Gragas Build Guide

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Leeroylol's Guide to Twisted Treeline Gragas (AD/Tank)

written by Leeroylol

Gragas Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Happy Hour
    (Passive) It helps you stay in your lane and can sometimes be used to ward off DoTs. Spam body slam when your mana is fine as well as Drunken Rage to get nearly free Happy Hours, Gragas loves free drinks!

    Barrel Roll
    (Q) Not very useful for this build but can be used to last hit creeps/minions and rarely champions.

    Drunken Rage
    (W) This ability is what makes Gragas a superb tank and offensive. Cost no mana, in fact it returns mana on use! If you cast the entire spell, you will get a buff giving you 26% reduced damage taken and +70 physical attack damage at max rank! Tricks to this well be explained later on.

    Body Slam
    (E) This makes you an effective tank/killer/escaper! Can be used through walls, on hit applies a slow and scales with your attack damage! Use this to intercept enemies running to kill your team mates or chase runners thru walls and slow them for the kill!

    Explosive Cask
    (R) This ability will make or break your team fights! Use this to knock runners back into your team. Use it to initiate a fight by blowing one person into your team and the others away! Got a pesky Nunu or Fiddlesticks trying to kill your team? I think not! Won't stop the casting but with speedy timing will almost nearly make their ult useless. Also works well with your teams Ults as well, give Pantheon a hand and blow thoose runners back into the center! Getting harrased hard at your turret or even chased? Wait for the perfect moment such as no minions in turret range, blow him into its range and body slam to slow for great success! Carries right clicking your squishies to death? Make 'em scram and intercept with body slam! Getting ganked? Ult and the best time (knocking back as many as possible) at body slam away!
    The possibilities are endless with this amazing ability and with practice you can master and succeed!

  • Introduction

    Ohai, I main Gragas, and I'm writing this guide to show you the way I play Gragas and hopefully he will one day be less underrated. I have played Gragas with AD and AP builds, this guide will be an AD build. I have good experience as both builds, both have different play styles, pros, and cons. If your new to this lovable drunk, I would suggest trying both builds and seeing which you like best, both are viable, but with that being said he should always be played as a tank! Fat men don't make good mages or right-click heros. They sure do make great tanks though [:

    Side note: I would have to say AP can SOMETIMES have a hard time in Treeline being AP can have a slow start, I prefer to play AD in TT.

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  • Masteries + Runes

    As stated, Gragas should always be a tank, Thats why a full tank pre-game setup is important.

    The build is pretty basic tank build, the summoner spells can be changed around being its based on what I use which I will explain next.

    Greater Mark of Desolation
    Greater Seal of Vitality
    Greater Glyph of Warding
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation

    29 passive ARP for early game "Desolation".
    HP and Magic Resist for durability.
    The quintessences can be swapped for pure HP but I prefer the ARP.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Cleanse is a must! Gragas is a great initiator and cleanse will help you in more ways then you can imagine, I couldn't count how many times I've escaped ganks by cleansing ignites and CC's then Body Slam through a wall to freedom.

    Other options and my opinions on them:

    What you can get:

    Smite Be a fat ninja by stealing a buff and body slamming away! Gragas is surprisingly strong with Lizard using body slam to catch a runner and then having a full slow is devastating!

    Ignite Adds some extra damage to this beast and shuts down healers such as Warwick & Mordekaiser Etc.

    Ghost I have found that Gragas is slow[: His hit box being rather big makes running around minions painful on ganks. Great all around.

    Exhaust Good to have for a tank being it IS a tanking tool. use it on carries to shut them down and save a squishie!

    Clairvoyance Gragas is good with setting up ganks with his ult! use this to improve them and for defense.

    [spell=rally] Sketch. Might help your comp if it's set right. Longish CD :/

    Flash Might help get an extra body slam in being your body slam doesn't go through minions and this will counter people who hide behind their minions.

    Heal Might as well get improved heal. Gragas is in the heat of the fight all the time. a Front line heal isn't bad.

    What NOT to get:
    Clarity Body Slam has a low mana cost and your Drunken Rage is plenty of mana regen for this build.

    Revive unless your pro and wanna get imp. revive and elixers for FB then no.

    Teleport This is Treeline. You can body slam from out your base wall and almost every wall in the jungle! NO!

  • Items

    1. Start out with a Doran's Shield and a Health Potion
    If feeling like you need it based on other team (caster heavy) Grab a Elixir of Fortitude or even a Long Sword.

    2. 1st Trip back Long Swordx2 and Boots of Speed. If only enough for 2 of the 3, grab 1 Long Sword and your Boots.

    3. 2nd Trip back Finish The Brutalizer the upgrade boots. Mercury's Treads for CC / Caster heavy teams. Ninja Tabi for the physical carries.

    4. Start building your first defensive item:
    Physical: Randuin's Omen Starting with [item=Heart of Gold]
    Casters: Banshee's Veil Starting with Negatron Cloak
    Mixed: Aegis of the Legion in any order based opposing teams most out putting damage.

    5. Situational item time! Need....
    HP? : Phage or [item=Soul Shroud]
    Armor? : Sunfire Cape or Glacial Shroud
    Magic Resist? : Spirit Visage Aegis of the Legion (If you didn't get AoL before)

    Doing fine, need more damage? : Turn your Brutalizer into a Youmuu's Ghostblade, Sheen is a great item for Gragas as it procs off Body Slam. You can get a Phage and turn both into a Trinity Force.
    Armor stackers? :[item=Stark's Fervor].

    By now the game should be over and here is what a build would be if you don't need much resist.

    Team Caster / CC Stacked? With the guide it should look like this (you can get AoL after or before Spirit Visage):

    Team heavy on all melee? Build this: Sunfire fire cape after Randuin's if you don't need HP but need armor, build a frozen heart instead.

    Is your game going great and you don't need the 1st build? Shift your intentions to dps with this build (I only suggest this if you have no threat of you or your team dieing!):

    Gragas loves cooldown reduction as well as HP to compliment his passive. With defensive masteries, runes, and Drunken Rage. Gragas would need slightly less armor or magic resist, but keep in mind, the "Ideal" (build #1) build is if the game is going good, not necessarily a full tank build, the items you grab are all based on the game and who your up against. This game is strategy, one build can't always trump other builds while playing a tank!

  • Skilling Order

    If you feel like adding one point in barrel roll for farming capabilities sooner, then feel free to. Body Slam and Drunken Rage are high priority though while picking up you Ult when you can.

  • Working in the team

    Using Explosive Cask to initiate, gank, save lifes is key! (more ways to use above in Abilities section)

    Using Body Slam to slow an enemy rolling your teammates face is very effective just as much as slowing a runner!

    Gragas is more of a team player then a solo carry. Do your best at all times to protect your team if they need it or help them nab them kills!

  • Unique Skills

    Body Slam will work on enemy minions like other skill shots do such as Mundos Cleaver.
    waiting for an enemy to step away from his minions or in front of them would be the time to hit them with it as the damage splits by the targets it hits. Don't forget you can go through walls with this!

    Drunken Rage is a must before combat! I can not stress this enough! The physical damage and reduced damage taken buff is just to much to pass up and you might as well play something else if you ignore this ability.

    Your Barrel Roll and Explosive Cask Will go thru walls. You this to your advantage!

  • Farming

    Body Slams cheap mana cost makes last hitting groups of minions a decent way to farm. Melee a group of 3 minions/jungle creeps a few times then last hit them all with body slam. Throw a barrel roll in for a little extra damage for a decent turret pushing speed.

  • Pros / Cons

    Very tough with this build
    Strong early to mid
    Extremely hard to kill late game
    Escapes like no fat man ever could
    Needs little gear to do his job

    Your ult can either save your team or get them killed
    Large hit box
    Slow base speed

  • Final notes / Changelog

    Gragas is an all around fun champion in my opinion and with practice you can "roll" other champions [: He's not OP like Jax so if your looking for the most uber champion in LoL, look somewhere else. With that being said Gragas is still a great champion and I have played many games where I out did the carries on my team and became the carry. If you play right and wait for the right moment to strike with your combination of moves you will find Gragas to be down right beautiful[:

    6/10/10 - Guide made.
    6/11/10 - Added Final notes. Added resist builds to clarify item text.
    6/12/10 - Added the rest of the summoner abilities and my take on them.
    6/25/10 - Added DPS Build - Thanks to Kreicus for reminding me about Sheen.

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