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Tryndamere: The Road to Manhood

written by xmashamm

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    Tryndamere's Passive increases his Crit % as he loses health. This is a great passive for our build. We enjoy being at 0 hp and ulting to Crit for 500 +

    Bloodlust is Tryndamere's bread and butter. This skill allows him to stay in lane early game, and makes him crit like a tough brute man late game.

    Mocking Shout
    A huge damage debuff and slow wrapped into one. This is great for chasing, but is also great for teamfights as it will debuff the damage of everyone around Tryndamere. Sometimes this can be just enough to give Tryndamere's team the edge. Also, have you noticed that the picture for this ability is a purple man covering his face in terror? I had previously thought it was just purple wavy lines. This amuses me.

    Spinning Slash
    A free blink. Tryndamere loves this skill. This allows Tryndamere to spin through walls. Spinning Slash should be used to speed up Tryndamere's travel by allowing him to simply spin through obstacles instead of having to run around them. It also allows Tryndamere to escape extremely well. More on this in the skill section.

    Undying Rage
    Tryndamere cannot be killed for a short time. This is why Tryndamere never needs to buy tanking items. He is automatically a tank. This ultimate allows Tryndamere to teamfight with reckless regard for his own life.

  • Introduction

    Tryndamere is a man. A tough brute Man. His muscles ripple with the infinite testosterone of the cosmos. His voice bellows in a deafening bass. It is true that this is beautiful and glorious to behold, but, stare not young one, for the secret to understanding Tryndamere is understanding the path to manhood.

    This meager tale is intended for those young starry eyed Tryndamere's that have set out on their own, intending to become men. We are operating under the assumption that you are on your own. In these situations one does not often encounter quite enough manliness among one's randomly assigned teammates. This is acceptable, for Tryndamere shall overcompensate for this by focusing the core of his being on his manliness.

    To begin, we must first examine what qualities a man must have. Some foolish young ones feel that chasing women or succeeding in sports is what defines a man. These philistines are wrong. Being a man is about repeatedly hitting people in the face with a large phallic object and screaming. Fortunately this is one of Tryndamere's many talents.

  • Boy-Hood

    If you are a child who requires only an item order and skill order, They will be listed the bottom of this guide. For the rest of the men, the description and rationale is below.

    Foolish children often grab some sort of "survivability" item first on Tryndamere. They cry that Tryndamere needs lifesteal to stay in lane or something equally childish. We will instead rely on pure manliness for lane staying.

    Always remember, in the beginning, Tryndamere is but a boy. He has his heart set on manliness but has not yet gotten there. The goal here is not simply to push, but to achieve manhood. This requires Tryndamere to focus on farming.

    1) Brawler's Gloves Health Potion Grab Brawlers gloves and 2x HP pots. Put a point in Spinning Slash.
    - If your team is manly enough to Dragon then so be it. If your team is not manly enough for whatever reason, then you must head to the lane with the Lizard Buff (Top if Purple, Bottom if Blue). You should call out to your lane parter, to come assist you with grabbing the buff. At this point it is advisable to reassure your lane mate. Tell him that he is your brother and that together you are men. This will increase his confidence and thusly his laneing ability.
    - If whoever is solo mid would like red buff, then it is your manly duty to assist. You should use your Rally so that the Lizard realizes that you are a man and have claimed his land. Then repeatedly bash the lizard in the face. If mid does not want red buff, then you shall claim it. otherwise just assist and head to lane. With 2 or 3 champs and a Rally, you should be able to man down the Lizard before the creeps meet, thusly gaining XP, as well as the Buff.

    2) Now that you are in lane, we must prioritize our Q skill (Bloodlust). This is how we stay in lane. Though we intend to become quite manly, we are still a young child at this point and must be very cautious. Hang back, close enough to get XP, but not close enough for the opponents to harrass us. Pop in and out to grab a quick last hit. Spinning Slash is perfect for this. Tryndamere can jog up, bash a creep in the face, then spin away to safety. This should provide charges to Q (Bloodlust) which Tryndamere can then use to heal himself and stay in lane. The 2 Health Potions are a buffer. In case Tryndamere needs to a heal a bit before Tryndamere gets his Q online.

    3) Once Q gets to around LV 3, Tryndamere should be able to keep his HPs up quite high by last hitting and using Q. When the lane gets pushed towards the opponents tower, head into the jungle and grab the weak neutral camp (Golems/Wolves). This not only allows Tryndamere to Farm, but also helps him to keep healthy by giving him Q charges.

    4) Once around 1100 Gold, Tryndamere must bluepill home and purchase 2x Avarice Blade.
    - This will increase Tryndamere's Crit Chance as well as generating him Gold. Teleport back to lane and continue as before, grabbing Red Buff when available.

    5) Make sure to tell your lanemate that he is your brother, in case he has forgotten. If he seems a bit forlorn, or is having a rough start, let him know that you love him. Some may consider this unmanly, but they are wrong. For Man love is the strongest force in nature.
    - If you are lucky enough to be on the bottom lane next to dragon, push the lane towards the opposing tower and call your lanemate to head to dragon with you to fierce it down. You must then voice your manliness by letting your lanemate know that he is your brother and that you love him. Make sure he realizes that killing the dragon together was an illuminating experience for you and that you now, more than ever, realize that your platonic man love cannot be defeated.

    6) Continue farming the lane/neuts/dragon until you are able to afford yet a third Avarice Blade. From this point you should be able to easily farm neutrals. If you have done this in a truly manly fashion, you should have all three of your Avarice Blades by 12ish minutes.

    7) More farming to follow. Tryndamere should be raking in gold at this point with 3 Avarice Blades. You must now purchase Berserker's Greaves. Once you have acquired the Greaves, your journey to manhood is almost complete.

    8) Continue to farm. Now that Tryndamere has boots he can move more swiftly between lanes. If Tryndamere sees a large wave of opposing creeps, he should head there to farm. Tryndameres goal is to Farm an Infinity Edge purchasing items in the following order. B. F. Sword > Cloak of Agility > Pickaxe

    9) As soon as Tryndamere has BF sword + Cloak of Agility, he has become a man.

  • Manhood

    Now that Tryndamere is a man, he can begin his work in the world. Manhood can usually be achieved around 22ish minutes but as long as Tryndamere has reached manhood by 27 minutes, assuming the rest of Tryndamere's team is at least slightly manly.

    At this point Tryndamere must announce to his team that he is a man. It is customary on this occasion for Tryndamere to thank his team, especially his brother, for it was their love that brought him to this point. Tryndamere shall now repay that love by repeatedly critting the other team in the face with his big phallic sword while screaming, the pinnacle of manhood.

    1) Now that the game has progressed to lategame, Teamfights/Teampushes should be occuring. Tryndamere must be ready to spin. When a teamfight occurs, attempt to locate the squishiest DPS. Spin in and begin critting face. Tryndamere should be hitting for around 500 dmg a crit at this point which will fierce down any non manly opponent. If the opponent attempts to flee, Tryndamere shall mock them in a shouting fashion by pressing the W key.
    - It is important to note that Mocking shout is both a slow and a damage debuff. Though the slow is obviously useful for chasing down fleeing children, the damage debuff can be invaluable in teamfights and it is often correct to spin in and immediately Mocking Shout. This can significantly lower the damage, and thus manliness, of the opposing squad.
    - Using Tryndameres Ultimate is what takes him from Manly, to Beautiful and Glorious. Wait until Tryndamere is near dead. If Tryndamere Ults to early, he wastes the invulnerability as it only stops him from being killed, not from taking damage. The trick is to accurately estimate how quickly the opposing squad dishes out damage, and correctly Ult. This will take a bit of practice but really isn't very difficult. If you are very confused about when to ult, simply do so when Tryndamere is at around 18 % hp and is being focused.
    - Tryndamere should be able to fierce down at least one opposing hero, but most likely two, before spinning away to safety.

    2) Late game items will be discussed below in the ITEM section. At this point Tryndamere is a man and trusts that you will know how to behave. Simply push with your team. Tryndamere is a fierce dps and can kill towers quite quickly, as well as opposing Champions. Enjoy Manhood, but do not forget to remind your team of your undying masculine love for them.

  • Skilling Order

    Spinning Slash
    Blood Lust
    Blood Lust
    Mocking Shout
    Blood Lust
    Undying Rage
    Blood Lust
    Mocking Shout
    Blood Lust
    Mocking Shout
    Undying Rage
    Mocking Shout
    Mocking Shout
    Spinning Slash
    Spinning Slash
    Undying Rage
    Spinning Slash
    Spinning Slash

    This skill order privileged Blood lust for both lane staying power as well as increase critical damage. One of the keys to Tryndamere is managing Blood Lust stacks. Remember that these stacks both increase Damage, and can be used to heal. When possible, Tryndamere wishes to lust for as much blood as possible and since our Item build has increased our crit chance to near 100%, we should almost always have 8 blood lust stacks. These can be saved to trick an opponent into over committing, healing Tryndamere before he will die and giving him just enough of an edge to kill the opponent.

    Spinning Slash deserves a bit of discussion. This ability is ridiculously good. With 1 point in Spinning slash you basically get a free blink. You need to use this to your advantage. When traveling, you should spinning slash through walls to get to your destination faster. The cooldown is quite short and it costs almost nothing. This can also be used as an excellent escape tool. When running away, run into a wall or creep camp then spin through the wall to safety. The opponent will be stuck behind the wall and Tryndamere will man his way to safety.

  • Item Discussion

    The Base Build is as follows
    Avarice Blade
    Avarice Blade
    Avarice Blade
    Berserker's Greaves
    Infinity Edge

    Many people tend to think that 2 Avarice blades are enough. Tryndamere invites you to try 2, then try 3 and compare the difference. We are not buying them solely for monetary gain, we also want the + Crit%. Besides, as listed below, you will likely upgrade one to an Executioner's calling quite soon.

    At this point Tryndamere must choose his items based on the enemy team. He wishes to gain Lifesteal / Attack Speed / And more Crit Chance. Remember that Tryndamere can sell his Avarice blades as they were merely intended to accelerate the Infinity Edge. When selling Avarice blades, make sure to replace the Crit Chance they provide as we need to keep Tryndamere Critting as much as possible. The following are items to consider.

    Executioner's Calling - Executioner's Calling is great for Tryndamere. It gives him lifesteal and Crit Chance. Generally Tryndamere can get this immediately after Infinity Edge simply by selling an averice blade. This item is excellent when facing a team of tanks/healers. If the opposing team has a competent Mundo/Allistar/Soraka/Taric this is pretty much a must. Hell, it's so cheap, especially when selling an Avarice, that Tryndamere might as well pick one up.

    Phantom Dancer - This provides everything Tryndamere needs except lifesteal. Generally Tryndamere enjoys going Executioners Calling, then building this. Again, sell an avarice blade if necessary. Phantom Dancer more than replaces the crit chance. This also increase Tryndamere's movement speed which is excellent for chasing.

    [item=Stark's Fervor] - Starks sort of combines what we want from executioner's and Phantom Dancer. Someone on the team should have this item. Tryndamere can get it, but would prefer another team member to. The problem with Starks is that it provides no critical chance and thusly, if going starks, we need to keep our Avarice Blades so that Tryndamere continues to Crit.

    Banshee's Veil - This seems nice, as it blocks a spell and allows Tryndamere to dodge some Crowd Control. If Tryndamere does not have cleanse, this is a good back up. The issue is that Tryndamere doesn't really want tanky items as he is automatically tanky due to his extreme manliness and Ultimate. But this only if getting crushed by stuns/snares.

    Quicksilver Sash - Basically the same boat as Banshees. If getting crushed by debuffs, pick this up.

    Guardian Angel - If Tryndamere finds that the other team focuses him too fiercely. Guardian Angel can be a nice compliment. Combined with his Ult, if the other team wishes to kill Tryndamere, they must kill him twice which should give the rest of the team a significant amount of time to focus down the opponents.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Rally is a must as Tryndamere wishes to plant flags indicating that he has claimed land. It also increases his damage considerably, as well as his teammates/brothers.

    [spell=Rally] Rally is great for Tryndamere. It can be used early game in lane as a heal. Just drop it and stand near it to regain health. Rally can also be used late game when in team fights or when killing towers. This increases your damage, and thus your manliness.

    The other Summoner Spell slot can be a few different spells, though Tryndamere generally likes either Teleport of Cleanse.

    Teleport Teleport can be used to speed up Tryndamere's farming. Teleport back to lane after purchasing, or, teleport to an unclaimed lane with a large wave to eat up some gold.

    Cleanse Tryndamere's Ultimate only makes him invincible, it does not stop him from being stunned or snared. Taking cleanse can allow Tryndamere to be virtually immune to the other team's effects for a short time. It also allows him to escape better.

    Ultimately Teleport will give Tryndamere a better early game and farm. While Cleanse is better for lategame teamfights. Tryndamere would recommend taking Teleport first, until one is accustomed to manhood. Then, switching to cleanse.

  • Pros / Cons

    Extremely Manly
    Ridiculous DPS
    Crits almost every attack
    Invincible for short duration
    Great escape Mechanism (Spinning Slash)
    Great Lane staying ability (Blood Lust)
    Great Debuff/Slow (Mocking Shout)
    Extremely Friendly and Loving towards brothers

    Too Manly for some people
    Can be a bit weak early game
    Requires a bit of farm before he "turns on"

  • Closing

    I thank you for perusing this Tryndamere Guide. If you have any questions Feel free to ask.

    Please note that this Tryndamere guide is intended for the solo queue and for initiates of Tryndamere. The avarice blade build is not the only viable build, but, is extremely forgiving for those learning Tryndamere. It will make up for slightly worse farming by generating gold. Good luck. And remember to always inform your teammates of your undying love.

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