Diana Build Guide

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General Mid/Top Lane AP Diana

written by Novasty

Diana Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Shopping List

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Skill Order

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  • Moonsilver Blade
  • Crescent Strike
  • Pale Cascade
  • Moonfall
  • Lunar Rush

Runes for Diana

Masteries for Diana

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Diana can be played 2 or 3 ways depending on your team composition. This guide will give you only a generalization of what you can build on her, it will not go into complete detail as Diana is still too new for me to create a guide that will teach you everything about her. This guide will focus on the following build options: AP Burst Mid/Top, AP DPS Top, and AD Tanky-DPS Top (This is closer to either troll or your team seriously needs a tank, I've done this, it works, last resort uses ONLY). As for play style, I can't help with that since im still experimenting (I'm liking a close to Akali play-style). This is just a general guide, I am open for opinions and suggestions and thank you for reading. Well now that the introductions are over, let us get down to business.


    Things that wil not be covered in this yet is AD-Tanky DPS. So if you play a lot of tanky-dps top lane, you should be able to figure this out yourself.

  • Masteries & Runes

    For Masteries, this will be tricky as it is all preference based. I would prefer 21/0/9 or 9/21/0 depending on your team composition and what lane you are possibily going to be in. Runes again is preference based but I will give you a list of what is nice for Diana.



    - x9 Magic penetration

    - x9 Armor Penetration

    - x9 Attack Speed (I dislike these but do prove useful)

    - x9 Flat Attack Damage (Good for last hitting)



    - x9 Flat Armor

    - x9 Mana Regen/Lv

    - x9 Health/Lv



    - x9 Flat Ability Power

    - x9 Ability Power/Lv

    - x3 Flat AP and x6 AP/Lv (A little bit of early AP for early and scaling to go into late game)

    - x9 Magic Resist



    - x3 Flat Ability Power

    - x3 Movement Speed

    - x3 Attack Speed

    - x3 Flat Health

    - x3 Armor Penetration

    - x3 Flat Attack Damage (Again, good for last hitting)


    This is just a general list of what can be used, there are other choices that I haven't list and may suit your play style more.

  • Itemization: AP Mid/Top Lane

    From this point on there will be a wide variety of items you can go with this. Many of the situational items


    Start with Boots of Speed and x3  Health Potion are usually optimal as it gives you good mobility and 450 active health to keep you alive. A good alternative is Doran's Ring.


    x2  Doran's Ring on your first trip back will provide decent survivability, AP, and much needed Mana Regen. Or Boots if you started Doran's Ring.


    Now then, after that point, your items are all about how you do in lane or who you are against.

    If you are against an AD caster and you are having troubles against them, it would be nice to start with armor as fast as possible to shut them down. Items like  Cloth Armor which can build into  Ninja Tabi and  Chain Vest which can build into either  Zhonya's Hourglass or  Guardian Angel will let you survive any difficult situation against them.


    If you are laning against a bruiser, then building items such as  Sheen (provides early damage and mana to stay in lane much longer) and  Giant's Belt following into  Rylai's Crystal Scepter as well as some armor  Cloth Armor or  Chain Vest should suffice.


    If you are against the standard AP Mid then there are 2 routes you can go down.

    Doing fine? Then getting items such as  Sorcerer's Shoes should help you do quite a bit of damage and adding items such as  Needlessly Large Rod will provide some serious damage.


    If you are starting to have trouble at any point in the game, you can turn your boots into Mercury's Treads, buying a  Giant's Belt and building it into Rylai's Crystal Scepter should provide more than enough defense and health against most mages. Also remember to play it safe.


    Now then, further into the game I recommend getting  Rabadon's Deathcap as this item is seriously far to good to pass up  (you really don't want to rush this item off the bat as how the game progresses will determine what to build first and what to avoid. You really only want items that wil be benificial at the current point in the game). Building  Lich Bane will be highly benificial as it adds so much damage to your burst and it provides mana if you like to spam a lot.


    In the end you can go and build what ever you want. 


    Situation items work well would be anything from this list (from here on until the next topic it will be base on your judgement and assessment of the situation you are in):

    Hextech Revolver Hextech Gunblade or  Will of the Ancients

    Abyssal Scepter or Void Staff

    Zhonya's Hourglass or  Guardian Angel

    Wit's End, this item is really good early game if you are against heavy AP that would prove difficult to handle, benifits would include attack speed which is extremely good for your passive, magic resist, and 42 extra magic damage to boot.

    - A nice situational hybrid item is  Guinsoo's Rageblade, if you ever find a good time to use this, go ahead.

  • Skills

    This topic will give a breif explanation from my point of view, extra feedback here would be nice, thank you.


    Innate: Moonsilver Blade, I think this is the ability that makes Diana have such a wide variety of items to choose from. Attack speed scales well, and AP scales with it.


    Q:  Crescent Strike, This ability can cause so many people to miss good opportunities to do damage if they are always waiting to land this before a dash. I'll tell you this, if you only ever dash when you lane this ability you are missing out on many chances to harrass. Overall this is a good and unique ability that is really strong and can hurt if you get hit by this thing constantly.


    W: Pale Cascade, without this ability, Diana would be one of the most suicidal champions in the game and yet is also part of her major damage output when engaging an enemy. Learning when to use this offenesively and defensively will help you quite well in the future when playing this champion.


    E:  Moonfall, this ability is one of the abilities that make Diana such a threat, basically a 360 version of a Darius pull.


    R:  Lunar Rush,  Akali 2.0.


    A strong tactic you can use to harass would be auto attack minions twice, Lunar Rush to a champion > Auto attack > Cresent Strike. Doing this when you can't find the oppostunity to use Cresent Strike first will burst down 1/6 ~ 1/3 of their HP and surprise them since you are not using Cresent Strike to open a dash opportunity. Stick this tactic with a  Sheen or  Lich Bane and you will be surprise anyone that thinks you will only dash after a Q.


    As for leveling order, If you are looking for a much damage as possible, look to maxing Crescent Strike first then Pale Cascade. Otherwise add extra points into Pale Cascade if you need to survive a little more.

  • Summoner Spells

    This is a very open area since most of this is usually personal preference. I would recommend these in any pairing you want though.






  • Conclusion

    Well this is just a general guide on what masteries, runes, and items work well on Diana, it was not meant to go in-depth and I probably will be adding more to this in the future, for now this is good enough. Feel free to leave your feedback and again, thank you for reading this.

  • Changelog

    • 08/10/2012 Guide created