Darius Build Guide

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Darius Done Right

written by ShadeNuke

Darius Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Shopping List

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Skill Order

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  • Hemorrhage
  • Decimate
  • Crippling Strike
  • Apprehend
  • Noxian Guillotine

Runes for Darius

Masteries for Darius

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This is my first ever build on this site, so please be as brutal as possable in commenting, i would like to grow more knowlageable on writeing builds and i belive constructive critisism should help. I appologise for mispellings i'm not a very strong person whe it comes to spelling. Anyway, Darius I belive should be tank first with more damage capabilities thrown in. This guide is meant to be simple and easy. I will edit this as time goes on and i become more atuned as to what i need in my build guides so if you see something that you really want me to go in depth to let me know.

  • Build

    The way i do my build is normaly for me playing solo top, I start with regrowth pendant and 1 health pot to give me enough lane sustain to not have to recall until i have enough gold to buy ninja tabi outright. After that depending on the situation i eather buy another regrowth pendant or if there is an ap off tank Negatron Cloak. whatever i buy first i buy the other directly after that. Before i finish force of nature I start working on Phage, Depending on what i need i buy ruby crystal if im need the added health, but if not i buy the long sword. I finish phage first for the extra slow power it might give me while i chase down opponents to pick up a kill that mightve gotten away otherwise. After Phage i finish force of nature, depending on how i am doing i choose wether to start warmong's first or maw of malmortius. if i need the added sustainability i buy warmong's first and then fallow up with maw, but again if there is an ap caster i usually build hexdrinker then start warmong's, finish warmong's and the finish building maw of malmortius. Normaly after all of these are built the game is over with, but on the off occasion that it is a reall ygood game i fallow up with a blood thirster for the extra damage and Mid fight sustainablility. but you can also use some of the other situational items i layed out, but if you need that much more MR then the other team is eather fed or your playing ARAM. Thats about all i have to say, so remember focusing the proper people are important, so for the victory DO NOT FOCUS A TANK. Thank You for reading my first build.

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