Zyra Build Guide

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The Powerplant

written by L4r90

Zyra Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Skill Order

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  • Rise of the Thorns
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  • Grasping Roots
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Runes for Zyra

Masteries for Zyra

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    First of all Welcome to this short-guide to the currently least played mage on TT.



    This might change in the near future but who knows... I usualy have to put up with a lot of crap when i lock her in, but that changes over the course of each game. Zyra has two key aspects that are essential on playing on TT after the rework and those are #1 fast clearing of minion waves and #2 lots of Mapawareness while keeping in mind that there are no Wards to buy on that map.


    For those of you who think

    No Bruiser/Tank/Squishy


    get out of here. NOW since those are all things you wont see from any mage if that very same is supposed to deal serious damage. As for the lot of you who\'s still reading; Welcome to the real guide^^


    Next up i only gonna go into the core points and no each and every step of  how to do things, since i\'m pretty sure you already know how this game works (right?)

  • PRO vs CON

    + Great for Spying

    + You got your own mini-madreds-plants

    + Insanely good at clearing creepwaves

    + Great CC and distraction

    + Even when dead her plants and passive still deal damage for a short amount of time

    + Easy to learn and pretty cheap core-item


    - Squishy

    - very Team and Gank dependant

    - if hard-focused -> dead (but should an opponent be able to ignore 2 teammates he\'s fed already)

    - tricky to utilise her whole skillset

    - no real burst early game

    - pretty much useless against AoE comp teams since they kill your plants too quickly

  • Guide

    So again welcome.


    This guide focuses on this map specificly since it offers a very Unique item that is only avaiable on Twisted Treeline and utilises it to the fullest: The Blackfire Torch


    As you might see in the item-section i added Kage\'s Lucky Pick and Haunting Guise but thats only cuz the Builder still lacks that item right now. What makes and breaks this build is how quickly you can get that item since it offers Zyra everything she needs early- till lategame.


    For summonerspells i\'d use the Stero-Type-Mage-Pick: Flash/Ignite


    Early you want to pick up your Snare for possible Level 1 ganks/encounters since her Q (while spamable) doesnt do much realy. Also you are gonna see for yourself that before Level 3 she hast any real tricks up her sleeve, because only then will you be able to pick up the first rank of her Seeds and start harrassing/farming.

    On your first trip back you want to (depending on your starting item) finish Kage\'s Lucky Pick and/or Haunting Guise and start working towards the Blackfire Torch. Once you reach mid-game you should and must have a finished Torch and Sorcerer\'s Shoes. Combined with your runes masteries you should realize that her damage gets scary and significant due to her, having 50 MagicPen and due to the fact that those little plants proc the Torch every time they hit an opposing champion.

    During the Midgame which usualy starts with Level 8-11ish you should think about the opposing lineup and work towards a Rylais (for the slow on your spells and plants), a Abbysal Scepter (against AP heavy teams or to mitigate Magicresistance) or go straight for a Witchcap (AP olé). Usualy you try to build all of those items but always start with the one you need the most for any given situation.

    Late game (if that even exists on the Treeline) you can basacly chill and scout around with your Seeds for possible encounters and depending on your Stats even try to solo any cast-away who\'s walking around in the jungle alone.

    The only real situational item is Voidstaff since you\'ll only need it in two cases;

    #1 there\'s a Galio on the opposing team, since he\'ll stack a lot of Magical Resistance Naturaly

    #2 if at least two ppl on the opposing team got over 150 Magical Resistance since that will realy dumpen your damage-output by a lot.

  • The DOs and DON\'Ts

    First thing you got to learn is what this champion is capable of in any given situation and here are some examples;


    Initiation -> other than when ganking early on -> not your Job


    During fights (and possibly before those) you are gonna try to setup one or two seeds while casting your Q since is has a 0.5 channel and can still grow plants that are places on it before the damage goes of. Individualy you can W-Q-W to have 2 plants simultaniously pop up.

    Saving your snare is a crucial part where as YOU got to decide if you want to trow it in right at the start

    -> opponenet gonna get hit more by your plants

    -> opponenet gonna get hit more by your teammates

    -> opponenet gonna get hit more by your Ultimate ability


    OR do you think you are fine but want to cut off some runner to secure a kill and/or ace


    also know your Positioning. It is an important part not to be at the front line of incoming attacks and AoE spells, but at the same time keep your pants and damage up. This part takes into account that you know who general positioning and Zoning works

    iE stay back like FAR back when facing a typical comp like Garen/Olaf/Sion since Olaf can run though your team and Sion might burst you down during the duration of one of his Stuns.

    iE keep close to your team if you play against Assassins like Rengar/Khasix/Twisted Fate since they can stealh/ambush/post diractly to you.


    As a basic combo i like to cycle trough Q-W-E-R-Q-W or W-Q-W-E-R to deal as much damage as possible or to simply clear a wave instantly (without the use of the ultimate of course).

    Sould you however get ganked and know that you wont get away-> dont run. you are gonna die most likely anyways. ->cycle though your burst as quick as you can and most of the time you will still net a kill since your passive allows you to get a last ditch revenge-skillshot off. should this happen you can pat yourself on the shoulder since the other player is gonna spend as much time dead as you do... and being dead is something no-one wants on this map since is basicly decited in stenght by numbers (unless there is someone so fed that he could solo Vilemaw by the 12min mark then its much already won/lost).


    This brings me to Vilemaw. You know? The bigass Spider that is hanging out up top?


    DO NOT stay in or near the pit. get a hang of how far his AoE Web-pull goes and stay out of its range. your job when dealing damage is to lay two seeds and hit em with your Q. Importantly is only the fact that you should NEVER lay em next to your allies and/or directly on that thing, or else they will get crushed instantly.


    Ok i think thats it... for now


    as i said this guide is rather short but i hope you got the info out of it and might also try it out for yourself (even if its just against bots) to vertify that a silly item like the Blackfire Torch has such a huge impact on how well Zyra performs in this gamemode.


    And since this is my first guide i\'d like to constuctive critisism or a simple up-vote to learn something for myself. i might add that i\'m german so there might be some grammar issues here and there, but those should impact the jest of things^^


    ~RoB out