Shaco Build Guide

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AP Shaco, The Trap Master

written by mygoodname

Shaco Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Helps to farm creeps, and great if you get Lich Blade for this build... other than that its rather worthless other than for last hitting and perhaps jungle if you choose that route =/

    Useful for escape and placing boxes where you need them. Also helps chase, doubling the range of 2-Shiv so you and your allies can catch up. This is what you use to initiate as it allows to get in range of the squishy champions in the back without having to deal with the cc and damage of the front tanks and spells. If you use Deceive right you really wont need any survivability as all you'll need to do is a few hits and runs.

    After nerf... It's just sad they nerfed the CD
    Sad sad =[ my survivability
    Warning- JiTB removes stealth.
    Deathfires and Hallucinate don't take shaco out of decieve but JiTB and 2-shiv do.

    Jack In The Box
    Shaco's mighty stackable mushroom(which isn't an ult =])... Allows him to take early Golem, farm creeps, scout shrubs, trap heros in shrubs, disarm traps, control dragon and baron, and allows a point to teleport to in order to catch them by surprise for the kill. This is very useful for when pushing, preventing ganks, map control, and providing sanctuary in a bush which is full of them :D

    After nerf...
    Can no longer cast and be invis! be careful.

    Two-Shiv Poison
    This is your main form of harassment. Combined with Deathfire Grasp and sometimes ignite you'll be able to blow up just about anyone on their team in a matter of seconds.

    This adds just another awesome escape mechanism, allowing you to spend less on survivability and more on kill-ability. Your clone can help to lure enemy champions into your great wall of JoTB or just plain diving into a tower to either make the enemies clear away from it or to hopefully blow up for a kill :P Its great for avoiding champions spells, giving a helpful 50% chance of not being targeted. Lastly, the AP ratio is still 1 to 1 and will do great AoE damage if destroyed in the middle of a team fight. It should be up whenever diving into a fight :P

  • Intro and Pros/Cons

    Ap shaco is no joke =P
    While it may not be the most effective way to play it definitely is the most fun :P

    -You won't die as often as your not playing very melee
    -Keeps the enemy team afraid of the jungle like they should be =] (Map Control)
    -Makes warding a breeze :P Lots of Map Control...
    -Strong lane presence, Very helpful to lane partner, provides a JoTB sanctuary (aka. Zone control)
    -JitB is not your only skill... 2-Shiv does amazing damage too! It's not just setting traps but nuking squishies too! :D
    -A strong JoTB wall can help turn a game around killing key carries very easily and fast
    -The Deathfire Grasp, is a great tank killer one which AD Shaco doesn't really have a solution for (Thornmail kills AD)
    -Can squish squishies just as fast :D NOW WITH RANGE! :P
    -2 great escape mechanics, deceive and hallucinate! (also with AD)
    -Great K/D ratio :P
    -The sight of Shaco often makes enemies flee in terror =]
    -While probably not as good as AD, AP Shaco is just plain more fun xD

    -No viable source of lifesteal :P
    -No good farming mechanisms (unless you farm heros)
    -Very squishy, feeds if not played correctly (play defensively ~far back with hit and run qualities)
    -Prone to being targeted as you are primary DD
    -Not great damage with deceive and backstab(unless using lichbane) is somewhat worthless.
    -Can only pick off enemies one at a time unlike those other crazy nonsense shaco guides :P
    -New nerf lowered his survivability (deceive higher CD)

  • Items

    Start With

    [Item=Meki Pendant] and Health Potion

    Build into Deathfire Grasp and get Sorcerer's Shoes

    Next is Mejai's Soulstealer Rabadon's Deathcap

    Last items are up to you..

    If they stack MR
    either Void Staff
    or Abyssal Scepter

    If feeling adventurous
    Lich Bane

    If need some survivability
    Will of the Ancients
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter
    Haunting Guise
    Zhonya's Hourglass

    Personally i enjoy a void staff and either rylais for super slow or hourglass

  • Skilling Order

    Normal Laning - 2-shiv nuke

    If you want pure traps max W instead of E :P

    Two-Shiv Poison
    Jack in the Box (take this first)
    Deceive (one point at lvl 3 or 4)

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ignite and
    Teleport are way too good to pass up

    AP Shaco is probably the best champion to give Teleport to,
    and Ignite is just too good since it can be used while still invis.

    Other good spells


    and maybe...

  • Masteries + Runes

    Magic Pen Reds
    a few Mana per lvl Yellow
    Cdr per lvl Blue
    Flat health Quints

    While JoTB has a good AP scale at .25 damage per shot for each point of AP, cdr and mpens are much better for scaling to late game :D The + magic pen will help you throughout the game no matter how much AP you buy making it the obvious choice for Seals
    Secondly, just cool down reduction. In order to make a good trap with shaco you need to be able to drop JoTBs down as fast as possible. Not only would cool down help with making traps with enough one would be able to create your clone almost right after it explodes from time. This is a great help for pushing towers and dealing great amounts of damage, as well as providing more escapability with faster deceives.

    Masteries, I recommend going up to [Mastery=Archaic Knowledge], ~and Burning embers (if not level 30)~ in offence, maxing Sorcery, and Archmage's Savvy along the way. 9-10 points~

    In Utility you should put the rest of your points, getting Perseverance, Spacial Accuracy (for teleport), Awareness, so you come to your lane level 2 with golem buff!!! Mediation, so you never run out of mana, and if you still have points keep going up to Presence of the Master (you can only get if you don't take burning embers)


  • Creep Jungling

    ~This is for lvl 1 Golem Solo for Buff!!!~
    If your going to AP Shaco and have no jungler this is a must as it allows you to spam all your spells early while you still don't have the mana regen you need. With this mana and cd reduction you can harass heros and begin to build a nice JoTB camp in the shrubs giving you zone control. :D

    How to-
    Enter the area as soon as possible and begin stacking(placing one on top of another)roughly 5-6 JoTB right behind where the golem spawns, next to that fiery thing near the trees (shown below)

    For the Bottom Team
    External Image
    For the Top Team
    External Image

    Shaco is also great at speeding up your allies jungle!!!
    just put 2-3 jitbs and they will take golem with taking almost no damage.

  • Working in the team/How to Lane --> Late Game

    Early game- After Golem ~constantly use your spells~ you want to always keep casting JoTB in the shrubs in order to keep your zone control and 2-shiv on champions or for last hitting creeps if no champions in sight. Camp the shrubs placing JoTB on the corners, stacking them, and one in the middle, just in case. Stacking them on the corners allows it so when enemy champions try to enter shrubs they get pulverized. Main thing is always drop your JiTB when you can, its an invisible threat that your enemies can't easily deal with.

    -Whenever they try to enter the shrubs be sure to be there because you might get a kill with 2-shiv + ignite. When fleeing an enemy attack make sure you and partners run through the JoTB so you escape alive. You will be able to lane easily until at least level 11 when you will finish with the main skills and farming so you can move on to ganking. Lastly, occasionally 1 JoTB to scout the river shrub so you don't get ganked.

    Mid game- While traveling from lane to lane make sure you JoTB the river and key points such as the entrance to dragon and all the openings in the middle, this will give you sight and prevent ganks very effectively when pushing. Once you have your Deathfire Grasp inform your teammates who to kill.. initiate the attack with Deathfire! Deceive to the target place a JoTB right behind target, 2-shiv and ignite and the target will die.
    Once you use this walk back behind your team, you are squishy don't try to fight just throw stuff at them :P
    Try to make a JoTB wall and lure one or more champions into it :P (The Shrub nearest to the first tower is a great place to drop 5 or more JoTB for a team push. Once you get your hallucinate you can start taking cheap shots at their tower, with your own creep wave to take damage drop a JiTB right behind their tower to slow the incoming wave and to deal damage.

    Late game- Push like before, placing JoTB in various places, once again preventing ganks and assisting during the retreat. Once you push a tower or so when backing make sure you keep dropping JoTB including the shrub where your team recalls. Lastly, JoTB baron! If you know when they are there you might have a chance to steal with a shiv :P who knows.

    -If you get your Lich Blade you will start having to melee so when you deceive and drop JoTB in the croud, immediately strike the squishy and 2-shiv, and if necessary ignite, for the kill. In order to prevent dying you will need your Hallucinate clone. The JoTB fear and confusion of the clone will usually give enough time for deceive to cool down allowing easy escape. The clone which will explode allowing allies to clean up the rest, finishing off the wounded and confused.


    ~Final notes~
    Tips and Tricks-

    Dispersion- When pushing or being pushed the JoTB is a great disperser, drop it in the middle of the oncoming creep waves and buy your tower time, or buy time to attack the opponents towers. JiTB does greater damage than you do alone so always drop it when attacking a tower or inhibitor.

    Scouting - Your can drop JoTB over walls and over a decent amount of distance, if you think something dangerous is in the bush or behind a wall, deceive close enough to the bush and drop a JiTB, or just place it straight on the other side. Better keep your team safe than sorry :P

    Multilane Pushing - If your team is multilane pushing, its a good idea to set some traps in between the two lanes, if you have control between the two lanes your bound to take one of the two side.
    ~You can even JiTB in between their two inner towers in their base (if you feel like messing around, stalling for allies :P). Those trees in the bases provide fog right in those two exact places, so once you place a few over the wall you can deceive over and chill there as a nice bait :D~ < Very fun and funny xD

    If they know how you play, stay away - Some players with champions, such as tryndamere, know how to activate your JiTB without taking much damage, as they just spin out of it or walk away when the fear activates. Since you don't want to waist your JiTB's which take time to set up, sometimes spread your piles out, or just plain stay away from that champion altogether. You don't want to waist time doing nothing.

    -Always try to find new unpredictable places to stack your boxes. This goes with point 4 as the opponents will learn to stop going to the usual deathtraps after a while. A good way to pick find a nice new route to start JiTBing is one with
    -Several entrances- you want it to be frequently visited
    -An incentive- put it in the the jungle next to the tower your pushing, or a golem/lizard buff, some reason
    a champion would walk through there at that time
    -A bush for you to hide in- you don't want them to know by seeing you
    -Relevance to players on the mini-map- you don't want to put up JiTB on the other side of the map if they
    are pushing :P

    Be more Deceptive with Deceive:
    This is the most important part for escaping and goes along with predictability.
    When a shaco is being chased people expect you to deceive in the same direction your walking. when running to your base, they expect you deceive in the same direction. Try to juke! The reason this skill is better than ghost or flash is for 2 reasons
    1-because you are invisible
    2-low cd
    Take advantage of both! run towards your base and deceive backwards, past them and hide in their jungle to recall. Try new ways to get around something their team won't expect.

    Be a Team Player- If the enemy has pushed past your traps, I mean very far past them, you need to know when to abandon your traps, no matter how long you've sat in that bush, and be a team player, defend :P JiTB are just as good defending, dispersing and saving allies as they are at killing enemies. Work together.

  • Summary

    In the end the JiTB wall is the most fun you can have playing as Shaco :P
    The AP build around it not only allows one to utilize Shaco's abilities that aren't very often seen, the JoTB wall and high caster damage, it adds the element of surprise that Shaco is known for.
    This build is simply fun adding a new way to play an already awesome champion.

    Thank you for reading through it, I know it's a lot and I hope you have a great time playing this terrifying champion :D
    Please comment if you see any problems with it or if you have suggestions.

    Lastly, for FF9 fans there is a Zorn and Thorn custom skin (one is the champion, the other is the clone) you can download :P (my personal favorite)(and if anyone makes a loading screen for it I would appreciate a link :D)

    Gl and don't forget to HF!!!

    Thanks to those who helped with the guide, and thanks to ZRoE for the new golem pictures

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