Singed Build Guide

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Mad Chemist=Ownage

written by ChaosRaiden

Singed Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Empowered Bulwark
    25% of his Mana is added to Health. Really nice!

    Poison Trail
    (Toggle)Leaves a trail of poison behind Singed, dealing 22 / 34 / 46 / 58 / 70 (+0.3 per ability power) magic damage per second to enemies caught in the path.

    Your no.1 damaging and farming spell! With an AP-Build this can do up to 200+ damage per second, nice eh?

    Mega Adhesive
    Nice AoE slow with big range. One of the best Slows in the game.

    Your Nuke when you go on an AP-Build, but also without AP a nice initiator skill.

    Insanity Potion
    An Ultimate that buffs everything of you: Dmg, AP, Mana-, Health Reg, Movement Speed, usw...

    On highest level also good for Tower Diving.

  • Introduction

    Well I looked up all the Signed Guides here on this page and I didn't quite agree with any of them. And every of them just show you 1 playstyle of Singed, though he has at least 2 possible playstyles, which I want to show in this Guide. I will give you the playstyle I prefer (that is an AP-Build), though on that route I will give you alternative routes to other playstyles and in consideration of the set-up off the opposite team.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros for AP-Build:
    -High damage ouput through Poison
    -One of the best farmers
    -Fling becomes a decent Nuke

    Cons for AP-Build:
    -Losing of some survivability
    -No real tank anymore

    Pros for Tank-Build:
    -Very high survivability
    -One of the best Tower Diver
    -still decent farming capability

    Cons for Tank-Build:
    -You need always a DD as mate
    -Damage output is pretty low

  • Masteries + Runes

    First to the Masteries:
    This one is pretty easy for me. Singed is a tank after all so of course the most points go into defense and utility, the only interesting thing in the attack tree is the AP bonus, so my masteries build looks like this: The +10 AP at lvl 18 from the attack tree can also be exchanged for more points in defense or utility tree, because these 10 AP wouldn't make any difference in the late game (though the bonus is pretty nice in the early-mid game).
    The point in teleport can also be exchanged for Heal or Exhaust or Cleanse(or what ever Summoner spell you chose over Teleport).

    I have thought of an alternate masterie build, for those who dont like the first one, that is more utility orianteted: here you have 3 points for your own choice (I probably would put them into "Harden Skin" or "Good Hands") and once again you can replace the point in teleport.

    And here is one more alternate mastery, that includes the nice magic penetration from the attack tree, since I found out that the poison dmg gets lowered by magic resistence: This one has also 1 point for free choice and you can replace the point in Exhaust.
    Here is another version of it that has the speed boost ofthe Utility tree in it: here you can replace the point in Exhaust and Good Hands.

    From this trees I probably prefer the 4th one because of magic penetration and more movement speed.

    Now to the runes:
    I always choose AP for blue and red, Mana per level for yellow and movementspeed for quintessence.
    Though you also could go only AP on blue, red and yellow and movement speed on quintessence for more damage, also earlier (but you will have more mana probs in the early game(until you can take on the golem)).

    If you want him as tank you could also go on mag. res. on blue, armor on red and health on yellow, but I would still use the movementspeed runes for quintessence (Singed lifes and dies (and kills) with movementspeed).

    One more option is to choose magic penetration for blue and red, since the poison gets affected by mag. res. too. Though Yellow have no magic penetration runes so there stay with mana per level.

  • Summoner Abilities

    This one is a bit more difficult, though one Summoner ability is a MUST HAVE for Singed: Ghost It gives you a lot of movementspeed for a good amount of time and you even skilled it in the masteries.

    The 2nd spell isnt so easy to chose.

    General good options:
    Teleport for quick lane change, for example to an upcoming big creep wave or to jump into a team fight quickly.
    Cleanse for more survivability (you could also skill it in the masteries when you remove points from Archmage's savvy)
    Flash for more survivability or to jump into a group fight out of the jungle/grass

    Good options for a Tank-build:
    Heal so you can stay longer on your lane and for more survivability
    Exhaust for it's blinding and slowing effect that can save your's or your friend's ass
    Cleanse for more survivability (you could also skill it in the masteries when you remove points from Archmage's savvy)

    Good options for an AP-build:
    Clarity to compensate your mana consume in the early-mid game
    Ignite mainly because of it's nice side-effect to reduce the target's healing and regeneration by 50% what could lead to your poison doing the kill(the damage of ignite is also nothing to sneeze at with 500 dmg no matter what)
    Exhaust for it's mag. res. debuff(though then you have to skill it in the masteries) and slowing effect mainly

    Spells you definitively not need:
    Revive You shouldn't die that often and there are really better spells
    Smite You can kill creeps good/fast enough with your poison
    [spell=Rally] Nice spell for a Supporter but you should choose other ones
    Clairvoyance This spell is also a good Supporter spell but nothing Singed really needs

  • Items

    Now to the Items. Of course Singed is a tank but he can also deal very much damage when you build him on AP but I will give you here both item builds, the AP build and the Tank build (I still prefer the AP build).

    You should always start with Sapphire Crystal and 1 mana and health potion, for the best early game and to stay long on your lane. Though if you are pretty confident in your abilities you can also start with Amplifying Tome and 1 potion of your choice. But then you should also upgrade your Amplifying Tome into a Mejai's Soulstealer pretty quickly (before you buy the next items).

    The next time you go back you should have the money for Catalyst the Protector and maybe Boots of Speed an 1 more mana potion.
    Now you should focus on upgrading your Boots of Speed to Boots of Swiftness and your Catalyst the Protector to Rod of Ages if the game is alright and you didn't die a lot. If the game is not so good or the enemy has a lot of CC you also can upgrade your Catalyst the Protector to Banshee's Veil.

    For the next item you either build a Archangel's Staff or a Lich Bane what you prefer more.
    With Archangel Staff you wont have any mana problems more in the game and Lichbane gives a nice speed boost and unique ability that works good with your ultimate.

    Mostly now the game should be over, but if it's a long game you can build the other item you didn't build before from the two next. And if it's a really long game then you add 1 [item=Zhonya's Ring] and a 2nd Archangel's Staff.

    Now I started to test a 3rd AP-Build that heavily supports your poison but has around 200 AP less than the other 2.

    You start again with Sapphire Crystal and 1 mana and health potion.
    The next you upgrade your Sapphire Crystal into Catalyst the Protector and buy Boots of Speed.
    After upgrading your Boots of Speed and Catalyst the Protector into Boots of Swiftness and Rod of Ages this build differentiate heavily from the others.

    Now you start to build [item=Rylai's Scepter], it doesnt mater with which component you start. Rylai's is nice because you poison will slow too when you have it.
    When you have your Rylai's Scepter you can go for a Void Staff mainly for the magic penetration so that your poison can make the kill also in late game.
    If the game isnt over yet you can start to build Archangel's Staff and [item=Zhonya's Ring], in this order.

    So the Builds would look like that:
    -With Mejai's Soulstealer:
    -With 2 Archangel's Staff:
    -With Rylai's and Void Staff:

    Note: I would use one of the mastery trees with magic penetration for the 3rd Build, and for blue and red also magic penetration runes.


    For the start in the Tank build there are also two possibilities. First one would be 1 Ruby Crystal which you upgrade to Leviathan as soon as possible before you continue with the next items and the next 1 would be to start with either Regrowth Pendant and 1 health potion or Ruby Crystal but it will be upgraded later into a Warmog's Armor.
    With the next return to base buy Boots of Speed and Regrowth Pendant or Ruby Crystal (or rather the one of them you didn't buy at the start if you didn't decided for a Leviathan).

    No matter what purchase as 2nd upgraded-item after the Boots your Warmog's Armor, so that you have enough time to build up it's passive. After that you can go for a Catalyst the Protector and upgrade it as soon as possible into a Banshee's Veil and upgrade your Boots of Speed (even before your Warmog's) into Mercury's Treads (though if there are mainly physical DDs and few CCs you also can upgrade them to Ninja Tabi) this way you have some nice survivability pretty early. If you don't see the need of one of these 2 boots you also can go with Boots of Swiftness they are never wrogn in a Singed Build ;).

    When you finished Banshee's you start with [item=Force of Nature] if you started without Leviathan and a Frozen Heart or Guardian Angel if you started with Leviathan.

    The game shouldn't last that long but if so, then after Force of Nature (if you chose that path) you build Frozen Heart and Guardian Angel which order doesnt really matter. And the path with Leviathan builds the item that wasnt build in the previous step.

    So for example builds here too, look at that:
    -With Force of Nature:
    -With Leviathan:

  • Skilling Order

    Skill this way (if want to have more damage earlier):

    or this way(if you go more on teamplay):

  • Farming

    Farming is pretty easy. You toggle your Poison Trail and start to go around and through the creeps, though don't let it on all the time because, especially in the early game, it is really mana consuming.(though in the late game and with golem or nashor buff or ulti activated it has as good as no mana cost (the mana renegates faster than is used up))

  • Creep Jungling

    Almost the same like Farming so you can throw one of the harder monsters to beat over your shoulder now and then, but make sure they stay in your poison.

  • Working in the team

    Working in the team is really great for Singed because here he shows his best capabilities. If you want to focus on someone of the opposing team, throw your Mega Adhesive to his feets rush in fwith ghost/ultimate or both and use Fling on him to throw him into your allies. And dont forget to activate Poison Trail before that.

    So you see you can be a very good initiator but with Fling you can also save your teammates asses, when they getting attacked you fling the opponent away from your teammate and use Mega Adhesive to slow them down.

    And you should also not forget that Fling can interrupt some ultimates like Nunu's Absolute Zero or Katarina's Death Lotus or Warwick's Infinite Duress, so you can save your and your teammates' asses when flinging these guys while they do their ulti.

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