Shen Build Guide

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Shen, The Mighty KI Strike

written by Vogelweide

Shen Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Ki Strike
    This passive makes you fearful.You are having lower than half hp and enemy champion who isnt overfed is chasing you?Turn around and use Vorpal blade+Feint and Ki Strike to finish him off.In most cases they will underrate this ability.

    Vorpal Blade
    Vorpal Blade is an impressive ability.It is a good harrass Skill and good Support skill.Here some situations where you can use Vorpal Blade correctly:
    1.You or your team mate got low hp?
    Use Vorpal Blade on a tank minion to regain your/your team mates health fast back.
    2.Use Vorpal Blade if the enemys play offensively to harrass them,if they are scared and sitting next to their tower use this to get the last hits on minions
    3.In Team Fights always use Vorpal Blade on the focus Target so your physical dps regain your health.
    4.A good jungling SKill(see later)

    If you want to master Shen,you have to master Feint.Feint is a good ability to protect you,and absorb alot of dmg.Some examples:
    1.Ryze popps out his ultimate and trys to kill you?
    Popp up Feint and laugh at him
    2.Karthus thinks he can kill you with his ultimate?
    Not with Feint!Use it and reduce the upcoming dmg
    3.Use it immediately after a taunt,to protect you from the upcoming

    Shadow Dash
    This is a great chase/escape ability,use it to dash through walls,to interrupt ugly ultimates like Nunus Absolute Zero or Katarinas Ultimate,or other abilitys which are like that.

    Stand United
    This is kinda the ability why you play Shen.Use it to get fast stacks to your stacking items and to get the Map control.With Stand United you can easily turn the tides of a battle and make a 2vs2 to a 3vs2.

  • Quicklook

    For the ones who dont want to read much,or are in a game.
    Skill Priority: Normal Build

    Summoner Spells:Summoners Rift

    Marks: or
    Seals: or
    Glyphs: or

    Items in a mixed game:

  • Updates

    2 new AP items,
    New CDred boots
    Exhaust change
    Need to test the new Items alot, to get a good data.
    And the best of all : A new freakin cool shen skin

    New Boots are great. I build them if i dont buy Mercurys
    I know never buy frozen mallet more. Rylays + the new armor/ap item
    It is not possible anymore to get over 40% Dodge with Shen, gonna test some new builds against super carrys .
    Sunfire now unique. Well I never was a fan of sunfire stacking on shen, but now you never ever should do this
    Energy Runes were buffed by 5%, need to test them.
    Flash changed, I wouldnt get it anymore on Shen.

    No nerfs to shen!Great
    Added a new skill build.

    Nothing changed.
    Hexdrinker is a viable item in 3vs3 facing atleast 2 mages.

    Again a Patch without nerfs,yeehay Shen I love you!
    Some new rune suggestion for jungle ->Exp quits,magicpen red,dodge seals,cd blue.

    Added Fun Tank item build
    Added a jungle path in 3vs3
    Added a How Dodge work
    Changed something with revive.
    I still buy Leviathan if playing normal games. In ranked replace it with Aegis of the Legion, always!

    Patch :
    Well Warmogs is now kind of a option,take it if you do amazing well in laning phase,though you need to have it before minute 15.

    Patch 1.0.100:
    Stand United and Shadow Dash can longer be casted while rooted. Again a nerf to Shen,but only if you face morgana/ryze.

    Patch 1.0.99:
    Stand United dont shield yourself.We can be happy that his cdr wasnt nerfed again.

    Updated Guide: Quicklook section done,taunt usage section incoming

  • Introduction

    So,at first I want to thank all people who encouraged me to write this guide.My premade Team and ofcourse the Shens public games which makes my heart hurt :(. I am not Mass Playing Shen my stats are: 44Wins 21Lost 666Kills(yes the number is true^^) 323Deaths 799Assists.Most of my losses came by testing out the different specs and item builds.Here I want to tell you,why you should read this guide.Most of the Shen Guides are telling only one story.The story of Tank Shen.In this Guide I want to explain not only the Tank way,but also the way of DMG and AP Shen,and aswell how to play in TT.

    The DPS and AP part do work,but are not that as efficient as Tank shen.They are mostly for trolling,or for normal games to have some fun and surprising the enemy.Thats why ive taken the greaves at DPS build,throw em out if you want.After all the nerfs,i dont recommend to play DPs or AP shen in rankes(but taking jungle shen is a good and viable option,if no one else jungles).

  • Masteries + Runes

    1.Tank Shen:
    The masteries I use are:
    I take Ghost in the Utility Tree because I mostly take Ghost.
    Marks- Greater Mark of Fortitude 9x
    Seals- Greater Seal of Fortitude 9x or Greater Seal of Evasion 9x
    Glyph- Greater Glyph of Fortitude 9x
    Quints- Greater Quintessence of Fortitude 3x or Greater Quintessence of Evasion 3x

    2.DPS Shen:
    The masteries I use are:]
    Self Explanatory this spec.
    Runes,there are two possibilities to play Shen.The Attackspeed-Lifesteal Shen and the Crit-KI Strike Shen
    Marks- Greater Mark of Desolation 9x
    Seals- Greater Seal of Malice 6x and Greater Seal of Furor 3x or Greater Seal of Evasion 9x or Greater Seal of Alacrity 9x
    Glyphs- Greater Glyph of Alacrity 9x or Greater Glyph of Malice 6x and Greater Glyph of Furor 3x
    Quints- Greater Quintessence of Desolation 3x

    3.AP Shen:
    The masteries I use are:] you can go for 21/x/x aswell if you like that more. I take the 9/21 build because it provides the most AP
    Here I go for pure AP,because Magicpen just benefits VB
    Marks- Greater Mark of Force 9x
    Seals- Greater Seal of Force 9x
    Glyphs- Greater Glyph of Force 9x
    Quints- Greater Quintessence of Force 3x

  • Summoner Abilities

    What I recommend
    Ghost Ghost is awesome for Shen.It increases your chasing/escaping abilities alot.
    Ignite Good for lasthitting,but most of the time I take this to counter these Tarics,Sorakas,Jannas.
    Flash Like Ghost,it increases your chasing/escaping abilities.
    Cleanse Self-Explanatory.
    Clairvoyance See the TT section

    What you can! use
    Heal I dont like this ability.Good at beginning but suffers in late game.
    [spell=Fortify] Just take it in your premade team,if they really want it.
    Teleport You good Stand United,but Teleport can help you to have an even better map performance.
    Smite See the Jungling section.
    ((((( Revive I see that Revive can be useful on shen. especially in playing 3vs3. Initiating,dying, reviving and use ultimate.
    Never take this
    [spell=Rally] If your team want it,get a Taric.
    ((((( Revive Never take this,unless you are playing a Tank Premade team with Fortify Revive.)))))
    Clarity You dont have mana.

  • Skilling Order

    There are 3 different Specs.
    The Feint spec:

    This you take if you play AP or TANK Shen.
    The Shadow Dash Spec:

    This you take if you play DPS or TANK Shen.
    The TT Spec,or if you lane with a Garen.You can max out Taunt,if you want,but you will lack Damage.

    My new Item build if im the only tank:
    You got alot of dmg, and you want to survive alot of dmg and support your team with a high amount of cc?

  • Items

    1.Tank Shen:
    1.1Normal Tank Build(2DPS 2 Mages 1 Tank):
    Start of with a Ruby Crystal, and try to lane solang till you can buy Leviathan or till you can buy Leviathan and the Boots. Upgrade the Boots to Boots of Swiftness or Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi. Now head up for Randuin's Omen. On the way to Randuin's Omen start with [item=Heart of Gold] and than upgrade it to Randuin's Omen. This is almost the core build if you play the Normal Tank Build. Now look up for the enemys Damage Dealer and counter them.
    Mostly I get Guardian Angel
    Other good Items:
    Warmog's Armor
    Frozen Mallet
    Aegis of the Legion
    [item=Force of Nature]
    Banshee's Veil
    You want to improve your KI Strike and get more armor?
    Atma's Impaler
    Build example: [builder=Shen/3bb212902f5d4dac40fc3e288e73d26d]

    1.2 Magic Resistance Build(3Mage 1 Support 1 Tank, 4 Mage 1 Tank for example)
    Start of again with Ruby Crystal and stay solang that you can buy Leviathan, than buy the Mercury's Treads.Now u need the Guardian Angel because if you have 20 stacks you are kind of unkillable,and with Guardian Angel they have to kill you twice. Support your team and buy Aegis of the Legion the Aura will help you and your team mates. Now increase what you need.Hp,Magic resistance,Lifereg.
    Banshee's Veil is a good option.
    Q:olololol why you buy Banshee's Veil?you got no mana....
    A:The mana is not the point.Magic resistance and the spell block is what makes this item good.

    Build example: [builder=Shen/4a4d0684e943cf7701701e7e15257564]

    Mix the Builds,you have to look on their DMG Dealer to get the right Armortype

    The New Support Item is a quite viable option,but just situational.

    2.Dps Shen:
    2.1Attackspeed-Lifesteal Build:
    Start with Long Sword and one Health Potion. Try to lane so long that you can buy Sword of the Occult. Than go for Boots,buy the Boots you like the most except the Sorcery Shoes. After that go for Last Whisperthis should be enough Armorpen,if not get an [item=Black Cleaver]. Improve now your KI Strike. [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]. You should always build a The Bloodthirster . Get now more survivability or even more dmg.
    Build example: [builder=Shen/6821cbb9b6b6865b8a7cba8a1a60d8e5]
    2.2 Crit-KiStrike Shen:
    Start with [item=Longsword] or! Ruby Crystalyou will need both. Stay at your lane till you can buy Sword of the Occult.Go for the Boots and after that build Phage and upgrade it to Frozen Mallet. You will need now some crit and armorpen,get Youmuu's Ghostblade this should be enough,and improve some other nice stats aswell.So most games will be now over if not,do something for your crit dmg.Get an Infinity Edge.The last item is your choice,get more HP if you want to improve your KI Strike,more crit or what you like.I prefer Atma's Impaler this gives some Survivability and improve your KI Strike.
    Build Example:[builder=Shen/b6f042c4c8e271df4714362590909308]

    Note:Trinity Force is in testing phase.
    3.AP Shen:
    Start with Amplifying Tome and one Health Potion.Again try to lane so long that you can buy Mejai's Soulstealer.After that you need the Boots,all boots except the Greaves are a good choice.You need after the Boots some Hp and the Essential Slow,so [item=Rylai's Scepter] is the way to go.After that you need more DMG. Lich Bane.
    Q:olololol why you buy Lichbane?you got no mana....
    A:The mana is not the point.The DMG increase is impressive and Lich Banes gives a good amount of dmg aswell.
    Most of the games are over if not get [item=Zhonya's Ring].Now you need always an Elexir active,cause this provides you with about 100 AP and costs just 300 gold. The last item should increase your survivability or get Void Staff. I recommend to get more hp,because if you have roughly said about 3200 hp and absorb with feint 300 dmg per attack,will make you hard to kill.Deathfire Grasp can be taken into consideration too,to increase your burst.As well as Guinsoo's Rageblade
    Build example: [builder=Shen/0dc24fe65d8efda684b931cd9d0ee91e]
    Note:All Build examples are without Runes and Masteries.

    4. Fun Tank shen:

    This build is for extremely high life and KI Strike DMG.


    this is useful for troll builds,perhaps in 3vs3 if you dont fight against someone who can build Madreds. And ofc against/in a tank premade.

  • How Dodge work on Shen

    I want to give here another example of how Dodge works, because there are still alot of criticism about it. Dodge scales perfekt with armor.

    Shen: 2000 life No Dodge No armor = the enemy need to do 2000 dmg to kill you
    2000 life No Dodge 100 armor= the enemy need to do 3000 dmg to kill you
    2000 life 50% Dodge No armor= the enemy need to do 3000 dmg to kill you
    2000 life 50% Dodge 100 armor=the enemy need to do 4500 dmg to kill you
    2000 life No Dodge 200 armor = the enemy need to do ~3320 dmg to kill you

    Result: with 50% dodge and 100 armor you got more effective health than with no dodge and 200 armor. Thats why I think dodge is a great stats for tanks,and especially for shen.

  • Twisted Treeline

    Shen is a great Champ for TT.Especially if you play him as Tank Shen.Perhaps he is the best Tank for Twisted Treeline. Start with Ruby Crystal you will upgrade it lately to Leviathan or Phageand than Frozen Mallet. For Summoner Spells take Ghost and Clairvoyance ,Clairvoyance is necessary for your team. Use the TT spec if you think you can land a fast kill.Stick with your team near the Lizard,and look with Clairvoyence the bushes near the lizard,and try to kill the enemys hiding there.Than kill the lizard and start the laning phase.You go the solo lane mid,and your mates both bot.Dont be shy to take down your enemy hero at the lane.By reaching lvl 6 try to set up a gank,if its not possible go back,but the boots, and perhaps leviathan or phage.Get 2 Wards and put them near the Lizard and Dragon.By reaching lvl 7 you can go for the Dragon and kill em. Your team have to take the Lizard and Dragon down,after they spawned to not loose time.After Frozen Mallet get Guardian Angel.Mostly no games last that long.

    Good Combinations with you:
    Good DMG output.You got cc,heal,a Tank and Jax.All you need.
    People will say that this combination is ridiculous and op. Good played this combination is hard to kill.
    Veigar should start with his stun and you with your taunt,your auto attacks and Garens whirlwind + an Ignite will do the rest.
    Grand Skyfall + Stand United good timed is hard to conter.

    That are just some combinations,there are alot more good ones.

  • Good Laning Partners

    This is a great and devastating combination.Start of with the taunt.If something is near the bush,taunt it,put Ignite on and Garen will do the rest.
    You will have good Tower Diving possibilities as well
    You can push Kassadins Force Pulse and your Tower Diving qualities are awesome by reaching lvl 6,you will always get some kills.
    3.Shen-Ap/Ad Ezreal
    After a taunt Ezreal can release his burst,and again good Tower Diving qualities.
    The both ninjas suits well.MotA and VB are just great together.

    There are more out,try them and find the one working for you!

  • Creep Jungling

    With Shen you can Jungle upon lvl 1. Pick up Ruby Crystal if you got Smite,if not take Cloth Armorand 5x Healthpotion. Start of with the Golem and attack him.Spam VB and use Smite on him,and you wont loose to much HP.Than do the Wolves and switch to the other Jungle. If Smite is rdy go to the Lizard,you should be lvl 3 and have Vorpal Blade(2) and Feint(1).
    After all nerfs to VB you cant jungle anymore without smite,so smite is absolutely necessary.

    New Route: Start with the 2 Golems,dont smite em,use a Health potion.After the golems head up to the wraith,smite the big one,take down the 3 small ones.Take down the wolves camp. Now if you got some healthpotion left,go the golem with one of the bot/up or mid hero which really needs the buff(f.e. heimerdinger,anivia).Let em take the golem down.Recall,than the golems should be up again,take em down,go to the wraith.Now you could do Lizard by your one,or let someone bot take it,and gang bot.If you can take em down,or force em to recall,immediately you and the bot lane should go the dragon and do it.

    3vs3 Jungling:
    Something new in this guide, is this 3vs3 jungling section. If I find a good program to record and to upload,ill upload some vids.

    What you need:

    Go to the camp near the lizard. Wait till it spawn. If there are the Ghosts, go to the top camp and kill the 2 golems, with or without smite,it depends on your play style. If there was the Golem camp, kill there the golem and move top. Here you need smite for the big one. After killing the top camp go to the first buff. You need smite + Vorpal blades and Feint. Use the Health Potion when ever you feel like having life problems. Just go now ahead and jungle till you have no health potions.Go back/gang. From now on, you can jungle nearly any creep without having many problems. With lvl 6-7 you can kill Dragon alone with smite rdy,red potion and some health potions.

    Hope this helped a bit.

  • Working in the team

    Your teammates should announce if they need help.Normally they wont,so get an eye on the map,and turn the tides of the battle.Use Stand United to move through the Map and help your enemys out. In team fights you can initiate go in,and shadow dash.If they have any ugly ultimates like Nunus or Katarinas Ultimate,wait with Shadow Dash so you can interrupt these.Use Vorpal Blade on the Focus Target so your physical dps regains life.If you get focused use Feint,if not save energy for a Stand United in Fight,to rescue one teammate.
    As AP or DPS Shen dont initiate,only if you have nothing else to initiate.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros Tank Shen:
    1.Good Tank with High Survivability
    2.Can stack up really fast Leviathan
    3.Can Jungle
    4.Can go solo mid
    5.One of the best TT tanks.

    Cons Tank Shen:
    1.Feint and Stand United are not that good as with AP
    2.Low Vorpal Blade dmg(wayne,you are a Tank!)

    Pros AP Shen:
    1.Good VB
    2.High Lifereg(this scales with ap aswell)
    3.Good Feint and Stand United
    4.Can go solo mid
    5.Can Jungle

    Cons Ap Shen:
    1.KI Strike isnt that effective
    2.You just have sustained dmg,not really burst.

    Pros DPS Shen:
    1.High KI Strike
    2.Good Burst after a Taunt
    3.Good Lifereg

    Cons DPS Shen:
    1.Feint and Stand United are not that good as with ap
    2.Low Vorpal Blade

  • Summary

    So,thank you for reading this Guide.I hope you enjoyed it.Pls add comments,and if you have any questions,I will answer the questions as fast as possible.

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