Teemo Build Guide

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ARAM/PG Teemo (AP situational)

written by wtfoost

Teemo Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Runes for Teemo

Masteries for Teemo

Table of Contents

  • Starting Items and Masteries

    This guide is intended for use in ARAM or on the Proving Grounds map.


    The masteries listed in this build are ideal if the other team doesn't have a lot of tank, and you plan to go 100% AP carry. If the other team does have significant tank and you will probably want to go with more of a hybrid damage tree build. I prefer XP quints since it allows me to start shrooming sooner, but depending on your playstyle, movement speed or MPen are also viable - as is HP, if you are afraid of getting cc'd and instagibbed. 


    I like to start off with either a sheen, or boots and chalice. When I have a support champion on my side and/or the opposite team is not skillshot heavy, I go with sheen. The extra little boost from the sheen proc when you follow your blinding dart up with an auto attack is great. However, if the opposite team is poke/skillshot heavy I prefer boots to make sure it's easy to dodge those attacks. I find that if i'm constantly poking with my blinding dart (as I should be), it is easy to OOM, especially when I hit level 6 and get mushrooms. Also, the chalice builds into an item with CDR, which is helpful for more shroomage.

  • Core Build Items and Situational Changes

    Sheen is a must-have for your first time going back to buy (if you didn't start with it). It is a core item, regardless of the rest of your build. There's no need to rush the Lich Bane, in fact I recommend against getting Lichbane until you have at least a Needlessly Large Rod. Having Sheen, however, will essentially double your poke damage. 


    Ask yourself, does the other team have 3 or more players with significant health? Sometimes depending on how the game is going, even 2 players with significant health are all it takes for me to decide to go "tank shredder build." If so, incorporate Malady and Kitae's Bloodrazor. If not, get Nashor's Tooth and either Hextech Gunblade or another AP or defensive item. 


    As far as order priority, my build order generally looks something like this (depending on how the game is going):

    Chalice and Boots -> Sheen & Sorcer's Shoes -> Needlessly Large Rod -> Stinger (if building Nashor's tooth) or Giant's Belt (if building full AP or Maladay) -> Begin completing items/shifting into creating situational items from here.

  • Gameplay, and not getting your face smashed


    Teemo is BY FAR one of my absolute favorite champs. However, he does require a bit of finesse to play well. One of the best tips I can give you is "stick and move." Be selective when poking! Generally I try to look for an opportunity to cast blinding dart and follow up with a single auto-attack. This will do a decent amount of harass, get the extra Sheen damage on them, and leave a pesky DoT. Under hardly any circumstances do I lead the attack in a poke war. A good rule of thumb is to nimbly waddle about, waiting for someone on the enemy team to cast some harass or a skill shot. Try to dodge it and follow up with your poke. Also pay attention to when your teammates are the target of a poke. Once the enemy player has cast their poke attack, move in for some follow-up harass. The worst thing you can do on a Teemo is run toward a poke target obviously - remember you have a global-taunt passive. 


    As teemo, it is important to move around CONSTANTLY. Always be on your feet, ready to dodge incoming attacks. The only situation in which I will stand still and auto attack is if my team has engaged a fight, and I have good positioning to do so, or if I know I can secure a kill and scurry safely away. Also, during a team fight remember that your blinding dart brings great utility to the table! While you may have been using it to harass that pesky softie during the harass phase, it will probably be better used on their strongest AD carry during a team fight. You can still focus on the team target, clicking over to blind whichever AD is hacking away at your team. 

  • Shrooms and YOU! Or... them, rather.

    Best places to shroom on the PG map:


    On top of health packs, not centered, but slightly toward the inside of the lane and back a bit toward the enemy side. 

    Between the first and second towers (to prevent suicides).

    In the bushes.

    In the bush near your towers - this not only grants the tower vision in that bush, but prevents them from losing tower aggro and escaping this way.


    Oracle? No problem!

    While it does put a slight damper in your fun when the enemy team buys vision, there are still a few things you can do to make your mushrooms effective. First, make sure you have a couple down in the most common suicide places. 

    You can still put them in the edge of bushes. They will usually hit it before they even have a chance to see it.

    Save a couple for when a team fight breaks out, using them either in your team or the other team's retreat path (depending on how the fight is going). I also like to put one smack in the middle of the team fight, maybe even two. 

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