Kha'Zix Build Guide

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Kha\'zigs; the gank specialist

written by zegoldfish

Kha'Zix Build

Starting items

Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Shopping List

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Skill Order

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  • Unseen Threat
  • Taste Their Fear
  • Void Spike
  • Leap
  • Void Assault

Runes for Kha'Zix

Masteries for Kha'Zix

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Kha\'zigs

    Kha\'zigs is a jungler with a lot of early potential. Kha\'zigs have alot of burst damage to enemy champions in the early game especially against solo targets.



    strong early game

    very good at finishing of enemies with evolved Taste Their Fear

    a fair amount of slow on Unseen Threat and Void Spike if evolved

    very high mobility with Leap and Void Assault



    squizy before getting Frozen Malletwar and [item_text=Warmog\'s Armor]

    dont have hard CC

  • Masteries and Runes


    In masteries you should take full offensive AD exept the critical damage mastery point where 1 point in life steal is better as you dont have any critical chance with the build. Then 9 points in defensive for the return damage to minions for a little bit quicker jungle.


    For runes armor penetration is a must have as it gives an incredible  amount of damage against champions in the first 15-20 minutes of the game and makes it possible to take The Black Cleaver instead of Last Whisper in some cases. Then armor and magic resist per level for some tankyness.

  • Skilling and Evolving Order

    For Kha\'zigs jungle i would recommend taking Taste Their Fear at lvl 1 and max it first as it is the main damage output for both jungling and makes it faster to take down the buff creeps.


    For lvl 2 spell i recommend taking Void Spike to sustain in jungle and get some AoE damage to kill the small creeps at buff camps if you are blue team or Leap to lvl 2 gank top if purple team.


    Your ulti should be lvl\'ed as soon as possible as all other champions.


    You evolution points i recommend taking Taste Their Fear first for a very large damage increase then Void Spike for follow up slow and faster clear of minions. The last evolution point is either put in Leap for inceased mobility and assasination or Void Assault for better team fight tankyness and escape.

  • Summoner Abilities

    For Summoner Abilities you should as all junglers take Smite as one of your Summoner Abilities.

    For the secondary Summoner Ability i recommend either Exhaust for lowering enemy damage and keep enemies close, Ignite to secure a kill or Flash for more mobility if you dont believe you have enough (the two others are more recommended).

  • Building Order

    For jungle Kha\'zigs you should take Boots of Speed + 3 times Health Potion


    For the first time back i recommend you take Long Sword or 2 times Long Sword depending on if you got some kills in early ganks

    Then you should build the two Long Sword into a The Brutalizer for the increased armor penetration and cooldownreduction

    At this point you should build your boots into Boots of Mobility for much improved ganks

    After this a Vampiric Scepter is recommended for sustaining the jungle more

    Vampiric Scepter is then build into a The Bloodthirster for an immense damage increace

    At this point the enemies might have gained some damage too with means you should get your first defensive item which is Hexdrinker for magic dealing enemies or Phage for physical damage enemies

    You then either upgrade your Hexdrinker into a Maw of Malmortius or your Phage into a Frozen Mallet after this you should build the one of the two items you havent builded yet

    Then a [item_icon=Warmog\'s Armor][item_text=Warmog\'s Armor] is a must to be tanky enough to deal with team fights

    The last item is either a The Black Cleaver or a Last Whisper depending on the amount of armor the enemies have bought

    Have most of the enemies build more than 140 amor i recommend Last Whisper but do they have under this i recommend The Black Cleaver as it gives more AD and attack speed combined with the low amount of armor penetraition you get more from a Last Whisper

  • Jungle Rutes

    The jungle rute variates depending on if you are blue or purple team


    Blue team:


    Take wolves first


    .     The mid and top should attack a small wolf each

    .     you should attack the large wolf and constantly use Taste Their Fear on it


    and then blue buff with some help from mid and top


    .     some damage on the small minions is again appreciated

    .     you should again focus blue though using Taste Their Fear on the small minions to get the increased damage against solo targets (blue buff)


    Then take wraths


    .     focus damage on big wrath


    Go for the red buff


    .     you should kill the two small minions first to decrease the time to clear the camp


    Then go for a gank in either bot or mid depending on which laine needs the most and which laine is pushing

    .     bot laine

    .          if the enemies are at your turret in front of the big wall then you should engage from behind through the river

    .          if the enemies are at their side of the middle you should engage from the laine brush

    .     mid

    .          you should gank from the river brush or from their side of the walls at river depending on how far they have pushed


    After the first gank you should try and gank on one of the other laines immediatly if possible


    .     ganks on top is same procedure as mid


    Then go back for items


    From here on you should just take camps whenever you are near one which is not cleared and gank as much as possible

    .     always look if an enemy is pushing as you should gank whenever you can


    Purple team:


    Take wraths

    .     focus damage on big wrath

    Go for the red buff


    .     you should kill the two small minions first to decrease the time to clear the camp


    Then go for a gank in top


    .     you should engage from the river brush if the enemy dont have a ward

    .     you should engage from your laine brush if the enemy have bought a ward and is pushed enough back


    After this you should go back for an item or gank mid as described in the blue team jungle rute


    From here on you should just take camps whenever you are near one which is not cleared and gank as much as possible

    .     always look if an enemy is pushing as you should gank whenever you can