Elise Build Guide

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Tangle 'em Up With The Spider-Queen

written by xodyhr

Elise Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Skill Order

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  • Spider Swarm
  • Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite
  • Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy
  • Cocoon / Rappel
  • Spider Form / Human Form

Runes for Elise

Masteries for Elise

Table of Contents

  • About The Author

    This is my first time writing a guide but I have played for approx two years.I have nearly 1800 wins and and on just about every day. Summoner Name is Xodyhr so hit me up if you want to play. I like elise and i am still working on perfecting a build but since i didnt see any other guides i thought id get the ball rolling. With that lets get into it. This is a 3v3 guide for elise on the new shadow isle map so the builder hasnt quite updated yet. I'll fix it when I can.

  • Early Game

    Early Game: To start out, grab boots and a ring. *side note first of probably many. alot of people have told me ring isnt so good since her low ap ratio blah blah blah but i get it for the hp ap and regen not to make me do a bunch of damage but to get the utility* In lane (you'll probably be bot but she is viable solo top cuz of her harrass) focus on one target enemy champ harass the piss out them. Her W is great for this and her Q is decent. Neither cost much the ring  will cover it pretty well. In  the skill order I suggest levelin q first due to its ease of use but going with her w is acceptable.

  • Mid Game

    Mid Game: At this point you need to decide which route to take.First get sorc shoes then A) build tanky and rush catalyst into either rod of ages or blackfire torch[with the intent to later get rod or rylai's]. B) build bursty and get your haunting guise and kage's lucky pick items.

    Route A): Get your rod of ages going then blackfire torch then going for abysal scepter if they build more magic resist/ they rock more ap than ad. This route is for a high bruiser team like say Darius Khazix Rengar or heavy ap like Veigar Diana due to thier tanky-ness Crowd Control etc etc.

    Route B): After sorc shoes get haunting guise wooglet's abyssal scepter blackfire torch or Death Fire Grasp (might be handy to get the kage's lucky pick for one these two early so you get the gold per 5 to help with big ticket items). Basically you are just rushing high end items to out race their damage and burst a target down. I use this route when dealing with enemy champs like fiddle warwick mundo because im working to kill them within the time frame of an ignite.

  • Late Game

    Late Game: Pretty much just need to roam around the map kill champions whenever possible tear down turrets when you can grab spider buff to help you do so and capture altars when 2 or all enemy champs are down. 

    I probably should have explained this earlier but when going in for a kill start in human form. Blast them as fast as your fingers will go with your Q into W then (they should be attempting to flee by now) use your E as they are running (alternatively you can initiate with the stun but i personally perfer to use it so they dont get as far so i can hold my spider-form's E in reserve to escape,chase or get a turret to target something else). Swap into your spider form, close any gap they made with your E then W and then they get low finish them off with your Q.

  • Runes and Masteries and Spells oh my


    For runes i typically use them to set up my early game dominance magic pen reds flat ap everything else. pretty simple concept bigger numbers + magic pen to get as many of the big numbers through as possible. I have, however, had success with a more balanced set up as well. armor yellow mr blues mpen reds and hp*plvl quints *works well with route A* or ap quints (either flat or scaling do the job).


    Pretty typical ap masteries in the offense tree. Biggest difference from most is i use defensive along with it. I have armor and magic resist hp per level and a nice fat hp chunk to again establish lane dominance early on. You could also go into utility to get the mana manipulation masteries but i just dont feel she needs them.

    Summoner Spells: 

    I take Ignite Flash or Ignite Ghost.

    I feel in a map that usually gets heavy ad filled which almost always has life steal. On top of that ignite is priceless vrs some champs like tryn mundo voli fiddle etc etc

    Flash is good on just about any champ. Ghost is like Flash's less attactive cousin. Sure it still does what you want it to in the end but it just doesnt look as good when you do it. 

  • Closing Arguments

    Thanks alot for reading. Hope I covered everything. Wrote this in a hurry between games so if ya see something i forgot or made a mistake on please let me know about any constructive critic you have but please be respectful again this is my first guide. Haters gonna Hate but my Haters make me successful. Peace and good luck.