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S4 LeBlanc Guide : How to Snowball

written by Eckoz

LeBlanc Build

Starting items

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Runes for LeBlanc

Masteries for LeBlanc

Table of Contents

  • Who am I ?

    Welcome everyone to my first guide, I'll take care of any feedback if it can help me to write better builds, so thanks for your feedback. Who am I ? I am a League of Legends player for about two years now, currently in Platinum I ( before rating reset ). I main mid, and Gragas and LeBlanc are my favorites champs. I have been looking for a LeBlanc guide, but I found none up to date I liked, so here's mine, with the hope to help you improving !

  • Before the game : Play style, Runes and Summoner's spells

    I must admit I am an all-in player, I would be diving at level 2 everygames if that wouldn't count so much in lane phase. My favorite Rune Page as leblanc is AP flat as Quint, and Blue, while getting Magic Pen as Red and Armor for the Seals, I get Barrier and Ignite as Summoner's. However, this gameplay depends of your early, and mistakes are punished by, in most cases, death. This is why i suggest players beginning as LeBlanc, or that aren't confident, to get the Magic Resist as Blue, with Flash and Ignite.

  • The Early Game

    The All-In Early Game : Since you don't have flash, you shouldn't pick any spell before you are sure no one is going to try to kill you. You have to be ready to pick your W to escape. If there's no danger, then up your Q and start harassing a bit. Push a bit the lane, with hitting the minions twice, counting one for the last hit. You should get level 2 faster than your opponent to instantly cast a Q + W combo, and zone him as much as possible. At level 4, you get your E. If minions aren't under enemy tower, you can hit a Q before level-upping. The mark stay 3.5 seconds, so you can proc it twice in a short time amount. If he isn't behind minions, use E to proc the mark, then Q + W. Otherwise, use W. The Haunting Guise is a really good early item, and useful to snowball, but I don't really like building Liandry on a burst assassin, this is why I will sell it later. If you don't want to you can upgrade it instead of buying the Abyssal Scepter. After getting it, get your boots if you haven't take atleast two kills. If you did, you can buy a mejai and start stacking. If you can't burst your opponent, try to push your lane before heading for top or bot lane. The Passive Early-Game : Even thought it is better to get ahead on your lane opponent, you can still farm with LeBlanc, and focus on early teamfights to one shot the enemy AD carry. In this case, you don't have to get the Haunting Guise. You can also get a Morello, coupled with an Unholy Graal. With this build, you focus of poking your lane opponent, or killing enemies in two Steps.

  • The Late Game

    It is nice to use your DeathFire Grasp on the AD carry, then to use every spell to kill him right ? Well, it isn't really. If you are ahead, like 5/0 with a mejai or something like that, you can kill the AD carry by using W to get closer, then DFG + Q + E. This way you can keep your ultimate for a quick Q + R + E on the other carry. If you do so, you killed the main target in less than 5 seconds, and I don't think you'll die in this fight. If you aren't fed, and feel like useless, not even able to kill a carry, then don't worry ! There's still a decent work for you. You got an awesome escape, use it and split push !

  • Help me to improve this guide, and the next I'll make !

    As you could read, this is my first guide, so I am not even close to sure that it is good enough, so if you got any question, ask it ; if you got any suggestion, anything to say so I can improve, tell me, and I'll be glad to read any feedback you leave there. Good luck for your games !

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