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Olaf - The grinder

written by grimmjaw

Olaf Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    [spell=Berzerker Rage]
    I like his passive, it allows for you to be able to fight at low health (similar to trynd and sion)

    A nice move, only use it for the slow and to get assists in group fights

    Vicious Strikes
    Very nice spell. I use this move if in a lane and i am getting harassed early on to get me some life off the minions

    Reckless Swing
    Almost like an execute, if you plan on ganking early ranking this up early on instead of vicious strikes helps.

    Not bad of an ulti, it's boosts the damage and little and also blocks some of the incoming dammage

  • Introduction

    Well welcome to my guide, I see a a lot of his guides following very similar paths to that of the Champion spotlight sooo I'm making this guide because it's different. I play Olaf like i'm a psycho path. I use fear to my advantage and just terrorize the enemy. If you like playing crazy and aren't afraid to die to win then this guide is for you.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Tank: 12/17/1
    DPS: 21/0/9

    x3 Greater Quintessence of Furor
    x9 Greater Mark of Furor
    x9 Greater Seal of Furor
    x9 Greater Glyph of Furor


    x3 Greater Quintessence of Malice
    x9 Greater Mark of Malice
    x9 Greater Seal of Furor
    x9 Greater Glyph of Furor

  • Items

    First item I grab is why you may ask? Because we are building a because unless you are a panzy who sits back and lets the minions fight each other chances are you will be harassed up the ass by ranged characters. You are a barbarian you need to get in there and act like one and beat the living piss out of anyone who comes within 10 feet of your creep wave. Yes it's YOUR creep wave and lane. (If you EVER find yourself with some extra cash feel free to pick up an )

    Tier two or ill put in it simple terms for you...your second trip back

    Now I know a is pretty expensive...that sucks doesn't it? life aint fair...buy one. For you people who like to quickly advance in items fine, go ahead and buy a +

    Tier three

    it's time to buy our and unless you had to be that guy that wanted to buy his boots early than get the Warmog's

    Now sooner or later it will be time to upgrade your scruff boots to a mans pair of boots. If they have stuns and magic don't be dumb just buy a if they are all melee go ahead and buy [item_icon=Ninja Tabbi] BUT my choice of boots in the why? Because with these boots you get up close and personal very fast. You literally come storming out of bushes, pound your enemy into the ground and charge back into the bush only to come out somewhere else and do the same.

    The rest of the items i get in the following order

    The final item build should look something like this

  • DPS build (update: 6/10/10)

    Note: I have done EXTREMELY good as this build but if you are not using my rune book (second setup with crit chance + crit damage)then it might not work in your favor

    Ok so the tank build isn't your thing? Well you are in luck because I have made a build that still makes players wet themselves at the sight of your manliness and you still aren't squishy (no it doesn't give you a lot of health but it gives you massive life steal...which makes you not squishy as long as you aren't that panzy who sits back and takes it up the butt)

    First like I said before in my tank build I'M A CRAZY MAN meaning I pound the piss out of anything that moves and in order for me to do that I need life regen...well instead of life regen we will be grabbing first a now if you are using this build you should have AT LEAST 9.5% crit chance from your rune book (it's not that much no need to cry (this how much i had when i first tried the build)) now that you have some life steal there is no excuse to not be up in everyones face and giving them a punch every now and then.

    Ok...ok, ill give more of the build and less tips and advice (ill leave that to the summary or at the end of the build)

    On your second trip back pick up a and we will be turning the boots into

    third tier we are going to upgrade the boots had you not done so on the second trip back. we also want to grab a the reason we do this is it makes us run fast.

    Now when you get the chance you want to pickup a because you SHOULD be agressive and you SHOULD have managed to destroy someone by now and the extra health will make you less squishy, more intimidating, AND make your W hit like a semi-truck. Make sure you are using your E and W moves a lot (W lets you life steal like a psycho path and E just makes children piss themselves) Note: I usually rack between 1-5 kills with just Executioner's Calling and Zerker greaves.

    Now that you have your belt it's time to build in this order >> Note: If you are having a hard time getting kills or it is just a really really slow game, go ahead and pick up a instead of a

    If the game is a long one the rest of the items I get are and in this order

    (turn the giant's belt into anything you want if it goes this far)

    The final build should look something like this

  • Skill order

    Tank skill order

    DPS skill order

  • How to play him

    Like I said earlier I play Olaf (along with pretty much every other tank) like a psycho path. I harass a lot and I keep enemies away from my creep waves. Focus on last hitting minions, Olaf doesn't have a very big base damage so it may take some practice. I get the axe throw first encase I'm laned with a guy who is very good at killing players early on so I use the axe to help ensure the kill. DO NOT use the axe every chance you get to harass people, I can't stress this enough. It doesn't do a lot of damage and by blowing all your mana is dumb. You can use it some but be smart about it, don't go and throw the axe at someone who has life regen or a lot of health pots. If I'm using the rune book with crit chance and crit damage then I harass with just auto attacks. If a player is dumb and runs near me ill pop vicious strikes and wale on them a few times. Chances are I will crit and their health will drop. Use your Vicious Strikes to stay in a lane if you are being harassed a lot and use your axe for easy assists in team fights.

    The summoner spells I use is and
    if you are using my mastery spec make sure to put one into improved cleanse and ghost.

    Usually use / and

    Lastly DO NOT be afraid to die, don't sit back and wait for your team to die so you can survive. If it's a team fight get your ass in there...if you die, die with the team.

  • Sugestions by others

    In the tank build I have it setup to buy two [item_icon=Bloodthirster]which is a lot of cash so as suggested by Zelderex to buy an in place of the bloodthirsters.
    Note: if you decide to do this I would recommend buying the sword early in the game probably instead of upgrading your boots buy the sword than continue on with the build.

  • Summary

    This was my first guide and I thank you all for reading it I hope it helps. I do apologize for any misspellings due to I am a horrible speller. Please comment and rate, if you don't like something on here tell me. If you think i should add something...also tell me so I can update and change the guide!

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