Janna Build Guide

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Janna the unkillable annoyance

written by legobetti

Janna Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Well, first of all, this guide is not about killing, imho Janna is not great killer, she just doesn't have the nuke potential or the sustained DPS to make AP/AD/AS worth it. If you're looking for a build to stack AP/magic penetration or a battle Janna, you should be looking elsewhere. To tell you the truth, if you're looking for huge burst damage try playing with Annie or Ryze.
    Well with that being said, let's start talking about what this guide is all about.

    This guide will focus on harassing, escaping strategies, teamwork, the ways of using Janna's ult and the most important one... mind games.

    Before I start talking about it, I'd like to share my Janna's experience and results.
    I started to play Janna when I was already lvl30, I used to main Morgana. The first thing I noticed on her was how mana dependent she is (do not rage now, I'll explain it later), and how hard it is to hit champions with Howling Gale. As a former Morgana player I was already used to skill shots, but I thought "It's frustrating to know that everyone can see you're using it and they'll avoid it. There's only one way to make it work, working on mind games." That was the best thing that could happen to me at that time (I mean on LOL, not on real life) because, even though I was not a n00b(nor a pro), I was able to improve my game with any champion, not only Janna.
    And that's my main objective on this guide, to help the new players with mind games tricks and start thinking by themselves.

    Since I never focused on killing *cough* liar *cough*, my Kill/death/assist with Janna is something like 110/65/520 (30-35 games). I mostly end up with 1-2 kills, 0-3 deaths and 10-15 assists and a 3:1 Win/Lose ratio. This is not a accurate number since Janna is not on my 3 most played champions anymore (I gave her a rest and started playing Blitz and Pantheon, Morgana remains as the most played one).
    I'll probably play with her again after writing this guide.(I just can't help it)
    Whenever Janna gets back to my most played champions list I'll update this guide with the correct data.

  • Abilities

    Increases the Movement Speed of all allied champions by 3%.

    Decent passive. This is not a huge buff, and you should not count on it to escape or avoid buying movement speed items.

    Howling Gale
    Janna summons a mighty whirlwind, which she can release to deal 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 (+ability power) + 20/30/40/50/60 (for each second it charges) magic damage to all targets in it's path, in addition to knocking them into the air. The length of the whirlwind increases for each second it channels.

    This is your main skill, decent cooldown, good damage(when charged), a freaking awesome range(when charged), but it is kind of mana costly and hard to dominate.
    This skill, when properly used, will make your lane enemy: rage, tower hug, change lanes, focus you, and lose gold by not farming properly.
    I'll head into details later on this guide.

    Passive: Increases Janna's movement speed by 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16%, and allows her to move through units.

    Active: Janna launches her elemental at the target dealing 60 / 115 / 170 / 225 / 280 (+ability power) magic damage, and slowing their movement speed by 24 / 30 / 36 / 42 / 48% for 4 seconds.

    This passive is pure awesomeness. That's one of the main reasons you'll not die, they won't catch you.
    The active is a tricky skill, because if you use it, you'll lose your movement speed, and someone WILL go after you... probably they'll catch you. But on the other hand it's a great ganking/damage tool.

    This is where you'll have to start thinking whether is best to use it or leave the passive do it's magic.
    I'll explain how to make this choice later on.

    Eye Of The Storm
    Janna shields her target, absorbing 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+ability power) damage and increasing the targets attack damage by 24 / 30 / 36 / 42 / 48 for 10.5 seconds (can target Turrets).

    This is the reason Sivir/Ashe/YI/ or any other DPS will love you.
    This can be used:
    - on you to avoid damage and hit harder
    - on the teammates(can you imagine a Master Yi running after you with a shield that absorb damage and increase his damage output?). You can use it to either save them when they get ganked, or give them a buff to chase someone and get a kill (You'll gain an assist now that RIOT changed it)
    - the most awesome use of it... your turret. You can avoid a turret from being destroyed or even getting hit until your next creep wave arrives.

    Janna knocks surrounding enemies back and channels healing winds for 4 seconds, restoring 90/150/210 (+ability power) health to nearby allies each second. Monsoon slows enemy units for 40% that enter the storm.

    Ahh, Janna's ult. This ult has so many uses that I'll dedicate a whole section for it later.

  • Summary

    I wanted to create this section to summarize and explain the reasons why I'm building her this way.
    Some might see the build items and skill leveling and start raging claiming she's gonna be useless and it's not even worth it a try.

    I just want to be clear that I see Janna as a huge defender and support, and as stated earlier I don't trust her abilities to kill, but I do trust her to annoy the enemies, leave them up in the air, slow them and get out of there healing your mates safely.

    The way I see my support Janna is kind of different that any guide I've ever read. She won't help by healing you, I'll never use my ult recklessly just to heal someone out of danger, Let Taric/Soraka do it. She'll not help you by giving that Fevor passive, let Sivir/Shaco do it.

    Now you might be thinking "if she's not gonna heal me, and the only buff she'll provide is that 10 sec shield, how the f*** is she gonna help me?". I say, she'll get you kills by harassing the enemies and letting someone set an early gank for the killing blow, She'll defend your lane by keeping the enemy's creeps low life and shielding your turret, She'll save your squishy carry butt by not letting enemies chase you.

    And the only way of making it possible is to never run out of mana. You'll stay longer in a lane either on farming phase or ganking phase. Your goal is to be there and defend/harass/protect/attack, whatever your team is doing you'll help them till the end.

    Once I read on a guide(sorry but I don't remember which one) that saving a teammate from death is almost as useful as killing an enemy. That's your job.

    So that's the items build's focus on this guide, Survival and huge mana pool/mana regen.
    Of course I'll use items who provide AP and Health. You'll need it in order to make a bigger difference.

  • Glossary

    I'll abbreviate some expressions to save some time now. There are few of them.

    HG - Howling Gale (fully charged)
    HGC - Howling Gale Cancel (cancel the spell right after using it)
    HGB - Howling Gale Back(aim the howling gale to the opposite direction you're running)
    HGBC - Howling Gale Back Cancel (same as above but you will cancel the spell right after using it)

  • Masteries + Runes

    well, Usually I'm not a big fan of telling someone which set of runes they should use, I can only say which ones I do. This is more like a personal thing, you should buy and use the ones you think can help you according to your play style

    9x Greater Mark of Insight - 8,55 magic penetration
    9x Greater Seal of Vitality - 174,86HP @lvl 18
    9x Greater Glyph of Focus - 5.85% cooldown reduction
    3x Greater Quintessence of Focus - 4.92% cooldown reduction

    Thanks to w1rex.
    If you use cooldown reduction quints and get a frozen heart you'll exceed the cap of 40%, so you may want to get quints of flat health instead.

    Now heading to the masteries

    I usually run with a 9/0/21 focusing on cooldown reduction

  • Summoner Spells

    Most of the time I'll go with
    - Remember about staying in lane? Even with a huge mana pool and high mana regen you'll have to get back sometime, this summoner spell makes you stay enough time for another round.

    - Usually I take this with mobility boots. I'll explain why. If you get ganked, you can flash out and HGBC them, this will gain you enough time to your boots proc the movement speed 5, you'll be flying again.

    When I do not feel going with mobility I'll take
    - You're a support, this is a amazing spell to prevent ganks and to predict movements. If you think there's an enemy trying to gank you, or anyone else on your team, just use it, 55 sec CD, I can live with that.

    Well, I can see Janna playing with most of the summoner spells, except:
    - REALLY?
    - She's a great farmer, there's no need to get these.
    - I know it has its uses, but I don't see it fitting on Janna, let your carry take it.
    [spell_icon=Rally] - Again, I would leave it to Sivir/Shaco.

  • Skilling Order

    I usually go with:

    Monsoon -> Howling Gale
    Usually I wait to see where's the game heading before choosing my second priority skill.

    If I'm having a hard time on my lane due to a Zilean or any other champion with high range skill I'll take Eye of the storm as my second priority.

    Any other scenario I'll go with:

  • Game Phases

    Please watch this amazing zone control tutorial for extra tips.

    Early Game
    With this guide I do not encourage to get solo mid, since you'll be there to backup, the team could use someone else's ult first. Try to get bottom/top with another melee DPS hero, this way you can protect him with your shield, granting him an easy farming.

    This is where you hit the most. You HG damage the whole creep wave, and if you have a good lane partner you can destroy a turret easily. Just give him Eye of the Storm if he's a carry.
    This is a very important phase, you have one of the most amazing harassing skill if used properly. Do not let the enemy get gold or even XP. Make them hug their turret.

    You should be aiming to get your items ASAP. If you got clarity I assume you'll be able to stay til you have around 1,5k or so, then you know it's time to get back and gear yourself up.
    Never, ever let your turret hanging alone, unless you're solo mid.

    Show your enemies that you're not there to mess around, whenever possible buy some vision wards and use it on bushes and the river endings. Let them know that you have everything under control and that they'll never kill you. Most people rage when they set a gank and are unable to kill someone. Use it at your favor, make they think you're invincible.

    Well, nothing much to do until you have your first main item, just protect your partner, make the enemies' life a living hell.

    Middle Game
    By now you should already have your boots and your main item at least. If you played correctly so far you should be hanging with possibly 1 kill, no deaths and a few assists, and you should have destroyed at least 1 turret. This is when you start helping out. Start following your main Carry, protect him, he's the reason you'll win the game. Let him get the kills, let him be fed. Of course you're not supposed to be under leveled, just farm the creeps, last hit them, get assists.

    Your gold will come from creeps and assists, because your job is to be in every single gank, either protecting your team, or helping them to kill someone.

    Whenever is up, eye of the storm on your teammates, HG to harass and HGB to prevent them to chase you if you're fleeing.

    Don't be afraid to blind shot HG. If you're on mid pushing to turret, start spamming it forward, let them see you're there. This will make them retreat, they don't want to get hit. While they retreat your team can advance. Or you can hold the position and let the carry push another lane.

    Late Game
    By now, your damage output will start to decrease, you'll not hit as hard as before and your HG will start to become predictable. Do not let that bring you down. Keep playing aggressive, buying wards more than ever, let them know that your team have it all under control, that they can't kill a single wolf without you all knowing.
    It's time for big team fights and turret pushes. Your Shield should be maxed by now. If your team have a good initiator, shield him and spam some HG forward. do not stay front line, stay by the side of your carry, protect him, and let your tank absorb damage... If your team begins to flee it's time for you to manage the escape. You can use your ult to knock the enemy back and your HGBC to prevent them to approach, your shield will always protect someone else, (you got flash remember?)

    This is your main role, to protect your team, to spam your HG and prevent chasers.
    If you're on a premade, your friends will most likely cheer for being alive after being ganked, and all thanks to you.
    Now if you're playing solo it can be a pain sometimes, they'll start to blame your for not having the damage output that AP Janna usually has, they'll call you n00b and start raging at /all.
    Try to explain to them that your role is not to kill, but to help, that you're supposed to manipulate the other team instead of hitting hard. It's not an easy task, and it's the main reason I gave Janna a rest.

  • Items

    Start with 1x [item_icon=Meki Pendant] and 2x
    Transform [item_icon=Meki Pendant] into
    Next and some wards or for invisible enemies.
    Now you should work on your main item, buy a and transform it to ASAP.
    Upgrade into for changing lanes, for some additional damage, or if they have a heavy CC team, and by heavy I mean at least 2 stunners.

    Now you'll work on some survivability items:
    I always get , no matter what. This is just an amazing item, blocks a negative spell every 30 seconds, gives you more mana and health, and some magic resist, what's not to like? The price? You can live with that.

    Generally a normal game with surrender ends by now, but if you're having a good game here are some situational items:
    For Heavy DPS team - Gives you mana, armor and CD reduction, and also slow the enemy attack speed, you just became more useful.
    For Heavy Caster team [item_icon=Force of Nature] - gives you massive health regeneration, magic resist and movement speed, you'll take more damage, heal and move faster.

    You can easily buy both previous items for a mixed team, or you can get a .

    Now, if you had a great time and your team is just owning them you can skip some survivability and rush into a [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter] - Health, AP and slow? Nice.

    One way or another you'll end up buying at least 2 survivability items, I usually go

    [item_icon=Force of Nature] or but not both
    [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter]

  • Using your Ult

    Janna's Ult can be such a versatile skill, and I die a little bit inside whenever I see a Janna using it to heal herself, or her lanemate.
    I see 4 uses of her ult:
    First - (Obviously I'm not a fan about this one) To heal... I really think is such a waist to use it as a heal, because if you're in the middle of a team fight and your team is doing fine, you don't want to repel the enemy just to save one of your teammates, and if your team is getting pwned you won't use it and stand there just waiting, you'll be an easy target, while your teammates run in flee.

    Second - To save your teammates. If you were pwnd in a team fight and they are chasing you, use it and run away, and always, ALWAYS HGBC, some of them can avoid your throw because of banshee, but they wont ignore your hurricane... after using your ult to stop a chase you must use HGBC.

    Third - (my favorite) Have you ever wondered on popping up in the bush and throw your enemy right towards your turret? You can do it if you took teleport or flash, you can teleport to a ward and use your ult to trap them, or you can flash behind them. I've got so many laughs doing this, it's just so unexpected. It can be pretty useful if your team don't have a decent initiator, you'll mostly die after, but you'll give your team a couple of kills.

    Fourth - Defend. You're the last survivor and the enemy is pushing a turret? HG them, shield your turret and after your shield blows, just throw them away with another HG. This will buy you something like 10-12 seconds, while your whole team is dead. Most of the time you just lost one tower, you avoided the destruction of the second one, since by now your team must be comming back

    Bonus option - Put a ward on Baron, and if they head there, wait until baron is almost dead, flash inside and throw them away, followed by a HG. This is pretty useful for stealing Baron buff, or ganking them with low life. I don't even need to tell how many laughs I got from doing this, and also some pretty nasty rages...

  • Mind Games

    This is a very important part of this guide.

    First thing is to know when and WHERE to send your HG:
    During the first 2-3 levels, you must spam your HG towards, pointing nowhere, just hit the whole creep wave, and see to where you're enemy usually goes when he sees/hear the tornado. Now you must start sending it with a small deviation to the sides, this because they'll get used on how long they'll walk to not get hit, this will break their standards, it'll make them retreat instead of walking to the sides. If they don't retreat, punish them by sending HG to random locations(you may laugh but it hits more than you can think of). Make your enemies to hug their towers.

    That's the reason why you're buying so much mana... Manipulation.
    Put a ward on their bush, they'll think that you'll shoot in the beginning of it, and since you can see them, you'll be shooting right towards them. If you do this 2-3 times they will know that you have a ward and stop getting in there. Perfect, you just narrowed their lane, you got control of their bush.

    Now it's time to enter the bush, think about it. You have a Janna on the bush, you hear the tornado animation, you know that it can travel all the way thru my tower, what you're gonna do? Retreat.
    If you do this, congrats, you dominated your lane.
    Put ward before the last bush on the river, the enemy will enter that bush if they want to gank you. If you can see him there, you can shoot him there. Bam, you just let them know that you're no easy target.

    Playing a manipulative Janna is awesome because you feel like a great player(you know that she's not OP, and you're doing good, because you're good) your lanemate will know you're good, this will raise your team's morale, and it's a huge advantage, because he can play a little more aggressive knowing that he can count on you to protect him. Janna is the Queen of lane ownage.

  • Lanemates

    Who you want by your side:
    Melee DPSers - You'll make them make gold easily
    Alistar - Who doesn't want an Alistar(even after several nerfs)?
    Malphite - Rock Solid... 2 air throws... enemies will rage
    Taric - Tank, Stun, heal...
    Morgana - I'm not the best person to talk about her... she's just awesome

    I can list much more but I prefer to say who you do not want by your side:
    Blitzcrank - AWESOME champion, but your HG screws his grabs.
    Soraka - Again, awesome champion, but your lane will have the least damage ever.
    Ashe - She will take mid... 1 exception
    Sivir - The exception
    Heim - He'll have to keep changing the turrets, since you'll both destroy easily every single creep.

  • Pros / Cons

    You'll stay on lane forever
    You'll be able to defend turrets
    You'll save teammates more than you might think
    Your HG will have really slow cooldowns
    With pratice you'll get raged for not dying

    Low Damage output
    You won't be healing much
    If played wrong you'll be pretty useless

  • Conclusions

    This guide will focus more on player's abilities than to Champion skills.

    I hope I could help the ones willing to play Janna "not like everyone else".

    I know it gets frustrating sometimes because you'll get cursed and called n00b, I feel your pain.
    Some people just don't get that it needs a team to win this game, not a single champion can 5x1 alone, and the most important, Kills don win games, destroying turrets do.

    This is my first guide, so please rate it up if you liked it, or if you did not, rate it down and leave me a comment, so I can improve not only my guide, but also my gameplay.

    The way I play today is just because I had friends who helped me, gave me some out of box POV, and some tips

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