meki Pendant] and 2 Health Potion, you don't need to buy a Mana Potion because your Masteries and Runes will provide you with enough Mana.

    During the laning phase your priotity is to finish off minions with Parrley for the extra gold, if you have the opportunity to score some early-game kills, feel free to do so.

    When you return to you Base upgrade your [item=Meki Pendant] to an Chalice of Harmony and buy Mercury's Treads, you now don't have to worry about Mana anymore.

    Next thing you want to buy is Youmuu's Ghostblade, best to start of with Brawler's Gloves for the crit-chance and build it into Avarice Blade. After that go for The Brutalizer and combine it to Youmuu's Ghostblade.

    Next thing on your list is Infinity Edge, which is the most important item for Gangplank because it boosts the Crit-Chance, Crit-Dmg and Normal Dmg (which is also important because it is the base for the Crit-Dmg).

    It's up to you in what order you want to purchase the parts but i recommend that you start with Cloak of Agility for the crit-chance.

    Last item will be Trinity Force, because it boost pretty much anything and GP can use every stat boost Trinity grants and of course the passive.
    Start with Sheen, because the passive will boost the dmg you do with Parrley.
    You can decide yourself if you go for Zeal or Phage first, usually depends on the enemy and how you've been doing so far.

    After you finished Trinity Force the game shouldn't last much longer, if it does you can choose yourself how you want to fill the remaining spots.

    Some nice items would be:

    Atma's Impaler boosts Crit-Chance, grants some Dmg based on HP, and gives some armor so your are not dead before you can Parrley if a Shaco attacks you.

    Phantom Dancer amazing Crit-Chance, AtkSpeed (good for pushing towers), and Evasion, it also boosts your Movement-Speed even further, but also very expensive and only recommended for late game.

    Frozen Mallet 700 hp, some Dmg and a slow which is applied by Parrley.

    [item=Black Cleaver] huge Dmg-boost and reduces armor witch Parrley.

    Executioner's Calling Good boost to Crit-Chance and some Life-Steal (don't recommend it though)

  • Skilling Order

    If you are wondering why i choose to skill Remove Scurvy at last: the most important aspect of this skill is that is removes CC, the reduced CD and improved heal on higher levels is nice, but Raise Morale is the better choice.

  • Summoner Abilities

    One spell should be Ghost since it is the best escape-spell ( Flash is going to be removed, so you shouldn't depend on that).

    The second spell is your decision, Exhaust and Ignite are both viable spells for Gangplank, so you can just choose the one you like most (personally i go with Cleanse since GP is so squishy).

  • Gameplay

    Since removal of base crit-chance GP's early game got much weaker, so I usually don't focus on killing Champs but on safe last hits with Parrrley. With Meki Pendant you don't have to worry you run out of mana and Remove Scurvy will keep you alive if you face a stun lane.

    You can also feel free to harass the enemy with Parrrley if he tries to last hit or hit him once to apply Grog Soaked Blade.

    As lane partner you should choose someone with CC, since GP doesn't have much CC on his own.
    Pantheon, Jax or Shen are good choices, but my favourite is Ammumu, once you hit lvl 6 your lane will dominate because with his aoe stun, Ammumu can keep your enemies within Cannon Barrage, if they get out of the stun, they'll still be slowed because of Cannon Barrage and you can finish them off.

    Once the teamfights begin you have to be very careful so you don't get focused. Just use [spell=Raise Morale] and Cannon Barrage and then always stay behind the tank and use Parrrley. After that you just wait for the CD and then strike again with Parrrley.

  • Pros / Cons


    huge Crit-Dmg with Parrley
    a lot of gold with Parrley
    great for Team-Fights with Cannon Barrage and Raise Morale
    great defensive spell witch Remove Scurvy


    very squishy
    very item-dependent

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