Soraka Build Guide

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Soraka with a Shot of Southern Comfort

written by Benadryl Jackson

Soraka Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Howdy y'all, they call me Benadryl Jackson 'cause I'm one mean antihistamine. Most of you know me as the guy who plays nothing but Twisted Fate and drinks nothing but Southern Comfort, but that just ain't true. I play other champions sometimes, and I also drink beer.

    Anyway, I'm here to tell you how I play that sublime, scintillating star child. That salubrious, sagacious sprite. I'm talkin' 'bout dat girl Soraka. Benadryl Jackson ain't a furry, but ****, just check out this art by some chinaman:

    Holy ****, if given the chance, Benadryl Jackson would **** her ****, **** *** ****, and **** his **** all over her horn. Then I'd **** ******** her **** on **** **** horn **** *** ****.

    Oh yeah, and I play Medic in Team Fortress 2 a lot. Benadryl Jackson loves him some healin'.

  • Soraka Post Locket:

    As y'all know, [item=innervating locket] just ain't what it used to be. Without this item, Soraka seems sub-par compared to other champions with heals, such as Taric or Nidalee. But **** son, that don't mean Soraka ain't useful, it just means you gotta man up and try some new items. See my updates in the Items section for more details.

  • Abilities

    By exercising her authority as Star-Pope, Soraka baptizes your team in a holy aura, giving them 16 extra magic resist. Not amazing, but not bad either. If you're laning against wizard people you'll definitely feel the difference.

    Soraka commands her constellation friends to take a celestial dump in a small radius around her. The damage isn't spectacular, but it places a debuff that reduces magic resist by 8. Oh, and this can stack...20 times?! Holy balls! Honestly it's unrealistic for you to get all 20 stacks on someone, but hey, even a few stacks will really help out the mages on your team. It goes without saying that you should probably be mashing Q and casting this constantly in a team fight.

    It's also a great way to last-hit creeps. Keep this in mind and time your Starcalls carefully during the laning phase.

    Astral Blessing
    What Benadryl would give for a sweet, sweet blessing from Soraka...

    Uh, anyway, this skill is great. It heals AND grants the target 35 bonus armor for 9 seconds. Cast it on yourself, cast it on your friends, ****, you can even do some sneaky things like cast it on minions right before an enemy champion can last-hit it!

    You probably don't want to do that too often, but against certain champions, healing your minions is actually pretty cool. For example, champions like Veigar and Nassus have moves that give them permanent bonuses if they kill things with them. Benadryl Jackson just loves ruining their day with a well timed minion heal.

    It can be difficult to heal people in a crowded, confusing teamfight -- if that's the case, just click on their portrait on the left instead. It's awkward, I know, but the sooner you get used to it the sooner you'll be known as "that totally sweet Soraka player".

    Holy ****, this skill is baller. It gives you and your friends FREE mana, from nowhere! You can also hit enemies with it, doing mediocre damage and (more importantly) silencing them.

    At first you'll just be spamming this skill every chance you get to pump yourself (or a friend) up with mana. Things get more complicated as the game progresses, however, and since the cooldown is so long you'll often want to save Infuse for the right moment. Silencing someone in the middle of a team fight is incredibly useful and can turn the tide of battle. Learning when and where to use Infuse is one of the most important things about playing Soraka.

    Some examples of good Infuse use:

    -- Stopping Katarina's ult.

    -- Stopping Fiddle's ult (only works if you use it on him while he's "charging up". It won't interrupt him once his crowstorm has been unleashed).

    -- Preventing Singed from flinging someone.

    And so forth.

    Oh Soraka, you can infuse Benadryl Jackson any day.

    Heals everyone on your team, no matter where they are. Holy ****. This thing is the nuts. Once you have this in your arsenal, you should be paying close attention to your teammates. This doesn't mean you have to keep your eyes glued to the map Twisted Fate style (though Benadryl does encourage you to learn that skill). Instead, you can look at the status icons on the left hand side of the screen. If you see one getting dangerously low and/or dropping quickly, then it's probably a good time to use Wish. If you're rolling with a premade and are using Ventrillo or something, then be sure to have your buds give you a shoutout when they need your ult.

    One of Benadryl Jackson's favorite things about this game is saving someone's ass with Wish from across the map. **** yes.

  • Skilling Order

    Unlike many champions, Soraka doesn't really have a concrete skill order. Benadryl Jackson likes to start with Astral Healing, 'cause baby, that **** will save lives in a level 1 fight. I then like to get one point in Infuse and Starcall, since all of Soraka's abilities are relevant. From here on out, what you get depends entirely on context.

    Are you solo mid? Then you might actually want to prioritize Starcall for stronger harassing and even killing. This can also work in side lanes if you get a good head start and are dominating them.

    In general though, I've found that leveling Infuse and Astral Healing alternatively is the best for a well-balanced Soraka. Here's an average Benadryl Order:

  • Items

    For those of you who haven't read my Twisted Fate guide (who are you people!?), the Benadryl Build is a simple philosophy: there is no concrete build order that you should follow 100% of the time. Each game offers different obstacles and should be met with the proper items. With that being said...

    As y'all know, certain items have been nerfed and thus this build ain't so hot anymore. Allow me to present some alternatives, though I've kept the old build around for posterity.

    ***NEW BUILD***

    This is a drastic departure from my old build, but in all seriousness, I think ya gotta go for a [item=zhonya's ring] ASAP. Now that the Locket sucks, Soraka's best point is her potential for massive burst healing, and the best way to maximize this is to get a ton of AP. Since Soraka can easily stay in a lane indefinitely, it's not unrealistic to buy a Needlessly Large Rod on your first trip back.

    Now the question is, if y'all are gonna rush Zhonya's Ring, then what do you start with? This depends on your runes and also your lane partner. If you ARE using Health Quints, and/or are laning with another healer, then consider starting with an Amplifying Tome. Once you get enough gold you can make a quick trip back to the Nexus for a [item=kage's lucky pick]. This will be helpful all game since Soraka has such a hard time farming, and after you get your Zhonya's ring it can be turned into a Deathfire Grasp, which is a significant nuke to compliment your Infuse (especially if you've managed to lower their Magic Resist with Starcall). This is Benny Jack's personal choice.

    However, if you AREN'T using Health Quints and are laning against a scary combo, then you should consider starting with something to beef up your health, such as a Ruby Crystal or even a Doran's Ring. The crystal can turn into a Spirit Visage or Aegis of the Legion later, either of which being fine post-Zhonya's choices (or, if you're doing REALLY well, you can get an early Rod of Ages, but otherwise I wouldn't bother). The Ring can be sold along the way if need be.

    As for boots, Mercury's Treads are still the way to go the majority of the time. As for items to get afterward? Just use your noggin and pick something appropriate, though I will again emphasize the importance of AP.

    That's all there is to it. Enabling yourself to pump out HUGE burst healing is honestly all you have going for you anymore, and you need to take advantage of that.

    ***OLD BUILD***

    Your First Item:
    If you get solo mid, then Doran's Ring is the way to go. It has everything you need and since you are solo you can easily farm the gold back. If you're in a side lane, then get Mana Manipulator. Your lane-buddy will love you and it turns into something very important later. If for some reason you have to lane with someone who doesn't use mana (3 Ninjas Kick Back?) then you should probably start with Ruby Crystal.

    These things can't be comfortable on her hooves, but ******, they're necessary. You will almost always want to get Mercury's Treads, but in the rare case that the other team has no significant stuns, taunts, fears, etc...then get Boots of Swiftness. That **** will help you keep up with your team.

    The Most Important Thing Ever:
    Holy ******* balls, I'm gonna break the code of the Benadryl Build for this one folks: you have to get [item=Innervating Locket], or I will be very disappointed in you. This should be the first thing you work on -- finishing boots first might be ok, but honestly you should go for it ASAP. People don't understand how powerful this item really is.

    [item=Innervating Locket] is like a basketball enchanted with the essence of Michael Jordan -- that **** will make you a b-baller star caller. You can activate this thing constantly by mashing Q as you push a lane, or during a fight. The healing and mana restoration from this, in addition to your innate healing and mana restoration...well, let's just say THAT **** IS OUT OF CONTROL. Still don't believe me? Then scroll down and read my treatise.

    Other Stuff You Might Want to Get, but Hey, it Doesn't Really Matter as Long as You Get Innervating Locket:

    Spirit Visage: Getting this item is not really necessary, but hey, it'll make your self-heals pack an extra punch. Honestly, it's not a bad idea for everyone on your team to get this.

    Leviathan: Yeah yeah, I know, you don't get 2 stacks for an assist anymore, but who gives a ****. Ever since they updated the system to actually recognize Soraka's existence, you will be getting a ****ton of assists, making this item a fine choice for hardening your horn.

    Mejai's Soulstealer: Like the Leviathan, this is pretty easy to get stacks on. Your heals will be pumped through the roof.

    Rod of Ages: If you went solo mid, I can see building this item before Innervating Locket.

    Aegis of the Legion: You're not a tank, but you are hard to kill. If nobody else on your team is getting this, then Benadryl highly recommends it. TEAM GAME.

    Archangel's Staff: I tested this recently at the suggestion of one wildfire393, and I must say it's pretty nice. You can charge the Tear up pretty quickly given all the Q spam and then you won't have to worry about Infusing yourself ever again. The AP you get from the final product will boost your heals significantly.

    Will of the Ancients: Before the most recent patch I was wishing for a team-aura item that also gave me AP. It would seem the gods of Runeterra were listening, because now we have this baby. Now I know what y'all are thinking -- "but Benadryl, why would you get this item unless your team is full of mages?" The thing is, most champions benefit from free AP and spell vamp. Sure, Ashe won't care unless she's firing her ult, but you'd better believe Malphite will love you after his bowling ball kills someone. The AP from this item alone is like 2 extra levels in Astral Blessing. The spell vamp doesn't really matter as much for you, but the idea of getting wee bits of health from all your Starcall spamming makes Benadryl Jackson giggle like a school girl.

    [item=Soul Shroud]: A huge chunk of health and 15% cooldown reduction for you and your buds? **** yes. This is an excellent choice, especially if the enemy team likes to focus you down.

    Abyssal Scepter: Kind of expensive and not something you want to get very often, but it has a time and place. For example, I once played a game in which my teammates got Aegis, Will of the Ancients, Soul Shroud and Stark's. As you can see, not really any aura items left for me to get...except this. It actually worked out really well, so keep it in mind.

    Guardian Angel: Previously I wouldn't have considered Guardian Angel on Soraka unless the game was going ridiculously long. However, Leaguecraft user "National" brought up a great point regarding the recently-added visual indicator for the item. To quote him/her: "A wonderful thing happens when you have the swirly Guardian Angel halo -- the enemy team will totally ******* ignore you knowing that they'll have to kill you twice, through all your heals. This allows Soraka to keep on doin' her thang without no pesky interruptions." Excellent point National! I'm going to try this out soon.

    Those are my recommendations, but honestly, Benadryl doesn't care what the **** you buy as long as you get that sweet, sweet Innervating Locket.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Benadryl Jackson likes to roll with Heal and Flash. Heal might sound noobish, but baby, you're just gonna have to trust Benny Jack on this one. Having another heal to pop in a fight on top of all your other heals is just ******* ludicrous. It makes you **** near impossible to kill. I can't tell you how many times Heal has netted me kills from tower diving fools.

    And Flash? **** son, I don't need to tell you how good that **** is. You can flash through walls to save your life, Flash to your friend to heal him just in time, or even Flash past a tower to finish someone off with Infuse.

    If you must pick something else, then consider the following:

    Teleport isn't a bad choice. I've seen opposing Soraka's do some pretty sweet stuff, like teleporting to some minions just in time to save someone's life.

    Ignite is actually ok. Messes up other peoples' healing and does a significant amount of damage late game.

    Clarity honestly seems unnecessary to me, given the mana regen you'll have from runes, items, and Infuse, but it can be helpful if you have a mana hungry team.

    Clairvoyance is an amazing ability, and Soraka is one of the few champions with "room to spare" for it. If you know how to use Clairvoyance properly, then feel free to squeeze it on Soraka. This **** is more useful than a machine that generates Southern Comfort from thin air. Well, maybe not that useful.

  • Masteries + Runes

    As for masteries, the following is what I use. If your play style is different or you prefer different summoner skills...then figure it out yourself. **** son, this ain't rocket science.

    Runewise, there are plenty of good options for Soraka. Cooldown reduction, health, AP and mana regen are all fine choices. For now, I'm not exactly sure what combination of runes would be the overall "best" for Soraka, but I'll update if I make a discovery.

  • A Treatise on Innervating Locket

    *** OUT OF DATE *** (but still keepin' it around for posterity)

    Lately, some folks have been questioning Benadryl Jackson's insistence on [item=Innervating Locket], so it's high time I explained my thinking in further detail.

    The reason my detractors think the Locket is bad is because intense team fights are short and therefore it won't heal that much. However, that's not what the Locket is for. It's for initiating and sustaining absolutely brutal pushes.

    As soon as I get the Locket we all group up and push a lane. Even if the whole enemy team comes to defend that tower, they are fighting a war of attrition that they cannot win. They can turtle all they want, but with all the mana and health I am providing, there is little they can do besides stall us while we nip away at the tower. From here, two things can happen:

    1.) At some point during all this somebody makes a move and a real fight breaks out. Guess what -- thanks to the Locket, all my guys are going to be at full health/mana whereas their guys will likely NOT be at full health due to our constant ranged spam (such as Ashe's Volley). This, on top of Soraka's innate healing moves, means you are probably going to win that fight.

    2.) You eventually take the tower down, and move on to the next tower or inhibitor. They can try to hold you off, but even if they don't initiate a fight they WILL have to go back to base for heals, whereas you and your team can just keep pushing. With the Locket there is no need to stop, ever. It's this kind of brutal pushing that will win you the game.

    It's true that getting AP items will greatly benefit your individual heals, but your overall healing capacity over time, particularly when it comes to sustaining a push that never ends, will benefit far more from an Innervating Locket.

    It's the real deal, baby. It doesn't matter if you get off to a bad start and the enemy team has twice as many kills as yours. Situations like that, and worse, turn around so fast once you get the Locket and get serious.

    Get drunk, get Locket, lay dem heals like spiders lay eggs. **** yeah son, that's how we do.

  • ****, I Need Another Drink

    Well, that's about I have to say about Soraka until I finish my Soraka x Twisted Fate fan fiction. ****, I shouldn't have mentioned that...IF YOU MAKE FUN OF ME I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU.

    Phew, I need to get drunk(er) and go to bed. Peace y'all.

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