Alistar Build Guide

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written by Drugen

Alistar Build

Table of Contents

  • Alistar

    In this guide i will give u a basic of how u can play Alistar... also this is an AP nuke build used best if u got 3 ranged 2 melee. this is also a tactic guide to show u how to use ur spells and when to do it. have fun reading it :D

  • Abilities

    [spell=Colossal Strength]
    this spell isnt really a big deal. just shows u will get to kill towers in secs lategame.

    1:1 AP ratio

    this is your main spell. ull need this for everything u do. kill, farm, tower kill and so on.
    when ur in a fight ull have to engage with this and push the target u go for back to your team with Headbutt.
    this way ull use this skill the best u can.

    1:1 AP ratio

    this is ur "KS" they would call it (i would call it "sure kill" skill. or like i said in the pulverise ur suport skill. in start of game its about using this for push back. ull do the -tac1- (the pulverize->headbutt). in earlygame ull be able to make tons of kills this way. lategame ull have it easier kill. like... u go pulverise and ur team kill it before its on the ground so u can use it straight away to get the kill. also vs squishy champs like ryse u can get to just -tac1- him and hes dead without any help.

    u have to know that. this is not just for killing. u can also harras with the -tac1- and then make it again after to make the kill.

    Triumphant Roar
    0.405 AP ratio

    this skill ull use to heal when ur entering-leaving battles. also while u battle u have to spam it as its great survival and will proc ur lichbane.

    also if ur pushing this skill will keep the creeps alive and make u kill faster.

    Unbreakable Will
    this is one of the extra skills u have. u can use for clense/more dmg/survive and so on.
    lets say ur starting a battle vs ryze and he uses root on u. u pop ghost and then Unbreakable Will and ull catch him in no time. also for fleeing its great deal of help.

    BUT NEVER USE ON TOWERS (if u havnt got atleast 3 of them or ur all 5 there).

  • Masteries + Runes is my masterie.
    my runes is flat AP pren as Marks. flat mana regen as Seals. and Ap per lvl in Glyphs and Qs.

  • Items

    this items is my choice of use. i would say everything until and with rylia is needed in that order.

    Doran's Ring and a Health Potion. when u get back from ur lane u should have enuf money for Boots of Speed or Boots of Swiftness and a Doran's Ring (the most important item is boots. but u need 2 Dorans Rings). then u go for Mejai's Soulstealer then Sheen as it increses ur dmg by alot after u got that ull have to upgrade it to Lich Bane. at this point u should have alot of AP from mejai and dorans+runes and ofc lich bane. after this [item=Rylia's Crystal Scepter] calls and ull have to build it fast as ull need it now. when u got it ull be able to use [skill=Headbutt] (now it slows) and then u can run over to him and [skill=Pulverize] him. then after this ull need [item=Zhonya's Ring] to increse ur Ap by alot. after this ull be able to survive more dmg more and yea. pwn more. after this my guess would be to get Deathfire Grasp as its good dmg with alot of Ap and will make u kill easier.

  • View of item/runes/masterie


  • Skilling Order

  • Summoner Abilities

    my choise of skills is Ghost Ignite as ignite helps me kill in earlygame and ghost to hit with Pulverize. another thing u could use is Flash insted of any of them if u like to as it will make u port in and the Pulverize.

  • Working in the team

    in the teamfights Alistar is still the initiater as he still got alot of HP with Rylia Crystal Scepter(about 3k HP with rylia). this means ur still the tank/suport but also the dps. (to see how look in tacs)

  • Tacs

    in the team Alistar works as the suport/ganker as i said. in early game ull use -tac1-.
    -tac1- is Pulverize->Headbutt.
    -tac2- is Headbutt->Pulverize. (when u got rylia)
    -tac3- is the Ghost->ulti (if stunned)->Pulverize->Headbutt.
    -tac4- is Ghost->ulti (if needed)->Headbutt->Pulverize.
    -tac5- (with flash) is Flash->Pulverize->Headbutt.
    -tac6- is (with lich bane only) ghost->ulti->Pulverize->hit->heal->hit->headbutt->hit. (should be enuf to kill a dps)

  • Unique Skills

    Alistar is unique in hes play mechanism.
    when u play Alistar ur needed as the engager. -tacs-.
    hes other skill is hes extreme push abilitie. he got hes passive [spell=Colossal Strength].
    also hes heal is a good way of pushing/surviving, and with lich bane its a great bonus dmg.
    if u master the tacs ull be able to help ur team in the best way and to also kill solo.

  • Farming

    in farming u use ur Pulverize to kill and ur healto proc Lich bane/sheen or to jut heal creeps.
    if u do that ull get alot of money and to push alot after/better.

  • custom skins :D,Red+Bull+v2.0 is a nice skin if u would like to go that far.
    go to ur LoL folder. go into Game find HeroPak_client and open it.
    open the DATA folder and copy the Characters folder.
    go into your DATA(in the game folder) and paste the Characters there.
    and u select in this chase Minotaur folder and u paste what u downloaded.

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