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AP Teemo - A detailed guide to Shrooming

written by Mashiro Blue

Teemo Build

Starting items

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Runes for Teemo

Masteries for Teemo

Table of Contents

  • Introduction - About Me ~

    Hello there! Mashiro Blue here, with several accounts on League of Legends. I am a LoL fan and definitely love playing different roles. While usually a jungle girl, I have found a little niche with Teemo that seems to work just fine. You may think I am a bit crazy when it comes about builds, but you will notice the reasoning behind it, and why it can be so devastating. Please read ahead and feel free to comment!


    For the record; this is a long, detailed guide. I have seen many mediocre guides on Leaguecraft, and strongly believe if you are to write something, make it worth it. While this may seem like a wall of text, I tried to narrow things down as much as I can. There is even a TL;DR version! Just keep in mind the full guide will give you a better understanding of the strategy and how it works, while the TL;DR version briefly walks you through some important points, and that is it.


    Oh: this is my very first guide! I would love some constructive feedback and criticism. :3 


    ~Mashiro Blue

  • Quick Guide - TL;DR Version!

    Are you in Champ Select ready to play Teemo but need a quick word on him? No problem!

    Preparations: AP Rues (Magic Pen Marks, Defensive Seals and Glyphs) - you will build Athene\\'s and will grab a Philosopher early on so Mana Regen is not that vital. Quints can be mixed, but Movement Speed is great!

    • > Focus on harassing with auto attacks. Level up Toxic Shot (E) and max it first!
    • > Grab a point on Move Quick (W) early on to avoid Ganks and disengage when necessary.
    • > Blinding Dart (Q) should be maxed by Level 13, unless you are facing a Darius/Tryndamere/melee champ.
    • > Boots + 3 Pots is standard. Grab Kage Lucky Pick, Sorcerer Shoes, and Philospher Stone.
    • > Rush Deathcap, Athene Unholy Grail, and Void Staff.
    • > You may want to finish Deathfire Grasp for extra burst, or Shurelia if your team needs more utility.
    • > You may sell Philospher Stone for Rylai Crystal Scepter if you need more HP and extra AP
    • > Shroom often - this build has a good chunk of CDr for it.
    • > Kite enemies; Teemo has decent initial burst, but you want to kite them down.
    • > Shroom as you ENTER a bush, not in the middle. This makes it very difficult to shut down with Oracles.
    • > Late game your Noxious Trap (Shrooms) can easily take 30-60% of the AD Carries's HP if they did not invest into MR.
    • > Do not get caught, do not burn Flash if you will die, and use remember Toxic Shot ticks 4 times.

  • The way Mashiro plays Teemo:

    I play Teemo a bit differently, so before you read on, please take a moment to analyze my play style. I am a bully in lane, and fight aggressively to dominate as much as I can, but attempt to capitalize on this advatange by building 2 Gold Per 5 Items and roaming, placing Noxious Traps around. Also, there is one word you need to internalize when playing Teemo; Kite. If you do not know how to kite, you should not play Teemo, or any other squishy ranged Champion, for that matter.



    Teemo can be played as an AD Carry, AP/DPS Carry, AP Carry, and On-Hit DPS. He can be played effectively in many aspects, but in this Guide I will be discussing the AP Carry side of him. I do not invest into Attack Speed, I do not buy Malady, and I do not go for the DPS. Why? Simple; Teemo's passive does not allow him to stand toe to toe with many other Champions, even the ones that he counters. Teemo kites and win fights by baiting people into dangerous areas, disabling the important targets, and removing targets from fights due to his high Magic Damage output.



    Since I build no Life Steal, my play style consist on allowing the Philosopher Stone to take it\'s place and regen some HP while farming. Kage Lucky Pick adds some damage and that steady income of Gold. If you are into roaming, this build can do wonders, as long as you avoid getting caught.



    Keep in my this build provides a reasonably high amount of Ability Power, making those Toxic Shots hit hard. Very hard. They also tick 4 times, so take this into consideration before using Ignite. Please read and understand Teemo's abilities to their full extent before utilizing this build, as it will not be as effective if you prefer other playstyles.

  • The Team Game - a quick reminder:

    League of Legends is a team game; it matters not what anyone says. If you are winning your lane, but Mid/Bottom is having difficulties, measure the possibilities and probabilities. You can place 2 Noxious Traps with about 4 seconds of distance from each other and head Mid or Bottom (I would reccommend 3 Noxious Traps if you are heading Bot), so that way you can hold off that lane while you assist your teammates.


    Teemo's Noxious Traps are very useful, not only as offensive land mines, but as defensive wards and area-control tools; they can save you or your teammates from ganks and other schemes, so use them wisely. Remember, you can win the lane all day, but if you teammates are struggling and you do nothing to help, you deserve the defeat. At the end of the day, K/D/A means nothing if your screen spells Defeat. Teamwork can overcome the strongest single enemy; nothing is impossible with a friendly, well coordinated team.

  • Runes, Masteries, and Summoner Spells - setting up:

    * For Runes, I prefer standard Magic Pen Marks and one Quint for that purpose as well. This adds damage to my Toxic Shots early on and can do far more once I pick up the Sorcerer Shoes.


    * As for my Seals, I usually go for Flat Armor because I lane top. In some occasions you may want to trade for some HP (if laning Mid) or some Regen (if you know the enemy will be as annoying as you are).

    * Glyphs are personal, as well; I grab MR/Level to help my Athene and Shurelia/Rylai in the survivability department. You will not be needing much CDr because Athene and Shurelia will provide a decent amount, but Magic Pen can be effectively switched with some Quints for more damage.


    * Quintessences are usually a mix between Magic Pen, Magic Resistance, and Movement Speed. Now, Teemo is fast once he grabs Move Quick, but MS Quints never hurt. Magic Pen if you want to hurt more, or Magic Resist when laning mid. If you are going to be facing a major physical threat, Armor Quints and/or HP can always help with the current set up.


    **For Masteries, I run standard 21/9/0. I go deep into the Offensive Tree, grabbing extra AD and Minion damage for farming, getting that nice 4% CDR, the obvious Magic Pen, and some turret damage for pushing.


    [mastery=Summoner's Wrath] helps with Ignite if that is your preference, though, the extra AD and AP are only useful through the laning phase. Other than that, it is standard for an AP Carry; Brute Force is used for last hitting, along with Butcher. The rest is pretty straightforward.


    In the Defensive Tree, you should grab Hardiness and Resistance. The last pick is between either [mastery=Durability] or [mastery=Vigor]. I prefer Vigor due to HP Regen synergies well with the early Philosopher Stone.



    In regards to Summoner Spells, I usually go with  and , for escape and extra damage. Please keep in mind Toxic Shot is actually a DoT and ticks 4 times, while Ignite ticks 5 times. Toxic Shot deals Magic Damage, and Ignite deals True Damage. Here is a link to Ignite's total damage calculation, so you can have it into account when using it: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Ignite.



    You can also try  if you are feeling more confident with your positioning, and Summoner's Wrath actually synergies well with it. 


    is another great option simply because it allows you to split push fairly well. Teemo has Move Quick to aid in his mobility, and Noxious Trap is another excellent tool for map control, especially with this build.


    On rare occassions, some people do consider  for the increased DPS; this synergies well with a more Attack Speed oriented build, but can still have devastating effects if timed well with my build. 


    Other than those, I do not see many other Summoner Spells being useful for this strategy.

  • Skills:

    A quick description of Teemo\'s Skills and their uses:


    : This passive will not do much for Teemo outside of specific scenarios, like lv1 Ganks, a quick ambush in a specific point in the jungle/map, or late game as a quick burst against a lone enemy. Even with a DPS build, Teemo's passive does not add much to his damage output. You can, however, at times escape by holding H (hold) and staying still until the enemy team decides to leave. If they have AoE or Skillshots, this will not be as effective, though. 


    : Your main burst, and the reason why AD Carries hate you. The Blind itself gets to be pretty strong at rank 5 (3.5 Second can pretty much deny 4 auto attacks late game, heavily reducing the Carry's damage potential), but the burst can be surprising for targets that do not build enough Magic Resistance. You can do over 600 points of damage to a Carry with a single Blinding Dart, then factor a Toxic Shot, and we are looking close to 1k HP in a matter of 5 second (DoT ticks) - this would be factoring a Rylai's Crystal Scepter as your last item. With Shurelia, instead, you would be reducing that damage by about 20%, but you would have your Blinding Dart sooner, which is no less of a threat. My combo goes fairly simple: DFG + Q + Auto Attack = usually enough to kill someone or make them retreat.


    : This is one of the best skills in the game simply because it brings so much through the laning phase. This skill provides Teemo his so loved mobility and allows him to position himself effectively. Since Teemo's range is so low (500), you want to make full use of Move Quick. Keep in my you only have 3 seconds, so if you are planning to harass, consider utilizing no more than 1.5-2 seconds to move in and do your harass, and have at least that extra second to escape. A simple Blinding Dart + auto attack will be enough and you can still move back with plenty of space between you and your enemy. The cost is minimal past level 6-7, when your Mana pool exapnds to a decent level. Move Quick will also synergize well with Surelia's active, and will help you to navigate through lanes easily. It is only a 3 sec buff, but it can definitely make a difference.


    : This is what makes Teemo a viable laner, and what makes AP, AD, and On-Hit Teemo scary in several ways. Toxic Shot allows you to harass your enemy and bully him around until they are 50% or less in HP. In combination with Move Quick, this makes Teemo difficult to deal with in lane if you do not have a form of sustain. Toxic Shot scales with Magic Penetration and Ability Power, and this build definitely focuses on that. 


    : Usually accompained with a :D in all chat, Noxious Trap is one of the most useful (or useless) ults in the game. While it does no direct damage and can be completely avoided, it has its uses, one of them being vision for a small radius. The Shroom's radius is less than half of a ward, but it\'s still significant, specially Mid and Late game. It last three times the duration of a ward, and provides DoT and a Slow once activated, not to mention the annoying factor and possible across-the-map kills. Beware, however, of its utilities; this ult can be countered by Oracles, Vision Wards (Pinks), and smart game play. Placing a Noxious Trap in the wrong spot could result into the enemy getting that objective or the lane being pushed without much trouble, while smart Shrooming is always an effective way to hold off enemies and secure an advantage, if you have one. 

  • The Laning Phase:

    As the game starts, you may want to pick Boots of Speed and x3 Health Pots. You will not be using much Mana, so a Mana Pot will be a waste. Your harass comes from , and for that, you want to pick a point at level 1. The only time you will grab  is when you are laning against someone like Tryndamere, or when you believe there may be a level 1 fight and one of their targets has high Physical damage output.


    At level 2, it comes between  and Blinding Dart, depending on how safe you feel. Move Quick allows you to harass better and stay on guard just in case that Jungler comes around, while Blinding Dart can stop ganks from AD Champs like Riven, Lee Sin (he can still hit you hard with his Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike if you are low), Twitch, Hecarim, and such. 


    By level 3, you should have a point on every spell, unless the situation demands something else (not sure how). From this point on, focus on maxing Toxic Shot, picking an occassional point on Blinding Dart for a stronger harass. 


    Upon recall, weight the options; are you dominating well? If so, go for [item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick] and  if you have the money, Kage's Lucky Pick being priority. If you are having difficulties, a  is preferred. You will pick BOTH items anyways, and for a strong reason. Pots and Wards, of course, as needed. Past level 6 Teemo can control his lane very well due to smart placing of 


    Once you grab that core, start rushing ; this item will boost your damage significantly, not only because of Noxious Traps and Blinding Darts, but also makes your Toxic Shots deal insane amount of damage. If you can aim for a Needlessly Large Rod first do it so, otherwise a Blasting Wand should suffice until you can grab something stronger. 


    By now the laning phase should be coming to an end. Keep in mind Rabadon's Deathcap is vital, but if things feel too rushed/not going well, Large Rod and a side investment into  will prove effective enough to be scary, and I will explain why in the next section.

  • Mid Game:

    If you grabbed that Deathcap, we are good to go! You definitely want  next, starting by that Chalice I mentioned earlier. Why? Simple; your goal is to give vision to your team! Place those Shrooms all around the map, in tri bushes, intersections, priority target points like Dragon and Baron, near enemy buffs and neutral camps, and everywhere you can. If you plan to stack Noxious Traps, creat a distance of at least 2-3 seconds (you need to get fully familiarized with the slow and damage of the spell) to maximize damage and annoyance level. Sooner or later someone will pick [item_icon=Oracle's Elixir]; that should be your team\'s target when it comes about picking people off alone.


    When placing Noxious Traps/Shrooms inside a bush, try to place it at the very entrance so it is not visible from outside but ca nott be detected immediately by Oracles or . Stacking multiple Shrooms too close will not be effective damage wise because every Shroom resets the counter, so you may end up having only one tick from the initial Noxious Traps. Also, once you have Athene's Unholy Grail, you definitely want to grab a . This is self explanatory.


    Basically, you can map control and objectives. Teemo is not the best duelist, but due to his high kiting/killing capability with this build, you may want to do exactly that; kite. Fully commited encounters can be tricky, but if you abuse your speed buff with Move Quick and let Toxic Shot do the work, most battles can be won clean.

  • Late Game and Team Fights:

    If played right, you can have great presence and pressure, and the games will not last this long. When they do, however, you can still be a functional part of a team. Most people think Teemo brings nothing to a team; Blinding an AD Carry for 3.5 Seconds, placing a land mine in the middle of a fight, and stacking DoT Magic Damage on several targets can actually be extremely dangerous when played correctly. Basically, in team fights you want to 1) focus down the AD Carry or at least control them with a Blinding Dart, 2) burst down the next priority target (DFG + Blinding Dart + 1 Auto Attack will be enough to either kill someone or scare them away), 3) survive long enough to place some Noxious Traps around.


    As a rule of thumb, try not to enter a team fight unless you have 3 Noxious Traps available for placement; it will aid in shifting the team fight into your favor.


    As the late game closes in, finish your Kage's Lucky Pick into a , which late game can be doing from 40 to 45% of your target's current Health, before factoring Magic Resistance. You could potentially switch for a [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome] if you crave the Cooldown Reduction and your team is avoiding full on confrontations. 


    Depending on your choice between  and  as your last item, you could either be more of an asset with a slight speed buff or provide more consistent control over an enemy with an added slow to your Noxious Traps and Blinding Dart. Either selection is fine, but each has its benefits.


    Shurelia\'s Reverie is a team item; it allows your team to engage and/or disengage if necessary, better mobility when sieging, and an individual escape option along with Move Quick. 


    Rylai's Crystal Scepter does not have the utility Shurelia provides, but brings a strong slow, a bit more HP, and definitely more damage. It adds roughly 20% damage to your Blinding Dart and Noxious Traps, and 5% to the Deathfire Grasp (that being 5% extra damage based on HP).


    I would reccommend Shurelia for when the fight is close and your team prefers objectives, or you just can not fight the enemy team head on, and Rylai for when you are either dominating, or simply in a comfortable position. 

  • Counters and Safe Picks:

    In this section, I will attempt to help you decide when to pick Teemo and when to stay away from him, given you are playing Draft/Ranked. Please keep in mind Counters and Safe Picks take into consideration individual player skills are extremely important; counter picking a champion with Teemo does not guarantee an easy lane, nevermind a Victory.


    Counters (Champions you want to avoid as Teemo):

    • Yorick deals mixed damage, negates Move Quick passive easily, has sustain, can slow you, and does not rely on auto attacks as much as you may think. He is melee, yes, but he can use and abuse his Ghouls to overcome your Blind, and will shrug off your harass after a while. Do not pick Teemo against Yorick; you will be giving a whole free lane to your enemies. If somehow you manage to still pick Teemo against Yorick (Blind Pick), build tanky and with sustain; Wriggle Lantern, Wits End, Phage/Frozen Mallet. It will be a very tough lane no matter what.


    • Pantheon is an AD Caster, so he does not rely on auto attacks as much as other top laners. His passive will negate a good portion of your damage, and he can pick a cheap but effective Chalice of Harmony and/or Manamune if he is aiming for a tanky build later on, assuming you are somehow winning this lane. Please remember he has no need for Attack Speed, so Berserker Greaves are not common in him, and he can instead go for Mercury Threads, which will negate some of your damage. Pantheon is a burst oriented champion, can snowball very quickly, and has a huge map presence with strong ganking potentian, so giving him free farm or a few kills can severely hinder your team. Jungler assistance will be heavily needed, but it is best to stay away from Teemo if the enemy team pick Pantheon as a top.


    • Rumble is another strong pick against Teemo. Despite being Melee, Rumble has no Mana, can spam spells, has AoE, has a Shield, Movement Speed buff, raged harass, and a Slow. Once he picks Hextech Revolver, he will completely dominate Teemo. Keep in mind most Rumble players will also grab an Abyssal Scepter since they have their spells synergize well with the Magic Resistance reduction passive, and the Negatron factor will decrease your damage pretty harshly. Rumble is overall a strong pick, but will have much more presence against a Teemo due to his kit. Play safe, do not engage, and just farm. In my opinion, he is one of the most difficult champions to play against as Teemo, far more dangerous than Pantheon and Yorick in terms of team fight presence. 


    • I figured this would be worth mentioning since Malphite is just a strong counter to those who rely on Auto Attacks. While this Guide does not focus on Attack Speed, Malphite is still considered an honorable opponent due to his tankiness, harass, burst, and ability to dominate not only the lane, but the whole game if allowed. Most Malphite players will build Armor for obvious reasons, but Malphite can still build Mercury Threads and Aegis of the Legion to deal with you, while then focusing on items like Sunfire Cape and Frozen Heart for damage and tankiness. AP Teemo does not fear Malphite as much as AS/AD/On-hit Teemo would, but he is still a difficult opponent. Keep an eye on his passive, his playstyle, and his build; if you play smart, you can still get some farm and items out of the lane. 


    Safe Picks (Champions Teemo can do very well against):

    • Tryndamere, like many other melee champions, is heavily countered by Teemo, but not just because of the Blind; Teemo has a strong harass and can often times force Trynd to consume Bloodlust to stay safe in lane, pre level 6. Consuming Bloodlust decreases Trynd's Fury, which decreases his damage output drastically. Because we are playing an AP Oriented build with Teemo, Mocking Shout does nothing to us, and we can Move Quick out of Spinning Slash. Undying Rage lasts 5 seconds, half which can be negated by Blinding Dart. We pack Ignite, but even then, Toxic Shot ticks 4 times, so if we time it appropiately, we can keep Trynd low or kill him after Undying Rage ends. Teemo\'s Noxious Traps can render Spinning Slash useless if placed around himself, and can also be used in bushes to block escapes routes.


    •  A lot of people think Darius is unstoppable on Top lane. While this might be partially true due to his Ult, Darius needs to start somewhere, and that "somewhere" is where Teemo can shine. Now, read carefully, because he is not as safe as Tryndamere or other Melee champs. Darius has a distinct gap closer; he pulls you in. This can be problematic, because Darius, like Teemo, has a nice DoT to help him out. You can Blind him to prevent further stacks, and you can Move Quick out of Apprehend, but even if you get pulled, not everything is lost - you can still Blind Darius and retreat or punish him if you have the damage. It is natural for Darius players to be confident, since he is such a strong champion, so this is when you take advantage of that faulty logic and kite them. Do not engage Darius full on if you are not secured an overwhelming victory.


    • Singed is another strong solo top, and before you go on, there is something you need to understand: Singed has a spectacular late game and will be far more dangerous than Teemo if they are equally farmed. That being said, it is your goal to fully abuse Teemo's kiting and Singed\'s flaws. Here I quote myself from another League of Legends website: "Blinding Dart for melee auto attacks, Toxic Shot from a distance for harass, Move Quick away from Poison Trail and Mega Adhesive. Singed has a better late game, nevertheless, but Teemo can easily shut him down in lane." ~ That sums it up; Teemo has the kit to avoid and zone Singed out, so make full use of it. Keep notice of Boots of Swiftness on Singed, along with Ghost. If he builds this way, packs Ignite, and has Insanity Potion available, stall him out; Singed can be extremely difficult to take down under these circumstances, and no Move Quick will be able to outrun Singed. Shut him down, kite, and roam around once you secured the lane - Teemo's early game is much stronger than Singed, so push that to your advantage.


    • Any player with experience will know how difficult it is to play a good Nasus with the current game status and the multiple early snowballers in mid and top lanes, but he or she would also know how deadly Nasus is late game if allowed to farm without much trouble. Teemo, however, is Nasus nightmare. Blinding Dart can deny Nasus farm early on, but will also be Mana intensive, so you want to add some Auto Attacks every time you get the chance. Do not allow Nasus to farm, and do not fear the Wither; you ca not Move Quick out of it, but you can Blind Siphoning Strike. Any Nasus that tried to harass you with Wither will definitely lose the lane; Nasus has a pool of 245 Mana level 1, with .88 Mana Regen - Wither is Mana intensive, since you can only use it 3 times before running out of mana at level 1, then again, no Nasus should start with Wither. Nasus will usually pick Wither at level 2-3, and his Mana Pool should extend to 290-335, which means he can only Wither 3 times early on before running out of Mana, but if he does, he will not be able to farm Siphoning Strike. Basically, Teemo can kite Nasus indefinitely and force him to either run OOM (out of mana), recall, or stay and risk dying. Beware of ganks, though; this is when Wither shines the brightest. 


    These are just some of the Counters and Safe Picks for Teemo. In general, you want to avoid high burst and mobility champions like Ahri and LeBlanc, but you will destroy most physical champions like Garen and Riven, if you kite properly. 


    I would like to make mention of Jayce: he is one of the strongest Solo Top and over all one of the most versatile champions in the whole game. Teemo can do surprisingly well against Jayce if he kites well enough. A decent early gank can destroy Jayce, and Teemo will snowball hard against him. Once LoLReplays page is back up, I will upload a game with one of my accounts as an example of how well team work can cause chaos in top lane and how hard Teemo can snowball against Jayce, to the point the enemy Jayce grows frustrated and leaves the lane, roaming the jungle as an attempt to recover himself. 


    Jayce can counter Teemo just as much as Teemo can counter him -  has a higher range than Teemo's Blinding Dart (To the Skies! has a range of 600, Shock Blast is 1050), which could be trouble some. Teemo can still Blind an approaching Jayce for To the Skies!, but keep in mind that the Mercury Hammer portions of  and  can still damage you badly. Jayce is naturally tankier than Teemo, and he can build Mercury Threads, Wits End, and Hexdrinker early on just like any other buiser, and negate a large portion of your damage. Likewise, you could kite with Move Quick, play safe, stall until level 6, and then create a little mine field around you, so you can punish him for jumping on you. A good early gank will allow you take advantage of your mobility and DoT, but remember; Jayce has a better late game, so if you truly want to pick Teemo against Jayce, make sure you are capable of shutting him down completely. 

  • Pros & Cons, Utility, and Jungle Factors:

    A quick list of Pros & Cons in regards to my build and Teemo's general capabilities:



    > Great mobility

    > Strong harass and decent early game

    > Nearly ungankable past level 6

    > Lane control, free wards, map control, and vision on objectives

    > Cannot be shut down easily dues to 2 GP/5 items

    > Can easily shut down an AD Carry and/or burst an important target if payed correctly



    > Squishy, very squishy

    > Mid game he will be needing some items; if you are behind, you are only a ward bot

    > Partially countered by Oracles and Pink Wards

    > With this build, Teemo cannot split push as effectively as an AD/Attack Speed build. Relies on Shrooms to do that.

    > Needs great positioning, good cooperation with the team, and a good sense of math in terms of damage

    > Did I mention Squishy?



    Yes, yes, we all know Teemo can ward all around the map and do some damage, but is this all that he can do? With this build, if you decide Shurelia, you can coordinate with your support (Sona and Janna are excellent for this) for great team mobility. Teemo's Noxious Traps are, as well, more than just wards; a lone roamer stepping into a trap and losing 40-50% of his/her HP means advantage in many ways. You know have vision of the enemy, so he/she must decide if they want to retreat or risk being picked off alone. If your enemy retreats, you can advance and seize an objective, like a Turret or Dragon, maybe a buff camp. If you opponent decides to stick around, you know have a low HP Target that will hesitate before engaging in a team fight.


    Shrooms can pick up kills across the map as long as you place them in important escape routes, sometimes they may seem obvious, but a low HP enemy that is seeking a quick escape often times forget the potential of a Noxious Trap in that bush. 


    Traps will pop up spell shields, and if you have 3 of them available before the team fight goes on, you can definitely wreck some havoc by placing them right in the middle of the fray. This sounds stupid initially, but that is what Move Quick and Shurelia are for. Also, remember; you are not the tank, you will never initiate unless the situation is clearly favorable (picking a low AD Carry alone, or someone stepping into 1-2 Noxious Traps and attempting to flee). 


    Jungle Factors:

    I see many players ignore the strength Teemo can provide when warding enemy camps, and by warding I mean placing a nice, neat little Noxious Trap right in front (but making no direct countact) of Lizard Elder or Ancient Golem, along commonly transited paths for junglers, near the entrance of Dragon and Baron, and in key/vital ganking spots for enemy junglers. A smart Teemo can not only win his lane, but also deny the enemy jungler precious seconds (sometimes forcing a Recall on riskier junglers like Olaf), and even preventing a gank completely. Teleport is recommended if you have a team that communicates well, so you can warp to different wards around the map and place some Traps in order to further hinder the enemy jungler and any roaming from any lane. 


    In basics, if you play smart and carefully, Teemo can singlehandedly control the map, given you have a decent, cooperative team.

  • Summary:

    That's it! We are done! Phew, long ride, eh? Well, in essence, Teemo is a mix between a quick, burst assasin, an utility top, and a disabler when played correctly. Stick to the basics, play as a team member, and stay away from counters. Honor people when they deserve it, do not rage, and learn to mute those who hinder you. Focus on your lane early on, roam if you can once you hit 6, and remember it does not matter if you win the lane; League of Legend is a team game, so play for yourself, but also play for your team!


    That being said, I am Mashiro Blue, and I hope you can find some utility in this guide I humbly prepared. Comments are appreciated and constructive criticism is always welcome!

  • Change Log:

    11/4/2012: Guide Published - Did notice some links and Icons not working. Will definitely address that. 

    11/4/2012: Did some reading and changed many apostrophes. Seems like the guide is still bugged. Sorry; I did as much as I could with Leaguecraft tools. Will still update once I get the chance.

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